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Share Files Securely With Clients and Partners

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The Best of Both Worlds - Secure, Public Sharing for Business Files

Business File Sharing

Organizations of any size depend on external file sharing to collaborate with clients, vendors, and subcontractors. With FileCloud, business file sharing, you can organize, protect, and monitor sensitive documents with external users.

Password Protection

Create share links for public sharing with or without a password. Easily share business files and adjust access according to your needs. FileCloud offers top-of-the-line secure file sharing options.

Enterprise File Sharing

FileCloud is a flexible enterprise file share and sync solution, with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployment options. Maintain complete control over your data and exercise granular security, all while storing and sharing files with external partners.

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Secure File Sharing for a Modern Work Culture

External file sharing runs the risk of exposing data to the public over the internet. This is especially true when files are shared over unsecured email servers or via File Transfer Protocols (FTPs). Granting access to files even through a VPN can expose the data to malicious actors or provide a back channel into your company’s infrastructure. If the involved data is proprietary, classified or secret, or subject to privacy regulations, security while sharing data is mandatory.

FileCloud is a hyper-secure content collaboration platform with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments. With such features as 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest and in transit, SSO integration, 2FA authentication, built-in antivirus scanninng, endpoint backup for ransomware protection, and powerful admin capabilities, FileCloud can help achieve compliance and governance objectives while enabling secure access to files.

FileCloud Sharing Options

  • Send shares as public or private
  • Set an expiry date or password
  • Restrict file downloads
  • Enable email notifications
  • Adjust permissions and revoke access after sharing

Preserve Data Security While Sharing Business Files

Preview Files Without Downloading

With FileCloud, you can also preview most types of files, including Word, Excel, PDF, photos etc — without even downloading a single file. This saves time and increases your efficiency in turn.

Keep Sensitive Business Files Secure

Share business files and confidential documents with password-protected links, set view, download, and edit permissions, set expiry dates on shared links or delete them anytime so that files are shared with who you want and when you want.

Private File Sharing

In case you want to share files with new uses privately, you can invite a new user using email to create a FileCloud account and share a file easily.

More FileCloud Advantages:

  • Self-hosted, hyper-secure solution that puts you in control of your data
  • Integrate with Windows Network Shares and Active Directories
  • Remote Device Management enables admins to remotely wipe or block devices
  • Strong metadata management capabilities that support Smart DLP for advanced sharing protection
  • Powerful, centralized admin dashboard to capture system reports, user activity, and much more
  • Manual retention, share deletion policies, and classification
  • Unparalleled branding/customization (change logo, login screen, and UI theme, apply branded language to ToS and notifications, run FileCloud on a custom domain)
  • Federated search to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance
  • Granular folder/sub-folder permissions
  • Virtual drive, multitenancy, and selective sync capabilities
  • Workflow Automation
  • Compliance Center

Secure File Transfer

Create a secure link to send files or folders to any user. You can even edit files or upload new versions without having to change the original link.

Control File Access

Always know when your files have been accessed or downloaded through notifications and audit logs. Control whether users can print, transfer, or download your files.

Work in Encrypted Team Folders

FileCloud’s secure sharing helps you collaborate on business files and folders with your team. Granular permissions let you choose who can view, edit, download, or share information.

Secure Sharing With Clients & Partners

Use download links to share business files and folders outside your company. Stay in control with password protection and download limits.

Manage User Rights & Changes

Manage team folders with different user rights, track changes in files, and restore old versions as needed with unlimited versioning

Work via FileCloud Drive

Access and share files directly from your desktop with the FileCloud Drive client. Automatic sync means no more uploading new files, and the client doesn’t absorb valuable disk space.

No Data Loss

A stolen laptop or a hard disk crash no longer means you lose your files. FileCloud provides multi-point security with endpoint backup, remote device management, and unlimited file versioning.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Extend FileCloud’s hyper-secure platform to clients and contractors with Client Accounts. Only pay for your full users (employees), while granting secure access to authorized individuals.

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Remote & Multi-Device Access

FileCloud can provide access to files through easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps. By connecting FileCloud to existing storage such as Windows network drives, FileCloud can operate as a single access point for files across the enterprise.

For users on the move who cannot access a laptop, they can use mobile apps to review team folders, edit files, and sync updates

Whether using FileCloud Online (cloud) or FileCloud Server (on-prem), you have a single interface to access, sync, and share files on any device from anywhere.

“FileCloud is by far the best on-premises file sharing solution.”

Change the Way You Manage and Share Data

As secure file transfer become a business requirement, automation proves its worth. Manual methods may allow users to upload the wrong folders, forget passwords, or accidentally delete folders.

Manual e-mail notifications are saved as a draft only or sent to the wrong address. Automation of uploading, downloading, notifying, sharing and other processes with secure share network minimizes the risk of error and adds security.

Use workflow automation to streamline business processes.

“Easy integration of FileCloud with our existing network drive structure was superb”

Large File Sharing support

In most business process applications, the size of the files to be transferred may be very large. Some design agencies, real estate companies or accounting firms may need to share very large files regularly.

Most business users rely over email to share large files either because of file sharing size restrictions or due to security concerns. FileCloud allows large file sharing without size restrictions as well as through secure encryption.

“We love FileCloud’s simplicity, mobile apps, and above all, responsiveness of FileCloud team”


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