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Sync and Back Up File Servers to the Cloud

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Fast, Local Access

By providing local access, FileCloud ServerSync removes latency, ensuring high performance while providing cloud flexibility, which is critical for collaborating on large data files.

Synchronize Permissions

FileCloud helps ensure you migrate data without disrupting operations. Synchronize on-premises file servers to FileCloud without losing folder hierarchy or your NTFS permissions.

Flexibility of Hybrid Cloud

With FileCloud, you can easily access your cloud server, and securely share, sync, and collaborate on files in the cloud or on-prem.

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Convert your Servers to an Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Platform

Public and private cloud services offer valuable tools for achieving unrestricted access to files and records from any location, at any time. Nevertheless, numerous institutions and enterprises still find it necessary to maintain their own on-site network storage solutions. This on-premises infrastructure grants them a broader array of choices for administrative security, control, and data ownership.

In both the public and private sectors, these entities are increasingly adopting hybrid approaches to harness the advantages of both cloud-based and on-premises systems.

These hybrid strategies not only enhance the flexibility available to remote staff but also guarantee that organizations can meet their privacy and security requirements. Simultaneously, they promote collaboration among in-house and external collaborators and teams.

Nevertheless, each organization possesses unique criteria for distributing data in a hybrid environment, often employing diverse tools and technologies to host their data.

FileCloud’s ServerSync Offers an Enterprise-Level Link Between On-Premises and Cloud Environments

The majority of organizations already have data that they maintain and store. This necessitates the ability to transfer selected data between local file servers and the cloud when establishing or maintaining a hybrid environment.

S3 storage can be configured as a local disk drive via a local area network (LAN), enabling users to move data between S3 storage and the local server. However, enterprises still need a solution to handle this migration.

FileCloud provides that solution with ServerSync: an enterprise-grade, hybrid remedy for overseeing content and records across on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

FileCloud ServerSync

FileCloud ServerSync synchronizes files and permissions stored in on-premises Windows/Linux file servers with the cloud. It maintains copies of files and permissions in harmony between the cloud and on-premises storage. This synchronization facilitates a hybrid cloud approach, allowing traditional LAN access, even when users are situated off-site or working remotely.

Modernize Your Infrastructure

Using ServerSync, you can modernize your IT infrastructure, cloud file server or windows cloud server by adopting the cloud for digital transformation without disrupting your current operations. ServerSync can help you to set up branch office collaboration and disaster recovery.

A Modern Solution for Content Collaboration

Discover how FileCloud can help your organization secure internal data while preserving user access and complying with regulations.

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FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, two-factor authentication, Zero Trust File Sharing®, anti-virus scanning, and endpoint device protection.

Resumable Uploads

With FileCloud’s resumable uploads, anyone can upload large amounts of data without worrying about losing time from a lost or interrupted connection. Uploads will simply pause where they are, and then resume once connection is reestablished.

Workflow Automation

FileCloud offers users the option to automate repetitive tasks with no-code, drag-and-drop workflow automations. These workflows can streamline your business processes across departments and external vendors/clients.

Zero Trust File Sharing

Zero Trust File Sharing® is unique to FileCloud and is as simple as attaching a password to a Zip file. Zip files and folders are not scanned or read by FileCloud, and the decryption key is not stored within FileCloud, so your Zero Trust files remain entirely under your exclusive control and access.


Custom your FileCloud client portal with your firm’s logo, login page image, and email templates; you can even run the client portal under your own business domain.

Compliance Tools

FileCloud’s Compliance Center (with separate tabs for HIPAA, ITAR, and GDPR) helps connect best practices and security tools with regulation requirements.


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