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Access from Anywhere

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN. FileCloud offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: web browser, a sync client, a mapped virtual drive, mobile apps, office, outlook and browser add-ons. Corporate content services made easy.

Multiple Repository Support

In-addition to its primary repository (Managed Storage), FileCloud supports external repositories (Network shares, AWS S3, Wasabi, EMC ECS and Azure Blob storage) in file gateway mode. Thereby acting as a complete cloud content services provider.

Content Governance

Simplify content governance by setting policies for automatic document life cycle management from creation to archival and disposition. FileCloud offers many flexible policy types, including legal hold, archiving and retention of deleted files for trusted content services.

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Traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems like Alfresco, OpenText and Documentum has not live up to their original promise of bring all the enterprise content to one single repository. Even though they are good with compliance and control, they have not provided the intuitive user interfaces, excellent UX and multiple endpoint access like modern online Content Services Platform like FileCloud.

FileCloud’s online content services architecture supports multiple repositories: both primary and external repositories. It can be deployed on-premise or on public clouds. It is API centric and the content stored in FileCloud can be accessed from various endpoint devices (Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and File Servers) and client apps (Sync, Drive, Mobile apps, Office, Outlook Add-on and Browser Extensions). FileCloud integrates with local disk, network shares (CIFS, NFS) and S3 compatible object storage systems.

FileCloud - Content Services Platform Architecture

Enterprise Record Management

With rising government regulations and legal mandates, sensitive documents and corporate files must be securely managed. FileCloud’s cloud record management system efficiently manages records throughout its lifecycle, creation to distribution to deletion. Enterprises process large amount of information from various internal and external sources, such as document files, emails, digital documents, photos, audio recordings, contracts, images and videos. The records management system is responsible for identifying information to be retained as records, manage throughout the lifecycle and be able to fetch when required for legal proceedings or internal processes.

Multiple Endpoint Access

FileCloud offers multiple clients (Drive, Sync, Web, Mobile apps, Browser add-ons, Salesforce integration, Outlook add-on and so on) to access the content.

API Centric

Common, Shared API.All FileCloud clients (Sync, Drive, Web, Outlook Add-in, Mobile apps) use the same REST APIs to access the content.

Intuitive User Interface

FileCloud offers intuitive user interfaces and excellent user expereince that appeals end users and maximizes the productivity

LOB Integration

Offers out of the box integration with popular line of business apps like salesforce, Office 365 and others.

Cloud Agnostic

The only content services platform that is available on private and public clouds.
FileCloud can be deployed on-premise or on public cloud infrastructure like a managed content services platform, and also available as SaaS.

Data Leak Prevention

Our simple, flexible, rule-driven Smart DLP system securely prevents accidental data leaks from end users and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines.

Metadata Management

Offers powerful document metadata features: Default metadata, custom metadata set and automatic metadata extraction and search based on document metadata.

Content Management

ProvideS an array of content
management capabilities that include versioning, comments, document preview, annotation and editing.

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