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Advanced File Sharing

Frustrated with FTP limitations in sharing large geophysical data files? Filezilla simply isn’t cutting it, is it?

FileCloud platform provides limitless capacity. Our advanced file sharing capabilities ensure that no file is too big to transfer.

Secure Remote Access

Your teams operate across the globe. Accessing and sharing vital data from remote locations can be challenging and time-consuming.

Our secure remote access feature enables users across the globe to upload, download, and manage data securely from any device.

Transitioning to FileCloud

Before FileCloud, data security was a constant concern, collaboration was challenging, and workflow inefficiencies were rife. Data sharing and access were limited and slow.

With FileCloud, you gain a robust platform for secure file sharing and collaboration. Enjoy enhanced security, improved workflow automation, and seamless integration capabilities.

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Before FileCloud

As an IT manager in an Oil & Gas company, you’re managing an incredible volume of data every day. Files such as geological surveys, production reports, and project blueprints are frequently shared among a workforce that’s often on the move. Using traditional tools like FTP servers or VPNs leads to frustrating restrictions on file sizes and constant worries about data security. Collaborating on documents in real time is a struggle, while ensuring compliance with industry regulations is a headache. You’re also battling high costs and limited support with alternatives like Citrix.

After FileCloud

Imagine a world where secure file sharing is simple and seamless. With FileCloud, you’re experiencing exactly that. You can now share, sync, and access files of any size with no limitations or data security concerns. Real-time collaboration on documents becomes a reality, dramatically boosting productivity and enabling your workforce to deliver their best work. Compliance is no longer an issue with the ability to track user activity and document completion. What’s more, FileCloud’s superior value, low TCO, and professional support services offer a 2-3x higher ROI compared to competing solutions. Welcome to the future of file sharing and collaboration.

FileCloud’s Core Features & Capabilities

Secure Access

With FileCloud, access your essential files anytime, anywhere. Our platform supports access via web browser, mobile devices, and desktop sync across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Even work directly from your PC or Mac using a virtual drive mapped to your remote files. Stay productive without sacrificing storage space.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Robust Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration is supercharged with FileCloud. Workspaces for teams or projects, file sharing, requests, commenting, tagging, and notifications are all streamlined. Open and edit files with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and enjoy unlimited file versioning. Collaboration has never been this fluid and efficient..

Unmatched Security & Compliance

Security is paramount with FileCloud. Expect robust data protection with enterprise-grade encryption at rest and in transit. Our platform supports two-factor authentication for external users, ransomware protection, and audit trails for user/file activities. Keep your data where you want it, ensuring regional compliance and better performance.

Secure File Sharing

Control access to your data with granular permissions. This feature allows you to protect sensitive data while promoting collaboration.

Team Folders

Create a shared workspace for your teams. This feature enables efficient teamwork and seamless collaboration.

File Versioning

Protect your files with unlimited versioning. This feature safeguards your data from loss and simplifies version tracking.

Compliance Dashboards

Manage compliance with ease using our integrated dashboards. This feature helps you adhere to industry regulations and standards.

Device Management

Secure your data with remote wipe and block capabilities. This feature protects your data in case of device loss or suspicious activity..


Protect your data in storage and during sharing with our advanced encryption. This feature ensures your data remains secure at all times.

Ransomware Protection

Block ransomware and protect your business operations. This feature provides an additional layer of security for your data.

Data Classification

Automate content classification with metadata tags. This feature strengthens data security and simplifies content management.

Smart Integrations

Leverage integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Google Docs, and more. Streamline your workflows, increase productivity and get the most out of your existing tools.

Flexible Infrastructure

Choose between on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructures. Whether it’s Windows, Linux, or Docker, you have full control over where and how your data is stored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How secure is FileCloud?

FileCloud employs zero trust security with encryption for data in transit and at rest, granular access controls, threat protection, and more.

What deployment options do you support?

We support on-prem, private cloud, hybrid, and public cloud deployments to meet your infrastructure needs.

Does FileCloud support compliance standards?

Yes, we offer pre-configured dashboards, controls, and reports tailored to standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, CMMC, and more.

Can we self-host FileCloud?

Absolutely. You can host on Windows, Linux, and Docker on your own infrastructure for complete data control.

How does FileCloud compare to Dropbox or Box?

We offer more advanced, enterprise-grade security, compliance, governance, and productivity features compared to basic file sync & share tools.

What storage backends can we integrate?

FileCloud supports network shares, S3, Azure, ECS, Google Cloud, AWS, Wasabi, and more. We also offer smart connectors.

Can FileCloud manage our Microsoft infrastructure?

Yes, we integrate with Active Directory, Azure, and Office 365 so you can leverage your Microsoft investments.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on number of users. We offer discounts at higher tiers.

Is phone and email support included?

Yes! We have an expert support team available to help by phone, email, and chat. We also offer professional services.


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