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Full Visibility on all File Activity

FileCloud admins can quickly view a complete list of file shares and all locked files and folders. The User Shares Report includes information such as username, location, expiration, and share type (private or public). The User Locks Report provides a list of files locked by users.

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Easy Monitoring of User Patterns

FileCloud provides a quick view of the latest files and users added to the system. You can monitor for abnormal user activity easily by viewing data on usage trends, storage use, and content mix. Admins are automatically alerted about abnormal patterns that could point to unauthorized file activity and security breaches.

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Tailored & Filtered Audit Reports

In the FileCloud Admin portal, you can record all actions using What (action), When (time stamp), Who (user), and How (device) attributes. This provides detailed information on file activities that can easily be filtered to suit your specific compliance requirements.

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Comprehensive Audit Trails for Hyper-Security

FileCloud admins can view the most recent files and users added via a quick view on the Administrator dashboard, which allows for continual, seamless monitoring of changes to the enterprise user base. Data Leak Prevention (DLP) rules are easy for to configure. You can restrict logins from specific IPs, subnets, and even countries to safeguard your enterprise data assets.

The Admin dashboard also provides an Audit option that allows you to display information at a granular level. Once you enable the attributes What, When, Who, and How for auditing purposes, you can seamlessly access information on user and file activity to ensure compliance with regulations. These attributes provide full visibility on the following data:

  • What: Read details on all actions performed on files (for example, edit, upload).
  • When: View time stamps for every action.
  • Who: Find out the name of the user who performed the action, and their IP address if required.
  • How: See details on the device or client that was used to perform the action.

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Analytics and Alerts

Unauthorized sharing of sensitive content outside the organization is quickly spotted with FileCloud’s business intelligence layer, which automatically detects unusual and/or suspicious patterns. Alerts and audits can be integrated with SIEM systems to provide in-depth analysis of security alerts and isolate potential threats. System admins can send system logs in LEEF/CEF format to Splunk and other, similar tools for analysis.

Further audits and analytics capabilities include:

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Hyper Secure Cloud File Storage

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Easily Monitor Data Usage Patterns

Gain vital, real-time insights into file activity across your enterprise to help with your data governance and allocation of resources. Spot potential breaches or threats before they have a chance to damage your business by causing a security incident.

Create Tailored Audit Reports

All enterprises have unique reporting requirements, depending on factors such as size, sector, and infrastructure. FileCloud’s auditing and analytics features let you easily create customized reports, based on your requirements at any given time.

Enforce Data Retention Policies

Monitor adherence to data retention policies to ensure compliance with data governance requirements. FileCloud provides detailed audit trails to satisfy privacy and other compliance legislation.

Refine Access Controls

The ability to identify anomalies in access and file activities can help to highlight problems with permissions. FileCloud gives you all the information you need to optimize granular permissions to suit your enterprise requirements.

Understand Storage Patterns

FileCloud makes it easy to monitor data storage patterns. This allows for efficient enterprise capacity planning and ongoing resource optimization.

Analyze Historical Data

Historical data can be important for troubleshooting system problems and conducting post-incident analysis. With FileCloud’s audit trail, you can keep accurate and detailed records.


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