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Client Software Portal for Real Estate Firms

Secure Client Portal

FileCloud secure client portal connects your remote server to local workplace resources. Data files can be accessed easily with the client portal, as well as shared confidentially and securely with your clients, vendors, and partners. Customers can review, share and upload documents files securely from anywhere, making FileCloud an ideal real estate client portal.

24*7 Unrestricted Access

As a real estate portal software, FileCloud offers unrestricted data access across different devices, including smartphones, ensuring easy collaboration among different teams and remote workers. We aim to provide your team with a collaborative workspace and cloud storage space for file management, as well as your enterprise with unhindered access to your data.

Custom branded solution

Create a custom branded private client software portal in minutes using FileCloud. Run and white-label FileCloud under your own business domain, branding it with your logo, emails, and background. Pay only for your staff and get unlimited, free client access. Powerful file sharing features include public, private and time-limited shares.

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FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive time!

92% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.

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FileCloud Provides a Feature-Rich Private Client Portal for Real Estate Enterprises

Create a client portal for real estate enterprises, management companies, and offices with FileCloud. Leverage advanced file-sharing, granular file permissions, audit logs, and automated workflows to streamline your document management processes. You can also fully integrate with familiar apps like Microsoft Office Online and Outlook, Google Apps, and Salesforce. Using API access, you can also integrate your FileCloud server with other apps which you already use.

FileCloud as real estate web portal software comes with data security features like end-to-end encryption, including AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit, Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Single Sign-on (SSO), and two-factor authentication (2FA). When it comes to file sharing and collaboration, you have the freedom to choose and send any file either privately or publicly, with password-protection, expiration dates, or download limits.

Benefits of Private Client File Portal:

  • Powerful and secure file sharing as real estate portal: securely share your files, publicly or privately, with internal and external users alike.
  • Large file support: share large files with your team with no size limit.
  • Unlimited, free client access: pay only for employee accounts and get unlimited free client access for any external users.
  • Security protection: secure file sharing for realtors using CCM system with FileCloud’s advanced protection against spoofing and ransomware attacks.
  • Audit analytics: FileCloud keeps a record of complete audit logs and share analytics.

Data Governance:

FileCloud’s data governance and retention policies allow administrators to strictly formulate policies for freezing digital content, and prevent data from being deleted or updated. Metadata management supports easy file identification within your system, so you know at a glance if a file is a property listing, a set of inspections, permits or licenses, or protected information like a client’s loan application or financial details. DLP rules build on metadata and are enforced at the highest level, overriding other user or file permissions to ensure your data stays safe.

FileCloud DLP Rule Creation Screenshot

You can also use retention policies in FileCloud to support your content lifecycle. Retention policies are hierarchical and provide fine-tuned retention and disposition management of data so your office can automate compliance with industry best practices and regulations.

FileCloud supports the following retention policy types:

  • Admin Hold – Prevents any update or deletion of digital content for an indefinite period of time; can only be removed by an admin.
  • Legal Hold – Prevents any changes or deletion of digital content; must set an expiration date, which automates the policy removal.
  • Archival – Automatically moves and stores old organizational content once a specified amount of time has passed.
  • Retention – Stores data for a specific period of time, during which the content cannot be deleted.
  • Trash Retention – Controls if files in the Trash Bin can be permanently deleted off the FileCloud Server system.

Drag & Drop File Uploads

Easy-to-use file-request features and anonymous upload support to property portal software. Upload or sync files directly from your personal devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Access documents directly from Outlook and Office apps (Word, Excel etc).

Powerful File-Sharing Features

Public, private, and password-protected shares with expiration dates. Granular subfolder-level permissions. Built-in document preview and view-only shares. Share large files with no size limits.

File Sharing Analytics

Log complete share activities (view, download, upload), last access date, access method, location, and much more.

Metadata Management

Organize documents using powerful custom metadata sets and flexible, ad-hoc data-organization in mere minutes. Metadata search lets you find relevant files quickly and easily.

Custom Branding

Custom-brand the FileCloud document portal with your firm’s logo, login page image, and email templates; you can even run the client portal under your own business domain!

Unlimited Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free, unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You’ll only pay for your employee accounts.

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Monitor and Control Your Data with FileCloud's Comprehensive Audit Logs and Reports

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how). Detailed share analytics and logs of file uploads, downloads, deletions and previews are available anytime on your client portal. You can even export audit logs into CSV files for internal review or external audits.

Real Estate Firms Use FileCloud for Secure File Management

Read a case study to learn how C-REF, a global commercial real estate firm, used FileCloud to securely coordinate with clients around the world while remaining compliant with GDPR.

"the solution to meet their requirements for an easy to use, self-hosted file sharing solution and device versatility was FileCloud."


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