FileCloud Drive

Mount Cloud Space as a Local Disk

Make your remote files (stored on your FileCloud Server) available as if they were stored in the local drive on your computer. FileCloud Drive removes the need to sync all your files to your local system.

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Simple User Experience

FileCloud Drive makes all your remote files look and feel just like those saved on your hard drive, making it very intuitive for end users to learn and use.


Full Featured: Edit/Save/Move

You can perform all file operations – open, edit, save, move, etc. the same way you normally would on a Windows PC or Mac. But this time on your online virtual drive!


Easy Collaboration

FileCloud Drive will automatically lock/checkout a file on the server for editing. When a file lock is in place, others will not be able to save the file, preventing any conflicting changes.

Unique Value Proposition

FileCloud strives to solve real problems between technology and productivity. Supporting ease of access and enabling users to collaborate on files in real time is one small example that makes a big impact on daily work.

FileCloud Drive is a powerful cloud virtual drive available to FileCloud users that replaces legacy systems such as FTP, file servers, or network shares. Users are empowered to work with files, online and offline. Any changes sync automatically with their FileCloud account. This software answers a major need to be able to review and update documents with ease by accessing the virtual cloud drive, while maintaining file and folder security.

FileCloud Welcome Screen Preview

How It Works

FileCloud Drive is a client application that allows you to access your stored files in FileCloud by creating a virtual directory or virtual drive online. An active internet connection is required. Once set up , your cloud server will appear as a drive letter, so you can access files and folders directly through Windows Explorer. (This application is also available for iOS users through FileCloud MacDrive.)

This virtual hdd like directory established by the FileCloud Drive app provides you with consistent access to your files, without taking up space on your hard drive. The convenience and flexibility of FileCloud Drive allows you to move and update files with ease. FileCloud Drive can also be used in a Terminal Server environment and is a great fit for companies with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

FileCloud Download Limit Setup

Functionalities and Benefits

The traditional process of updating files is time consuming and tedious – log in to a web-based portal or desktop client, download the relevant files, make changes, then upload the new version. FileCloud Drive’s virtual hard disk in the cloud streamlines your efforts and takes care of the sync process. You can even move large numbers of files and folders in the Drive app, without bogging down your system.

FileCloud Drive supports streamlined ease-of-access, especially for users who are traveling or out of the office. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can view, upload, download, and edit files in FileCloud Drive enabled cloud disk drive.

The app also maintains the same features implemented in your FileCloud Server, including robust security settings, all without having to login to your user portal in the web or desktop application. Limit offline copies of sensitive documents, set or update share restrictions and expiration dates, or revoke view access entirely for employee devices.

FileCloud General Settings Preview
FileCloud Welcome Screen Preview
FileCloud Download Limit Setup
FileCloud General Settings Preview
FileCloud Drive Screenshot
FileCloud Drive Screenshot
FileCloud Drive Screenshot
FileCloud Drive Screenshot
FileCloud Drive Screenshot


FileCloud’s self-hosted cloud solution provides secure access and powerful features like smart classification and data leak protection, flexible sharing options, and Digital Rights Management.


Design and Marketing

“FileCloud is an ideal solution for us. We are able to use existing shares and easily access everything on go.” – Neoscape



Coordinate between providers, insurance companies, and patients with HIPAA-compliant file storage, collaboration, and records retention.


Equipment & Machinery

“Our field staff can easily access files on the company servers from anywhere.” – SFS Group


Financial Services

Free, unlimited client accounts make it easy to extend FileCloud’s access features to clients and customers, while ensuring sensitive documents remain secure.



FileCloud provided support for “moving and sharing many files, across a number of different devices with complete security from unauthorized access.” – Université Laval


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