#1 White Label File Sharing Service, Sync and Backup Platform

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#1 White Label File Share, Sync and Backup Platform

Maintain your Branding

FileCloud brings your branding front and center. Starting from custom domains, login page image, and user emails, everything is customizable so that your brand is maintained from the start of your customer’s experience to the end.


Customize Everything

Adding your own logos and domain names is just the start. FileCloud is customizable in almost every way and can be completely white-labeled from start to finish.


Client Portal Software

FileCloud makes it easy for you to create a branded client portal that your clients can access day or night, across different devices. This allows for easy transfer of files and documents, all within FileCloud’s hyper-secure environment.


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FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive time!

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What is White Labeling

Maintaining your brand is vital for all companies and organizations. Brands build awareness, visibility, and trust of your company. But often, companies need to use other software or systems within their company, like client or board portal software. This can lead to confusion for customers and clients if they don’t recognize the brand. They might think they’re being scammed or that they’ve accessed the wrong business. That’s where White Labeling comes in.

A white-labeled platform is simply a software platform built by another company that you can rebrand and customize so it becomes an extension of your digital landscape. This allows your customers and clients to still feel secure with the name and brand they recognize, without requiring you to invest the time, money, or effort in creating original software.

FileCloud as your White Label Solution

FileCloud is a hyper-secure file sharing and storage system used by organizations and companies worldwide. It allows businesses from accounting firms to governments to marketing agencies to share and store their important files securely.

With a robust array of powerful features, FileCloud also supports white labeling and full-scale customization. Administrators can adjust the visual presentation, as well as security, compliance features, and file sharing options.

Within FileCloud’s system you can White Label things like:

Secure Client or Board Portal

It’s easy to create a secure client or board portal within FileCloud’s system. Free, unlimited guest accounts make it easy for employees and clients to access files and folders (you pay only for your full/employee users). Portals can also be customized with your branding so clients know they’re still using the brand they recognize and trust.

Email Templates and Terms of Service

FileCloud provides you with email and ToS templates for ease-of-use, but these templates can also be totally customized by your marketing or executive team to reflect your company language.

Logos and Photos

FileCloud allows you to use your logos and photos and banner images so your staff and clients can proceed with confidence while using your products and services.

Custom URL

Users can also choose their own custom URL, which helps maintain brand consistency and client trust.

These are just a few of the things that are available for white labeling within FileCloud’s system. Other options include:

  • FileCloud’s Android/iOS apps
  • FileCloud’s Sync and Drive
  • Signing applications
  • UI Messages/Terms of Service
  • CSS

FileCloud’s array of white labeling options means that you can maintain your brand, all without losing the secure file sharing and storage system your company needs. Start using FileCloud today through a free trial and see how easy it is to maintain your brand.

Custom Branding

FileCloud’s file sharing portal can be custom-branded with your business logo, login page image, terms of service, and email templates. You can also run the client portal under your own business domain.

User Interface

Provide better support to users and clients by changing the local language – FileCloud offers Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. For maximum cohesion across your UX, you can also apply custom CSS to reinforce your brand, products, and services.


Users can self-host FileCloud in their data storage service center behind their firewall or choose to deploy on AWS, Azure, or other IaaS service providers.

Complete Control

We believe in giving our customers complete control over software and data. Unlike many solutions that offer a ‘One Size Fits All’ model, we provide options that help our customers make the cloud work for them.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. Same great features and security, while only paying for your staff.

Data Leak Protection

FileCloud helps you establish a responsive data governance strategy with the built-in DLP feature. Set up rules manually or use the expression builder to help secure your data and lock down unauthorized sharing.


Create multiple tenants/sites using a single FileCloud installation. Each site can support a part of your business or department and can be customized independently of each other to meet your business needs.


FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit, along with ransomware protection, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin, and endpoint device protection.

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The Importance of Client Portal Software

Client portal software is a vital but often overlooked aspect of many businesses. File sharing between businesses and clients is often done without proper security, which can prompt legal problems, not to mention loss of customer trust. Using a secure file sharing client portal (like the one you can create within FileCloud) allows you to maintain brand consistency even while sharing files and documents with sensitive information securely and quickly.

FileCloud delivers enterprise value unlike any other file sharing platform.

FileCloud’s Advantages:
• Self-Host on your own premises
• Available on a Windows Server operating system
• Enable Windows Network Folder sharing services with NTFS permissions
• Integration with Active Directory (users keep credentials)
• External file transfer & synchronization capabilities along with large file sharing
• Administrative capacity to remotely wipe files on client devices (PCs, mobile apps, etc.)
• Unlimited storage for endpoint file backup and unlimited file versioning
• Metadata management, smart content classification, and DLP
• Hierarchical retention policies and manual retention
• Powerful administration features for system admins (device overview, detailed audit logs, compliance, etc.)
• Federated search to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance
• Advanced security and granular sharing permissions (password protection, expiring links, revoke shares)
• Virtual drive & selective file sync service capabilities with FileCloud Sync, FileCloud Drive, and Desktop Edit
• Workflow Automation
• Office 365, OnlyOffice, Microsoft Teams, and Google Suite Integrations
Learn more about advanced file sharing features by taking the tour.


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