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On-Premise File Sharing Solution

On-Premise Storage

FileCloud Enterprise Server is hosted within your on-premise enterprise IT infrastructure for easy access to business data. You get complete control over your data and complete security with enterprise file sharing on-premise.

Secure Storage

FileCloud protects your data from emerging threats with security tools and modern encryption (AES 256-bit) methods. You also get two-factor authentication, automatic anti-virus scanning of files, data loss prevention, and more.

Maximize ROI

Leverage your existing on-premise IT infrastructure to run your own On-Premise file sharing and sync solution. Businesses with critical data benefit by storing data in-house to minimize data security threats.

FileCloud has received the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for the fifth consecutive time!

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In a world of increasing attacks on vulnerable and sensitive data, many companies want to store their data behind their own firewalls.

However, these companies still want the advantages that content collaboration systems provide them, including things like advanced file sharing, governance and compliance options, workflow automation, and more.

That’s where FileCloud comes into play.

FileCloud has the Best On-Premise File Sync and Share

FileCloud Enterprise Server is a hyper-secure content collaboration system that allows admins to keep their data on their own servers, while still getting the security, governance, and collaboration benefits FileCloud provides.

FileCloud Enterprise Server allows you to run your own on-premise enterprise file sharing solution with ubiquitous file access.

Employees and partners can share and sync files without security worries, as FileCloud integrates with all your existing enterprise identity management systems and file servers. With FileCloud Enterprise Server you get the same security and flexibility as a cloud file sharing solution. FileCloud Enterprise Server offers you many options including:

  • Integration with existing file servers: Active directory integration to synchronize user accounts and groups and allow remote access to existing windows file servers preserving user NTFS permissions. Files can be accessed easily and faster through network.
  • Advanced File Sharing: Options like sending files via public/private/password-protected share links ensure that your data is protected from the start. In addition, even after files are shared, you have the option to revoke shares, along with DRM options like preventing screenshots, printing, and edits.
  • Governance and Compliance Options: FileCloud offers advanced governance and compliance options like multiple retention policies that can easily be applied across files and folders. FileCloud’s Compliance Center is a one-stop-shop for your GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR compliance needs by connecting retention and security options with regulatory requirements.

Compliance Center Dashboard

  • Workflow Automation: FileCloud’s no-code, drag-and-drop design makes workflow automation easy, so any user can automate tedious but important tasks like budget approval, document review, signatures, and more.
  • Share and Sync: Share files easily with remote access of data, which can be easily accessed through any device with an internet connection.
  • Centralized secure file sharing: FileCloud provides antivirus scanning and ransomware protection for data in the cloud. End-to-end encryption, AES 256-bit encryption, and two-factor authentication are all provided with FileCloud.
  • Data loss prevention: Remote device management ensures admins can remotely wipe devices or block users to prevent unauthorized access. Endpoint backup helps to secure and easily restore files across platforms.

With on-premise file-sharing software, businesses achieve complete control over their data with necessary compliance.

Secure File Sharing

Public, private, and password protected shares with expiration dates. Granular, sub-folder level permissions. Built-in document preview and view-only shares.

Active Directory Integration

Integrate with existing Active Directory/LDAP infrastructure for a single point of management.

Network Share Support

Improve collaboration and productivity among employees by making all network shares available for remote access via web and mobile apps.

Custom Branding

Customize FileCloud with your organizational logos, terms of service, and email templates.

Administrator Portal

Simple, powerful administrative controls to manage users, accounts, and storage quotas.

Large File Support

Drag-and-drop file uploads. Easy-to-use file request feature and anonymous file upload support. Share large files with no size limit.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how). Detailed share analytics and logs of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted, and previewed files from your client portal is available anytime.

Unlimited, Free, Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for your employee accounts.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best file sharing programs?
There are many file-sharing tools currently on the market, but they differ when it comes to performance, security features, and administrative options. These differences have a big impact on ease of use and peace of mind. Major players include FileCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive among others.

How does file syncing work?
File syncing software syncs between a local storage location and the cloud. It uses a client app that is installed on your PC or mobile. You can specify the folders you want to sync, and the client monitors both the app and cloud to update documents when changes are made.

How do I share files with multiple users?
There is an entire market of file sync and sharing services available now. These services enable you to share and sync files across multiple devices. Many, like FileCloud, include security features like encryption and data leak protection, as well as collaboration features to enable real-time, remote work with colleagues and clients.

How do I share a folder with another user?
Upload the folder you want to share to a cloud storage service such as FileCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. Follow the instructions from the provider to grant access to other users. Some services like FileCloud have advanced sharing options like access management and audit logs to monitor file shares.

How many ways can you share a file?
There are four main methods of file sharing: FTP, P2P network, removable storage, and online file-sharing services. A few features you should look for include reliability, safety, and storage space. While there are risks in using file-sharing services, the benefits usually outweigh the costs.

What is the fastest way to transfer files between computers?
The cheapest and quickest way to transfer files between two computers is with a LAN cable directly connecting both computers. You can also use file-sharing software, especially if the files are large or if the computers cannot be connected to the same LAN. File-sharing software is also typically safer.

“FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.”

Powerful Admin Features

FileCloud offers powerful admin tools to manage your organization file sharing internally and externally. Admins can control file/folder access, assign permissions, control user groups, and apply restrictions whenever required.

With on-premise enterprise file sharing, admins gain access to centralized device management, federated and text search, policy management, role-based access controls (RBAC), powerful admin reports, a metadata management system, virtual drives, unlimited storage, endpoint backup, and much more.

On-Premise Cloud File Sharing

  • FileCloud is a hyper-secure content collaboration solution that puts you back in control of your data, thanks to the tools and features listed here:
    • Self-host with AWS or Azure (on-premises hosting)
    • Deploy FileCloud natively on a Windows server.
    • Support for existing windows file shares with NTFS permissions.
    • Integration with Active Directory (users can keep using the same credentials).
    • External file-sharing capabilities to share files with vendors, partners, and customers.
    • Powerful device management capabilities (inventory, remote wipe/block).
    • Strong metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom metadata sets.
    • Manual retention, share deletion policies, and file classifications.
    • Fine-tuned administrative features for system admins (Device dashboard, detailed audit log, reports and much more.)
    • Unparalleled branding/customization – change the logo and login screen, brand your file-sharing emails, and run FileCloud on your own custom domain.
    • Federated search and DLP capabilities to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance.
    • Security and permissions at folder/subfolder levels.
    • Virtual drive and selective sync capabilities.



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