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FileCloud Enterprise Online

FileCloud Enterprise Server

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FileCloud Enterprise Online

Fully Managed, Cloud-based Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration Platform

FileCloud Enterprise Server

Enterprise-grade private cloud file sharing and content collaboration software






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$12.50 user/mo Billed Annually.
Min 10 Users.

$18.75 user/mo Billed Annually.
Min 25 Users.

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$6 user/mo Billed Annually.
Min 20 Users.

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Storage 1 TB & 100 GB per Additional User 2.5 TB & 100 GB per Additional User 1 TB & 100 GB per Additional User Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Licensed External Users
Region-Specified, Dedicated Single-Tenant Hosting – Fully Isolated Data-Layer Protection
Support for Network Shares with NTFS Integration for VPN-less secure access.
Enable compliance with ITAR, CJIS, EAR, DoD Cloud Computing SRGs, FIPS 140-2, IRS-1075 + Other Regulations *
Optimized Multi-Site Architecture (high-performance, scalable and redundant data access in distributed data center environments)**

Additional File Sharing and Content Collaboration Features

Secure File Sharing & Remote Access Show Details
Easily access files by logging in through the web browser or using the mobile app.
Access Files from Web Browser & Mobile Devices (iOS, Android)
Sync your files using a desktop client, available across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.
Desktop Sync on Windows, Mac, Linux
Set up a virtual drive to gain access to files without taking up space on your hard drive.
Map Virtual Drive on a PC/Mac for Remote Files
Restrict shares to view-only, limit uploads or downloads, enable further sharing, disable deletion, and manage shares even after sending.
Hyper-Secure File Sharing (view, download, upload, share, sync, delete & manage)
Gain greater control over shares by setting as public (with or without password protection) or private (must have a FileCloud account). You can also set expiration dates on share links.
Public, Private, Time-Limited Shares
Control access to data by applying granular permissions to folders, sub-folders, and files based on user, group, or global policies.
Granular & Sub-Folder Sharing Permissions
Control which files and folders sync with Selective Sync to improve performance and efficiency and view share analytics.
Selective Folders Sync & Share Analytics
Upload large files without worrying about size limits or types. Specialized files across industries are supported.
Upload/Share Large Files, No Size Limit
Preview file types within FileCloud without needing to download the file.
Built-in File Preview (Office, DICOM, AutoCad, Email, etc.)
Accessibility is supported through VPAT compliance via shortcut key commands, high-contrast visual modes, and themes.
Keyboard Accessibility (VPAT)
Directly connect to gateway storage modes (network shares, cloud connectors) for real-time syncing and better collaboration with remote teams, clients, and partners.
Real-time Sync of Network Shares
Create, preview, edit, and share Zip files/folders. Apply password-protection to achieve Zero Trust while sharing data.
Zero Trust File Sharing℠
Secure Content Collaboration & Productivity Show Details
Create a shared “workspace” for files and folders, so teams with access can freely collaborate according to set permissions.
Team Folders – Workspace for Projects or Teams
Support streamlined collaboration with detailed share links and file-related actions.
File Sharing, Requests, Commenting, Tagging & Notifications
Open and edit files saved in FileCloud with Microsoft Office and Google Docs for real-time collaboration and co-authoring.
Co-Author Microsoft Office & Google Docs
Ensure only one person can make changes to a file; Admins can manage locked files directly so no files are permanently checked out/locked.
File Locking and Lock Management (via MS Office/DocIQ)
Protect your files against data loss. FileCloud stores an unlimited number of file versions without using up your storage space.
Unlimited File Versioning
Security, Data Protection & Residency Show Details
Fine-tuned admin capabilities ensure you maintain control over your users, groups, accounts, and data.
Enterprise Console, RBAC, Group/User Policy Management & Account Transfer
View list of connected devices, and leverage that view to remotely wipe data or block users in case of suspicious activity or device loss.
Device Management (Remote Wipe, Block, Inventory)
Track user and file activity and create/export reports to comply with regulations, strengthen security, and gain business insights.
Audit Trail & Reporting – User/File Activities
Apply advanced encryption methodologies to protect data in storage (at rest) and when sharing (in transit).
Encryption (Data at Rest/in Transit)
Prevent data loss and protect business operations by automatically backing up and restoring files across devices.
Endpoint Backup
Streamline multiple user credentials into one for easier access across systems.
Single Sign-On/SAML Support
Host your data in the region of your choice for better uptime/preformance and to comply with regulatory requirements.
Keep Your Data in a Region Where You Want It
A heuristic file content scanning engine blocks ransomware to prevent data loss and protect business operation.
Ransomware Protection
Automatic virus and malware scanning secures uploaded files and helps protect business finances, operations, and reputation.
Anti-Virus/Malware Protection
Bring and manage your own encryption key to ensure you are the only one you can decrypt and read your data.
Bring Your Own Encryption Key
Use multiple layers of authentication (user/password combination + email/OTP/SMS) to secure login access and protect data.
Two-Factor Authentication for External Users
Consolidate and monitor alerts and audits across different platforms/apps/services in a centralized dashboard to ease security management.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables pattern searching through all files and folders to identify and secure PII for better data governance.
Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Pattern Search
Data Leak Prevention Show Details
Control and secure your data with rule-based alerts, notifications, and actions triggered by file or user activity.
Rule-based Management of Users, IP Address, Metadata, Sharing, File Information & More
Incident reports/alerts provide advance warning of unauthorized access/activity, compliance documentation, and system information.
Alert and Security Incident Reporting
Streamline, automate, and classify uploaded content with metadata tags to strengthen data security.
Smart Classification (in conjunction with DLP)
Data Compliance Show Details
Enable the FIPS 140-2 encryption standard published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for government-level security.
FIPS 140-2 Compliant Encryption Module
Organize compliance solutions/tools in response to ITAR requirements in one centralized dashboard.
ITAR Compliance Center
Centralized dashboards connect security, admin, and content governance tools with regulatory requirements.
Integrated Compliance Dashboards & Reports: HIPAA, GDPR, and others
Published resources provide guidance on configuring the environment to comply with CMMC, NIST 800-171, FINRA, CJIS,GxP+ requirements.
Compliance Support for CMMC, NIST 800-171 , GxP+
Data Classification Show Details
Apply default metadata labels or build custom ones to suit your unique industry needs and automate content classification.
Pre-built & Custom Content Classification labeling for Industry Verticals
Classify sensitive/PII data with metadata, which can then be leveraged for Smart DLP, retention, or other governance needs.
Sensitive and PII Content Classification
Automate scanning of content across different file types to label data and apply appropriate management policies.
OCR Scanning, Indexing, Labeling/Classification via Built-in & Custom Patterns
Digital Rights Management Show Details
Protect confidential files from unsolicited viewing with restricted viewing mode/container.
Secure Document Viewer/Container
Utilize the Screenshot and Print Protection feature to prevent recipients from taking screenshots or printing sensitive data.
Screenshot/Print Protection
Enforce data governance policies even after distribution; revoke file access or change permissions anytime.
Restrict & Revoke Access to Files After Distribution
Data Governance & Content Lifecycle Management Show Details
Manage metadata sets to meet industry terminology, set metadata extraction policies, and automate metadata tagging.
Metadata Management – Default/Custom Metadata sets, Extraction & Tagging
Admins maintain control over default, custom, and built-in metadata sets.
Controlled Access to Metadata
Search using simple keywords and complex Regular Expression (Regex), by file name or file content, inside files.
Content Search (Full-Text)
Search for text in images and PDF files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Content Search (OCR)
Automate classification of uploaded content with metadata tags to streamline content management, strengthen governance, and improve productivity.
Smart Content Classification
Set retention policies that automatically retain or archive files once certain critera are met to ease the burden of content management.
File Retention & Archival Policies
Automate the retention, archival, and/or deletion of content to comply with industry/government record-keeping requirements.
Content Lifecycle Management – Admin, Legal Hold, Retention, & Archival
Content Workflows Show Details
Build custom workflows to manage content without relying on IT help or coding expertise.
No-Code Workflow Builder
Manage all workflows from one centralized dashboard, share effective workflows with teams, and optimize business processes.
Workflow Manager (Update/Edit/Share Workflows)
Built-in user actions and notifications help guide content through a workflow, increasing efficiency and reducing context switching.
User Actions and Notifications
Approval workflows are designed to facilitate the approval process and can be automated to improve efficiency.
Approval Workflows & Workflow Automation Limited Unlimited Unlimited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Customization & Branding Show Details
Change the language of the platform to reflect the local language used by your teams to improve accessibility/ease-of-use.
Local Language Support – German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic & Chinese
Use a mail server connected with your domain/URL to extend your digital brand and build rapport with clients, customers, and partners.
Custom Mail Server
Run your content collaboration platform under your business domain/URL to increase brand recognition.
Custom Domain
Reinforce your brand by applying your custom logo, colors, and background images to dashboards and login portals.
Custom Web Branding – Use Your Own Logo, Color & Background Images
Customize communications (Terms of Service/Policies) to reinforce connections with global clients and employees
Custom Communication, ToS, & Policies
Distribute FileCloud desktop client software to endpoint devices and ease configuration burdens.
Desktop Clients – MSI Installer and Mass Deployment Support
Key Integrations – MS Office, Salesforce and 3rd Party Integrations Show Details
Automatically upload large file attachments to FileCloud and share links through Outlook.
Microsoft Outlook Add-on
Open, edit, and save files stored in FileCloud using Microsoft (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Google apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides).
Microsoft 365 & Google Docs Integration
Open, edit, and save files stored in FileCloud using OnlyOffice or Collabora via Open Document Format (odt, odp, ods, odg) or Office Open XML formats (docx, pptx, xlsx).
OnlyOffice/Collabora Integration
Integrate WebDAV protocols, so users can create, change, and move documents on the server.
WebDAV Integration
Leverage FileCloud’s developer-friendly APIs to integrate with third-party or custom applications.
Developer APIs
Enable in-platform delivery and receipt of SMS text messages (mainly for authenticatio-ccess authorization requests).
SMS Gateway Integration
Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to synchronize user accounts and groups across platforms.
Active Directory & LDAP Support
Use your favorite tools and apps with integration support.
Third Party Apps Integration
Integrate your McAfee CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) services to cover policy enforcement and application across connected devices.
CASB Support – McAfee
Integrate your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to monitor alerts and audit events in one place to ease security management.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration
Use FileCloud to securely store and share content (sensitive files: quotes, competitor information, and sales collateral) derived from Salesforce.
Salesforce Integration (On-prem/Hybrid Storage Available within Salesforce)
Create a smooth bridge between file storage and secure sharing in Microsoft Teams via FileCloud share links.
Microsoft Teams Integration
Hybrid Cloud, Site Replication & Data Redundancy Show Details
Connect your private and public clouds to create a hybrid solution and improve redundancy, access, and collaboration.
Server Sync – Sync/Backup Local File Server to Cloud
Create a main FileCloud site that is replicated across secondary sites to support disaster recovery, latency reduction, and ease of access.
ServerLink – Multi-Site Replication (Branch Office, Cloud to Local) Available
On-Premise & Cloud Storage Support Show Details
Integrate your network storage solutions like CIFS, SAMBA, and NFS to reduce migration costs and carry over network share permissions.
Network Share Integration (CIFS, SAMBA & NFS)
Use cloud connectors to integrate securely with on-prem or private cloud infrastructure.
Storage Connectors (Google Cloud, Azure, S3, EMC ECS, AWS, Wasabi, Alibaba, Digital Ocean+)
Make the home directory automatically available to users when they login via network share.
Smart Mount – Simplify Access to Network Shares
Integrate your network shares and NTFS permissions to streamline migration and ensure continuity of access across your user base.
Network Share Integration with NTFS Permissions
Deployment & Flexible Infrastruture Show Details
Maintain complete control over your data by hosting a private cloud on your IT infrastructure and behind your firewalls.
Full On-Premises
Manually host your own data on Windows or Linux servers, or using Docker for OS virtualization, to maintain control over your data.
Self-Hosted on Windows (Natively), Linux, & Docker
Self-host your data with cloud storage provided by IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers.
Self-Hosted on AWS, Azure, Alibaba, GovCloud & IaaS Providers
Integrate with your existing storage solution, including a Network File System (NFS), Common Internet File System (CIFS), or object storage service.
Bring Your Own Storage (NFS,CIFS & Object Storage)
Host your data on a secured network that is completely isolated from other networks for maximum security.
DoD NIPR, SIPR , Air-gapped & Dark-site Network
Use pre-built FileCloud images to streamline deployment with your preferred IaaS provider.
Pre-Built Images in Cloud Marketplaces – AWS, Azure, Alibaba & Digital Ocean
Improve uptime, reduce latency, and support disaster recovery with HA architecture in FileCloud.
High Availability Architecture
Use the same FileCloud instance to run multiple sites: no latency, reduced file storage costs, and the ability to customize each site.
Multi-Tenant Setup
Allow FileCloud to host your site on a dedicated/isolated instance for private, secure cloud storage.
Dedicated, Single-Tenant Hosting – Managed by FileCloud
Allow FileCloud to host your site in an isolated data center region within AWS to meet stringent government compliance requirements.
AWS GovCloud Hosted – Managed by FileCloud

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