FileCloud Supports Multi-Tenancy

Single or Multi-Tenant

Are you an MSP or a system administrator handling multiple branch offices? If so, don’t worry about spinning-up multiple FileCloud instances. FileCloud supports multi-tenancy and reduces the overhead costs of maintaining multiple instances for data and access abstraction.

FileCloud Multi Tenancy

Manage Site Dashboard

When enabled for multi-tenancy, FileCloud includes a default super administrator user with control over multiple sites. The “Manage Site” dashboard provides all the needed information for all sites on a single page.

Administrator Per Site

Although the super administrator can manage all sites, FileCloud enables the super administrator to create a separate administrator for each site. These administrators only have access to the site to which they are assigned. This makes it easy to manage multiple sites and maintain strict support Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Custom Configuration
Per Site

Every site can be configured with a custom User Limit, Storage Quota, and Expiration. Adding and removing a site is web-supported, and it takes just a few clicks.


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