Smart DLP

Intelligent Data Leak Protection – Secure Your Enterprise Content

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Most enterprise data leak prevention solutions operate in the periphery of an organization’s network – highly ineffective in the modern cloud era. Instead Smart DLP brings data leak prevention capabilities closer to the content and users to offer 360* protection.

Prevent Data Leaks in Real Time

Our simple, flexible, rule-driven Smart DLP system securely prevents accidental data leaks from end users and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines.

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Control. Evaluate. Enforce

Control user actions (download, share, login) based on IP range, user type, user group, email domain, folder path, document metadata and user access agents (web browsers, operating systems). Smart DLP evaluates rule expressions and variables in real time to “allow” or “deny” selected user actions, and logs rule violation report for future auditing.

Strong Data Compliance. Powerful Use Cases

Smart DLP helps enterprises comply with HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR/CCPA and other emerging data privacy regulations. It allows for a vast range of use cases, such as high-security document sharing, virtual data room, legal hold and e-discovery.

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Integrate With Your Enterprise Security Systems

FileCloud can integrate with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools that enterprises are already using. This allows system administrators to monitor FileCloud alerts and audit events (What, When, Who and How) in one central place for ease of security management and complete protection.

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