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Comprehensive Solution for Collaboration, Storage, Governance, and Compliance

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Secure Government File Transfer

Complete Control Over Data

FileCloud enables government branches and agencies to embrace cloud-like ease for file sharing, collaboration, and management with on-premises, private cloud, or hybrid solutions (including within air-gapped networks) so your data stays exactly where you need it.

Secure File Sharing

With a comprehensive suite of hyper-secure features, FileCloud provides a robust file sharing solution for government institutions. A variety of share options, along with endpoint backup, sync clients, granular permissions, and Team Folders create a dynamic interface for collaboration.

Governance & Compliance

Powerful administrative tools ensure that sensitive data is only accessed by authorized users and that access is further governed by specific permissions and policies, including Data Leak Prevention, retention, and remote device management rules.

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Government File Sharing & Storage Solution with Flexible Deployment Options

FileCloud is a hyper-secure file management, collaboration, and storage platform that can be deployed as an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solution. With tools to ensure government institutions maintain control over their data and comply with cybersecurity regulations, FileCloud meets diverse government needs for performance, latency, disaster recovery, digital transformation, and security.

Legacy Infrastructure Integration

FileCloud consolidates and replaces previous methods of file transfer and storage tools, including FTP, cloud storage, VPN, and remote access clients without requiring an overhaul of legacy infrastructure. FileCloud is API driven and highly compatible with third-party applications, from storage and productivity to antivirus and identity management. Integration capabilities include:

  • AWS & AWS GovCloud
  • Azure Blob
  • Dell EMC ECS
  • Microsoft 365 (Office, Outlook, Teams)
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce
  • Okta
  • Symantec
  • McAfee
  • Autodesk

FileCloud also integrates with existing Active Directories, LDAP, and SAML SSO to create a centralized (and streamlined) user authentication process. For those institutions who have invested in creating NTFS permissions in their Windows server, these can also be directly integrated with FileCloud to carry over existing file and folder access policies.

Data Redundancy

FileCloud ServerLink helps in data redundancy by replicating a FileCloud site to one or many locations. FileCloud offers complete data redundancy, disaster recovery, and business continuity capabilities for government enterprises. Even if one site goes down, users can always access the files from a different site.

FileCloud ServerLink

Secure File Transfer for Government Organizations

FileCloud is a hyper-secure platform for file sharing, as well as file storage, sync, and real-time collaboration. Powerful authentication, permissions validation, and audit tools help governments launch a robust and dynamic Zero Trust strategy to protect their sensitive and mission-critical data.

There are several options to share or transfer files with FileCloud without compromising security. Users can share files from their personal “My Files” storage or Team Folders. Any new uploads are first scanned by built-in antivirus software (preferred antivirus can also be integrated with FileCloud). Shares can be sent as public or private – if sent via public share link, users can also set a password, set an expiration date, and even limit permissions (e.g., view-only). Private shares can be set to specific users or groups within the FileCloud environment.

Furthermore, users can easily collaborate on files with real-time editing through Microsoft and Google Docs integrations. Files can be locked or unlocked and unlimited file versioning ensures that data is never lost.

For maximum security when it comes to file sharing, users can leverage FileCloud’s industry-first Zero Trust File Sharing®. By adding sensitive or confidential files to a ZIP folder in FileCloud and setting a password, the container becomes a Zero Trust folder that can only be read by authorized users with the password. This folder can be shared much like any other folder in FileCloud, but the contents of the folder are secured in the event of a data breach.

FileCloud supports 7 pillars of Zero Trust
*National Security Agency (NSA) Cybersecurity Information Sheet: “Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the User Pillar”

Secure External File Sharing

Government institutions and agencies often interface with external contractors or non-profit organizations to deploy public services. FileCloud offers a secure platform from which to extend file sharing, without needing to create complicated permissions hierarchies or expend licenses on external users.

With unlimited external accounts, government organizations can share information with contractors, vendors, suppliers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders. These external accounts do not count toward the license limit, which means that data stays safe within the FileCloud environment while supporting streamlined collaboration. FileCloud also supports file request and upload portals, in which external collaborators can easily submit information without ever seeing any of the preexisting data stored on the platform.

Data Visibility, Governance, & Compliance

Governments handle extensive data that may go back decades. With the increasing volume and velocity of data, admins are pressed with the task of both organizing and controlling that data. Furthermore, this data is often confidential and sensitive. Admins in FileCloud can create policies that restrict how files and folders are accessed, deleted, or edited, which helps ensure data security and integrity, while also meeting specific regulatory requirements.

Metadata, Classification, and DLP

To support data visibility, FileCloud admins can apply metadata tagging with default, built-in, or customized metadata sets. This metadata supports pattern searches for data such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), financial account records, and more.

Metadata is the backbone for content classification in FileCloud, which can be leveraged to support governance policies. With FileCloud’s Smart Classification, metadata tagging can be done automatically, alleviating a significant admin responsibility and reducing clerical oversights.

Data leak prevention (DLP) controls user shares and prevents accidental data leaks. Admins can create DLP rules that deny (or permit with notification) file sharing based on file attributes, such as file type, user, location, metadata, device, or IP address (among others). DLP can also be automated by building rules based on FileCloud’s Smart Content Classification system.

data leak prevention

Retention Policies

Retention policies are especially important for government institutions, since these public bodies often work on public projects or support civilian populations, which accumulate data through years if not decades. However, data privacy concerns, targeted cyberattacks against government institutions, and expanding regulations require that governments retain and protect this data.

FileCloud helps government organizations organize and retain important information to prevent risks associated with orphaned data, inconsistent archival processes, and employee turnover. The retention policy types in FileCloud include admin hold, legal hold, retention, trash retention, and archival. Retention can be connected with metadata and automated with Smart Classification to support document life cycle management.

Compliance Support

FileCloud provides extensive compliance support for a large array of government and industry regulations. These resources illustrate how FileCloud can be used to meet compliance requirements for regulations such as NIST, CMMC, FINRA, GxP, CJIS, Sarbanes-Oxley Sections 302 and 404, and many others.

For government organizations that need to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, or ITAR, FileCloud offers the Compliance Center. In a streamlined dashboard, FileCloud connects complex requirements with FileCloud policies and settings that admins can implement with just a few clicks. Admins can also instantly view and resolve compliance issues.

FileCloud Compliance Center Dashboard

Complete Data Control

Run FileCloud on-premises, on the cloud, or on AWS GovCloud or Azure Government infrastructure. Integrate with network shares for remote network access via web and mobile apps, securely.

Secure User Authentication

FileCloud can integrate with Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions (including SAML), along with AD and LDAP to create a centralized and hyper-secure login experience for users.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Admins can easily set up and apply two-factor authentication to add another security layer for user access.

Endpoint Backup

With real-time sync clients and unlimited file versioning, FileCloud can automatically back up data on endpoint devices.

Remote Device Management

Governments coordinating with distributed workforces can manage devices from afar by enforcing security policies, remotely wiping devices, and blocking users.

Reports & Analytics

Admins can monitor user and file activity through the admin dashboard or by implementing built-in (or custom) reports.

Audit Logs

Audit logs record every user action (who, what, when, where, how) to support data governance and compliance. Unchangeable logs can also be exported.

Unlimited External Accounts

Extend the hyper-secure environment of FileCloud to external collaborators, including contractors, vendors, and consultants for drag-and-drop file upload and editing.

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Workflow Automation for Government

Workflow automation is nothing more than the ability to create a series of automated actions where tasks, data, and files are created and moved according to previously set rules. Workflow automation is used in many different ways, but some of the most common are:

  • Contract Assessment & Sign-off
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Billing & Invoice Approval
  • Document Review

Workflow automation improves the efficiency of your team by completing tedious tasks automatically. This allows your team focus on more important work, all while your administrative tasks are completed automatically.

FileCloud Encryption Options

FileCloud uses AES encryption (128 or 256-bit) to secure files at rest as well as TLS or SSL protocols to secure data in-transit.

FileCloud also supports Server-Side Encryption (SSE). For clients wishing to integrate FileCloud with AWS storage, S3 automatically applies 256-bit AES encryption. Additional supported SSE options include SSE Key Management Services (SSE-KMS) and Customer Provided Keys (SSE-CPK).

For governments that need to comply with NIST or FIPS requirements, FileCloud can be run in “FIPS mode,” a unique deployment configuration that enforces FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithms to secure data at rest and in transit.

Read the white paper on FileCloud’s Encryption Capabilities.

Isolated & Air-Gapped Network Integration

FileCloud can be deployed within air-gapped networks to support ease-of-access requirements, while also maintaining hyper-security. Only users who are connected physically to this network can access the FileCloud server via HTTP/HTTPs protocols.

Installations and upgrades of the FileCloud solution are completed with the offline installer, ensuring the solution can be installed within an isolated network without internet access.

Read more about FileCloud’s functionality within isolated networks in our white paper, “Deploy FileCloud in an Air-Gapped Network.”


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