Annual Enterprise Cloud & Data Security Report

What are the main challenges of using cloud-based file sharing services?
Who has the right to access your organization’s cloud data?
Do you know the weakest links in your organization’s data security?
Who is winning in enterprise cloud providers – Microsoft Azure versus AWS?
What is the current state of GDPR compliance?

Recent revelations about the fragility of data security have challenged the way that many company leaders think about sharing information. From the EU’s strict enforcement of Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to breaking headlines on enterprise security breaches, there seems to be a new world order when it comes to protecting data. At FileCloud we are eager to help customers understand the ways in which the market is changing in response to these events and more. To examine the current thinking surrounding these issues we worked with Spiceworks to survey 150 enterprise representatives on their attitudes and approaches to enterprise cloud and data security.

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2019 Annual Enterprise Cloud & Data Security Report


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