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FileCloud's File Sync Software

FileCloud’s sync app can streamline file synchronization across Windows, Mac or Linux. FileCloud Sync not only syncs your FileCloud folders & files but also folders that are shared by others, simplifying collaboration! Easily sync and backup your files with FileCloud. Our secure yet simple enterprise file sync and share solution ensures that your files are never lost in backup or sharing.

Network Folder Offline Access

FileCloud file sync on Windows is a powerful feature which enables Network Folder available for offline access. Our file sync solution allows the user to not only add/edit files from anywhere but also holds the control of setting the sync frequency between the copy of the Network Folder on the desktop with the folder on the LAN.

Quick Edit Documents - File Sync

FileCloud Quick Edit Document feature uses FileCloud Sync to enable edit of documents over the web interface. Users can open document they would like to edit via the Web UI, edit using a local editor and let FileCloud Sync App take care of the rest with respect to uploading the changes to the FileCloud server.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the fourth consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.


Secure Folder Sync for Windows, Linux, and Mac

FileCloud’s sync app file sync software is one of the most advanced sync software that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux and securely synchronizes data across OS.

FileCloud’s file sync software seamlessly synchronizes data in a designated folder on your computer with a FileCloud server. In addition, all the files under the specific folder on your local desktop is available for access via FileCloud mobile apps, tablets and the web interface. Easy data backup capability and synchronization on Windows and Linux Servers. FileCloud is easy to use and collaborate with for file sync, foldersync or backup.
FileCloud gives 5x value against other File Sync Software Solutions

Seamless Collaboration – Folder sync

FileCloud makes it extremely easy to collaborate from anywhere. If your team members share files and folders, copy files, other members make edits and changes to this file storage, all changes instantly get synced across your team members for seamless collaboration.

FileCloud’s file sync software helps teams collaborate in one office or across the world easily without issues. It is suited for businesses of any size with teams which are distributed or in the same office.

Manage Conflicts – Sync Software

If two people change the same file at the same time, FileCloud Sync app/ sync software won’t overwrite the changes. Instead, it will save the original file as well as a second version. The second version will have “Conflict_,” tag with username and time details. By creating a conflicted file, file sync software ensures that all changes are preserved and nobody will overwrite another person’s work. This will always ensure that all changes are preserved and can be reviewed.


Advanced Sync – File Sync Windows/Linux

FileCloud Sync is built with features that would support complex use cases. Safe editing of sensitive files with the integrated Microsoft Office plugin. Files get synced instantly. FileCloud file sync provides increased security, compliance, ease, and convenience to protect company files, intellectual property, resources, and customer information. You can manage data with granular admin controls and greater visibility of all changes. Extended flexibility is provided when you sync and share files. check some case studies here.

Selective Folder Sync

You can selectively choose folders that you want to be synced between the FileCloud server and your computer. This feature helps conserve space on your computer and limits the sync process to important folders. FileCloud’s file sync software can achieve a lot in collaboration without spending much time and efforts.

Folder Sync Software

FileCloud Sync not only syncs your FileCloud folders & files but also folders that are shared by other users with you. The sync of the shared folder is the key to enabled team collaboration.

Global 2000 enterprises in 90 countries, across industries trust FileCloud

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FileCloud Top Features

Key FeaturesIncluded in Price
File Sync, Share and Backup Features
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux) yes
Mount/Mapped Drive yes
Public, Private and Time Limited Shares yes
Granular Controls for Folders yes
Free, Unlimited Client accounts yes
Document Quick Edit yes
Document Preview yes
DICOM Medical Images Preview (e.g. X-rays, Scans) yes
Drag/Drop Upload yes
Multi-file Download as Zip yes
Embedded File Upload Form yes
File/Folder Search yes
File Comments/Activity Stream yes
Large File Support, Max file size yes
Endpoint Backup (Multiple folders) yes
Content Search yes
File Versioning Unlimited
Network Folder Versioning yes
Real time Network Share Sync yes
Storage Limits Unlimited
Mobile Features
Mobile Apps iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Secure Mobile Access and Sharing yes
Direct Mobile document editing via 3rd party apps yes
Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) integration yes
iOS, Android Media backup yes
Web Page Logo yes
Logo on Mobile Apps yes
Custom Login Page Background Image yes
White Label Contact Sales
Communication Email Templates, Custom Feed
Policy Privacy Policy, ToS
Custom Branded Desktop Clients Contact Sales
Custom Branded Mobile Apps Contact Sales
Integrate – Existing Home Directories yes
NTFS Support yes
Network Share Support (CIFS, SAMBA and NFS) yes
Active Directory Support yes
Multiple Active Directory yes
Network Share File Versioning yes
Edit Office Documents Within Browser – Integration with Microsoft Office Online yes
Outlook Integration yes
Add-ons for Microsoft Office yes
Edit Documents Within Browser Using LibreOffice yes
Chrome Extensions yes
Custom Workflow (‘If this, then that’ Steps) yes
Security and Access Control
File Locking yes
Single Sign-On, NTLM SSO yes
SAML 2.0 and ADFS Support yes
Two factor Authentication yes
Anti-Ransomware yes
Anti-Virus Scanning yes
Passcode Enforcement for Mobile Apps yes
Data At Rest Encryption (256-bit AES) yes
FIPS 140-2 (U.S. government security standard) yes
Customer Managed Encryption Keys yes
Admin and Audit Tools
Admin Dashboard yes
User/Group/File Shares Management yes
Mobile Device Inventory yes
Block Devices yes
Remote Data Wipe (Mobile, Clients) yes
Notification to Devices yes
Custom Branding (Web, Email Templates and Login Page Image) yes
File Analytics and Reports yes
Custom domain and mail server yes
File Locks Management yes
Deleted Files Retention Policy yes
Mobile Application Policy (Open, Edit, Print and Download) yes
Comprehensive Usage, Access and Share Stats yes
Audit Reports yes
HIPAA, EU Data Residency Compliance yes
Role Based Administration yes
Pattern Search yes
Third Party Apps Integration yes
API Support yes
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support yes
Self-hosted On-Premise (or) On AWS and Azure yes
Multi-Tenant Support Yes (Requires 20 licenses minimum per site)
High-availability Architecture yes
Enterprise Deployment Support Yes (Premium support available )
Multiple Storage Local(SAN, NAS, HDDs), Amazon S3, Openstack Swift

Private Sharing

Once the share is created, you can use the file sync tool to modify permissions and select an existing user or add a new user to share the file. Data protection during file transfer on both windows and linux servers was never this easy!

MS Outlook support

Share and upload files and folders which reside on the FileCloud directly from Outlook.

Share from a Network

Admin can create a network share directly from the FileCloud admin portal. Once a network share is created, the files and folders in the network shares are accessible in the FileCloud User Interface. Easy file backup and synchronization!

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration enables users to work more proficiently on individual files and helps in collaboration.


Runs inside your own IT infrastructure, so you control your data 100%. Install on your server, any way you want it.

Network Shares and NTFS Permissions

You can manage existing network folder shares from anywhere using existing NTFS permissions and Active Directory users.


Synchronize content across desktop, laptop, smart phones and tablets. Roll out your own Dropbox or like solution.

Active Directory Support

Seamless integration with Enterprise LDAP as well as Microsoft Active Directory support. Merge user accounts from existing systems.

Advanced Sharing

Public, Private and Temporary file Shares. Granular file download controls and much more.

File Lock

Users can lock files to prevent other users from making concurrent edits.

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FileCloud - File sync software and sharing

File Sharing for Business

Allows users to access, sync and share company files or documents from anywhere using any device.

FileCloud Drive

This sychronization software allows you to access all the business files stored in your FileCloud server just like you would access local files using folders in Windows.

Network Share Sync

Sync files and data from existing Enterprise file shares for anywhere offline access.

Groups and Permissions

Allows simple aggregation of users as groups and administrators can easily assign file/folder/share permissions to groups.

Advanced Data Privacy and Security

Complete control over your data and security protocols to protect against data leaks and any type of threats.

FileCloud for file sharing

"We tested about five other solutions like Team Drive, OwnCloud or LeitzCloud. In the End, FileCloud won that battle clearly"

Hybrid Cloud advantages - FileCloud

The Filecloud architecture allows you to use the flexibility of hybrid cloud storage.

Hybrid cloud storage integrates your internal storage to the public cloud storage. The technology keeps readily used data on-premise whereas inactive data and files are automatically moved to the cloud.

Using a hybrid cloud is an ideal solution for enterprises to scale computing resources when needed. With a solution like FileCloud, businesses don’t need to make huge capital expenses to have a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

on Premises File Sync Software

"“We liked FileCloud’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”"


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