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FileCloud - trusted by enterprises across 90 countries for secure sync software.

File Sync Software

FileCloud’s Sync app streamlines file synchronization to the cloud across Windows, Mac, or Linux. FileCloud Sync not only syncs your FileCloud folders & files but also folders that are shared by others, simplifying collaboration and backups! Our secure yet simple enterprise file sync and share solution ensures that your files are never lost.

Network Folder Offline Access

FileCloud file sync on Windows makes Network Folder available for offline access. Our file sync solution allows the user to add and edit files from anywhere; they can also set the sync frequency between the copy of the Network Folder on the desktop with the folder on the LAN.

Quick Edit

The Quick Edit feature uses FileCloud Sync to enable editing of documents over the web interface. Users can open the document via the Web UI, make changes using a local editor, and let the FileCloud Sync app take care of the rest with respect to uploading the changes to the FileCloud server.

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Secure Folder Sync for Windows, Linux, and Mac

FileCloud’s sync app offers advanced synchronization between on-premises servers and cloud instances, running on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

FileCloud’s file sync software seamlessly synchronizes data in a designated folder on your computer with a FileCloud server. In addition, all the files under the specific folder on your local desktop are available for access via FileCloud mobile apps, tablets, and the web interface.

Seamless Collaboration – Folder Sync

FileCloud helps with secure content collaboration from anywhere, even when offline. Team members can securely upload, edit, and share files through the Sync app. All changes are stored as a local file, then synced when internet access is restored.

Managing Conflicts with Sync

FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning ensures that no changes are overwritten and that data is never lost, making streamlined collaboration a breeze.

If two people change the same file at the same time, FileCloud Sync saves the original file as well as a second version. The second version will have a “Conflict_,” tag with the username and time details.

By creating a conflicted file, the file sync software ensures that all changes are preserved and nobody overwrites another person’s work.

Advanced Sync – File Sync Windows/Linux

FileCloud Sync is built with features to support complex use cases, including collaboration and protection of company files, intellectual property, customer information, and confidential data:

  • Safe editing of sensitive files with the integrated Microsoft Office plugin.
  • Instant synchronization.
  • Increased security and compliance support.
  • Ease of use and convenience.
  • Granular admin controls and file change visibility.
  • Extended flexibility for hybrid on-prem/cloud deployments.

Synchronizing FileCloud with Windows servers doesn’t stop with files and folders. FileCloud ensures that NTFS permissions are preserved within the FileCloud environment, reducing the burden on IT managers and ensuring accurate access authorizations are in place.

Selective Folder Sync

Users can use selective sync the files and folders to be synced between FileCloud and local machines. This feature helps conserve space on personal computers and limits the sync process to important folders. The file sync software can be leveraged to support collaboration without complicated steps or user input.

Private Sharing

After sharing a file, users can modify permissions and update recipients on the share through the Sync app.

MS 365 Integration

Edit files within FileCloud using Microsoft Office apps. Share and upload FileCloud files and folders directly in Outlook.

Site Replication

Streamline data replication across sites to ensure organizations are working from the same data pool and to mitigate disasters (natural or technological)

Automatic Backups

FileCloud Sync can be leveraged by admins and users to back up files and folders, ensuring no data is ever lost from end-user devices.

On-Premises & Hybrid

Run FileCloud inside your own IT infrastructure, so you control your data 100%. Enable synchronization for users on remote devices to connect with the server, or use Sync to securely connect with the cloud!

Active Directory Support

Integrate with enterprise LDAP and Active Directory to merge user accounts from existing systems.

Advanced Sharing

Control how a file is shared with public share links, private shares to FileCloud users/groups, download limits, expiring share access, and password protection.

File Locking

Use the FileCloud Sync app to lock files, preventing other users from making concurrent edits. Unlock files when finished for streamlined coordination on file edits.

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FileCloud – the Enterprise-grade File Sync and Sharing Solution

FileCloud Drive

This synchronization software allows you to access business files stored in your FileCloud server as if via local drive/Windows File Explorer folders.

Network Share Sync

Sync files and data from existing Enterprise file shares for anywhere offline access.

Groups and Permissions

Allows simple aggregation of users as groups; administrators can easily assign file, folder, and share permissions to groups.

Advanced Data Privacy and Security

Complete control over your data and security protocols to protect against data leaks and other threats.

Hybrid Cloud Advantages - FileCloud

FileCloud embraces the flexibility of hybrid cloud storage with all the security of on-prem deployments.

By leveraging the FileCloud Sync app, admins can integrate internal, on-prem storage with a private cloud to create a hybrid cloud deployment. This deployment can be used to make high-touch data available in an instant, whereas highly confidential/sensitive or archived data can be stored on-premises.

Using a hybrid cloud is an ideal solution for enterprises to scale computing resources when needed. With a solution like FileCloud, organizations don’t need to make huge capital expenses to embrace digital transformation.


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