Minimize Enterprise Data Risks: Integrate FileCloud Microservice with SaaS

Remove the security risks associated with SaaS by integrating FileCloud as a microservice over your SaaS platform. Comply with privacy regulations seamlessly, while also reinforcing your data security and providing an added stronghold against cyber-attacks.

In a world of increased data breaches, effective governance of PII and valuable intellectual assets can be fraught with challenges. SaaS solutions typically increase the chances of attack through data dispersal and lack of ability to collaborate on documents. FileCloud as an integrated microservice can bolster your security posture and automate your adherence to stringent regulations.

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Secure File-Sharing Microservice Over SaaS

Create a single point of entry for unstructured data by integrating FileCloud into your existing SaaS solution. Collaborate freely while remaining compliant with stringent regulations, rather than switching apps and generating data dispersal. Our granular audit logs and permissions provide an invaluable extra layer of security.

Seamless Integration with Flexible APIs

Protect the integrity of your logo with FileCloud’s powerful customization capabilities. Our APIs are built on PHP and Apache, and compatible with even highly complex SaaS platforms. Remove disruptions to users’ existing affinity with your brand involved in switching to a third-party solution. Instead, retain all collaboration activity under your own branding.

Easily Automated Compliance with Exacting Regulations

Comply with complex privacy and security requirements easily. Our features are designed to make compliance seamless across enterprises. We provide multi-tenancy capabilities to meet data residency requirements, simple automation of privacy regulations, and heuristic file content scanning to detect and block ransomware, among other powerful features.

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Reducing Risks Associated with B2B SaaS Solutions

SaaS adoption continues to rise dramatically, due to the need for business continuity and an increase in hybrid and remote work. With some market analysts estimating that many B2B SaaS solutions will increase subscription-based sales five-fold by 2027, it’s clear that SaaS is here to stay.

Despite its advantages, SaaS comes with various challenges related to security, compliance, and control over enterprise data. Large enterprises struggle to maintain traceability of their unstructured data, which is often dispersed across different repositories. In the absence of a single point of entry for all data, ensuring adherence to basic security and regulatory obligations can seem like an insurmountable task.

Reduce Risk with FileCloud’s Powerful Integration Capabilities

The use of third-party file-sharing solutions, such as Dropbox, comes with inherent risks for enterprises. These solutions are typically used for sharing and collaborating on files containing unstructured data, yet such files often hold highly valuable company intellectual property. Despite this, staff often collaborate by downloading files from a SaaS application, then uploading again to a third-party file-sharing solution, making it impossible for enterprises to track how data is disseminated. This creates attack vectors, increasing the risk of leaks. Third-party file-sharing solutions are also time-consuming, which means they also consume enterprise revenue.

Regulatory Compliance

The fact that data dispersal and an increase in SaaS usage also entails a widening of attack surfaces has resulted in an increase in data privacy and security regulations globally. This is to keep pace with challenges and protect both enterprises and the individuals they serve from privacy violations. However, complying with regulatory demands can be a challenge in and of itself for businesses that have complex infrastructures and heavy demands on time and budgets.

What if you could seamlessly integrate all file-sharing and content collaboration with an existing B2B SaaS solution, with powerful inbuilt compliance capabilities as a part of this scenario? FileCloud provides all the functionality required to do this. Many global enterprises have dispensed with third-party file-sharing solutions in favor of FileCloud, allowing them to collaborate from one location and limiting the needless diffusion of data across multiple applications.

Comprehensive Dashboard to Automate Compliance

FileCloud has a comprehensive compliance dashboard to facilitate fine-grained monitoring of file activity. The Compliance Center ensures easy adherence through mapping of well-known regulations to the FileCloud features that help with adherence, such as:

  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Metadata management
  • Automated data retention policies
  • Granular access controls
  • Detailed audits using What, When, Who and How attributes

Seamless SaaS Integration & Security via Adaptable APIs

FileCloud’s adaptable APIs cover all UI functions. Built on PHP and Apache, they enable easy integration with even complex SaaS platforms. Additionally, they allow you to perform all the same file activities that can be done via the UI. You can also manage storages via API, whether on premises or on the cloud (S3, Azure Files, or Azure Blob).

Vulnerability Management Made Easy

The growth the SaaS market has resulted in a parallel increase in the need for superior security measures within enterprises. Attack surfaces have expanded in tandem with the increase in cyber-criminality, geopolitically motivated cyber-warfare, and other security concerns. For example, Ransomware-as-a-Service is now a black market industry in itself. Despite this, SaaS providers often stipulate in service-level agreements (SLAs) that enterprises are responsible for their own data security. Using FileCloud as a microservice over SaaS solutions provides the safeguards you need for enterprise data, with features such as:

Retain full command over file activities with detailed audit logs, fine-grained file and folder permissions, and Zero Trust File Sharing®.

Protect the integrity of your brand with powerful, comprehensive white labeling features.

Automate Data Leak Prevention (DLP) with custom rules to block logins, control access permissions, and block downloading and sharing.

Use full Digital Rights Management for control over access, printing, and screen capturing of shared content.

Secure your data with dedicated encrypted stores or existing local stores that use Network Shares.

Meet data residency requirements with FileCloud’s out-of-the-box multi-tenancy capabilities.

Save valuable company time and by extension, revenue, by retaining all files and collaboration activities within your main enterprise SaaS platform.

Store all enterprise data on one SaaS platform for full enterprise transparency and control.

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