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Benefits of FileCloud for GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance Center

FileCloud’s Compliance Center—with a separate tab for GDPR compliance—gives compliance officers and managers a quick and easy space to connect compliance rules with security options and features, along with best practices and recommendations.

User Consent &
Right to Access

FileCloud offers privacy settings to ask for explicit consent from users while accessing, viewing, or downloading files from FileCloud. Any personally identifiable information (PII) can also be easily pulled in an exportable log to satisfy requests for information from users.

Right to be Forgotten (Anonymization)

GDPR provides that users may request the deletion or anonymization of any data companies possess relating to them. FileCloud allows administrators to delete or anonymize all user data, including any traces in FileCloud access logs.

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What is GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a broad compilation of rules and requirements aimed at protecting the data privacy of EU citizens. This regulation was established in May of 2018 to replace data protection rules initially laid out in the 1990’s. These data regulations have had a global impact on how data is collected, monitored, and audited.

This is largely due to how far-reaching GDPR protections extend—it encompasses any data pertaining to all EU citizens, even data residing outside the EU. Thus, any business or organization operating anywhere in the world can be subject to GDPR requirements and consequences if they collect or use data from EU citizens. The consequences for violating the privacy and security standards established by the EU include stiff fines and penalties that can add up to millions of euros per case. To date, GDPR fines total over €1.28 billion, with the most expensive case being that of Amazon. In 2021, the Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection (CNDP) levied a GDPR fine against Amazon Inc. for €746 million ($888 million) for targeted advertising that operated without user consent.

Violating GDPR comes with high stakes. However, meeting these requirements can be challenging, not least because the regulations are hundreds of pages long. Combined with the far-reaching scope, GDPR compliance can be particularly challenging for medium or small businesses to accomplish.

How to Meet GDPR Requirements

A secure file storage and sharing platform can provide significant support in managing and fulfilling GDPR compliance by giving admins control over the data they store and collect. By investing in this support, companies can protect not only clients and users, but the entire organization as it carries out day-to-day operations.

FileCloud is a robust, file storage, sync, and sharing platform that offers a feature-rich solution for companies and organizations seeking a better way to comply with GDPR and other regulations. FileCloud has the features that users need to comply with GDPR guidelines, including a compliance center, granular sharing permissions, and more.

FileCloud’s Compliance Center

Compliance has never been easier with FileCloud’s Compliance Center. The compliance center combines FileCloud’s advanced security features with the sharing permissions that are integral to FileCloud’s system. Admins can follow recommendations and suggestions, best-practices, and the built-in rules created for ease of use.

Compliance Dashboard

Security of data is a big part of GDPR regulations, which is why the Compliance Center connects admins with audit, encryption, and DLP settings for advanced security.

Different types of compliance are covered in separated tabs, including GDPR compliance. Admins can review regulations and violations quickly in each tab so that violations can be addressed before they cause any trouble.

Event logs can also be saved and shared for audit and regulatory purposes.If a compliance rule is already covered outside the FileCloud environment, admins can choose to disable rules in use.

FileCloud has many options that help keep data GDPR-compliant, including:

User Consent
FileCloud has an easy way to obtain user consent over data including:

• A privacy setting that explicitly asks for consent from a data owner
• An option to ask consent from users while accessing/viewing/downloading files
• CSV files for all PII (personally identifiable information) in case a data owner requests to see how information is being stored/used

Right to Access
Under GDPR regulations, the owners of data have the right to know what information companies have on them. FileCloud helps make this information easy to find and provide with:

• An easy search option to find user data across file content and activity logs
• Easy-to-download and share logs

Right to Be Forgotten
GDPR regulations allow for data owners to ask that their data be deleted or anonymized.
FileCloud makes this easy by providing necessary tools to:
• Delete relevant files throughout the environment
• Anonymize data (including activity logs)

FileCloud’s Hyper Security
Hyper security is an integral part of the FileCloud system, in more than just the Compliance Center. Data that is stored and shared within your FileCloud system is protected in many ways including with:
• Active Directory and NTFS integration
• 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols to secure data at rest and in transit
• 2FA and SSO
• Automatic anti-virus scanning of files upon upload
• Unlimited file versioning and file locking
• Federated search capabilities

Digital Rights Management
FileCloud provides security of files and data even after it’s been shared, with powerful digital rights management.

Admins can control and customize many things including:
• Sharing
• Screenshotting
• Copying
• Printing

Admins can also revoke or restrict access to files even after they’ve been shared.

The Power of Pattern Searching

One of FileCloud’s key strengths when it comes to GDPR compliance is the built-in pattern search options. Pattern PII Search enables administrators to discover and manage sensitive data. DPOs and administrators can search for common data types using the pattern identifier, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers. In addition to common patterns, the FileCloud product team has created templates to search for complex patterns, like the ones listed below:

PII Pattern Search Options Preview

FileCloud Helps Makes GDPR Compliance Easy

Considering all the features available in FileCloud, this  content collaboration platform (CCP) provides a strong ROI while addressing the complex and far-reaching requirements inherent in GDPR.

Data Residency

FileCloud offers data residency options, allowing customers to select the region of their choice for storing and processing data. You have 100% flexibility regarding where your data is stored and processed. This option can be deployed as part of a private or hybrid cloud on an infrastructure that customers control.

Data Portability

GDPR provides that users may request a copy of data for use elsewhere. FileCloud allows the export of files in standard formats and activity logs in easily readable CSV files.

Breach Notification

GDPR requires that users are notified of any breach. While breach notifications must be handled by the customer, FileCloud has detailed policies and breach plans in place for customer data in FileCloud Online.

Privacy By Design

GDPR requires companies to provide privacy, regardless of technological implementation or design. FileCloud’s design offers clients and users flexible deployment options for on-premises or cloud infrastructure solutions, along with advanced security options.

Data Protection Officers

FileCloud allows an organization’s data protection officer (DPO) or administrator to search for user PII across all file content and activity logs, making it easy to fulfill client requests for information or to implement retention and restriction policies for confidential information.


Data is encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption as well as during transit through SSL/TLS protocols.

Granular Access Control

You can set granular permissions over access, file, and folder permissions for each user. Furthermore, you can restrict features to ensure only the intended users can access, sync, and share the data, even within subfolders or specific files in shared folders.

Total Visibility and Control

Admins can generate complete audit trails with detailed reporting on all file transfer and sharing activities. Unchangeable audit logs can be exported in CSV files for ease of governance. The admin dashboard shows all the devices accessing files in real time.

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FileCloud is a Customizable, Accessible Solution for GDPR Compliance

FileCloud is fully customizable, with options to change login portals and headers within the FileCloud platform with different themes, labels, and logos. You can also change features like watermarks, UI messages, and user request responses. For those with a FileCloud Server license, you can also update the platform with your own custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

For those using FileCloud Online, Data Residency options offer critical flexibility to fulfill GDPR requirements. You can select a secure, world-class data center with 99.99% availability in the region of your choice to store and process your data.

“The key features of our ideal product were local storage, security, and ease of use. FileCloud addressed everything we really needed and also replaced our need for a third-party backup solution [...] to save even more money.”

FileCloud Supports GDPR-Compliant Mobile and Offline Access

FileCloud is a flexible solution that users can access via desktop app, web browser, or mobile device, even while offline!

FileCloud Sync is a client application that enables you to store local copies of files and folders on your own device. Changes are periodically synchronized, so all files remain up-to-date, and you can work with peace of mind, even without consistent access to the internet.

FileCloud Drive is a similar client application that provides easy access to the user portal to store, update, and share files. Collaborate without missing a beat, even on the go. You can work with files and folders without worrying about taking up hard drive space, a key difference from the FileCloud Sync app. However, this application requires a consistent connection to the internet to upload local changes to the server.

FileCloud’s powerful security is maintained through Centralized Device Management. The Admin Panel displays all connected devices, including tablets or cell phones, the IP address, and files accessed. Admins can communicate with users by sending a message to the device display and support troubleshooting by requesting log files. In the event of a lost device, the admin or DPO can remotely block access or even wipe FileCloud data.

“Data residency is an important requirement for us. FileCloud met our requirements and provided an easy to use solution.”

FileCloud’s Powerful Workflow Automation

FileCloud is always creating ways to make work easier. The Compliance Center makes GDPR compliance easier than ever; workflow automation makes admin work easier too, while also cutting down on user errors that could jeopardize compliance.

FileCloud’s workflow automation allows users to automate certain tedious but important tasks like budget approvals, signoffs, and document review.

Workflows can be created by anyone in a no-code, drag-and-drop space that is easy to use. All running workflows can be viewed in the dashboard and logs are easily available for audit and oversight purposes.


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