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Hybrid Cloud Storage Store and Sync Files on Both On-Premise Server and the Cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage Features

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Are you storing files on your Windows file servers? Convert these Windows file servers into a powerful enterprise file-sharing, backup, sync, and mobile access platform using FileCloud.

Fast, Low-latency Access

FileCloud’s hybrid cloud solution provides the best of both worlds: on-premises and in the cloud.  Fast, low-latency access via LAN when you are in the office and anywhere access from the cloud when you work remotely.

FileCloud ServerSync

Securely access, share, and collaborate on the files in the cloud or on your Windows file servers on-premises. FileCloud’s ServerSync synchronizes files and permissions to the cloud server and enables a simple hybrid solution.

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FileCloud ServerSync – Files and permissions stored on Windows file servers that are on-premises are easily synchronized to the cloud server. With this architecture, copies of files and permissions between the cloud and on-premises storage are maintained in complete sync.

FileCloud ServerSync enables a unique hybrid-cloud approach that allows traditional LAN access when on-premises and cloud access when off-site or remote. FileCloud ServerSync offers the benefits of both the cloud and on-premises infrastructure. On-premises provides low latency access whereas cloud offers scalability and redundancy.

FileCloud ServerSync Architecture
Hybrid Cloud

Fast, Low Latency Access

On-Premise connected over LAN will provide low latency access and faster network speeds while working from office.

Remote Access Through Cloud

If you are working from home, files can be accessed from the cloud, hence, providing secure file access from anywhere.

Data Redundancy

FileCloud ServerSync – Hybrid Cloud Storage provides data redundancy, which means copies of files from local server are kept in the cloud for anywhere anytime access. In case windows file servers cannot be accessed, you can access files on the cloud and similarly if cloud is unavailable, files can be accessed on the windows file server.

Modernize Legacy IT Infrastructure

Using FileCloud ServerSync – hybrid cloud, you can modernize your legacy IT infrastructure and adopt the cloud for easy digital transformation without disrupting your current operations. ServerSync can help you to set up branch office collaboration and end-to-end disaster recovery.

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FileCloud - Best Hybrid Cloud Storage

What is hybrid cloud storage?

Hybrid cloud storage is an approach to manage enterprise storage that uses both local and off-site resources. Hybrid cloud storage helps businesses to supplement internal data storage with public cloud storage.

What is hybrid cloud hosting?

Hybrid cloud hosting is a solution that allows enterprises to add dedicated and shared cloud servers/storage on the same network. A hybrid cloud would consist of a private cloud (or internal cloud) and public cloud (or external cloud).

What is hybrid infrastructure?

A hybrid infrastructure combines the power of a traditional IT server, private, and public clouds together to enable you to have any resources for any enterprise needs and fulfil all the work and tasks that drive your enterprise.

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