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FileCloud Release Notes

FileCloud Version: 21.3 – Jan 13, 2022
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the user portal login page to omit the login options when the global default policy was deleted has been fixed. – Jan 06, 2022
Major Management for HIPAA compliance and GDPR compliance has been added to the Compliance Center.
Major Users can now edit FileCloud documents in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
Major The Admin dashboard has been updated. Now Admins and Admin users are able to rearrange widgets on the dashboard as well as perform quick actions.
Major The Admin portal login screen has a new design.
Major FileCloud Online has been updated to include a Get Started tour that walks new users through initial actions such as creating a folder and setting a background theme. FileCloud Online now also includes a mini Admin portal that Admin users can open from the user portal to perform Admin actions without switching screens.
Enhancements: Server
AD It is now possible to import an AD Group from the Manage Groups screen in the Admin portal.
Apache Apache has been upgraded to version 2.4.52.
Apache Log4j Apache Log4j has been updated to version 2.17.1.
Apache Solr Apache Solr has been updated to version 8.11.1.
Automated workflow In automated workflows, there is now a variable for the To field of the Send Email step. This enables sending the email to the file owner or the workflow creator.
AD A setting is now available for configuring the system to import the “other mobile” AD field instead of the “mobile” AD field as the 2FA phone number.
Admin roles The user interface for adding Admin roles has been improved for clarification.
Apache The Apache SSL configuration has been updated in accordance with security recommendations.
Automated workflow An option to move a folder and its entire sub-folder structure as well as its file contents has been added.
Backup server Admins can now sort and search for users in the backup server restore section.
Backup server Email notifications are now sent from the backup server when a job fails.
DLP A “Path starts with” rule has been added to smart DLP.
DLP A new DLP rule, _request.isAdminLogin, allows users to block admin users from logging into the Admin portal.
DLP A new DLP rule, _metadata.existAll, allows sharing of a folder only if all of its files include certain metadata.
Email Checkboxes have been added to Email settings that enable Admins to specify if override From and Reply To addresses should be used for emails sent from FileCloud.
Email A new ^EXPIRY_DATE^ variable can be now used in the Share Email Template.
Export files User and group export files now include the effective policy number. In addition, a list of users in a policy can now be exported.
ICAP A group information ICAP header has been added so that users’ group permissions can be applied.
Language Options for setting the default languages in the Admin portal and user portal to traditional Chinese have been added. In addition, an option for changing the user portal language to traditional Chinese has been added on log in.
LibreOffice LibreOffice has been updated from version 6.0.21 to version 6.3.
Logos Admins can now enter logos larger than 200 x 50 px, and they can be resized to support better resolution.
Metadata Metadata values are now associated with file versions.
Metadata Metadata can now be applied to multiple files simultaneously.
Phone number Now a setting in the Admin portal enables limited users to change their phone numbers.
Rename When a user renames a file/folder that is shared, a notification warns the user that a share exists and gives the user the option of changing the share name to reflect the new file/folder name.
Reports A new report, “Get all exported secure docs report” has been added.
Reports A new report, “Get storage usage by file type” has been added.
Reports The file share report now includes the password for password-enbaled shares.
Shares List of share recipients can now be exported from and imported into shares.
Shares Manage permission on shares no longer requires Sync permission to be given first.
Upload Changes to the user portal for file/folder uploads include an upload folder option and clearer wording in the upload file and folder drop-down list and more accurate icons for stopping and pausing uploads in progress in the file operations window.
User interface The html for the Admin portal and user portal home pages now include placeholders for adding custom header and footer content.
User menu The user menu in the user portal has been given a more streamlined design.
TOS FileCloud now requires Admin users to accept terms of service (TOS) when they log in to the Admin portal according to the Privacy settings for TOS.
Workflow The “then” action “Delete the file(s)” now includes an option to include a list of email addresses to send notifications to listing the files deleted.
Workflow The “then” action “Delete the file(s)” now includes an option to notify the file owner.
Workflow The “If a file was not modified for # days” workflow includes a new parameter, an exclude_recyclebin flag, which enables the workflow to delete files from the recycle bin.
Enhancements: Drive
Cancel download Pending and in process downloads can now be cancelled in the Drive dashboard.
Installation Drive now installs in the Program Files instead of Program Files(x86) folder.
Lock The Setting “Lock Office files automatically on edit” has been changed to “Lock files automatically on edit” and enables users to lock many other types of files.
Network If Drive loses its network connection, it now warns the user, reconnects when and if possible, and removes the warning once reconnected.
Status The Drive icon in the taskbar now shows red and orange dots for errors and warnings.
Status notification The Drive dashboard now indicates how many operations are pending as well as how many are in progress.
Timeout If Drive stops working due to session timeout, the mini-dashboard now displays the message “The current session is timed out by the server.”
Enhancements: MacDrive
Notifications File notifications now include file lock information.
Preview Thumbnail preview is now configurable in MacDrive. By default, it is turned off.
Enhancements: Drive & Sync
Notifications A pop-up notification now appears to tell users they must change their password to log in to the client.
Enhancements: Sync
Disabled Sync If Sync is disabled for a user, the main Sync dashboard now shows Sync as disabled and includes a tooltip noting that Sync has been disabled by the Admin.
lnk files A configuration has been added to prevent lnk files in network folders from being deleted locally after they are synced.
Installation Sync is now a 64-bit application and installs in the Program Files instead of Program Files(x86) folder.
Messages Error messages for failed downloads in the mini dashboard now show the reason why a download was prevented.
Messages When users hover over a failed message in the mini dashboard, the hint now displays the path of the failed file.
Status Sync now displays no overlay on the desktop tray icon when sync is successful instead of a green dot.
Timeout If an upload failed due to a connection failure with the server, some users experienced significant delays because Sync stopped. Now, Sync continues to attempt to upload the rest of the files. During this time, if the connection is restored, these uploads are successful, and Sync uploads the files that failed previously in the next sync cycle.
Bug Fixes: Server
2FA A problem causing 2FA login to fail has been fixed.
2FA A problem preventing an AD user logging in with email for 2FA has been fixed.
AD An issue causing all FileCloud users to be removed when they are synced with a non-existing AD group has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing AD sync from saving settings has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing scrolling up in the AD group sync list has been fixed.
AD The drop-down list of AD groups now includes pagination and displays 10 groups per page.
AD Users from different LDAP paths than the service account were unable to log in; this has been fixed.
AD A problem preventing import of two AD users with the same username although the e-mail ID is different has been fixed.
AD password reset When an AD user chooses to reset a forgotten password, the message returned has been corrected to “If your account allows password reset, you will get an email with a password reset instructions.”
Audit The audit log was not recording skipped downloads of files that exceeded the max zip file download size. This has been fixed.
Audit, MongoDB An auto-compact error that occurred in HA environments has been fixed.
Automated workflow A problem preventing the dialog box for selecting a workflow trigger from appearing has been fixed.
Automated workflow An issue preventing execution of workflows triggered “Automatically on file activity” that occur in Azure or S3 folders has been fixed.
Automated workflow An issue causing an error when share approval workflow is required in a user’s policy and a user attempts to create a share has been fixed.
Azure An issue causing a timeout when a user previews or edits a text file in Azure network storage has been fixed.
Cookies A problem in which cookies were not deleted after logout and could be used half an hour after the session was terminated has been fixed.
Customization When the Web browser Title wass customized, “FileCloud” continued to appear in the Admin portal’s browser tab. This has been fixed.
Customization The Product Help URL can now be customized in the Customization section of the Admin portal.
Deleted files When My Files was disabled, users were able to restore deleted files. Now users cannot restore deleted files if My Files is disabled.
Desktop edit Desktop edit now provides option to lock/unlock from its dashboard, and auto-unlock is not supported.
Desktop edit Desktop edit was disabled for files without default options. Now it is enabled for all files.
Desktop edit Since desktop edit is unable to detect if txt files are locked, users must unlock them manually.
DLP An Admin login issue with the _user.isEmailInDomain DLP rule has been fixed.
DRM Export Secure Doc and Manage Secure Doc options were shown when DRM was not available. This has been fixed.
Email An error with causing the ^URL^ variable to render incorrectly has been fixed.
Email address When an account was automatically created for an AD user with a mixed-case email address, case was not automatically converted to lower case as required. This has been fixed.
Encryption Online users with S3 encryption were receiving messages that storage was not fully encrypted. This has been fixed.
Exportfs A problem causing empty folders to be created in the export directory after running the exportfs script has been fixed.
Favorites An error causing all files in the Recent list to appear as starred has been fixed.
Folder A problem causing folders with a + in the folder name to appear empty has been fixed.
Folder index Create CSV Folder Index was failing when there were a large number of files or folders; this has been fixed.
FTDC SE Linux was blocking FTDC, so download of its zip file failed. Now the FTDC feature is disabled and will only be enabled when needed.
Installation Installation of FileCloud on RHEL 8 with the DISA STIG security profile enabled was failing. This has been fixed.
Locks An error causing files edited in client applications to become unlocked even if the lock was explicitly placed in the user portal has been fixed.
Locks An error causing the message “invalid mongo regex” in the Server log has been fixed.
Metadata A problem causing metadata search results to incorrectly appear empty in the user portal has been fixed.
Metadata Icons for color tags were not displayed in Recent and Starred file listings; this has been fixed.
Multi-tenant, MQ In a multi-tenant environment, operations were occurring at the wrong sites. This has been fixed.
Network folders A problem when accessing Network folders when running on Linux has been fixed.
Network folders Network folder names with spaces in them Task list were encrypted. This has been fixed.
Network folders Now, when a user tries to access a Network share that has been renamed or removed, instead of a generic error message, a message indicating that the path is invalid appears and a log message is recorded.
Network folders, NTFS Uploading an NTFS Network folder in Linux resulted in errors. This has been fixed.
Network folders, NTFS An issue preventing users from enabling user-level notifications in NTFS Network folders has been fixed.
Network folders, NTFS A problem accessing NTFS Network folders on Linux has been fixed.
Network folders, Recycle bin An issue preventing access to the recycle bin from network folders has been fixed.
Notifications When users previewed files, email notifications were sent indicating that the files were downloaded. This has been fixed.
Notifications When all notifications were disabled in a policy, the user still appeared to have the option of disabling individual notifications in the user portal. This has been fixed.
NTFS A problem preventing setting of custom notifications for NTFS network shares has been fixed.
Preview AI file preview was not working correctly; this has been fixed.
RBAC A problem causing users assigned to RBAC roles to maintain Admin status when removed from the roles has been fixed. In addition, when Full users with roles are changed to Limited users, their roles and Admin status are now removed.
Reports The Users report exported from the Users page in the Admin portal now includes the mobile phone number.
Reports An error causing the File Query report to return empty results has been fixed. In addition, year has been changed from 2-digit to 4-digit format in moddate and createdate.
Reports “Get client apps grouped by TYPE” report was showing mobile apps’ type as “other.” This has been fixed.
Reset password An incorrect message was sent to existing users when password reset failed. The message has been changed to: Unable to Reset Password. Please contact your cloud administrator.
Retention An issue causing the File List reports for retention policies to display all expiry dates as indefinite and all policies as ineffective has been fixed.
RuleSetTool An error when running the RuleSetTool in Linux has been fixed.
S3 An error occurred when FileCloud tried to list an S3 network folder. This has been fixed.
Search When search results were too numerous, search was returning no results. This has been fixed.
Search An error preventing searching by filename has been fixed.
Search The Advanced search was returning to the root path when a user began modifying the path. It now keeps the current path and enables users to modify that path.
Security An error enabling a limited user to be promoted as an Admin user has been fixed.
Session logout If FileCloud session is logged out when user logs in to Office 365 for WOPI edit, FileCloud recommends setting cookie same-site value to lax. See Improving Cookie Security.
Shared with me Although multiple file download from a Shared with Me top-level folder was not permitted, a download button was shown. The download button no longer appears in this case.
Shares An error causing the User share export file to show password-protected shares as public has been fixed.
Shares A problem causing the user password to be used as a share password has been fixed.
Shares When a share link was pasted into WhatsApp or Teams, FileCloud appeared as the label when the label was set to a custom value; this has been fixed.
Shares An issue preventing the scroll function from working correctly in public folder shares has been fixed.
Shares The Disallow Share Name Change setting did not allow Admins to change share names. Now it only prevents non-Admin users from changing share names.
Shares An issue causing the Max Download Limit for shares to be triggered before the limit was reached has been fixed.
Shares After one share was deleted the list of shares appeared empty. This has been fixed.
Shares When an account was automatically created using the email for a user added to a share, and the email included a + sign, account creation failed. This has been fixed.
Shares For shares where download is not permitted, right-click menus are disabled and printing shows a blank page to restrict users from downloading and printing.
Solr A problem causing the count of indexed items to be higher than the actual number of items has been fixed.
Solr A problem causes a content search for a term with multiple words has been fixed.
Solr Solr search online was resulting in an error. This has been fixed.
SSO An error occurring on ADFS SSO signout has been fixed.
Thumbnail preview An issue causing thumbnail preview to fail on the Info details tab in the user portal has been fixed.
Translations An issue causing a phrase to appear in English when the selected language was German has been fixed.
Translations When French was selected as the language for the UI, some text appeared in English. This has been fixed.
Translations When a user logged in with the wrong username or password, the warning message was wrong in the German translation. It has been fixed.
UI The tip text for Disallow Default Share Settings Change has been changed to “Do not allow users to change settings of existing shares and default settings of new shares. ” for clarity.
UI The setting for high-contrast mode has been moved from the user drop-down menu to the Settings screen to make it easier to locate.
UI theme The selected default theme was not appearing until the user logged in. This has been fixed.
Upload, delete A problem causing upload and delete to fail for NTFS network folders has been fixed.
Username If the username is numeric, the activity tab shows the username as unknown.
User A problem causing the user report to be empty when no filter was applied has been fixed.
User update When display names contained special characters, user updates failed. This has been fixed.
Versioning When a file version was promoted, its create date was changed to the current date. This has been fixed.
Web edit A problem preventing web edit from working with recently accessed xlsx files has been fixed.
WebDAV A problem causing the login prompt to appear when WebDAV was disabled has been fixed.
WebDAV WebDAV was allowing files and folders to be created with trailing spaces. This has been fixed.
White label An issue causing the FileCloud title to appear in the browser for a few seconds before the custom title appears has been fixed.
Workflow Workflows using “verify file integrity and delete on mismatch” were deleting valid files; this has been fixed.
Workflow A problem preventing emails from being sent for the workflow “If last user login is older than….Then notify user….” has been fixed.
Workflow Workflows that copied a folder to a new location did not copy the files within the folder to the new location. This has been fixed.
Workflow The workflow “If a file is added or uploaded . . . Then notify user. . . ” was not sending a notification and was resulting in an error; this has been fixed.
Workflow File was not deleted in workflow for “If file is downloaded . . . delete the file.” This has been fixed.
Zip extraction An error occurring when trying to extract files from a downloaded zip file using 7zip has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive & MacDrive
Conflict A problem causing Drive to fail to detect a conflict has been fixed.
Copying An error occurred when copying large files from Drive to local PC. This has been fixed.
Download A problem causing files over the download limit to be downloaded has been fixed.
Failure Drive failed on Windows after a new installation. This has been fixed.
Failure A problem causing Drive to crash has been fixed.
Lock A user was able to open an Office file that was already opened without receiving a warning that the file was locked. The warning was given when the user tried to save the file. This has been fixed.
Lock An issue causing autolocking to fail when Office files were opened has been fixed.
Metadata A problem which allowed Document Lifecycle Metadata to be edited in Drive has been fixed.
Recovered files If upload of a file fails and the file is placed in a recovered files folder, the Drive Dashboard now informs users and includes a link for opening the recovered files folder.
Rename If files were renamed by one user while another user had the file locked the rename appeared to work. Now an error message appears.
Download An issue causing FileCloud to hang when uploading a large file (3-5GB) or M1 on Big Sur 11.6 can be fixed by giving Full Disk Access to Drive. See
Mount point Finder was allowing selecting a file as a mountpoint rather than a folder; this has been fixed.
PDF A problem causing MacDrive to hang when a user opened a PDF file has been fixed.
Thumbnail preview A problem causing all files in a folder to be downloaded when one file was previewed in the Finder has been fixed. Now only the previewed file is downloaded.
Upload Files with names beginning or ending with a space can no longer be uploaded.
Bug Fixes: Sync
Dashboard A problem causing the Sync dashboard to appear blank after Sync runs for 24 hours has been fixed.
Deleting When deletion fails because a file may have already been deleted locally, the log now explains this to users.
Folder Path When the Sync folder path was changed, the selected path was not shown correctly. This has been fixed.
Network folders A problem causing Network Folders added to Sync to later be removed from Sync has been fixed.
Running A problem causing the Sync icon not to appear in the system tray and allowing Sync to run multiple instances has been fixed.
SSO Users were unable to log in to Sync using SSO. This has been fixed.
UI A problem causing the Sync is On/Off button to shift right and become inaccessible has been fixed.
Upload A problem causing Sync to fail to upload php files when the upload restriction was removed has been fixed. In addition, a problem causing Sync to block upload of filenames such as streamline sync.ico, test sync.ico has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive and Sync
DocIQ French translation is now supported for DocIQ
Mac, Right-click options A problem preventing right-click options and overlays from appearing on the Mac has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: ServerLink
Failure A problem causing ServerLink to fail has been fixed.
Folder rename ServerLinks failed when a folder rename operation resulted in an error. This has been fixed.
Status When ServerLink failed and was restarted, file count and user count was not always accurate. This has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: ServerSync
NTFS ServerSync now informs users that by importing NTFS permissions they are overriding FileCloud permissions, and requires them to confirm the import.
Bug Fixes: Outlook Add-in
Email An error that was preventing Outlook from giving smart suggestions for share email addresses has been fixed.
Upload Dragging and dropping a file to upload it was not working. This has been fixed.
Variable $(USER) was not being treated as a variable in the setting for Account. This has been fixed.

FileCloud Version: 21.2 – Dec 17, 2021
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Log4j vulnerability, Apache Solr upgrade Patch Release: This patch upgrades Apache Solr to Version 8.11.1 which resolves the Log4j vulnerability. – Dec 07, 2021
Server Patch Release: When users logged out, cookies were not deleted immediately and could be used up to half an hour after the session was terminated. This has been fixed. – Nov 15, 2021
Automated workflows Patch Release: An error causing workflow trigger options to fail to appear has been fixed.
DLP Patch Release: DLP rules did not effectively block file downloads if the rules allowed their parent folders to be downloaded. This has been fixed so that a parent folder and all of its contents cannot be downloaded if any file in the folder is blocked from download.
SMS 2FA Patch Release: Now, when users choose SMS 2FA, the phone number field automatically inserts the country code.
SSL Patch Release: An SSL syntax error preventing Apache from starting has been fixed. – Nov 11, 2021
Drive Patch Release: An issue causing Drive to fail after fresh installs on some Windows configurations has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: An issue causing Drive mount to fail on fresh installs on BigSur and Catalina MacOS has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: An issue preventing Drive from listing shared files when the username and Team folder had a common prefix has been fixed.
Known Issues
Drive Patch Release: Drive currently fails to mount on MacOS Monterey on M1 Mac. – Oct 15, 2021
Server Patch Release: Login was not working for users in nested AD Groups. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:Additional log entries have been added to show reasons for authorization failures.
Server Patch Release:A problem causing AD group sync with FileCloud to fail for users with mixed case email addresses has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:When AD group sync imports users with mixed case email addresses, the usernames are converted to all lower-case.
Server Patch Release:Incomplete AD entries were making it difficult for those users to log in and was breaking AD group sync. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An issue with the Disable Anonymous Binding setting causing the AD connection to fail has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:To prevent cron from failing, a flag to exclude the fcbackup database check on the server when cron is running has been added.
Server Patch Release:By default, the backup server URL is no longer accessible. However, it can be configured to be accessible.
Server Patch Release:A problem preventing ClamAV from scanning and deleting files in network shares has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An error in compliance status when metadata for rule 120.6 was deleted has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An issue in how Container definitions are handled was found and fixed.
Server Patch Release:A problem causing disabled DLP rules to appear as enabled after paging has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:The link to the Getting Started help from the Installation Checks page was broken but has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:Files with names that begin with spaces are no longer allowed.
Server Patch Release:An issue causing the license installer to update the license for all sites on a server instead of just the sites on an allow list has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:A problem causing sync DB references to go to the wrong tenant sites has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:NTFS permissions were not working for network folders with long paths. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:A problem causing OnlyOffice to use the default language (English) instead of the user’s FileCloud UI language has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An issue causing incomplete passwords to appear in share emails has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:A problem preventing recovery of deleted recycle bin files when enabled has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An issue preventing Limited users from logging on when Salesforce integration was enabled has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:Thumbnail previews that were not working for a number of file types are now appearing.
Server Patch Release:A problem causing webedit to redirect to an internal URL when an alternate URL was set has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:An issue causing File Approval requests to show requestor as workflow creator has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:The message on a Create Share dialog box that share approval is required was appearing whether or not a share approval workflow was required. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:A share was requiring approval although no approval workflow had been created. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release:The share workflow was not being triggered correctly. This has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 A warning was appearing to Apple M1 users that Drive could not be opened. This issue has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 A problem causing some DLLs to remain in the install folder after Drive was uninstalled has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 An issue causing Drive to crash has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 A problem causing new version update notifications to fail to appear in Drive has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 The “Mute all notifications” setting now suppresses the status pop-up window as well as other notifications.
Sync Patch Release: v21.2.1.6674 Messages about skipped Thumbs.db files are no longer shown in Sync. – September 15, 2021
Major Workflow Automation: New feature that enables end-users to automate repetitive document processes.
Major MS Teams Integration: Integration with Microsoft’s new meeting and file sharing application for teams
Major Compliance Centre for ITAR: A new dashboard that helps you become more compliant with ITAR regulations.
Major Desktop Edit Client: A new client application has been added that enables users to seamlessly edit files from the FileCloud Web browser in their native applications.
Major Online Onboarding: New sample components make it quick and easy to get up to speed on FileCloud Online.
Major Group Management: Users now have the ability to create and share with their own user groups.
Major OnlyOffice Integration: Integration with OnlyOffice’s documentation editor.
Major DLP: The Smart DLP user interface has been updated to include a Rule Expression Builder wizard.
Major Standalone File Browser: A standalone file browser client for accessing FileCloud content is now available.
Major File Approval Actions: Users are now able to send file actions for approval.
Enhancements: Server
General AD login now includes authentication which requires that the log-in user’s AD email address and FileCloud email address match.
The AD account name used in the Active Directory settings should also have an email ID added in AD user properties.
General Apache has been upgraded to version 2.4.48 (Note that for RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 it is at version 2.4.6.)
General The following application libraries have been updated to the latest stable version: mongodb, endroid qr code, nyholm and serializer, monolog, slim, slim psr7, php di, symfony expression language, twilio sdk, phpmailer, phpzip
General Composer has been upgraded to version 3.185.15
General Fpdf has been upgraded to version 1.8.3
General Previously, FileCloud only used NTFS base permissions for access control, but now NTFS special permissions are also evaluated.
General FileCloud Online’s trial installation has been enhanced for onboarding to include more sample components and other features.
General OpenSSL has been upgrade to version 1.1.1k.
General Preview and thumbnail support has been added for the file extensions *.psd, *.sgi, and *.tga in the user portal, Android, and iOS.
General A setting has been added that enables admins to receive summary emails once a week or once a month instead of every 24 hours.
General Now, when a user outside the AD group limit tries to log in to FileCloud it is shown in the audit log.
General A file’s checksum is now included in email notifications and the activity stream.
General A command-line tool has been added for downloading large numbers of files.
General If a share has an Expiry Date, it now appears on the share email.
General Limited users can now log in with their email address, and automatically created limited users are given their full email address as usernames.
General MS Office metadata tags are now extracted from PDF files.
General Azure Information Protection (AIP) metadata is now extracted from uploaded files and applied to them as FileCloud metadata.
General Support has been added for priorities in parallel queue records.
General When a user without NTFS permissions was added to a network share, the network share root folder was shown in the user portal. It is no longer shown.
General A setting in has been added that enables Admins to configure whether the requirement for users to change their password on their first log-in can be bypassed.
General The sidebar PDF preview for public view that is VPAT-friendly and supports more features.
General When the EVERYONE group was assigned to a policy, the policy was then assigned to Limited users as well as Full users. Now it is only assigned to Full users.
General A new report, Get anonymous/unauthorized login geolocation, has been added.
General When a metadata search is selected for color tag metadata, users can now choose to search for files with any color tag applied.
General In addition to automatically restricting upload of files with PHP and PHP5 extensions, FileCloud will now also restrict upload of files with the PHAR and PHTML extensions.
General Improved security against XXE and XEE has been added.
General In Shared with Me, the share name is now displayed for publicly shared folders
General The SIEM audit logs now show more information.
General Admins can now test SMS configuration validity.
General New scripts are now available for identifying and indexing un-indexed files.
General New settings make it possible to change the size of thumbnail images from the default of 10 MB for document files and 100 MB for image files.
General Admins can now configure the system to require that email addresses are used as usernames.
General The “If a New User is Created” workflow has been enhanced by a parameter for email domain that is used to determine the user’s access.
Enhancements: Drive
General Admins can now disable the option to “Show Dashboard at Startup” through the registry editor.
General As a centralized option, Admins can now set a value in the registry to override the default server quota set for Drive.
Enhancements: Drive and Sync
General Where the FileCloud dashboard listed “Darwin” under Client Device Distribution by OS it now lists “MacOS release#”
General On logout, users are now notified that the configuration and contents of the Sync folder may be cleared, and users may now exit the apps without logging out.
Enhancements: Outlook Add-in
General Expanded folders are no longer cleared on exit; when users restart Outlook, they return to the last opened folder.
General Now, when a folder is renamed (and no changes to files or subfolders are done) the rename is performed as a single action instead of as a delete of the old folder and upload of the new one.
General When a local-to-remote sync folder is added, and its “remote delete” option is checked, any files or folders which are deleted locally will now also be deleted from the server.
Bug Fixes: Server
General A problem with users enrolled via DUO not being able to re-enroll has been fixed.
General When users reset the DUO policy, the QR scan code was not shown. This has been fixed.
General In the AD Group Import Members dialog box, clicking the Group List button worked correctly but recorded an error in the logs. This has been fixed.
General A problem with AD group import from second AD with multi AD setup has been fixed.
General An issue causing users to become disabled when the AD server went down has been fixed.
General Audit and log entries have been added to record removal of shares when a full user account is changed to guest or limited.
General Now, when a user outside the AD group limit tries to log in to FileCloud it is shown in the audit log.
General A problem causing audit trimming to result in errors being displayed has been fixed.
General The backup agent no longer checks the validity of the dbpath.
General A problem causing the backup server with RSYNC to fail if the OS-Username on the FC server is a domain user or the storage path contains a space has been fixed.
General Rsync backup was failing due to double slashes in the path name. This has been fixed.
General To fix distortion in the UI, when the browser is resized below 1200 px, the layout is converted to tablet view.
General An issue preventing the Admin password to be reset from the FileCloud control panel has been fixed.
General FileCloud was showing the wrong version of Windows for some devices. This has been fixed.
General For small screen resolutions, an empty device page appeared incorrectly. This has been fixed.
General A new DLP condition has been added to allow the main admin to log in when external logins are blocked.
General An issue causing adding of a group to a share to fail when a DLP rule to prevent share to external users was activated has been fixed.
General Text of long DLP rules was cutoff on the Rule Update dialog box. This has been fixed.
General Large file downloads were failing in Chrome, and the user portal was not showing the error. Both of these issues have been fixed.
General An issue causing export of a PPTX doc to cause an internal server error has been fixed.
General When a custom message was sent with a share, the ^HEADING^ placeholder was not replaced with the custom subject if the ^MESSAGE^ placeholder was not present in the default email template. Now, the ^HEADING^ placeholder is replaced with the custom subject even if the ^MESSAGE^ placeholder is not present in the default template.
General S3 encryption sensitive information has been removed from logs.
General An encryption issue involving memcache key expiry has been fixed.
General The filter for root folders for Network Folders, Team Folders, and Shared with Me was not appearing. This has been fixed.
General Support has been added for a header used by ICAP servers to flag a file as infected.
General A problem causing an error message that the allowed memory size has been exhausted has been fixed.
General Node.js has been upgrade to version 16.6.1.
General A problem preventing limited users with mixed character usernames from logging in or resetting their passwords has been fixed.
General The info for the file lock icon now shows if there is read permission or not.
General A problem causing the previous day’s log to be updated instead of the current day’s has been fixed.
General When limited users were automatically created, they were prompted to create a new password twice. This has been fixed.
General An causing the incorrect alert “Desynced set definitions found in the metadata_values collection” to appear has been fixed.
General The mobile browser displayed the app download button even when the option to show it was disabled. This has been fixed.
General MongoDB queries were using too much CPU. This has been fixed.
General When a node was down, instead of an alert being sent, an error was thrown. This has been fixed.
General Disabling music playback in settings was not working; this has been fixed.
General An issue causing downloading of large files from network shares to time out has been fixed.
General When the news feed link in the user portal is clicked, the page opened in the same tab. Now it opens in a new tab.
General The misspelling of “upload” in the fie upload notification has been fixed.
General A problem causing notifications in the user portal to display “Invalid date” has been fixed.
General An issue causing errors with sub-folder share notification overrides has been fixed.
General A problem preventing a folder listing from refreshing on upload if NTFS Caching is enabled has been fixed.
General The script for resetting the Admin password now includes an option to not display the message that contains the password in plain-text in the console output.
General PDF preview has been modified to be VPAT compliant and resolve rendering issues.
General Unnecessary extensions have been removed from php.ini to avoid errors in the Windows event viewer.
General When a policy was changed through user edit, the policy for other users was reset to the default policy. This has been fixed.
General A problem preventing policies to be saved in the Admin UI has been fixed.
General In a public share of a folder with view only permission, office file preview was not working. This has been fixed.
General An issue preventing promoted admins from adding users and groups to Folder Permissions has been fixed.
General A problem preventing promoted admins with Customization permission from updating the user login background has been fixed. Important: Beginning with FileCloud 21.2, the promoted admin must have Update checked for the Customization permission in order to change the user login background.
General An issue allowing users to delete files from the recycle bin when “clear recycle bin” was disabled in policies has been fixed.
General A problem causing a blank page to appear when users accessed the Admin portal or user portal in RHEL or CentOS systems has been fixed.
General In S3 and Azure, thumb previews were shown as broken images. This has been fixed.
General Settings in the .htaccess file have changed for SalesForce integration.
General A timeout was occurring when the Admin UI sent a savestats request. This has been fixed.
General The Scan tool was moving too slowly. This has been fixed.
General When Results Count was set to All in the new UI, all search results were not returned. This has been fixed.
General The metadata search option was misaligned for several languages; this has been fixed.
General Users were allowed to attempt to log in repeatedly with incorrect passwords regardless of the number of times set. This has been fixed.
General An issue causing the security tab to disappear from My Files has been fixed.
General An issue causing the Share button not to appear in the classic UI for 21.1 has been fixed.
General When additional info was added to an invited user on a share, the info was not being saved. This has been fixed.
General Path selection in public shares and drag and drop on publicly shared folders is now disabled.
General A problem causing share authentication to fail when the share password contained a special character has been fixed.
General When a share is orphaned, users now receive a message that the share is invalid.
General When a Team Folder share was created from the Admin portal and Allow Delete was unselected, Allow Delete was shown as Yes instead of No. This has been fixed.
General FileCloud was showing the wrong version of Windows for some devices. This has been fixed.
General For small screen resolutions, an empty device page appeared incorrectly. This has been fixed.
General Share history was not displaying email addresses that links were shared with. This has been fixed.
General Problems with handling special characters in SIEM integration have been fixed.
General Problems with upload and sendemail CEF messages being received by the SIEM server during upgrade have been fixed.
General A problem causing some files to fail to be indexed in Solr has been fixed.
General A problem causing SAML SSO login to fail when multiple IDP URL’s were present in the SAML response has been fixed.
General An issue causing the S3 proxy flag to be ineffective has been fixed.
General Downloading multiple files when using S3 was causing FileCloud to hang up. This has been fixed.
General Importing files from the Admin portal was not working for S3 buckets. This has been fixed.
General A problem causing failed or incomplete uploads to appear as successful when using S3 has been fixed.
General In the S3 Network Folders Details settings, Sharing could not be set to Shares Not Allowed. This has been fixed.
General An issue caused by thumb files not being deleted when files were uploaded using S3 has been fixed.
General An issue causing data loss when a folder was renamed in a Wasabi bucket has been fixed.
General A problem causing FileCloud to randomly stop working has been fixed.
General The upload size limit option was not displayed for private shares of team folders. This has been fixed.
General A number of phrases and message that were not translated in the UI are now translated into supported languages.
General Exporting users filtered by guest status has been fixed.
General If a watermark is added to a pdf, it is now included when the file is downloaded.
General An issue preventing the workflow “If user is inactive for “x” days than disable user” from working correctly has been fixed.
General Some workflows did not work in Linux systems due to issues with the /tmp folder. A workaround for this problem has been provided.
General A problem with the workflow “Perform an action periodically at specific time” has been fixed.
General Use of / to indicate global path for My Files is now supported in workflows.
General A problem with the “If user is inactive for x days” workflow has been fixed.
General An error preventing loading of some DLL files has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive and MacDrive
General A problem with editing Adobe Kit files has been fixed.
General An issue preventing a user from saving changes to an Excel file unless the user renamed it has been fixed.
General The logic for releasing a lock on a file has been improved so that files inadvertently left closed when users shut down are not left locked for lengthy periods.
General A problem with Drive crashing when opened has been fixed.
General A problem causing an error message to appear when a user modified the share link name has been fixed.
General Errors in Dutch language translations have been fixed.
General If a user renames a file while uploading it, the upload is unsuccessful but the file is renamed. This has been fixed.
General When a user entered the URL with the port number, Drive returned an error. This has been fixed.
General Drive now replaces invalid characters in the URL name.
Bug Fixes: MacDrive
General A problem causing MacDrive’s connection to terminate after 10 or 15 minutes has been fixed.
General A problem causing XLS files to become corrupted after being edited in MacDrive has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Sync
General The Sync activity log was not displaying file deletions. This has been fixed.
General A problem causing Sync to fail to display details of files of uploaded folders has been fixed.
General Sync was not deleting a local folder that was deleted in the server if there was a conflict in it. It now deletes the local folder.
General Sync was reuploading deleted folder if a file in the folder was in use. This has been fixed.
General The Sync service exe is now be available in the installer for Sync2.
General An issue causing Sync to crash when it was paused during online syncing has been fixed.
General A problem causing Remote Management to appear as disabled in the Admin Portal even when it was enabled in Sync has been fixed.
General If access to team folders is removed, their locally synced files are now deleted.
General The Sync tray icon now indicates if Sync status is successful, warning, error, or in progress.
Bug Fixes: Drive and Sync
General An issue that prevented versioned file downloads from Sync and Drive to fail has been fixed.
General When special characters are used in the passwords for protected shares in Drive and Sync the password was saved with the wrong characters. This has been fixed.
General Enabling “Enforce Session Timeout for Devices” in a policy causes an error to appear when sharing from Sync and Drive. This has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: ServerSync
General An issue causing the application to crash has been fixed.
General When the change approval percent has been reached, the message for choosing the sync operation now indicates that the percent has been reached.
Bug Fixes: ServerLink
General Serverlink synchronization was not working due to duplicate metadata keys. This has been fixed.
General A problem causing the secondary server to fail to download changed files from the primary server and create paths has been fixed.
General Export of files via DRM was failing primary server failed and secondary failure was used by system; an alternate URL setting which fixes this issue has been added.
General Problems causing a file download to result in a crash, a Default folder to appear for Favorites, and an alert remaining open when OK was clicked have been fixed.

FileCloud Version: 21.1 – July 06, 2021
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Drive Patch Release: In Drive, listing of files in S3 network folders was failing. This has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: Some files uploaded to Network Folders disappeared. This has been fixed.
Mobile Patch Release: A problem preventing videos from playing in iOS has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Backup jobs show failed status even when one file download fails; in this situation, an option to restore or manage downloaded files is now displayed.
Server Patch Release: An issue causing downloads to stop and restart when they reached 500 MB has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing encryption/decryption to fail after upgrade to version 21.1 has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The device authorization code was not visible in high contrast mode. The background color for the code box has been changed to make it visible.
Server Patch Release: When users signed up for an account, an inaccurate message appeared. The message indicated that an email with activation instructions was sent to the new account. Now the message indicates that an email will be sent to the new account when the Admin approves it.
Server Patch Release: When a user attempted to move files from a folder with many files, the wrong files were moved. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The threshold tie was intermittently causing failed alerts to appear for the MQ service when there was no failure; this has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing FileCloud to send duplicate notifications of file and folder changes to be sent has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The user who edited an NTFS Network Folder was being assigned as the owner. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Printing PDFs using jsPDF was not working. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: When the same-site cookie attribute was set an internal warning caused an immediate logout. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: After a recycle bin was emptied, deleted orphaned files and folders were counted in the usage calculation. An option has been added to the rmutil tool to prevent this. See Clear a Recycle Bin.
Server Patch Release: An issue preventing switching a share to private when the setting “Public shares must be password protected” is enabled has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Preview of a view-only public share displayed a print button; now, the print button does not appear.
Server Patch Release: A problem preventing admins from editing user shares in the Admin portal has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: FileCloud did not escape certain characters in logs which caused some SIEM tools to parse CEF files incorrectly. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: SSO login of a user to the Admin portal was failing. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A week or more after upgrade to 21.1, some sites were crashing. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the Admin dashboard user quota report to include users from different sites has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: An issue causing file upload into Network Folders to fail when versioning is set to 0 has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: Read-only Sync in the latest version of FileCloud was not working. This has been fixed. – June 09, 2021 (Client Release)
Drive Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 An issue causing Drive to crash when accessing some config file settings has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 In Drive, a problem causing File Explorer to hang when users navigated the folder tree has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 The latest version of Drive was unable to lock files. This has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 In Drive, precaching can now be disabled to avoid server overloads.
Installer Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 The Update Tool now supports new message queue installation and a command line option to skip Mongo dump.
ServerSync Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 In some scenarios, when ServerSync ran, the path was not accessible. This has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 In Sync, an error causing network folder listing to fail has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: v21.1.1.5892 In Sync, when usenewrenamelogic was set to true, and a folder was moved, the move was not performed. This has been fixed. – May 26, 2021
Server Patch Release: A problem causing Apache and MongoDB to fail to start after installing FileCloud Version 21.1 in Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019 has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Unauthenticated users could potentially read the contents of zip files. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A reflected DOM-based XSS vulnerability has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: After the URL was upgraded, the message queue stopped and required a manual restart. Now it restarts automatically.
Drive Patch Release: The new version of Drive was not able to lock files; this has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The message queue stops after URL upgrade and required manual restarting. Now it restarts automatically.
Server Patch Release: When a promoted admin attempted to add folder permissions, the browser refreshed. This has been fixed by adding Create permission for Folder Permissions, which must be checked.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing Advanced Search to return different results for the same search term has been fixed. – May 12, 2021
General Security Advisory: Advisory 2021-05-01 OpenSSL Vulnerability.
General Security Advisory: Advisory 2021-05-02 Admin Portal Phar Deserialization.
Major FileCloud Server Performance Enhancements: FileCloud is now 66% faster, more extensible, and capable of handling higher loads.
Major Keyboard Accessibility: Keyboard accessibility is now supported, enabling users to submit forms or navigate using keyboard shortcuts and navigation.
Major System Software Upgrades: System software has been upgraded to the latest versions for optimal performance.
Major Role-based Admin Users: Admin users are now tied to roles to make it easier to assign permissions.
Major FileCloud Drive User Interface: FileCloud Drive has a new, streamlined user interface as well as a log-in wizard.
Major Drive Support for Big Sur: FileCloud Drive now supports Big Sur running on Apple Silicon. Note that setting changes are necessary.
Major ServerLink enhancements: Enhancements to ServerLink include additional status information, a Fast mode for quicker syncing, and improved error notification.
Major Microsoft Office Sensitivity Metadata: Sensitivity labels are now automatically extracted with other Microsoft Office metadata.
Major Sync and ServerSync Support for Linux: Sync 2.0 and ServerSync now support installations on Linux.
Major Better Security When Updating FileCloud: An improved verification process has been implemented to increase security when downloading FileCloud upgrades.
Enhancements: Server
General The Apache version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 2.4.46.
General MongoDB has been updated to Version 4.2.13 to replace Version 3.6, which has been deprecated.
Note: FileCloud Versions 21.1 and higher will not work with versions of MongoDB lower than 4.0.
General The PHP version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 7.4.16.
General The Solr version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 8.8.2.
General The OpenSSL version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 1.1.1k to resolve a security vulnerability. See Advisory 2021-05-01 OpenSSL Vulnerability.
General When a user had two accounts with AD logins, the user was sometimes logged into the wrong account. A new setting can be enabled to prevent errors with multiple AD account logins.
General There was no method of giving an admin user some folder privileges while preventing folder deletion. The new role-based admin user feature enables users to permit some actions while denying others.
General System and email alerts are now sent when the message queue is down.
General The summary email now lists the number of system alerts and warnings since the last summary email.
General When a user accesses a public share to perform any action, the log now indicates that “Someone” rather than “Anonymous” accessed the share to avoid confusion.
General Basic authentication is now available to users with the correct permissions if FileCloud has the basic authentication setting enabled.
General The FileCloud Automation app now includes a parameter for disabling SSL verification.
General A setting has been added for disabling deletion of backup files.
General Color tag metadata can now be applied to files through the CCE.
General Now, the current version of the user portal supports custom CSS.
General When a user saves a SHARE/ENFORCE DLP rule, a warning that all shares violating the rule will be deleted during the daily Cron run now appears.
General The body of the Email template for password expiration notification has been changed for the current UI to reflect the position of settings in the old UI.
General In the Settings for Storage > My Files, the Encryption field now displays the encryption status with the Manage button.
General Recommendations for the maximum length of metadata field names and attribute values have been added.
General File and Folder Activity email notifications now include links to the files or folders referenced.
General Reports now show partial data when their status is queued or in progress.
General A new report that shows the files and folders shared with a user has been added.
General The Storage Usage report now has parameters that enable reporting on non-default sites.
General The Retention tool has a new parameter that supports multi-tenant setups.
General The Retention tool has a new parameter that enables removal of a retention policy from all files/folders in a parent directory.
General Now, in the current user interface, users can choose a file to be displayed when a publicly shared folder is previewed.
General Now, when a user who can only share privately creates a share, the Manage Share dialog box opens in expanded view and shows share options.
General Storage utility scripts have been added for calculating usage and missing files.
General When FileCloud was updated, users were not warned that adjustments made to httpd.conf were overwritten. Now a message informing users appears when the update is complete.
General When user and team folder total quotas were unlimited, User Details displayed their values as “0.” It now displays their values as “Unlimited.”
General The Inactive users email now includes last dates logged in as well as usernames.
Enhancements: Drive
General The Commit Pending Changes button, which appeared in earlier versions of Drive, has been restored to settings.
Enhancements: Outlook Add-in
General There are now parameters available for setting auto upload defaults for the Outlook Add-in.
Enhancements: ServerSync
General ServerSync is now supported on Linux.
General ServerSync now supports SUSE Linux versions 12 and 15. To use SUSE Linux version 12 with storage application programs such as Dell Unity VSA, enable LAN file sharing.
General A ServerSync watchdog app now runs in the background and attempts to restart ServerSync if it stops running.
Enhancements: Sync
General Sync 2.0 (the current Sync interface) is now supported in Linux.
Enhancements: ServerLink
General ServerLink can now be run in Fast mode.
General ServerLink status boxes now display user and file count as well as number of journal records.
General ServerLink now has a separate file that stores its log records.
General A new setting has been added to control maximum server link log file size.
General A monitor that sends an alert if ServerLink is not running can now be configured.
General When there is a synchronization error, ServerLink now sends an alert message to the admin once an hour until the issue is resolved, up to 3 times in 24 hours.
General It is now possible to have a common URL for shares and other links that is used for all nodes.
Bug Fixes: Server
General Bug Fix: Many activities exceeded 60 seconds. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: AD Users with the same username but different email domains were able to log in to their accounts with their own emails and the other users’ passwords. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Some disabled AD users were imported to FileCloud as enabled users. They are now imported as disabled users.
General Bug Fix: Admin session timeout was not working. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When the renamefile API was called for a very large folder, it resulted in a timeout. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When a user was added to a policy, the audit logs incorrectly showed that other users in the policy were removed and added back. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Previews were shown in audit records as downloads. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Audit records were not added for subfolders of deleted folders. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The right panel expansion button was disappearing when a user scrolled down the page. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: After users moved or copied large folders, critical section records that were not removed blocked other operations. A tool has been added to help users manually delete the records. See Critical Section Cleanup Tool
General Bug Fix: When a custom path was entered into Initial User Web Portal Path in Customization > URL > Initial User Web Portal Path, FileCloud ignored it and sent the user to the default login page. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: FileCloud was resizing custom header logos, causing some to appear distorted. FileCloud now accepts customer header logos of any height and does not resize them.
General Bug Fix: In the User Portal, in the Settings > Devices screen, when the cursor hovered over a truncated device name, the full device name was not shown. Now, the full device name is shown.
General Bug Fix: In the User Portal, when a user moved from page to page in the device list, the top device was no longer displayed. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing a large number of tmp files to be created, which caused the disk quota to be met has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A new DLP function has been added to enable checking if a value is in a metadata array attribute.
General Bug Fix: Irrelevant warnings have been removed from email notifications for online sites. A summary Admin email with error messages but not warning messages is now sent to a specified address.
General Bug Fix: Periods at the end of URLs have been removed from email templates to avoid errors when copying the URLs and clicking on them.
General Bug Fix: Users were able to start a multiple encryption process from the Admin portal causing data loss. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing the Manage Folder Level Security box in the user portal from showing more than 12 users with folder permissions has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A system set up with ICAP AV with ESET antivirus failed on a “get” method because it expected all upper-case “GET”. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Issues preventing some uploaded files from being classified by ICAP DLP have been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Instructions for installing FileCloud updates using the FileCloud Update Tool have been modified to validate the data uploaded.
General Bug Fix: The error message for failed logins with LDAP authentication now has less emphasis to match the style of similar error messages.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing logs to display passwords in clear text if an AD connect test failed has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When the log level was set to DEV mode, some passwords appeared in clear text in the logs. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: During Admin portal login, more steps are logged to aid in debugging login errors.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing the system to erroneously alert the user that managed storage was running out of space has been fixed.
General Metadata search was not working correctly for Guest and Limited accounts. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Support has been added for Arabic characters in Network Folder names.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing Network share folders to be automatically renamed has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Users were unable to share files from Network shares and give Manage permission. This problem has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An error that broke the links on notification entries has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Attempting to change a share notification caused a timeout. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing a page printed to PDF to appear empty has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: After a user updated to FileCloud 20.2, password-protected PDFs failed to open for preview. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: For clarification, a note has been added to the Customization > General > UI Features > Show Document Preview setting explaining that document preview must be configured for the setting to work. In addition, when preview is not enabled, the preview option for files in the user portal is grayed out.
General Bug Fix: An issue that was preventing generation of the “Get the effective permissions for team folders” report has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The user login report was displaying ANONYMOUS instead of the user name for 2FA logins. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Some reports were not displaying all data when there were a large number of results. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing an update delay in the System Summary dashboard report has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing a retention policy to prevent deletion of an empty folder has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing the “Shares not allowed” setting from being saved for S3 Network Folder Details has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing download from S3 managed storage to fail has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Use Cached Results is now checked by default in the Advanced Search box.
General Bug Fix: When users searched on team folders, the result displayed “Path not valid or accessible.” Now, invalid paths are not shown and valid paths do not display the message.
General Bug Fix: A non-critical Phar deserialization vulnerability was found. This was fixed by preventing upload of Phar files. See Advisory 2021-05-02 Admin Portal Phar Deserialization
General Bug Fix: An error message was indicating whether a user had entered an incorrect username or password when login failed. Now the message is less specific and indicates that either the username or the password may be wrong.
General Bug Fix: A problem enabling uploaded files to avoid validation has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The seeding tool was not seeding files and folders with paths longer than 255 characters in Windows. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The share option was not disabled for limited users. This has been fixed, and the option is now disabled.
General Bug Fix: When sharing is disabled in a policy, the user portal now hides the share option for a file/folder.
General Bug Fix: A problem that was preventing a share name with a space in it from being uploaded in FileCloud’s current user interface has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In the classic UI, the page for a public share displayed a logout button that led to an invalid page. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When a full user shared a folder from a Network Share with a guest user, and the guest user publicly shared a subfolder with upload permission, the subfolder could not be uploaded. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In Policy Settings for 2FA, when the 2FA Mechanism was set to SMS Security and the SMS Provider Setup was changed, the change to SMS Provider Setup was not saved. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Filenames were not indexed by Solr if the file content failed to be indexed. Filenames are now indexed even if the file content is not indexed.
General Bug Fix: When Solr searched for a filename with a space in it, it returned full string matches and matches for the strings on either side of the space. Now, it searches only for the full string or partial string including the space.
General Bug Fix: SSO login was not working in the new UI. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: SAML SSO configuration has been modified to avoid issues with installations using proxies and non-default ports.
General Bug Fix: An incorrect Dutch language translation has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Translations have been added for a number of UI messages.
General Bug Fix: The new user interface introduced in FileCloud Version 20.2 is not supported in Internet Explorer. The old interface is supported in Internet Explorer.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing users imported from a csv file from being edited in the Admin portal has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing a zero-byte version of a file to be created has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing shared video files from being previewed in IE and Chrome has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The documentation spelled the parameters for licensed company and geoip location incorrectly, causing watermarks to omit that information. The documentation now spells the parameters correctly as LICENSED_COMPANY and GEOIP_LOCATION. See Enabling Watermarks On Previews.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing WebDAV to perform incomplete uploads of large files has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing web edit of an xlsm file to fail in FileCloud’s current user interface has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing the Admin UI to show that a failed WOPI configuration was successful has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: If a file was locked by WOPI when one user opened it, a coauthor could not open it for edit. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When WOPI preview was enabled, FileCloud’s current user interface failed to preview read-only files. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The delete inactive files workflow deleted files based on the file timestamp rather than the FileCloud upload time. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: For the workflow “If file uploaded is bigger than expected size” the action “Delete the file(s)” was not working. This has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive and MacDrive
General Bug Fix: 2FA login was resulting in a “not authorized” error. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing removal of saved files has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A lag occurred between the time edits to files were made on one computer and appeared on another. Now updates appear immediately (allowing for the 30-second interval between update checks).
General Bug Fix: Locks on files were not released after a reasonable period of time, preventing users from accessing files. Now locks on files are released after 10 hours.
General Bug Fix: When auto-unlock was enabled in DocIQ, auto-lock was not working. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing login when the URL ended with a / has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Drive was not displaying network folders after update from 20.2 to 20.3. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue was preventing .part files from being deleted after they were uploaded to a Network Folder using Drive. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing FileCloud Drive to crash has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: After MacDrive was rebooted, the user had to log in and out several times before the drive was mounted. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing upload of files to renamed folders to fail has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The system was not handling some multiple rename operations correctly. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Drive was allowing users to shut down before all file changes were recorded. Changes are recorded more quickly now and users are warned if they attempt to shut down before changes are recorded.
General Bug Fix: When memcache was used for a session with SSO, memcache errors appeared in the FileCloud logs. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Some saved files were not uploaded with Drive. This has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Sync
General Bug Fix: Digital signatures on FileCloud packages that were signed before installation were removed after installation. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Logs now indicate if a file was not deleted because remote delete was not configured.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing users from changing the Allow Remote Management setting has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: On Sync for Mac, RMC and remote wipe were not working. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When FileCloud Sync was not syncing properly when run as a service. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Real-Time Network Folder sync status was displayed under Cloud Storage without a label. For clarity, the label “My Files/Team/Shared Folders/Real-Time Network Folders” has been added.
General Bug Fix: An issue allowing a shared root team folder (which cannot be synced) to be added in selective sync has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing Sync to fail to upload files to a not yet existing Network Folder has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Drive and Sync
General Bug Fix: The install folders are now named FileCloud Drive and FileCloud Sync.
Bug Fixes: ServerSync
General Bug Fix: Auto conflict resolution was not working. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When deduplication is enabled, ServerSync now Syncs Windows Server files correctly.
Bug Fixes: Sync and ServerSync
General Bug Fix: To avoid errors, ServerSync and Sync no longer download Thumbs.db files.
Bug Fixes: ServerLink
General Bug Fix: The criteria for showing warning and error states has been improved so that there are fewer false reports of error states.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing ServerLink connections going through a load balancer to fail has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing an sljournal index from being created after an HA ServerLink upgrade has been fixed.
Bug Fixes: Add-ins
General Bug Fix: DocIQ was showing a security exception when opening files. This has been fixed.

FileCloud Version: 20.3 – April 09, 2021
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Server Patch Release: An issue causing the file listing to appear incorrectly on IOS devices has been fixed. – April 05, 2021
Server Patch Release: For AD configuration, when a period instead of a comma is inserted in AD Base DN, and Get Email ID is clicked when testing the configuration, the user’s password is displayed in the log when it is set to debug mode. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Due to a vulnerability in Solr, the version of Solr has been updated to 8.8.1 in FileCloud’s Windows and Linux installers and upgraders. See Advisory 2021-04 Security Issues in Apache Solr for more information.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing Drive to take excessive time reading the locks on files has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The hostname is now included in ICAP response headers.
Server Patch Release: The method of migrating policies has been changed to improve performance.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the User Quota report in the dashboard to appear blank has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: An issue preventing retention policies from being applied has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Two new utility tools have been added to calculate storage usage and to find files missing from physical storage.
Server Patch Release: ServerLink now uses a common share URL for all servers so that the URL will automatically point to an alternate server when necessary.
UI Patch Release: Instead of showing a “page not found” message when a file that a user tries to download is locked, the user interface now indicates that download ipermission s not enabled.
UI Patch Release: An issue causing search options to be omitted in the metadata search in the new UI has been fixed.
UI Patch Release: A problem preventing the upload button in the mobile browser from functioning has been fixed.
UI Patch Release: In the user portals Share by Me view, when the Share Details icon was clicked, an error occurred. This has been fixed. – February 01, 2021
Server Patch Release: A potential security issue in which users with access to a folder but not its sub-folders could see names of its sub-folders and their contents in their activity streams has been fixed. This affects all versions of FileCloud. See FileCloud Security Advisory 2020-01-29 for more information.
Server Patch Release: An issue preventing an Admin from logging in if there were single or double quotes in the password has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing downloads of large files to fail has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem with passwords that prevented Admin users from logging in has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The metadata report was returning incorrect results. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: An issue preventing limited users from accessing Team Folder shares if the user name of the share included the name of the Team Folder account has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem preventing share passwords with the character “<" in them to be saved has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Limited users were prevented from uploading shares from Network Shares. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: An issue blocking access to public shares from Team Folders has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing Solr indexing of an Office file to fail when the Author metadata field was set has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: SOS now supports multiple memcache servers.
Server Patch Release: An authorization problem preventing SSO login has been fixed. – January 12, 2021
Server Patch Release: In Version 20.3, when a group was denied access to a shared team folder’s sub-folders, but a single user from the group was given access, the other users in the group could view sub-folder names only. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the server to perform a full backup when an incremental backup was selected has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: After upgrading from 20.1 to 20.3, a user was unable to log in with a custom admin username. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem preventing the correct application of metadata to files uploaded by limited users has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The User Consent Dialog Text box, which is no longer used, has been removed from settings.
Server Patch Release: A problem that prevented users from sharing sub-folders and their contents in S3 Network Folders has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: The 2FA TOTP SMS provider was experiencing delays when a large number of uploads were in progress. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: Support for overriding server URL for SAML SSO authentication has been added. – December 21, 2020
Major OCR support – A new character recognition feature that enables searching for content in image and PDF files.
Major Metadata color tagging – Enhancement that enables users to apply color tags to metadata.
Major TLS 1.3 support – Support for TLS 1.3 on all Windows, Mac OS, and Linux clients.
Major ICAP DLP – ICAP DLP has been added as a provider for FileCloud’s content classification engine, enabling it to flag files for blocking or deletion by DLP rules.
Major Theme settings – New settings have been added for customizing themes and more built-in theme choices have been added.
Major Mobile browser support – You can now access FileCloud’s new interface through your mobile device’s Web browser.
Major Sync and ServerSync mass conflict resolution – A new feature in FileCloud Sync and ServerSync enables users to resolve all conflicts at once.
Major Android app enhancements – New additions to the Android app include an in-app media player and metadata editing support.
General Custom notifications – Custom notifications are now available in the new FileCloud interface.
General The Dicom viewer for DCM files is now supported in the new FileCloud user interface.
General Limited users can now be added to groups.
General A new mass conflict resolution feature has been added to FileCloud Sync and ServerSync.
General An option to send each AD user a welcome email when AD users are bulk imported has been added. In addition, the ability to send an account welcome message to an AD user without resetting the password has been added.
General Instead of displaying one value for My Files items on the Admin dashboard, the Statistics box now displays the items as live and other (versioned).
General There is now an option for admin users to switch from the user portal to the admin portal.
General An alert now appears on the Admin dashboard if the message queue is not processing.
General The API now returns raw sizes in number format only (in bytes) as well as formated size data that includes a number and a unit.
General Filtering and sorting by name and modified date have been added to the Copy and Move dialog boxes.
General The Retention and Smart Classification pages now notify users of the last Cron execution date. In addition the Smart Classification page shows the last run date for each rule.
General A new rule expression that checks if the IP address used to execute the action matches the given CDIR range has been added.
General A feature for importing and exporting DLP policies, CCE rules, and metadata settings has been added.
General A setting has been added that enables admins to specify a custom “reply to” email address.
General An option to add a user to the Do not email list is now available in the Email settings in the Admin portal.
General FCAPICore now supports the FileCloud proxy setting.
General Admins can now navigate in Team Folders using breadcrumbs.
General An option has been added to export members of a group.
General Policies now include an option for preventing the EVERYONE group from being available for shares.
General When the language is changed to Arabic, the user interface now flows from right to left.
General A new report that lists files that have metadata has been added.
General Playback of .m4v files has been added. Playback of .wav, .mp3, and .mp4 files is already supported.
General CDATA sections are now supported in the news feed xml.
General Failed system checks are now included on the admin Daily Summary report.
General Additional columns have been added to the CSV download of the User Quotas report.
General A new report, Managed Storage File, Folder Count and Size has been added.
General Users can export a list of files contained in a folder from the Folder Properties window.
General Users are now able to add a prefix to S3 network shares to create different paths within buckets.
General Admins can add a “cookie same-site” setting that specifies whether or not cookies are sent to sites in other domains.
General Share history now displays which users have been added to or removed from a share.
General Admins can now change the ownership of a Network Folder or Team Folder reshare.
General A property that enables SIEM logs to distinguish which site a request goes to is now available.
General A property that stores record id is now available.
General Admins can now add a logo for dark themes.
General The Email Template Tool has been added to import email templates into FileCloud and to export them.
General In the Admin portal, the Users list can now be filtered by default or SSO users.
General Now, when users open view-only documents in the JS Viewer, there are no buttons or controls that allow downloading of the file.
General FileCloud is now in compliance with VPAT guidelines 1.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.2.5, 2.4, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1.1, and 4.1.2
General New workflows to send notifications to admins when users upload or download files greater than a specified size have been added.
General The configuration file setting for using natural sort order now applies to user lists as well as file lists.
General Modified and Size fields have been added to the Resolve Conflict dialog boxes.
General When remote to local sync is configured, the message “SKIP NEW READONLY ITEM” appears in the logs. The message has been changed to “SKIP NEW READONLY ITEM (could be due to read-only permissions, or remote-to-local sync config)”.
General Dashboard settings now enable advanced users to configure settings that were previously only available through the configuration file.
General A new setting has been added to disable metadata syncing.
General Bug Fix: When files are renamed, the audit database lists “rename” but email and acitvity notifications list “delete” and “add.” “Rename” is now shown in all lists.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing automatic user creation to fail when an AD/LDAP user uses username for login has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing AD users to be imported with incorrect display names has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The proper error message was not returned when an admin attempts to create a user named “Admin”. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the Admin to be logged out mid-session has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The getaccessdetailsforpath API was returning details if a path did not exist. Now it returns an empty response XML.
General Bug Fix: The getstats API request now supports the GET method.
General Bug Fix: A flag has been added to the file exists API call to enable it to check for case-insensitive matches. See the API help.
General Bug Fix: The new user interface now supports playing back M4A files.
General Bug Fix: The audit log was not displaying details about changes admins made to user profiles. Which fields have been changed is now displayed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the Recent Access Locations widget on the dasboard to show locations of unauthenticated access has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In local Network Folders mounted on the OneDrive/Azure folder with Directory Scraper enabled, files stored remotely were shown with a size of 0.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the backup server to throw an error while storing items to the backup list has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing setup of a new RSYNC target on a Linux/CentOS backup server has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing incorrect handling of network paths when Rsync was used in the backup server has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing the filter box for files in the user portal from searching for the + character has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing a user from viewing files in the new UI has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A sample upload form that could not be closed was appearing behind the share window. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: On 2FA login, focus was not appearing on the 2FA Security Code text box. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When Internet Explorer 11 user tried to access the user portal, they were told to switch to the classic UI but could not. Now, when IE 11 users log in, they are automatically sent to the classic UI.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing complete loading of the new UI after login has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Some PII search patterns were not being matched correctly in some Office docuents saved to PDF. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: If a CCE rule was executing while it was being updated, the rule was marked unexecuted after the edit to indicate that the rule had to be rerun. This was confusing. Now users are warned that the currently executing rule will abort if it is updated.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing a second user from opening a file shared by a first user for co-authoring has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing custom links to appear even if they were removed from the custom URL screen in the Admin portal has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The Web UI displayed a counter that prevented users from performing other actions when the system was deleting multiple items. The counter no longer runs on the UI so other actions can be performed.
General Bug Fix: When a user could not download a file because downloads were disabled, the message implied that the file didn’t exist. Now the message indicates that the download limit has been met.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the Edit in Desktop option not to appear in the new UI has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Wording on templates for share emails has been updated.
General Bug Fix: The Email template preview for the “Passowrd Expiration Notification Email” template was not working. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In the classic UI, users were automatically removed from expired shares. Now, as in the new UI, they are not removed.
General Bug Fix: When the language was changed from English, folders expanded in the navigation panel all displayed the four top-level folders below them. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The Manage Group Members window was only able to display 10 members and could not navigate to the next page. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Group Names now support Korean characters.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing Guest users to automatically be directed to the Shared with Me folder when they chose to view the dashboard has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the ICAP interface to fail has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Each time the language setting was changed on the log-in screen, the newly selected language was appended to the previously selected language at the end of the URL. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: IA problem when language was set to Dutch, that was causing a share expiry date to return to Never after being set has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Multiple OU support has been added for LDAP authentication.
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing text and markdown files from locking when limited users opened them has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The server log showed the password in plain text for a failed log-in attempt. This has been fixed.
General A problem causing default admin and promoted admin logins to fail when the usernames were entered in mixed case has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing default admin and promoted admin logins to fail when the usernames were entered in mixed case has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing 2FA login to fail if there was an upper-case character in the username has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing the message queue to work incorrectly if the server was using a different port than the load balancer, proxy, or firewall in front of the server has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: MongoDB queries on metadata were not performing quickly. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Moved files were listed as renamed in Email notifications. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In the Superadmin interface, the folder link for the default multi-tenant site was accessing the wrong site. The link has been removed.
General Bug Fix: Watermarks were not working correctly on network share file previews. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In Network folders, Upload limits were failing for large files that were uploaded that were uploaded in chunks. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When the name of a network share was changed, when limited users attempted to view the share, an error was returned. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When a user edited and saved a file in a network share, the notification said the file was added instead of updated. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When files that had download permissions were previewed over Quick JS there was no print option. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing preview of image files shared publicly with view+upload permission has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Proxy settings in the Admin UI were not working when the Admin UI was being upgraded. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Restoring a team folder from the recycle bin failed if a folder with same name existed. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing reports with a large amount of data to take too long to run has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing Arabic characters to render incorrectly in report download to Excel has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Problems causing copying or restoring files from the recycle bin to retain retention policies only meant for the recyle bin have been fixed. In addition, move and rename is now allowed for files under Retention, Trash Retention, and Archival retention policies.
General Bug Fix: Retention and archival types of retention policies no longer block moves. See Create an Archival Policy and Create a Retention Policy
General Bug Fix: Copy files from team folders to My Files was failing for customers who were using Digitalocean for S3 storage. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing thumb creation to fail on installatins with S3 has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: In Team Folders, when multiple folders were checked and a user clicked outside the folders, the folders are all deselected. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing a shortcut added by a limited user to be listed twice has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Solr indexing was not working on a non-default site in a multi-tenant setup. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: WOPI onine edits were causing duplicate live files to be created. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When multiple guests were added to a team folder share, the Misc Permissions pop-up for each guest shared with could not be closed. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Missing translations in the Web user interface have been included.
General Bug Fix: When a limited user received an account invite with a share, and then created a new acct. and entered a password, the user was incorrectly required to enter another new password when logging in. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Users were being imported when invalid storage locations were set. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem enabling users to download view-only video files when they were playing has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Timestamps on the same files in team folders appeared to be in different time zones in the Admin portal and in WebDAV. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When files with special characters in the names were opened in Web edit, an error resulted. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Promoted Admin accounts were incorrectly marked as not being used in a certain number of days, and therefore were deleted. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing users from opening Azure cold and host files after upgrade has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: DocIQ was not releasing the lock when a file was saved with a different name and the Office application was closed. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: There was a lag when Drive created files in sub-levels of highly populated directories. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: When a share was being created for a folder in Drive, and upload permission was not being given, the upload limit coud be changed. The upload limit no longer appears when upload permission is not given.
General Bug Fix: When an SSO login failed, the log-in button became unresponsive. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing auto-login in SSO to work incorrectly has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The FileCloud 20.2 version of Sync does not show a navigation pane option under Quick Access in File Explorer. The option has been added.
General Bug Fix: A problem causing Sync to repeatedly send emails with 2FA codes to users has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Issues causing the client to reset the language to English whenever it is restarted and to display English for translations when a different language is set have been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A Relocation Read-Only (or RELRO) flag has been added to the Linux Sync application for better security.
General Bug Fix: An issue causing FileCloud Online limited users to be logged out of the mobile browser has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: The add-in crashed during drag and drop from email to FileCloud. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: During a public share with a password, upload limit settings were disabled. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: Files were not being removed from downloads folder after drag and drop from FileCloud to email. This has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: An issue that was preventing private sharing from working correctly in the Outlook add-in has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: AD authentication was not available for users added in Version 20.2. It is now available for Version 20.3.

FileCloud Version: 20.2 – November 19, 2020
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Server Patch Release: A problem causing the activity stream to time out has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: To decrease CPU use, FileCloud is no longer using the activity stream for folder browsing.
Server Patch Release: An issue that enabled the Move dialog box to be opened when no selection was made has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: A problem causing an S3 storage multi-part upload to be marked complete although it failed to load the last chunk has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: When FileCloud used S3 for managed storage, an error appeared when a file was added and there was no temp reference for the file. This has been fixed.
Server Patch Release: When a user account with upper-case letters was created from the log-in screen, it failed on login. This has been fixed. – November 02, 2020
Drive Patch Release: v20.2.0.4958 Support for Mac OS Big Sur has been added.
Drive Patch Release: v20.2.0.4958 Crashes occurred in some instances when Drive was exited; this has been fixed.
Drive Patch Release: v20.2.0.4958 A problem causing blank dialog boxes to appear during document editing has been fixed.
Sync Patch Release: v20.2.0.4932 fixed issues.
Drive Patch Release: v20.2.0.4932 fixed issues.
General Patch Release: An issue causing logout of Admin users who were only given User and User Shares permissions has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing some API calls to fail after upgrade to FileCloud 20.2.2 has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing folder opening to work incorrectly after copying files has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing multiple-file download from S3 network storage to work incorrectly has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue preventing upload of password-protected shares has been fixed.
General Patch Release: Public share links were not working in Safari; this has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing single file shares of video files to fail to display the play button has been fixed.
General Patch Release: When users tried to open a file that was locked by another user, DocIQ information did not load properly; this has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing Sync folders with & in their names not to sync has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A feature allowing Team Folders to be synced even if My Folders is disabled has been added. – October 22, 2020
General Critical Update: Fixed issue introduced in on Oct 21, 2020 release that results in potential data loss for uploaded files are larger than 20MB in S3 or Azure as managed storage backend.
General Patch Release: User import with CSV files are failing when status and verified values are not set.
General Patch Release: A new setting has been added to handle settings for 2FA when a user is promoted to Admin, and 2FA is enabled for Admins. If the setting is not enabled, the 2FA method set for the user account is used for the Admin account. If the setting is enabled, the 2FA method set for administrator’s is used for the Admin account. See Managing Admin Users.
General Patch Release: A problem preventing the AD group Automatic Sync Option and Group Name from being saved has been fixed.
General Patch Release: In AD, if a user had a mixed case username, email login was not working. This has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing the Cloudupdate tool to overwrite the SimpleSAML config file has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing a delay when a publicly shared file is downloaded has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue preventing emails processed from the backend queue from being sent has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem preventing logs from being written to custom paths has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing large file downloads from Network Shares has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue preventing Network Folders from appearing in the new user interface has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing Recaptcha to fail when 2fa is enabled has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing downloads from sites using Digital Ocean S3 to fail has been fixed.
General Patch Release: FileCloud has been integrated with Salesforce.
General Patch Release: A problem preventing shares to new limited users when a license quota is fully used has been fixed.
General Patch Release: The Russian translation file has been updated and contains translations.
General Patch Release: A problem causing the Russian translation file to work incorrectly in the new UI has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem with the Dutch translation file has been fixed.
General Patch Release: “Forgot Password” was not being translated; this has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing the system to ignore the setting for hiding the account summary has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing folders with a # in the display name to appear as empty (and without the portion of the display name following #) has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing FileCloud to omit portions of Display Names that follow a space when importing users by csv file has been fixed.
General Patch Release: File versioning was not working correctly. This has been fixed.
General Patch Release: When single file share previews were enabled, shared video files were not playing in previews for both the old and new ui’s, but this has been fixed.
General Patch Release: The version number is now displayed during Outlook Add-in installation. – October 09, 2020
General Patch Release: An issue preventing the folder download option from appearing for My Files and Team Folders has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem with encryption activation has been resolved.
General Patch Release: A problem causing the user portal to display English regardless of the setting of Default User Portal Language has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing the user portal to display the default logo instead of a custom logo has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing the wrong path length to be displayed when there are Greek characters in a folder/file path for a network share has been fixed.
General Patch Release: A problem causing the user interface to incorrectly display information about an existing user who is invited to a share has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue causing MacDrive to crash has been fixed.
General Patch Release: An issue preventing FileCloud Sync from uploading files with an extension containing ‘part’ has been fixed. – September 20, 2020
Major User Portal redesign – Completely new, easy-to-navigate user interface
Major FileCloud Sync application – Updated look with intuitive functionality
Major Digital Rights Management (DRM) – A new feature that provides more restrictive security for documents
Major Outlook Add-in – Enhanced to include a FileCloud explorer in the right panel as well as the new message box
Major New Mobile UI look – A new interface that matches the updated look of the user portal
Major McAfee CASB integration – Integration with a third-party DLP application
General A new DLP expression uses GeoIP technology to enable login and download control based on country code. See Rule Expressions
General When users share a file privately, they can now include edit (upload) permission
General New functionality enables users to add multiple users to a share and then click email to send one email to all of the users
General Drive: A button that enables a user to immediately commit pending changes to the server. See Settings
General Drive: The replacement of pop-up notifications for each file upload and download with summary notifications in the Recent Activity screen
General Drive: Functionality for uploading up to 5 files at one time.
General Drive: Icons in Drive folders indicating whether or not a file has been cached. See What is FileCloud Drive?
General In the Admin portal, several of the Terms of Service options that appeared on the Customizations page now appear on the Settings page on the Misc/Privacy tab. The Terms of Service text is the only option that now appears on the Customizations page on the TOS tab
General FileCloud licensing that includes enabling 2FA for limited users is now available for Enterprise customers
General FileCloud’s seeding tool now supports Azure blob migration
General The CCE audit log now incudes realpath, svcname (“CCE”), and svcid (rule name)
General The command line interface now supports commands for customizing the admin password
General Enhancements have improved the process of copying, moving, or deleting large numbers of files from the same folder
General Functionality has been added to enable users in the admin portal or user portal to select multiple shares and delete them
General There is now an option to hide the Direct link action. See Share Settings
General There is now a DLP rule for filtering based on the source user’s email domain. See Rule Expressions
General Support has been added for downloading larger numbers of files simultaneously
General Users can now enter recipients of email messages from FileCloud in the format “User ” as well as “”
General A flag that indicates the type of shares allowed has been added to the system status call
General When the ICAP service blocks a file, FileCloud now shows a message that gives the reason for the block
General Keyboard shortcuts have been added for major functions in the user portal to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
General There is a new setting the enables FileCloud to display SSO login only. See Customize the User Login Screen
General There is now a customization setting for adding a formatting hint that appears next to phone number fields. See General Customization
General Policy settings have been added that enable administrators to change the default UI version (new or classic) and to disable user ability to change the UI version
General The ability to download all previous versions of a file at once has been added. See View Previous Versions Of Files
General To correspond with Amazon’s new bucket name requirements, FileCloud no longer supports S3 bucket names with a dot (.) in them; however, prior S3 bucket names with a dot in them are still valid
General Once a user changes the sort setting for a folder in the user interface, the change is saved and reapplied after logging out and logging in and when logging in from a new browser
General Russian language supports has been added for the Web Sync and Drive clients
General Usability: Tool tips for icons in file preview added
General Usability: An ‘x’ for deleting text in a search box added
General Usability: When a private share is created without any users or groups specified, the user is warned before the share is saved
General Usability: Change password fields now include a button for viewing the text
General Usability: When a user does not enter a phone number for 2FA, the user now remains on the page instead of being sent to the log-in screen
General Usability: When users create private shares without specifying user/group permissions, they are warned before the share window is closed
General Usability: Now, when multiple files are uploaded, instead of listing the files after all are upload, each file is listed when its upload is complete
General User promoted to be admin users can now switch to the Admin portal from the User portal
General FileCloud is now in compliance with VPAT Guideline 1.4
General Insertion of watermarks onto view-only shared documents has been added
General Support has been added for admins to include custom css
General Users can now add a setting to the Sync config file to automatically resolve conflicts. See XML Options for Sync
General Timestamp when file is created is now saved
General FileCloud has tools for resyncing ServerLink. Contact Support for help
General Bug Fix: 2FA can now be enabled for Limited users
General Bug Fix: Users can now specify the number of characters in an SMS 2FA code and what combination of numbers, letters, and uppercase letters it uses
General Bug Fix: 2FA log in no longer fails when users include uppercase letters in the log-in username
General Bug Fix: When all users were removed from an AD group, after syncing, the users were not removed from FileCloud. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: The main admin username may now only include letters, numbers, and the special characters
General Bug Fix: space, period, hyphen, and underscore. It may not be the same as the superadmin name
General Bug Fix: Alerts were not displayed in the Admin UI after the alert count reached 100; this has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Users were not notified if the ICAP server failed, and uploaded files that were not scanned were not deleted; now, a message appears when the ICAP server fails, and a setting enables admins to delete unscanned files. See Use ICAP Antivirus Scanning
General Bug Fix: Users were not notified if the ClamAV server failed, and uploaded files that were not scanned were not deleted; now, a message appears when the ClamAV server fails, and a setting enables admins to delete unscanned files. See Use ClamAV Antivirus Scanning
General Bug Fix: A problem causing private shares to appear as ‘Public shared ‘ in the audit database has been fixed.
General Bug Fix: A bug preventing the backup server from restoring 0kb files has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Backup server query performance has been improved
General Bug Fix: The backup server now supports the RSYNC protocol as well as the HTTP protocol for file downloads
General Bug Fix: The backup server ui is now able to paginate the backup jobs table
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing indexing of files uploaded to a network share folder with NTFS permissions has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When display names are imported, the pipe character | is now supported
General Bug Fix: When an Enforce DLP rule failed, evaluation stopped, and only one violated rule was being logged. These issues have been fixed
General Bug Fix: Users with view-only access to shares can now preview them in Office in systems that use WOPI and js viewer
General Bug Fix: A problem causing duplicate emails to be sent for systems using HA clusters has been fixed
General Bug Fix: In some cases, although limited user email domains were different from their server URLs, as required, the system sent the error message that the domain was invalid. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Creating a user who receives an invitation was prevented if the email had admin as its prefix, this is now permitted
General Bug Fix: A problem causing FileCloud helper to push an incorrect path to FileCloud has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Folders are now locked when an operation is being performed on them
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the Everyone group to incorrectly display 0 members has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Scan requests now include the name, email, and type of the requesting user
General Bug Fix: The versions of jQuery in smartadmin and bootstrap were updated
General Bug Fix: If a license was renewed before the expiry date, cron was failing to get the license information; this has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem causing auto-log out in the Admin portal to work incorrectly has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Now, instead of a drop-down that displays Forgot password, Forgot password is displayed directly on the log-in screen
General Bug Fix: An issue causing the backslash after the final folder name to not appear in some folder paths in the audit log has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Logs now include entries for deleted files that skip the Recycle bin because of the file size limit
General Bug Fix: Error logging is now done when an upload limit is reached for a shared folder
General Bug Fix: In a multi-tenancy environment, Site Names and Site Host Names may now include the @ character
General Bug Fix: Notifications stream now displays a notification when a user is removed from a share
General Bug Fix: A problem causing users to not receive self-notification emails has been fixed
General Bug Fix: The Change Password option no longer incorrectly appears in the user portal for users created through SSO
General Bug Fix: The Forgot Password option now appears on the login page for AD and LDAP users, but it does not send a reset email
General Bug Fix: A problem enabling users to save read-only files using CTRL-S has been fixed
General Bug Fix: In the Admin UI, when a user’s policy was edited, no warning was given that the edit was being applied to the default policy for all users; now the warning is given
General Bug Fix: In Version 20.1, when a file was shared publicly with a password, the password did not appear in the invite email, but this has been fixed
General Bug Fix: In the recycle bin view of the User Details window, admins can now sort files by size and modified date
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the “IP” and “How” columns to display each other’s values in the print audit logs has been fixed
General Bug Fix: To prevent internal calls from failing, SAML SSO supports url overrides
General Bug Fix: Improved security against user enumeration vulnerability has been added
General Bug Fix: FileCloud no longer responds to requests to download .gz files
General Bug Fix: In Customization/General/UI Features, the setting Show Single File Share Full Preview was disabled by default, but is now enabled
General Bug Fix: A problem in which shares of sub-folders were not removed when shares of the parent folders were removed has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When a file is shared and a limited user is invited to create an account, the Allow Share and Allow Sync buttons were incorrectly appearing enabled, but now appear disabled
General Bug Fix: Share expiration settings can now be set in user policies
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the URL to continuously refresh when a user attempted to preview a public share has been fixed
General Bug Fix: In policies, admins can override the setting that prevents users from changing share types (between public and private). See Configure Sharing Defaults
General Bug Fix: A problem causing a user logged in through SSO to be omitted from the ‘Get User Login’ report has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When a promoted admin was given Team Folder access, User Share access was not automatically checked. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When FileCloud uploads files, it now display the last modified date instead of the upload date
General Bug Fix: The system was allowing multiple metadata sets with the same name to be created but this has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem causing hidden and read-only metadata sets to be returned has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem causing the system to attempt to extract metadata from files that were over the size limit has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A cache setting has been added to optimize display of network folders. See Network Folder Limitations
General Bug Fix: When an invited user changed the language, the user was taken back to the log-in screen, but the New Account button was missing. Now, the New Account button appears
General Bug Fix: A problem causing users who create new shares to receive multiple share expiry notifications has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A bug preventing the path rule on an external folder to override the main setting has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue making it difficult to use the file activity report has been fixed
General Bug Fix: The SafeLogic OpenSSL modules for FIPS have been updated to the latest version
General Bug Fix: A search with the word “filename” was not retrieving network share files. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Advanced search on file extensions now works
General Bug Fix: The upper-right corner of the user interface now includes more spaces for displaying the name
General Bug Fix: Share screen for private sharing labeled users as “Guest” and included button “Add Guest.” These have been changed to “Users” and “Invite Users” for clarity
General Bug Fix: Previously, the browser tab for FileCloud displayed the user’s account name, but now it displays the user’s display name
General Bug Fix: Devices are now hidden in settings for limited users
General Bug Fix: The label “Quick Edit” has been replaced with “Edit in Desktop” in the user portal
General Bug Fix: In the screen for creating a new account, the Account name field with the placeholder “Enter name” now has the placeholder “Enter username”
General Bug Fix: When users viewed a public share, the encrypted username appeared as the parent folder of the share; this has been fixed so that “Shared with me” appears instead of the encrypted username
General Bug Fix: In version 20.2, the current version is saved rather than deleted when a previous version replaces it as the current version
General Bug Fix: A problem that was causing duplicate files to be created when versioning was disabled has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A feature to change the locale in WOPI has been added to enable users’ date format and locale to correspond
General Bug Fix: The ability to disable auto-login was not functioning in Drive. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When a new file is created but not yet uploaded to the server, and a user tries to open it, the message “DocIQ failed to load” has been replaced with “The file information was not found in server.”
General Bug Fix: Drive was allowing locked files to be opened. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When a user tries to rename a locked folder, a notice now indicates that a locked file cannot be renamed
General Bug Fix: A problem after Drive was installed causing files not to lock when edited has been fixed
General Bug Fix: When three consecutive operations were performed on the same file, sometimes the third operation was not completed. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: The MSI and EXE installers for Drive now remove old versions of Drive when installing the latest one
General Bug Fix: A problem causing Drive not to create limited user accounts on new file shares has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue with automatically setting and releasing locks on Microsoft files in Mac and Windows has been resolved
General Bug Fix: When a user tried to perform an action requiring download of a file that was downloading for another operation, an error message that did not explain the issue appeared. Now, the system shows a download progress counter, and the second action is performed when the download completes
General Bug Fix: A problem that caused renamed folders to appear empty until Drive was restarted has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem causing FileCloud to freeze when a parent folder was renamed has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem causing errors when right-click actions were selected has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing right-click options from working when the FileCloud url had a custom port has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue causing upload or download of a large number of files to fail has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue causing problems with mounting the drive when multiple users logged in to MacDrive on the same device has been fixed
General Bug Fix: A duplicate folder name event that was appearing as an error has been fixed to appear as info in the log
General Bug Fix: A setting has been added that allows admins who have disabled notifications to enable them for errors and important messages only
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing file upload when the “read-only” sync flag and the “propagate ACL changes to sync” flag were enabled has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An error allowing shares with view-only permissions to be copied to other locations has been fixed
General Bug Fix: If a user created a folder other than default in Favorites, the folder could not be deleted. To resolve this, options to create, rename and delete Favorite lists from the Favorites’ screen have been added
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing files or folders from being uploaded into the Favorites folder has been fixed
General Bug Fix: The correct TOS content for FC Online accounts was only added when the account was initially created. Reset to Defaults for TOS customization sent them to another page instead of resetting the TOS. This has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue causing the default rather than custom TOS to display on the customer registration page has been fixed
General Bug Fix: An issue preventing files with uppercase extensions from being indexed has been fixed
General Bug Fix: Alerts sent from ServerLink were being sent from admin email and to admin email, but are now sent from system default email and to admin email
General A problem causing secondary server replication to stop randomly has been fixed
General Bug Fix: ServerLink events are now handled in the serial processing high priority queue rather than the parallel queue
General Bug Fix: A problem preventing the local machine timestamp from being saved for uploaded folders has been fixed

FileCloud Version: 20.1 – June 19, 2020
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
General Patch Release: A problem in file explorer causing deleted files to remain in the cache after Drive was refreshed has been fixed
General Patch Release: A problem causing the activities panel to not refresh has been fixed
General Patch Release: A problem causing temporary files to be processed incorrectly has been fixed
General Patch Release: To commit Drive actions more quickly, a Commit Pending Changes To Server button has been added along with other modifications
General Patch Release: If a user changed a folder name and closed Drive while uploading files, the files and folders inside the folder disappeared. This has been fixed
General Patch Release: Creating and saving files did not work when automatic lock was enabled in Drive. This has been fixed
General Patch Release: In FileCloud Drive, when users right-clicked on a file and chose View FileCloud Drive Properties, the pop-up never finished loading. This has been fixed – June 11, 2020
General Bug Fix: Optimized uploads incorrectly marked as successful
General Bug Fix: Audit log timestamp not correct if the message queue is stopped and started again
General Bug Fix: Save S3 settings in admin UI fails to check the connection
General Bug Fix: Forgot password URL not honored by the user UI
General Bug Fix: ‘TONIDOCLOUDDISABLEADMINUSERDATA_ACCESS’ doesn’t prevent folder download
General Bug Fix: License expiration email is sent every 5 minutes
General Bug Fix: In the AD Group Members Import page, the options Disable Members and Remove Members are not saved
General Bug Fix: Fixed Allow Manage Share option – May 4, 2020
Major The Notification system has been redesigned to enable greater customization of notifications
Major ServerLink has been enhanced. New features include improved status reporting and instant folder creation
Major FileCloud now supports configuring up to six different IDPs for single sign-on (SSO)
Major FileCloud can now convert MS Office tags to FileCloud tags when it imports MS Office files
Major Support for integration with the SMS Gateway has been added
Major Sync automatically updates folder permissions when they are changed on the server
General Patch Release: A patch has been released for FileCloud Drive to fix a problem with the Drive installer
General The Apache version in FileCloud has been updated to version 2.4.43
General Google recaptcha now includes proxy support
General Admins can now view inherited user permissions as well as direct permissions to folder paths
General In ServerLink, dashboard error and status reporting has been enhanced
General In ServerLink, file timestamps are now propagated from a primary device to a secondary synced device
General ServerLink now sends admin emails when a critical event occurs
General In ServerLink, when a file is uploaded to a new folder name, the folder is now automatically created
General SSO Support has been added for he Outlook plugin
General Metadata Search has been implemented in Drive
General The Drive, Sync, and mobile apps now have Arabic language support
General A report to get all file activities by users has been added
General A report showing how many new users have logged in during a time period has been added
General A new customization option displays TOS every time a user logs in
General A folder’s inherited user list is available on all of its subfolder levels
General A report that shows details of share activities has been added
General Admins can now hide getting started information and other new login features in the Admin and user portals
General A new setting hides the default admin login page when SSO is enabled
General A new setting prevents admins from performing downloads and other operations on users’ files
General A new admin user setting, Full Admin, gives admin users full admin access
General A new option to view audit logs for moved files has been added to the Audit Logs page
General WOPI Preview has been added for public shares
General A new audit entry for the ClamAV scan logs ‘novirusfound’ and ‘virusremoved’ operations
General Upload and download reports now list the sizes of files uploaded or downloaded
General Admins can now resend the user creation welcome email
General The Statistics widget now enables admins to send the Admin Summary Email on demand
General Admins can now send imported users new account emails with or without their password included
General Admins can disable all user notifications, but users can override this for individual actions
General In Drive, users can now open files directly from the search result listing
General The setting Disable Activities for Limited Users gives admins control over limited users’ view of the Activities panel
General The Get User Login report now includes a parameter for setting the start time to a number of hours ago
General The setting Disable Getting Started Dialog in Customizations has been split into separate settings for the Admin and user interfaces
General When a whitelist domain DLP rule is violated, the recipient email is displayed in the audit record
General Users can now receive a daily digest of changes made to a shared file
General In a multi-tenant environment, the invalid log-in error message can be customized for each tenant
General In SMS, a phone number field has been added to Admin UI – User detail
General Right-click is now supported in MacDrive
General A Refresh button has been added to the Audit Log
General The multitenant superadmin account now requires an encrypted password
General The HTML tags < a >, < br >, and < p > are now supported in the DLP Rule Notification field
General After a period of time, the system now releases locks that DocIQ has placed on files
General SIEM will send metadata for audit entries if available
General In Sync, maximum entries in the list of unsynchronized files has been increased to 2000
General A daily digest notification of shared file changes is now available
General Configuration settings can override the time and day digest file change notifications are sent
General Access your Cloud: “” has been removed from the header
General System checks now display temporary space used
General The system now validates password length when an admin edits a user password
General ServerLink API key and password settings are now masked
General SIEM support for additional audit fields, including metadata and response, has been added
General The default audit mapper supports additional fields including metadata, request, and response
General Phone numbers from AD can now be added to the user account
General In Drive search, breadcrumb links open folders in file explorer, and the folder icon is a link that shows the folder path from the root
General A new Advanced Share Activity report shows a large number of share details
General Customization is now supported for the theme of the Drive interface
General In the User portal, Manage Folder Level Security lists users with inherited security to the folder
General Custom metadata is now included in audit logs of share and download operations
General Pre-20.1 notifications appear in a new collection “”notification_prior_201”
General Separate cookies are used for admin and user sessions so they don’t affect one another
General In Drive, if multi-mount is enabled, multiple users can start different sessions on the same host
General Now, the Manage Admin window and dashboard use the same labels: Smart DLP and Smart Classification
General In the Admin Portal, in Statistics, “Email sent in the last 24 hours” now has a tooltip and a report link
General For public shares, the user interface and URL no longer display the username
General Now, only logged-in users can subscribe to system emails
General On the user log-in page, the Account field no longer cuts off default information
General If DocIQ is disabled, a user cannot change a share from public to private (or private to public)
General In Customization > General > Login, “”user login screen”” is now “”login screen”” since the option applies to both admin and user portals
General When a file is moved using WebDAV, the file size now displays correctly
General Copy and Paste dialog boxes are now user-friendly
General The icon for an expired share has been updated
General Users can now log in to protected shares
General The Mail attribute is now required for AD to prevent log-in errors
General Sync now returns file modification times in UTC to ensure proper syncing
General There is now a setting “”Attach share password by default to public shares
General The & character is now allowed in Network Folder names
General Admins can now successfully import an AD user using email ID
General ServerSync no longer re-uploads deleted files
General In Sync, if there is a new conflict for a file conflict listed, Sync now updates the listing rather than adding a new listing
General Drive now shows the mount point in the main log-in window
General Functionality was fixed so that when the Admin UI setting “”Allow Account Sign Ups”” is set to false, account sign-ups are prevented
General An error was fixed so that moving a user or a group from Available users to Policy users also clears it from Available users
General In Drive and Sync, the DocIQ Comment Box now allows entering comments
General When new users are required to enter a new password, they are prevented from adding the existing password
General Now, a promoted admin’s name and email address appears in the Your Name field so they can send share emails
General More description is now used in labels and definitions of fields in the ICAP settings
General In the api endpoints for 2fa actions, an unvalidated token param sent from the UI is now validated
General Missing DLL’s have been added to the default Drive installation to fix DocIQ problems
General Size fields in the user interface now round numbers to 2 digits
General In the mobile applications, the back button in Team Folders now works
General In Drive, when a file is deleted before being uploaded, an “Uploaded Successful” message no longer appears
General In applicable workflows, the audit log no longer shows that a successful file delete failed
General A problem causing ServerSync to fail to import Admin permissionshas been fixed
General AutoBackup failure has been fixed
General In Drive, errors occurring when users opened/edited and saved files have been fixed
General The Reset All button has been moved to its own Reset tab in Settings
General Users can now disable automatic opening of the Drive dashboard on Windows Startup
General A problem where an empty popup was appearing for external license customers has been fixed
General In Drive, the message “”File already exists”” has been changed to “”File can’t be overwritten since versioning is disabled””
General A setting can now be modified to enable Solr to index CSV files
General The error message for a new user entered with invalid characters now explains which characters are valid
General End Date is now included in Advanced Search to include files modified on that date
General An error causing the Drive calender control for share expiration date to show all null values has been fixed
General An error causing files in Smart Mount Network folders that contained ‘&,’ to not appear in the Admin UI has been fixed
General In Drive, in the Shared dialog box, incorrect file size has been fixed
General A max file size setting has been added for metadata extraction to prevent errors
General In Drive, support for multiple languages/translations has been added
General For clarity, the Save button only appears on Customization pages after changes have been made
General In the new account form, the option to see if a username already exists has been removed for security reasons
General The “”DAYS”” tag is now supported in some of the share email templates
General A setting now enables main admins to block user admins from viewing and managing user files and shares
General If a file has a retention policy preventing its deletion, and a user tries to delete it, an error message now appears
General Now, if there is a webserver running apart from FileCloud, installation is blocked
General In Drive, when a cursor hovers over a search result, the pop-up box no longer overlaps other content
General Sync conflict listings no longer display old file versions as a live versions
General Drive can now handle large file uploads
General The Drive log-in window for Dev Auth Code no longer freezes
General When 2fa login is enabled, Drive now displays the log-in interface for 2fa by default
General Drive now preserves the original time-stamp of an uploaded file instead of overwriting it
General A problem causing some Drive files uploaded to Dreamweaver to be sent to the recycle bin has been fixed
General Managing shares is no longer available from the Team Folders recycle bin
General In Drive, Advanced Share passwords are now masked, but include an option to display them
General In Drive, a message that appeared when a user attempted to save an Excel file after it sat idle has been removed
General In Drive, an error was fixed so that edited and uploaded files are not deleted by the system
General An error causing Drive letters X, Y, and Z to not mount properly has been fixed
General Direct Link is now supported in Drive
GeneralFileCloud Drive now recognizes the mass deployment configurations in an RDS environment
GeneralUsers can now log in to Drive with a password that uses special characters
GeneralNow the last modified time shown in Drive matches the timezone set in FileCloud and the local time on the PC
GeneralThe warning Slow network speed or high number of items causing high latency in retrieving folder listing now appears in Drive when the folder being fetched contains over 1K files and folders
GeneralDrive now performs smoothly when uploading a large number of small files
GeneralFiles are now saved on MacDrive at the correct size without a permissions error
GeneralFiles are now saved on MacDrive at the correct size without a permissions error
GeneralIn MacDrive, search now begins automatically and does not required clicking Enter
GeneralIn MacDrive, a problem causing files to sometimes disappear has been fixed
GeneralRight click is now supported in MacDrive
GeneralA problem which caused MacDrive to fail to auto
Generallock Word files has been fixed
GeneralIn Drive and Sync, the DocIQ Comment Box now allows entering comments
GeneralAfter a period of time, the system now releases locks that DocIQ has placed on files
GeneralWhen Drive or Sync were installed with DocIQ, an erroneous alert displayed when a PowerPoint document was saved on the local desktop no longer appears
GeneralIf DocIQ is disabled, a user cannot change a share from public to private (or private to public)?
GeneralThe Drive, Sync, and mobile apps now have Arabic language support
GeneralServerSync and Drive have been updated to use UTF8 special encoding to prevent folders with special characters from syncing with different names
GeneralIn Sync, maximum entries in the list of unsynchronized files has been increased to 2000
GeneralIn Sync, if there is a new conflict for a file conflict listed, Sync now updates the listing rather than adding a new listing
GeneralSync conflict listings no longer display old file versions as a live versions
GeneralNormalization errors that occurred when users uploaded files through FileCloud Sync in Mac have been fixed
GeneralIn Sync, SSO login has been fixed
GeneralSync now supports and lists the languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
GeneralNow, if access to a folder in Sync is denied through user permissions in the Web server, the folder is deleted from the Sync folder
GeneralIn Sync, the names of conflict files now show which other user or team also modified the file
GeneralSync now returns file modification times in UTC to ensure proper syncing
GeneralThe Outlook Plugin now supports signing in using 2fa
GeneralSSO Support has been added for he Outlook plugin
GeneralA problem causing ServerSync to fail to import Admin permissions has been fixed
GeneralServerSync no longer re-uploads deleted files
GeneralIn ServerSync, the Skipped section of the Activity tab now shows a total count of ignored/skipped files
GeneralIn ServerLink, dashboard error and status reporting has been enhanced
GeneralIn ServerLink, file timestamps are now propagated from a primary device to a secondary synced device
GeneralServerLink now sends admin emails when a critical event occurs
GeneralIn ServerLink, when a file is uploaded to a new folder name, the folder is now automatically created
GeneralServerLink API key and password settings are now masked
GeneralIn ServerLink, an issue causing a duplicate key error during syncing has been fixed
GeneralEnabling ServerLink in the Admin user interface no longer also sets auto-locking
GeneralThe DLP violation report now shows the names of the violated files as well as their metadata and attributes
GeneralFewer gettoasts calls are made during installation to improve performance
GeneralIn the Admin user interface settings, the Proxy Password is now masked
GeneralA setting has been added to improve upload speed
GeneralOn the Admin dashboard, the Statistics and Recent Access Locations widgets now include refresh buttons
GeneralTo prevent attacks, users can only set the phone number once, and then must contact their admin to change it
GeneralFor greater security, when an account is locked out, even if the 2FA code is correct, the login fails
GeneralAll special characters from the extended UTF8 alphabet are now valid in display names
GeneralOn the ICAP settings screen, the descriptions of fields are more detailed
GeneralA problem occurring when an admin added AD users with their Email
GeneralThere is now a Case-sensitive 2FA Code Comparison checkbox in 2FA settings that enables case sensitivity for 2FA codes
GeneralTo improve security, only an admin can get a full list of clients, and authorized users can only get lists of their own clients
GeneralThe OKTA browser plugin has been fixed
GeneralThere is now an option in the Detect and Delete Inactive Files workflow to delete a folder if all files in it have been deleted
GeneralIn Policies, there are now settings for enabling and disabling notifications for renamed and shared files
GeneralA user is now informed if an admin denies their new account
General patchcodelathecom now supports both http and https
GeneralNow files with over 256 characters in their path names sync to the server
GeneralNow when sending an email fails, the alert message explains that it was not sent due to an error or because the recipient was on the do not email list
GeneralAn error in multi-factor authentication when a new user logged in with an upper-case letter has been fixed
GeneralAn error caused by dragging and dropping a folder with an empty sub-directory in Team Folders has been fixed
GeneralFor User Sessions, log-in time and expiry time now appear in the same format
GeneralA public share link is now sent without the incorrect message, Some users cannot be added as user license limit is reached
GeneralWhen a user tries to log in with the wrong user name, the password is no longer displayed in the audit log
GeneralWhen a non-existent user attempts to log in, instead of the message Failed to log back into the system, the message Invalid username or password appears
GeneralA disk usage query no longer slows down the system
GeneralThe system now performs Web Edit using Collabora
GeneralSolr indexing no longer returns the error Document contains at least one immense term
GeneralClicking Escape once now clears all the checklist notifications after the admin logs in
GeneralThe Manage Share dialog box for a folder now displays Allow Manage in the Misc permissions tooltip
GeneralA default 2FA code expiration time of 600 seconds is now configured, and settings to override this default have been added to the Admin user interface
GeneralWhen a user had a large number of shares, an error causing the system to conitinually list the user’s files after log in has been fixed
GeneralAn error causing a new account to access the activites of a deleted account with the same email address has been fixed
GeneralAn error message no longer appears when a file placed in a network folder outside of FileCloud is moved to another folder within FileCloud
GeneralAn allow_overwrite parameter has been added to the move file and copy file workflow operations
GeneralUsers must now be authenticated to add users to the do not email list
GeneralUpgrade in a CentOS machine with encryption enabled now preserves encryption
GeneralThe audit logs now show the subject of the email for emails sent
GeneralThe core and admin user interface zip files no longer fail to compress javascript files
GeneralAdjustments have been made so that only meaningful notifications appear in audit logs
GeneralReport queries no longer result in large numbers of log entries
GeneralThe Metadata page now allows admins to list and add metadata to files without metadata
GeneralA user can now view an external file while the admin is logged in on the same browser
GeneralA DLP Rule created in Permissive mode no longer appears in the user interface in Enforce mode
GeneralA problem with usage of deprecated MongoDB APIs in natural sort preparation script has been fixed
GeneralA problem causing SSO Admin login to fail has been fixed
GeneralThe button labelled Resend Code in the code entry box for Admin SMS 2fa now has the correct label: Re-login
GeneralSSO Settings have been added to enable automatic account type approval and account creation via signup for specific IDPs
GeneralBandwidth information was added for multi-download operation audit entries
GeneralA problem that was causing share invitation emails to users with mixed case letters in their email IDs to fail has been fixed
GeneralIn FileCloud Online, after an admin creates a team folder, a message now reminds them to give their users access to it
GeneralFileCloud Drive now use FCFS instead of Fuse Users no longer have to install Fuse separately
GeneralA problem causing some Drive files uploaded to Dreamweaver to be sent to the recycle bin has been fixed

FileCloud Version: 19.3 – March 19, 2020
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Major SMS Gateway integration is complete
General The SimpleSAML admin page now prevents access when SSO Log Level is set to PROD
General Users can avoid certificates being overwritten by moving them to a new folder before upgrading the PHP SimpleSAML library. See instructions at Updating the PHP SimpleSAML Library
General Files larger than 10MB will no longer be indexed by SOLR
General FileCloud administrators can now enter the system’s local IP address to use a separate FileCloud policy with ICAP
General FileCloud now uses PHP classification for content search to avoid timing out
General FileCloud users can now enter a phone number and an email address when adding an external user
General To further improve performance, FileCloud now performs catch-up classification via cron only with rules that have not yet been executed and on files that have not yet been classified
General Assigned metadata is now removed from a file that was classified by a CCE rule after the CCE rule is unassigned
General Administrators can now enable Two Factor Authentication using SMS OTP security codes for specific user agents by adding the key TONIDOCLOUD_TWOFA_REQUIRED_USERAGENT_LIST and user agents to cloudconfig.php – January 31, 2020
Major FileCloud Community Edition launched. A new version of FileCloud Server for just $10 per year
Major A new modern user interface is now available for FileCloud Drive
Major Permissive mode in Smart DLP
Major CAPTCHA support for password protected shares
Major Bandwidth used by ServerSync can now be configured according to the user’s requirements
Major Sync for Mac OS X now supports overlay icons and right-click options
General Reduced CPU usage on a server with FileCloud installed
General Improvements to the new move/copy dialog
General Improved scanning time for file changes by using multi threaded scanning
General Improved DLP rule violation reporting in the Admin dashboard
General Better file names for downloaded ZIP files
General Better Content Classification Support
General User Deletion confirmation toast notification
General Allow exporting FileCloud file listings into CSV format
General Improved Team Folder Management
General Improved reporting of total files and folder count in a given folder
General Faster renaming and moving of large folder hierarchies
General Notification emails for share expirations now contain more details
General New workflow supports automatic removal of Public shares
General Auto-generated Share passwords are now more complex
General Allow Sync backup to skip files that are in use
General Users can choose to skip sending deleted files to the recycle bin
General Metadata names with leading or trailing spaces are now automatically trimmed
General More robust communication via ServerLink
General Admin can control file listing view options for users
General Admins can now directly change the email address in the Set Team Folder Account dialogue when setting up team folders
General Users are not visible now in the Available User list when added to a group
General Retention Policies now accept paths containing spaces
General File/folder movement activity is now noted in workflow activity reports
General Admin users can now login regardless of name case used, including mixed case
General Selected mount points/letters are retained when using SSO Login in FileCloud Drive
General Images now properly rotate while previewing files in publicly shared folders
General Username of the admin account that performed the action is now displayed in audit logs
General AD Group Import now disallows usernames with special characters
General All folders now appear in audit logs regardless of whether or not they contain any files
General Only live files receive classification when CCE rules are executed on-demand
General Password recovery messaging is now consistent in all cases, regardless of whether a user exists or not
General Comments now appear in the sidebar for the users with read and download permissions
General In case of NTFS network folders with real-time syncing (automatic) enabled, only those folders and sub-folders for which users have access (e.g. with NTFS permissions set up) will be downloaded
General Sync status now indicates the name of the main Network Folder being synced along with the status for subfolders and files
General Search no longer fails when looking for terms containing [,] or {,} characters
General WOPI editing file modification dates are now accurate
General Share activity is now properly documented for all files and folders
General The security tab for subfolders of Team Folders now remains visible
General The text “NaN” (not a number) is now displayed for images with undefined or negative-value shutter speed metadata
General When editing files with Office Online, user agents are now universally marked as “MS Office Online” in audit logs
General Shared files and folders appear for all users, regardless of case used in user name
General File sizes are now indicated in MB
General DLP rules now strictly apply even if the folder is empty
General Uploads of files with names containing special characters are now accepted
General Special characters are now supported in enum metadata
General Search now functions properly when searching for file names containing special characters
General Smart Classification now functions identically in both FileCloud Online and On-Premise installations
General Files with names containing two dots now sync properly
General CLI now displays the current job status
General File metadata no longer appears alongside file content while searching by file content
General Network folders (external storage) no longer appear as results during content-only searches
General The deleted files are now displayed and sorted; sorting is descending according to most recently deleted files
General FileCloud on Windows now uses Solr v8.3
General Admins now have the ability to change the binding IP for Mqworker
General Improved compatibility of Sync app in Ubuntu 18.10. The Sync app is now available as a desktop app, and dependent libs are installed automatically
General New share report allows exporting effective user share permissions
General New workflow options to skip files that are recently accessed from being deleted
General New setting to hide regular login page completely when using SSO
General Improved Smart Classification CCE pattern matching support, including Fuzzy Search, Proximity, Boolean Operators & Range Queries
General Limited users can still be added to FileCloud even if the license usage is at 100%
General Files in expired shares are now deleted when “Delete Files from Expired Shares” is enabled
General Design updates for the email that is sent for new user creation and/or when their account type is changed
General Notifications for new versions and error conditions (e.g. upload failed, lock failed, etc) are displayed even when notifications are disabled
General A fix was introduced to enable ServerLink client start up script to run on Linux
General FileCloud now supports non-default ports when using redirect URLs from SSO
General FileCloud now supports new file creation when using Collabora
General There is now a new search option to always retrieve fresh search results instead of using cached results
General Admins can now disable the ability to create private shares to groups
General File Query reports can now take an optional path parameter
General Admins can now view the time when a user accepted terms and conditions
General .htaccess files for FileCloud now allow quick ways to verify Let’s Encrypt SSL support
General Sync now shows how long each network folder and backup took to sync completely
General A more user-friendly error message is now displayed when a DLP rule is violated
General Solr no longer throws a ZeroByteFileException if it encounters a 0 byte file during search
General Smart DLP now supports improved search using pathContains and pathMatches
General Share dialogues now show count of users and groups in the tab
General Removed dangerous workflow options for moving a file when a file system object is created or removed
General Smart DLP reports the number of violations of each rule
General User share reports would not include results from a provided path. This no longer occurs
General Show user details for previous versions in Network Folders
General Optional configuration to disallow deletion of Audit logs by Admin
General Admins can now easily Unlock all files directly from the admin portal
General Admins can now change TOS and force all users to re-accept TOS
General ICAP file scans are now logged in Audit
General Increased efficiency of file transfers for large files by increasing the chunk size to 20 MB each
General 2FA emails are always sent regardless of settings, or despite the user being on a “do not email” list
General A fix was introduced for the loading indication when all available users are selected in user selection dialogues in admin portal
General A fix was introduced for an unresponsive UI when changing permissions of a share to view only
General For offline backup, Sync now runs backup for folders and files with the oldest backup date. This ensures a better opportunity for all network folder and backup jobs to run
General CSRF errors are no longer thrown when downloading an attached file from a .eml file
General UI fix for the upload button, as it was missing in the mobile browser view for public shares
General Linux upgrades no longer overwrite /var/www/html/resources/templates
General New options to filter rename/move operations in Audit were added
General New configs allow for syncing of Windows link (.lnk) files
General SSO login with some servers has been improved; the feature should function identically for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
General Timeout waits when starting up Solr have been increased
General UI fixes have been added for errors that were occurring in the AD Group Members import dialog
General Preview of Office documents on iPads now functions properly
General SimpleSAMLphp module upgrade from 1.16 to 1.18.3
General API security fixes to set SMS 2FA phone number and Resend 2FA code
General Solr no longer fails to manually runs content classification
General Solr now indexes large text files
General After files are moved, the UI now stops displaying a message that the files are moving
General FileCloud no longer displays an incorrect message that deleted files were not deleted
General When new Active Directory (AD) users log in, their FC accounts are now automatically created
General Users can now log in with passwords that use special characters
General Multiple sessions can now run using CloudDrive2e
General User can now install a new electron drive build over an existing one
General Electron drive’s Dev Auth window has been changed to a drawer component to improve functioning
General When a user clicks “Need Help” in a Whitelabel application, the screen displays custom branding
General Server Sync can now run for many hours without using excessive RAM

FileCloud Version: 19.2 – September 06, 2019
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Major Data Leak Prevention is now available
Major The new Content Classification Engine is available for use
Major FileCloud Server now offers integration with most major SIEM providers
Major Admins can now enable 2FA via SMS for select users, groups, or their entire organization
Major Support for AZURE BLOB support for managed and network storage
General Fix CSRF issue when user is also logged into the administrator portal
General Changes implemented for CSRF check hardening
General X-Frame now integrates with SalesForce
General Data is now written back to the DB even if users don’t perform a proper exit from the Drive app
General Server Sync now only accepts local folders for syncing
General When a large local high-level folder is deleted, a single delete request is sent to the server for the parent folder and all subsequent children folders, preserving server bandwidth
General Reports are now available for tracking file activity, including detailed reporting for movement types like downloads, uploads, and shares, as well as the exact count of each movement type
General When an admin edits the retention policy definition, more information about what has changed will be added to the retention audit
General Usernames can now include certain non-alphanumeric characters like & and +
General The web UI now indicates that users can drag and drop files into the server
General When a ZIP archive is created on a white label installation of FC, it is marked as being created by the white label organization
General When using FileCloud 19.1, /var/www/scratch/tmp gets filled with excess thumbnails. This no longer occurs
General Drive 2 no longer sets a file’s creation time in UTC
General Exposure field description now labeled “Exposure Time”
General The image rotation tool no longer reduces image quality after rotation
General Notifications are provided in Share Activity if a user viewed a file
General Outbound audit emails now indicate the email address of the recipient
General Drive2 no longer crashes on Mac OS systems when clearing the cache or attempting to move files
General Errors no longer thrown to log while parsing text EXIF data
General The Web UI now allows users to upload a folder via drag-and-drop into a public share
General Notification emails are sent if enabled by the user for self-modified files
General When setting up a DLP rule on to prevent a user from downloading or sharing a particular file or folder, the admin should be able to view the violations from the admin dashboard DLP. Violations are now reported
General FileCloud no longer times out regardless of how long a backup task runs
General Users can now create Limited user accounts with any domain name, including that of the FileCloud installation
General Multiple instances can now mount to the same drive point
General skipdeleteapproval value wasn’t displaying confirmation UI for serversync. It is now displayed
General Drive2 no longer shows empty folders after clearing cache
General The user UI login page no longer renders too narrow, with white bands on the side
General Proper file path is now recorded with audit
General File object counts now increment by 1
General Folders with no subfolders were backed up without issue, whereas a backup of a folder with subfolders threw an error to the log. This no longer occurs
General Result pages are cleared when the “Clear” button is pressed on the Search dialogue
General Users can now reset their password regardless of the setting for Number of Previous Passwords that cannot be reused
General Preview now works for all-caps PDF file extensions
General The UI has been updated to use jQuery v3.3.1
General User dialog no longer appears when skipdeleteapproval is set to true
General Dialogue text no longer overlaps when server sync is paused
General The UI now provides an option for an orientation value of NaN
General An image’s date now automatically changes if the image is opened or modified
General The UI now automatically logs out after a password change
General Enabling Disallow Commonly Used Passwords would in turn disallow all passwords. This no longer occurs
General Mobile users can now upload files even if the allowed version limit is set to -1
General An error is thrown if the user has “My Files” disabled, or if there is no path for storage for the logs
General When previewing shared files that only have View permission, Office file types would fail to show on desktop. This no longer occurs
General Drive2 no longer deletes files upon creation if the user did nothing to modify the file’s name at the time of creation
General Support for MongoDB 3.6
General Support added to install builds from patch release channel
General Improved message for team folder delete operation confirmation box
General Improved User experience for file preview
General Rename operation no longer forces UI refresh
General Renaming a file or folder pre-selects the file/folder name
General Limited users can’t see Clear deleted files anymore
General If the Message Queue service is not installed when Apache is started, it will be installed and started
General Sync should be more responsive when syncing is paused or exited
General Sync should start up quickly even when syncing millions of files
General Filenames with space in them are skipped without any errors or notifications on the Mac
General Server Sync now synchronize folders even if the remote folder name and the name of the folder at the first level of local sync folder are the same
General Server Sync now has an option to scan for file changes at a set frequency to detect file modifications when large files are being saved
General Sync no longer skips files or folders with ‘/’ in them on Mac OS
General Sync client no longer overwrites existing NTFS permissions
General Server audit logs no longer contain too many registerrmc API calls
General Approval dialog for numerous files changes no longer appears for a small number of files
General Download permission is no longer required for maximizing a video
General Users can specify sort selections based on the admin setting.
General Issue with search not working for paths containing ‘&’ has been fixed
General SOLR issue for multi-tenant setup has been fixed
General If an upgrade is performed, the FileCloud control panel now points to the filecloud.conf file, where changes made to the apache config file are stored.
General In multi-tenant sites, only default site will allow upgrades.
General The Retention – Remove metadata button is no longer active when a metadata condition should be disabled
General When using the filter, the input field should be automatically cleared when entering a folder.
General Retention expiry date doesn’t affect save operation anymore when not changed.
General When allow delete option is enabled for a group, files can be moved to a new destination without any error
General A new icon, indicating whether delete operation is permitted, was added to the Details panel
General Pagination support was added to user locks page in the admin UI
General Notifications list will automatically refresh every 15s

FileCloud Version: 19.1 – April 18, 2019
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Major New Messaging Queue Improvements
Major New Governance Dashboard to view retention policy violations or conflicts
Major New Retention Policies secure digital content for compliance
Major Mobile Apps new sharing option to view in mobile browser
Major MSI Installer for Group Deployments of Drive
Major New viewer for working with email files
Major New User Account-Type Search Mode Added
Major Users can now log in to the Sync client using SSO
General (19.1.1) Fixes a problem detecting update availability for FileCloud Drive2
General (19.1.1) Fixes a regression issue that prevented the download of files greater than 512 MB and less than 2 GB
General (19.1.1) Corrects an issue that incorrectly interpreted the value “0” when automatic emptying the Recycle Bin is enabled
General (19.1.1) File Sharing now works with all the Show email preview Dialog options
General (19.1.1) File versioning now compatible with Upload Only setting on Public Shares
General (19.1.1) Migrated metadata values to support searches and supports its use in Governance ( Retention ) functionality
General (19.1.1) Fixes an issue that broke more PII pattern search
General (19.1.1) Workflow option now available for promoted admins
General Admin Portal now displays the number of members in a group
General Allow only specific file types to be uploaded
General Updated email notification of a file share
General Display network share files and folders with a dot in the name
General Solr updated to version 7.6.0
General Disable syncing of specific folder sets
General Limit Single Sign-On (SSO) login to users in specific groups
General Restrict specific file names from being uploaded by Sync
General Server URL Now Defaults to https:// in Sync
General Sync now checks for locked files before uploading
General User error messages no longer display whether or not a user account is valid
General Users with Lowest Quota Remaining report updated
General Dashboard reports for File Type Distribution and User File Distribution corrected
General Audit page zoom tools fixed
General Audit search now works for full email addresses
General Login to Admin Portal now works when SSO is enabled
General Helper version displays correctly
General Helper service retries connection when database is not available
General Audit logs export to CSV file column headings fixed
General Starting from FileCloud Control Panel no longer overwrites existing DocConverter AppParameters registry value
General Document Preview installation updated
General Document Preview warns users about large files
General Uploading a file to a Read-Only folder not allowed
General The Drive Activity tab updated to show correct time
General In Windows, the registry data for DisplayName and version corrected
General Windows users can now save an image file from Photos to Drive
General Mac Drive client now runs at startup and opens file browser screen
General Drive now handles large Excel files
General Mac Drive About and Help dialogs updated
General Drive upgrades preserve any custom configurations
General Drive now uses the same date-time format as the server
General Using Drive with SSO improvements
General Mac Drive 2 now displays file or folder name with special characters
General Mac Drive error message updated if FUSE not installed
General Helper can now skip folders when indexing
General Trying to access a locked file tells you who locked it
General Open files are uploaded and readable
General If sub-folder is locked, folders and files can still be moved into parent folder
General Metadata creation date corrected
General Metadata allows more than 10 attributes
General Existing metadata preserved when copying
General Team Folder copy error corrected
General Permissions and folder locking updated
General Temporary file handling added
General Automatically Empty Recycle Bin After Specified Days updated
General Upload file size limit allows only whole integer values
General All lock information removed when Disable option set
General Export of the shared items list matches Filter
General Parent team folder can be shared directly to users
General Full path to shared items no longer shown
General Sharing with new FileCloud user invitation updated
General Share Name now updated in Sync and Drive
General Manage re-shares improvements
General Server log files updated on large file upload
General Private key preserved when CSR generated through FileCloud Control Panel
General NTFS permissions always retained
General ServerSync ‘Save Log File’ improvements
General ServerSync detects if disk is unavailable
General ServerSync service and app run independantly
General Mac OS Sync Settings screen-handling improvements
General Mac OS Sync dock icons removed
General Mac OS Sync does not allow duplicate instances
General Special characters displayed correctly in Sync Properties
General Sync overlay icon improvements
General Sync with 2FA issues corrected
General Improvements to Sync Bandwidth Rate Limits
General Sync users can change http to https without problems
General Sync user warned when backup location is already configured on the server
General Download to Sync folder option corrected in File Browser
General Downloading a large number of files to Sync causes no delays
General Sync improvements when downloading from File Browser
General Sync option links no longer change colors when clicked
General Sync files now shown in correct order
General Sync and ServerSync now show unlimited storage quota as Unlimited Storage instead of 0
General Recent log panel in Sync Settings updated
General When MyFiles is disabled, the option does not display
General Recent Logs now displays delete-related information
General Sync users can modify selective sync, network and backup folders
General In S3 Storage, temporary files are cleaned up
General Creating a new network share does not create multiples
General If FileCloud user’s password is changed in AD, FileCloud recognizes the new AD password
General Can upload empty folder in the User Portal
General Incorrect password login attempt shows updated error message
General After running a workflow, the activity is displayed
General Workflow to delete old files in recycle bin completes without errors
General Workflows that move files from one folder to another completes without errors

FileCloud Version: 18.2

18.2.0 – Sep 27, 2018
Upgrade Notes Read Detailed Release notes and Upgrade Notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Major New features to manage shares for visibility and access
Major Ability to view and share Medical Files in DICOM (.dcm) format
Major Sales Force Integration
Major New PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Search addresses data privacy compliance regulations
Major Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) Anti-Virus Scanning Support
Major DocIQ for Drive and Sync integration with MS Office products
Major FIPS-140 Compliance Support
General New option to disable notifications on the Drive Loading screen
General Drive users can share with non-FileCloud users
General Improved Error Reporting
General Document Converter upgrades to support AI and PSD file types
General New display of license information
General Improved monitoring of MongoDB clusters
General A new limit has been set on the amount of time between reset requests
General Policy users are now sorted alphabetically
General Sync users can now see Details and Metadata tabs without using a browser
General Drive and Sync users can now see Details and Metadata tabs without using a browser
General New Subscribe or Unsubscribe Options
General New link for deleting files
General Automation of removing users during AD group import
General Dashboard Quota Usage value corrected
General User detail dialog now refreshes after a storage quota update
General Errors no longer display when clearing a recycle bin with more than 110K of files and 1000 folders
General Pagination problem in Manage Files is fixed
General Locations are more specific and no longer display as unknown
General Audit log Filter search now shows results in range
General Filtered audit log results now match the exported log file
General Audit filtering now working for deleted events
General Email template for workflow notifications now provided
General Device in Admin’s email now reported exactly as it was configured
General Enabling document thumbnails displays a performance warning
General Drive no longer crashes when transferring data with the activity tab open
General After one PDF is opened, other PDF files may also be opened
General Right-Click Options in Drive now match Sync
General Email login with a plus “+” in the email ID no longer fails
General Messages in Drive are no longer blocked behind each other
General Now possible to rename folders in Drive
General Manageable email alerts sent for virus detection
General When storage encryption fails, the unencrypted file is no longer deleted
General Error reporting system now returns error codes in response XML messages
General Export tool now accepts target path parameter
General In MacDrive, Date Modified now displays correctly for files and folders
General Mac drive multi-window refresh issues corrected
General File upload no longer fails for large files on hosted sites (Amazon S3)
General Expanded path is now recognized correctly when specified
General ServerLink exception when synchronizing metadata values fixed
General Adding and editing a metadata attribute is now logged
General Superadmin panel now displays storage usage
General Multi-node systems Log cleanup problem resolved
General Policy Out of Memory error fixed
General Adding a User to the Global Policy no longer removes all other users from the policy
General Global proxy settings configured in Admin Portal are now being used by all components
General Report For Emails Sent in the Last 24 Hours Now Functional
General Search string with ampersand (&) in the name now returns relevant results
General Search is now working for certain files in shared paths
General SOLR search no longer fails if search result limit is set to unlimited
General Search now works for shared Network files and folders
General Issue with encryption on Windows Servers fixed
General ServerSync can now import permissions on folder containing percent (%) character
General Network folder contents are now sorted in alphabetical order
General Email login with a plus “+” in the email ID no longer fails
General Upload Size Limit now applied to public folder shares
General Private share names with special characters now display correctly in the notification email
General New private share is now visible as a public share after view is refreshed
General Download option is no longer shown even if the share doesn’t have download permissions
General Downloading a zip file with dot “.” now displays correctly
General Multi-site host name and URL now removes extra spaces at the end
General User Storage quota no longer overrides the Site Quota
General Deleting a file in Sync now moves file to recycle bin for Windows
General Desktop Search now searches after typing in a term and pressing enter
General Network folder contents are now sorted in alphabetical order
General Right-click options are now the same for Sync & Drive
General Locked File & Sync Client now use a clearer error
General Update now works if the scratch and config folders are not in the htdocs folder
General Direct Link option is not available when it doesn’t apply
General On the User Portal, custom page size value now persists
General On the User Portal, Favorites and shortcuts are now updated correctly
General A user’s email address is no longer truncated is when it is too long
General A user with a limited account no longer sees an option they cannot use
General Users with names that contain a dot “.” are now able to edit Shared Files
General Public shared videos with permission to download no longer reverts to restricted mode
General Workflow for file download now working
General Copy or move workflow action no longer shows user as ‘unknown’
General Workflow option is now visible in FileCloud Server hosted mode
General Unsubscribe link removed from workflow email template
General Workaround for Drive issue when saving multiple attachments from Outlook
General Workaround for Windows MongoDB crashing at regular intervals

FileCloud Version: 18.1 – May 7, 2018
Upgrade Notes Read Upgrade notes from Previous FileCloud versions
Major Metadata Support
Major New Linux Installer and upgrader for FileCloud
Major General bandwidth tracking and reporting
Major Support search from Desktop Sync and Drive Apps
Major Support fast data import into FileCloud with local storage
Major Support automatically select TLS configuration for Sync and Drive
Major Support PHP 7.1 and PHP 64 bit
Major Support Device Code Authentication in iOS & Android
Major Support Centralized devicemanagement for Offline folders in iOS
Major Support in app file browser in Android
Major Support @mention in comments in iOS
Major New FileCloud Control CLI app for Linux
General Fix Autobackup failure for HA setup
General Items deleted by workflow is not getting fetched when Operation is set to delete
General Network share not creating version when files are being edited using wopi
General Fixed session cookie invalidated after logout
General Fixed issue with Federated search
General Fix user search when user is also logged into admin portal
General Updated to latest Mozilla CA Certificate
General AWS S3 mounted as a Network share, is showing incorrect timezone
General Support automatically cleaning tmp folder
General Disallow adding disabled user email ids to private shares
General Site storage quota enforced incorrectly during copy operation
General Fix RMC file format name
General Fix Update tool is not copying helper configuration files
General Fix devices view Admin and User sorting.
General Fix Lock icon not showing when you lock any folder under shared with me folder
General Fix WOPI preview fails for anonymous shares
General Fix Auto DB backup must be enabled by default
General Fix sending emails on shares to accept comma delimiters with extra spaces
General Support Previous Versions listing to also show versionedon date
General Fix Folder Permissions security dialog not rendering permissions properly
General Fix Upload progress bar shows incorrect number when uploading multiple files and canceling inbetween
General Support disabling shares and locks for disabled users
General Fix opening a public share shows 401 unauthorized if an existing login session had expired
General Renaming a network folder will still maintain existing shares of child folder and file items
General Reject invalid text when creating new text document
General Fix Search error when search results contain a file with UTF-8 letters
General Fix autogenerated Policies user array assignment problem
General Support share options for sub-folders to disable notifications
General Fix Workflow last action time not getting updated properly
General Fix notification is sent even after disabling notifications for some folders
General Improvements to user selection dialog for policies
General Support indication when file items have comments or tags in browser listings
General Support features to prevent re-use of old passwords
General Fix fileinfo API issue with external files throwing exception
General Fix browser title string when upload only public share is accessed
General Fix new document creation options for public share links
General Fix unable to upload files with unknown extension by using Upload button
General Fix same shortcut can be added more than once in the browser
General Fixed toast notification is not being raised for file uploads to shares in network share
General Add support for 2FA for email login in admin portal
General Fix locations shown for access for public shares in dashboard activity
General Support showing an alert and warning in “Checks” when the audit DB is getting too large
General Fix problem opening user path if backup path has & in it
General Fix logo going up a little when we drag and drop files
General Support Limiting access to Office Online General for external user accounts
General Fix existing policies disappear upon adding a new policy with special characters
General Fix completion date for search results when no results are found
General Support sending email to admin if cron is not configured
General Fix remove download button in shares in mobile browsers
General Provide ability to limit number of items per notification email
General Fix download activity is not available in the share activity
General Support sorting of search results by recent first
General Add warning when Office Online editing is performed via http
General Remove extra NTFS ACLs being added after setting file ownership after upload
General Support showing a confirmation when changing permissions in share dialog
General Support Office Editing for doc, ppt, xls formats
General Fix photo rotation button inconsistency
General Fix unable to save current queue as a playlist because of the tool tip
General Fix Office Online editing for extensions with upper case
General Fix NTFS permission expiry time for cache is not being enforced
General Show indication when AD users are being imported
General Fix videos on a view only share can be downloaded
General Fix rendering of text with long names
General Fix some login Background images not loading in IE
General Support opening share home when clicking link in notification email
General Fix Solr Search wont show few extensions
Admin Fix error message when search string is empty for federated search
Admin Fixed Federated Search Errors when subadmin is logged in
Admin Fix Alerts data is being called twice for alerts screen
Admin Support FileCloud Online ability for customer to reset Admin password
Admin Fix invalid team folder account creation error
Admin Fix Central device management UI shows type column in wrong case
Admin Fix expiry date for multi tenant site still allows user login
Admin Support uploading the same license to multiple sites in one shot
Admin Fix user sessions logs out when admin session logs out
Admin Fix Policies available users is displayed incorrectly
Admin Fix Workflow error for condition ‘if a user’s last login is older than’ action delete user
Admin Support for setting Email Limits by the admin
Admin Support a way to disable getting started dialog
Admin Support a way to execute workflows manually
Admin Support sepate apache config file httpd-filecloud.conf for extra configuraitons like SSO
Admin Support ability for admins to look up shares accessible to users
Admin Fix loading screen for Manage Files on disabling My Files
Admin Improved Admin Dashboard Alert System (Non-blocking)
Admin Fix unable to reset the Group Policy
Admin Fix error when trying to upload any file in team folders
Admin Support more detailed information in audit log when share is updated
Admin Support to show more than 10 rows in a page
Admin Fix document preview in federated search
Admin Support option to hide Getting started wizard in admin portal
Admin Fix pagination Issue on Alerts in Admin portal
Admin Fix FCDocconvertor doesn’t work on JRE 1.9
Admin Support disablin solr not available email
Admin Support displaying total license in superadmin UI for multi-tenant systems
Admin Fix save button for customization
Admin Support Solr not running email should indicate which site is having the problem
Admin Support more information in audit log when limited users are created
Admin Show alert when an invalid regex (syntax) is provided for Skip Names in Network Folders
Admin Support showing version in FileCloud online dashboard
Admin Fix User quota data not refreshing immediately after quota-related actions
Sync Fix first time load refresh issue in Sync’s File Browser
Sync Fix initial language selection is set incorrectly
Sync Fix sync crash when remote policy is applied and local configuration changes are also done in sync
Sync Fix language change is not effective in all tabs.
Sync Show realtime network folder sync stats as part of the My Files and Shared Folders stats
Sync Fix UNC path specification requires two more slashes
Sync Speed up Moving Operation from cache to sync folder when on the same disk
Sync Support preventing Sync app and Sync as Service from running simultaneously
Sync Fix removing empty Sync List message from server when no automatic sync is enabled
Sync Support minimizing the FileCloud sync->settings screen
Sync Fix duplicate error messages
Sync Support language option to be handled by centralized device management for sync.
Sync Sync log doesn’t show all activity properly
Sync Fix selected item when offline Network sync is added to the list
Sync Fix Sync->Edit options are enabled without selecting any items in dutch language
Sync Show warning when Run Now is clicked and if sync is disabled
Sync Fix issue with “Cut” option in Ëdit menu of File Browser
Drive Guest user – search in drive fetches records of My files location and crashes app when we try to open the location
Drive Fix mute all notifications doesnt get saved when mac drive is restarted
Drive Support share expiration date in FileCloud sync and drive
Drive Fix Unable to Save as when using Adobe In Design OSX
Drive Support removing installed data on uninstall
Drive Fix Autolock issue for MS Word 15.41 and MacOSX High sierra
ServerSync Server Sync shows errors when the source path is a source drive leter (example: D:)
ServerSync Support Server Sync doesn’t start on computer startup

FileCloud Version: 17.3 – Jan 30, 2018
Major Browser based editing of documents using Office 365
Major GDPR Compliance in FileCloud
Major FileServer Sync to synchronize your File Server with FileCloud including mapping FC permissions to NTFS permissions
Major Centralized Device Management
Major Federated search: Ability to search for files within the entire organization repository
Major Full Fledged Sharing Support for Sync and Drive
Major Support DUO security 2FA
Major Policy support for managing users, groups effectively across the enterprise
Major Support Translations in Sync, Drive and Outlook
Major Support ability to create internal link to already shared file or folder
Major Support for creating new documents in the browser
Major Support for Read Only Sync Folders
Major New Outlook add-in File Browser
Major Support Watermarks in PDF Document Previews
Major Support Web editing of text files
Major Support for Automatic Daily Backup of FileCloud Databases for improved data safety
Major Support to alert users via email if they are nearing storage quota limits
Major Support new 64 bit version of the sync app that can handle more files
Major Support Arabic Language
Major Support Portuguese language – Jan 30, 2018
Sync Critical: Fix invalid sync state causing sync to have wrong sync information when compared to server
General Office 365 Online Editing issue with certain license classes with
General Fix editing issue with office online onpremise server
General PDF Watermarking not available in FileCloud Online
General Disable New Document option in public shares
General Support disabling notifications on specific folders
Admin Fix alerts when creating auto backups
Admin Support user name in upload reports
Sync Fix crash in sync app when sending remote policy to server
Drive FileCloud Drive shell extension not properly handling empty registry keys
Drive FilleCloud Drive issue when copying and renaming folder in network share. – Jan 14, 2018
General Office 365 Online Editing issue with multitenant clients
General Pagination issue with Network Shares
General PDF preview fails for network folder with UTF-8 chars in the path
General Cookie IP restrictions don’t work behind load balancers or proxies
Admin Improve usability for Policies
Admin File Integrity Workflow alerts should not be deferred
Admin Support Health data for Android – Dec 20, 2017
General Support new 64 bit version of the Helper Service
General Support not sending notifications for actions before certain number of days
General Support ability to enable or disable notifications to limited users.
General Fix default share notifications options are not applied when creating shares for network folders
General Fix audit auto archival timeout issue for large record sets
General Fix broken download link if last character in Share Name is a space
General Support disabling/enabling of notifications in specific Network Folders
General Support for public share searching
General Fix password reset if user name has space character in it
General Support for sending emails to new users and with option to email them their passwords
General Fix S3 Disable redirect key is not working
General Fix issue with thumbnails in network folders when having non english characters
General Fix combine PDF fails if the file names have special characters like & in them.
General Fix adding a folder doesn’t add automatically update search index
General Fix Admin AD password with special character does not save in settings
General Experimental support for multi-tenant NTFS file permission across different AD domains
General Support latest Collabora CODE for Web based document editing
General Use PBKDF2 to store user passwords more securely
General Renaming or Moving a shared file or folder will maintain the share
General Send an email to users when a share is going to expire
General Audit logs permission for Admin Roles don’t require User Permissions anymore
General Support TLS/SSL connection to MongoDB backends
General New Content Security Policy Support Headers
General Backup server exports complete user files when requested for single file
General Activity streams now contain location and ip address information
General More customizations for file notification emails including timestamp format and localization
General Add support for regex in Workflow Paths
General Fix don’t require password change for SSO users
General Fix minimum required MongoDB version to 3.2 instead of 2.4
General Fix remove shortcuts when share has been deleted or if user has been removed from share.
General Support ability to send password expiration email to user
General Fix user storage quota is not being applied to external invited user accounts to share
General Support ability to skip versioning when files exceed a specific size
General Fix do not allow default passwords to work for superadmin login
General Fix error when setting team folder account by admin with no team folder access
General Fix disallow renaming files with extensions that are restricted
General Support ability to set Default Upload Size Limit for Share
General Support ability to set expiration time for user passwords
General File Name restrictions can be set via the admin portal
General Site Admin Password can be reset via the multi-tenant superadmin site
General FC control panel in Windows shows a link for the Helper realtime config
General Add support to disallow Share Name Changes for Public Shares
General Fix hang when trying to Copy file when the alternate file name already exists
General Support for sending email reminders to admin when site license is going to expire
General Fix race condition when folder renames or move happen when another operation is in progress
General Improved initial install page
General Fix help link for LAN Network Folders
General Add support for Workflows passing params to scripts
General Fix debian package Install doesn’t check proper permissions for provided storage path
General Fix Google Authenticator is case sensitive and fails to login first time
General Improve the exportfs command line to use more regular syntax
General Support New User Orientation when logging in via the web browser
General Raise admin alert if we fail to send emails
General Fix reporting right sizes for file paths that might be removed
General Fix invalid entries when My Files are disabled
General Fix Activity stream doesn’t navigate to team folder
General Fix FileCloud Control Panel Contact Support email link is broken
General Fix Search not working on reshares.
General Support Search feature: Ability to filter only files or folders
General Fix When Storage path has a trailing \ at the end of the path, then preview fails.
General Fix Admin Portal share searches with partial owner name results in paging problem
General Fix Download as zip doesn’t store original file modification date
General Fix Admin not able to view public sample upload form from Admin Portal
General Fix QR code image is not displayed in IE 11
General Fix Dashboard Activity lists for reshared paths
General Improved Team folder performance when getting file listings
General Fix Invite button does not show up when the user email id has an apostrophe.
General Support Listing Active Sessions for a user in Admin Portal
General Support excluded users for “delete unused files and folders” workflow
General Add support in to show Automatically Empty Recycle Bin After Specified Days setting for FileCloud Online customers
General Support ability for users to clear partial uploads
General Fix zip name when folder name has dots
General Fix errors when importing contacts via CSV
General Support storing IPs associated with cookies
General Fix error in ServerLink when filename has [] in the name
General Fix Add Folder functionality not working in Team folders
General Fix pagination when you filter files
General Disallow file download if file download limit is set in share
General Fix: Blacklisted file extensions are able to be uploaded to server via webdav
General Fix problem with shared files download when user is logged as an admin in the same browser
General Add alert when adding same s3 bucket as source and destination for seeding
General Fix Admin Login fails when 2FA is enabled
General Fix 2FA->New code is not sent to email after invalid attempt
General Fix Workflow Names not encoded properly
General Support 2FA for multi-tenant superadmin login
General Fix remove all ACL permissions when the last entry is removed
General Add Description for enforced actions in Device tab when logs are requested
General Fix issue with running document preview with latest Java 152 update
General Fix Folder Copy failures in web browser under some conditions
General Fix change password screen hangs and disallows login
General Fix user account creation showing up in existing user’s activity panel
General Fix Team Folders not getting setup when a new account is set as team folder account
General Support auto account creation on shares when Allow Account Sign up is set to false.
General Support quota management using policies applicable to user groups
General Fix changing default share options does not appy to Network Shares
General Send an email notification to the user when upload fails due to limited disk space
General Fix quota enforcement issue with team folders if user has quota set
General Fix daily CRON jobs run every 5min instead of once a day
General Fix network folder versioning skip size not read correctly from settings
General Fix searchfor reshare of a network share path is not working
General Fix photo extensions not being handled if uppercase
General Fix license expiry is not shown properly in multi-tentant super admin site
General Fix SAML settings not getting saved in FC Online
General Support ability to select and save a previous version as a current version
General Support allowing workflow messages to be customizable
General Support tracking anonymous user access to public shares when using FileCloud to send custom links via email
General Fix improve performance of rename operation
General Fix DB mem limit errors during delete, copy on folders with lots of files
General Support changing AD group sync interval to be customizable instead of 24 hours only
General Fix multi-file zip download results in corrupted zip
General Fix SSO should not work for Limited Users with Default authentication
General Support ability download all files based on a specific date or previous version (ransomware protection)
General Fix wrong timezone in Alerts time stamp
GeneralFix wrong deletion of parent folder in Team Folders and My Files in admin portal
GeneralFix activity Panel for Limited Users is not getting disabled even when configured
GeneralFix global activity panel does not hide when “Disable Activity panel” option is checked in Admin -> Settings -> Misc -> General.
GeneralFix FileCloud appears in browser window before custom name shows up
GeneralSupport using native browser HTML5 plugins for audio playback
GeneralFix custom option to Hide Send Share Link Via Email option does not work
GeneralFix uploading a file in locked folder shows incorrect error message
GeneralSupport showing notifications in UI for folders have notifications enabled/disabled
GeneralSupport a new email template for file activity report
GeneralFix refresh after admin operation in user’s file management interface
GeneralSupport folder drag and drop support in IE Edge
GeneralAdd support for improved Image Viewer
GeneralShow Alerts not shown in admin ui for FileCloud Online
GeneralFix File Share Preview Gap Issue in IE and Chrome for lower resolutions
GeneralFix Paging widget not appearing for shares from a user
GeneralSupport rightclick menu for folder actions when no file is selected
GeneralSupport Image thumbnail when sharing single images
GeneralFix network folder navigation performance when document thumb preview is enabled
GeneralFix customization of Quick edit button
GeneralFix if same item is listed in name, selecting one of them, will select the other one as well
GeneralFix creating a new share it will not pull the default values for expiration date and password
GeneralFix share email dialog box needs scroll option when resolution is small
GeneralSupport using Web Editing configuration for document previews if setup
GeneralSupport TIF image thumbnails and preview for public shares
GeneralFix default file extensions to be case insensitive
GeneralFix Disabling some User details in Admin Portal for limited user accounts
GeneralFix Disabling some User details in Admin Portal for guest user accounts
GeneralFix Share Dialog not showing scroll bar when viewed in low resolution
GeneralFix Public share new folder option not working
GeneralFix issue with lock when names have the same prefixes
GeneralShow a column to indicate if public share is password protected or not in Admin Portal
GeneralBetter alert on login error when Admin logs in to user portal
GeneralShow Geo Location information in Audit and other activity streams
GeneralFix Link and URL in comment notification email for file uploaded to team folder is wrong
GeneralFix empty admin attention dialog when logging into FC Online
GeneralFix explicitly define behavior in Disable Share Email Notification Dialog customization option
GeneralSupport displaying which user it is publicly shared in share analytics
GeneralSupport including Password Protected (Yes/No) and Expiry Date (Yes/No) columns in the Shares report
GeneralSupport admin access to Deleted files and folders that are part of Team Folders
GeneralFix behaviour when multiple files/folders are selected in the browser UI
GeneralFix clearing recyle bin doesn’t show waiting message in admin portal
GeneralFix strange upload speeds shown in upload progress bar.
SyncFix potential socket leak in Sync app
SyncFix rename issue observed in Sync Filebrowser
SyncFix sync should not try keep applying changes to folders that are deleted but where they don’t have delete permissions
SyncShow sync settings even when sync is paused so that they can be changed
SyncFix blank space in sync app settings when Network Shares are unavailable
SyncFix Disable My Files causes Team folder not to sync
SyncFix Sync app keeps starting up Manual FS Scan again and again
SyncSupport resolve conflict option on right click of conflicted file
SyncFix Incorrect error messages when uploading files with bad filenames in Sync File Browser
SyncSupport improved in progress sync icon to handle different background colors in Windows task bar
SyncFix “Move to FileCloud” option shows error when trying to move a folder from other Drives to FileCloud Sync Folder
SyncSupport Locking Icon indication in Sync App overlay
SyncFix resolve conflict doesn’t work if file is open or in use
SyncFix Sync client to handle corrupt SQLLITE database conditions
SyncFix Crash when clicking on the Sync FileBrowser icon on left of the title bar
SyncFix Sync keeps uploading if selective folder sync is selected and there is another folder having the same prefix
SyncFix sync issue where the first selected folder has nothing to sync prevents other selected folders from syncing as well
SyncFix disabling my files prevents real-time syncing of network folders from working
DriveSupport closing drive app when running a new Drive installer application
DriveFix some errors when uploading and renaming files
DriveFix mounting drive fails in mac if user name has space
DriveSupport setting the volume name
DriveFix lock automatically on edit setting does not persist on restarts
DriveSupport ability to not remember password
DriveFix issue when passwords have special characters
DriveFix issue when uploading large files in Mac
DriveSupport New Open website option
DriveSupport better validation of server urls in account information screen in sync and drive
DriveFix crash when using a disabled account
DriveFix to prevent uploading files with leading or trailing whitespaces
DriveFix save issue during PDF creation when using Adobe Acrobat
DriveSupport allowing uploading of thumbs.db
DriveFix error where file is open in another location when using mac drive and sketch app
DriveSupport for High sierra in Mac Drive
DriveSupport Reset and Logout option from Drive and Sync
DriveFix FileCloud MacDrive error -43 upload problem
OutlookSupport installing outlook add-in for a standard user account
OutlookSupport installing outlook addin to all profiles
OutlookSupport TLS 1.2 only support in outlook addin
OutlookFix Share from filecloud option is not working under some conditions
OutlookAllow copying link to clipboard
OutlookSupport more customization options for share urls in outlook add in
Backup ServerNeed ability to send email after backup completes
Backup ServerFix: Backup Server script timezone issue
Fix ServerLink: RENAME Folder event didn’t have DELETE FOLDER Journal event and later caused a upload storage error
Fix ServerLink: Changes to user account having profile image in the master caused sync issue

FileCloud Version: 15 – June 13, 2017
Major Team Folder Support
Major Enterprise File Search
Major Speedup Network Folders Performance with NTFS permissions by using Memcache
Major Redesigned user dashboard with shortcuts, recent activity and recent files
Major Improved Share Management: Share Activity, Number of activities and Last Access time
Major Facebook style notifications on user and system activity
Major Web Browser upload progress bar improvements
Major Users can setup profile images that shows up in file activity and comments
Major User browser sessions times out gracefully
Major Outlook Add in now has full sharing support
Major Updated Sync app with new management UI
Major Support for AWS Customer Provided Encryption support
Major Mass Deployment Default Configuration Support for Sync, Drive, Outlook Add on
Major Seeding functionality for quick loading of files into Managed Storage from Local and S3
Major Support for PHP 7.0, Ubuntu 16.04, New MongoDB Driver
Major Integrated FileCloud Windows Installer with Content Search, Document Preview and Helper – June 13, 2017
GeneralCritical: FIX Amazon S3 storage db schema not updated to the latest version
GeneralFix Admin UI Edit user button is not functional in non-english language – June 9, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix Duplicate user account creation when database schema is not updated
GeneralFix Send Share Email fails on re-shared items
GeneralFix invalid sizes in items removed for network folder file indexing – June 6, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix Solr Configuration getting unset if Solr stops running
GeneralCritical: Fix IE doesn’t show Folder Toolbox menu
GeneralFix photo thumbnails don’t work in IE after upgrade to 15.0
GeneralFix PDF preview incorrect caching when Doc Convertor is not running
GeneralFix search bug with indexed file listings
GeneralFix content search results only returning up to 10 results
AdminFix FileCloud Online file versioning not able to be changed
AdminFix Forgot email password template is incorrect
AdminFix folder permissions not shown in admin view even when permissions are provided
AdminDisable password and email when trying to add AD user in admin
AdminAdd user authentication type to user list export – May 26, 2017
GeneralCritical: Fix short URLs are removed for private single file shares when remove expiring shares are enabled
GeneralCritical: Fix network shares are not shared to users when my files is disabled
GeneralFix share dialog not showing user’s email properly during new filecloud user invite sharing flow
GeneralFix disallow changing email details via API when sending share email
GeneralFix notification email errors if pending notification emails were present in database
GeneralFix errors in listing backup records – May 23, 2017
General@mention comment notification for shared files is incorrect
GeneralPassword protected share doesn’t show background image
GeneralTeam Folders UI usability changes
GeneralTeam Folders sharing dialog doesn’t show all groups available
GeneralPrevious versions not shown informational panel
GeneralNotifications will ignore sync downloads
GeneralFix certain runtime errors – May 16, 2017
General Fix when using Folder Security after enabling share on subfolders the “share” button is not shown
General Backup server needs to support HA configuration
General Fix Password Protected Share doesn’t set password by default when shares are created on network shares
General Sync, Drive, Outlook and Office AddIn now requires fully valid Server SSL certificates when connecting via HTTPS (Self – Signed SSL certificates won’t work)
General Fix error while previewing a file in Amazon S3 network share
General Fix copying a file with utf-8 filename doesn’t work in Amazon S3
General Public shared links accessible via browser are more mobile browser friendly
General Locking: Support recursive locking for same user in a given path
General Improve File activity notification email
General Show error correctly when non existent network folder is accessed
General Fix after renaming a Folder with contents inside, the listing shows old and new names
General Fix email notification shows full path instead of shared path
General Fix email notifications for folders they don’t have access to
General Fix accessing files under shared with me does not add to recent list.
General Documentation to improve preview of large PDF files
General Show message to user to refresh browser when an upgrade is done and newer version is available
General Fix Password Requirement inconsistencies when changing password after login
General Fix User Last login not shown in report
General Fix providing initial path in browser should override any override path set in admin settings
General Support password expiration policy for default authentication users
General Show download button if Show Single File Share full preview is enabled
General Fix Sharing Dialog doesn’t populate the To Email properly when inviting new users
General Fix when user creates a share to a limited user, the limited user “Share” checkbox should be grayed out
General Fix issues in Password Protected Share by Default
General Fix Shared with Me should hide My Files Data if My Files are disabled
General Fix Folder Level Permissions issue with files with upload permissions disabled
General Performance improvements when accessing network shares
General Fix Setting download privileges for users shows error
General Support @mention in comments
General Fix some files with special characters are shown as folders
General Improve security for Forgot password process, a password reset link is first sent to user for verification
General Fix PDF preview fails in IE
General Fix if email is in DO NOT EMAIL then adding user to share shows blank error message with Send Failed
General Fix Installers should force quit apps automatically if they are running
General Fix Move and Delete are disabled in search results
General Fix MacDrive is not auto starting under some conditions
General Browser UI shows different folder icons for Team Folders, Shared with me and Network Shares
General Support keyboard shortcuts for actions in web browser
General Support migrating existing shares when a top level folder is renamed
General Fix issue with file locks with expiry date
General New option to hide the Send Share Via Email Link
General Fix content search with Quotes causes search failure
General Fix issues with user logins with space at the end of the name
ServerLink fails to replicate 0 byte file
Admin Workflow causing existing authorization to fail
Admin Display number of days for password expiry in user details in admin portal
Admin Fix workflow issues when day interval is specified
Admin Warnings shown in checks page for large apache log files
Admin Notify admin about solr not running via email
Admin Enable Camera Backups when my files are disabled and only network shares are used
Admin New script to export / import all server settings
Admin Fix expired Shares are not getting deleted
Admin Fix when admin adds/deletes file via manage files, the activity shows You added file
Admin Fix Mod Rewrite failure when accessing site over and they have self signed certificate
Admin New Report to show which files have been deleted/uploaded/changed in one day
Admin Fix admin login, shows admin (admin) in audit logs
Admin Enable versioning in FCDocconvertor.jar
Admin Fix Add Group not working in Folder Level Permissions in Admin Portal
Admin Fix Audit Export with criteria downloads empty file
Admin Fix Email Send Failure : SMTP issue with some mail servers
Admin Fix Change Email settings Password doesn’t prompt the save button
Admin Add the user count by type in admin summary email
Admin Improve FileCloud Windows Upgrade Tool
Admin Fix Admin UI – Language Settings Change does not allow save
Admin Fix Encryption status call fails for non built-in admin user
Admin Support mandatory Password Protected share
Admin Fix NTFS Helper Hang During Indexing
Admin Show more dashboard data for limited Admins
Admin Improve real time indexing performance when records > 200K
Admin Fix NTFS Helper is not reporting subfolder write permissions correctly
Admin Geo IP graph with empty data is empty, it will show default graph view instead
Admin Fix Share mode gets disabled when user type is Guest in Admin
Admin Fix Geo IP report can time out when number of audit records is large > 4 Million
Admin Fix CSV User Import issues
Admin Add support for the Strict Transport Security and nonsniff security headers
Admin Fix enabling Sync Permission in a Share shows error via Admin Portal
Admin Fix uploading logo with UpperCase PNG is failing
Admin Account alert email subject must be customizable with their service name
Admin Fix message without license installed shows wrong count
Admin Fix Checks page to show more clearer status for some conditions
Admin Fix Admin Alert – License Installation requires clicking Install button twice
Admin Fix disallow using upper case in Site Creation
Admin Fix if there is an empty space at the end of admin password – login fails
Admin Show other admin accounts in user listing views
Admin Fix Admin dashboard reports polls indefinitely under some conditions
Admin Backup server login hangs when number of backup server targets exceeds 10
Admin Fix Default Quota assignment problem where creating new account sets quota to 0 GB instead of default
Admin Workflow problem when disabling user sends notification every day
Admin Support running run cron tasks directly from the Admin ui
Admin Support for a new report that lists all files in Managed Storage
Admin Fix unable to set default user quota in FileCloud Online
Admin Workflow is blocking Cloud Automation App
Admin Fix account creation should fail if storage is not initialized
Admin Stop sending Admin report if no accounts are disabled in workflow
Sync Fix Deleting and re-adding new folders will trigger delete approval alert
Sync Files stored in Root of Sync Folder not getting synced should have better error notification
Sync Ask confirmation for large number of file updates in addition to file deletes
Sync FileBrowser refresh should clear all caches for all paths
Sync Disable sync for share folders that are already part of another share the user already has
Sync Fix updating a file and deleting a file will cause file to be re-uploaded by sync apps that were offline
Sync Fix Backup doesn’t continue immediately if it fails to run because network is offline
Sync Fix Running sync as a service doesn’t work
Sync Fix critical issue where original files can be overwritten from server when conflicts are created and subsequently synced
Sync Support proxy without any authentication
Sync Skip files if filenames has control characters
Sync Fix Remote wipe happens only when the app tries to relogin
Drive Fix disable opening of File Explorer on startup doesn’t work properly
Drive Fix Default Button Focus Issue
Drive Drive caches system status settings for 5 minutes
Drive Fix Drive has Lock error when opening files with “&” in filename
Drive Fix Incorrect caching of file listing during copy and delete of files
Drive Fix FileCloudDrive delay issues because Windows tries to connect directly to network location using port 445
Drive Rename file is not properly handing office files
Drive Fix issues with Macdrive when using Office 365 files on MacOSX Sierra
Drive MacDrive dark menu icon support
Drive Fix Mount point defaults to E: when using access code in FileCloud Drive application
Drive Fix MacDrive excel save failure
Outlook Normalize files with UTF-8 Form-C normalization for Outlook and Office Add-On
Outlook Fix issue where uploading to server where URL contains port number fails

FileCloud Version: 14 – Jan 31, 2017
Major Support Web browser based editing of Office Documents using LibreOffice and MS Office Online Server. Learn more about FileCloud integration with Office.
Major Support FileCloud Drive app in Mac OSX (Beta). Learn more about Drive
Major Updated Admin portal skin
Major Brand New Admin Portal Dashboard with reports and statistics. Learn more about FileCloud analytics
Major General Support for new reports — Gets a view of all the non-browser clients that connected to the file cloud instance. Learn more about reports
  • All non-browser clients grouped by client OS (For example: Windows, Darwin etc)
  • All non-browser clients grouped by client Type (For example: CloudSync, FileCloudDrive, FileCloud iOS app etc)
  • Get the distribution of files based on extension (For example: jpg files, xlsx files etc)
  • Get list of users sorted by number of files in managed storage
  • Get list of users sorted by quota usage
  • Retrieve percentage of files in managed storage that changed over a time period
  • Get a report of all the shares in system.
  • Get a report of login activity over a time period
Major Upgrade XAMPP to Apache 2.4.23, PHP 5.6.28, MongoDB Driver 1.6.14, MongoDB 3.2.7
Major Security: Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks by malicious websites (Incompatible APIs)
Major Drive now supports versioning of files when editing Office Documents
Major Support Drag and drop upload for more than 100 files via the web browser
Major General: Ability to set a default file for user context when viewing a Public Shares
Major General: Support for combining PDFs into a single PDF – Jan 30, 2017
General Fix webedit issue with Office Online Server – Jan 30, 2017
General Fix Folder Permissions Dialog box allows adding new users incorrectly
General Download button is hidden when sharing big images
General Previous versions doesn’t show more than 20 versions
General Text search not working for multi-tenant non default site
General Allow Text search without using *
General Fix wrong notifications on file changes when using NTFS network shares
General Fix webedit issue with Collabora v2.0.1
General Fix language change issue in new account screen
General Show full AD user name during search
General Add system metrics reporting to improve FileCloud
Admin Fix email sending issue for mail servers with SSL certificates
Admin Support alternate share URL useful when using ServerLink
Admin Fix Control panel not starting when installed in D:
Admin Allow option to disable changing file modification time for network shares on upload (avoids crash)
Sync Fix issue where Quick Edit downloaded files are not getting cleaned up
Drive Fix Unlimited download size limit doesn’t work – Jan 12, 2017
General Fix Copy or Move with overwrite doesn’t handle files with changed case names
General Fix Entry in recycle item cleared if another file is deleted in the same parent path
General User Account expiry will decrease the number of user accounts in use by license
General Fix recycle bin items get replaced when deleting other items in the same path
General Fix error msg shown when trying to share a read only NTFS Folder
General Fix error with Folder Permissions affecting unrelated paths disabling copy/move/delete
General Background dispatcher not supporting multi tenancy for S3 encryption, workflows and reports
General Make new account email have a clickable server URL to open site
General Content indexing issue for files with international characters
General Fix pagination not working properly for folder permissions view
General Support time out in user portal doesn’t prompt user to reload
General Single public image share shows inline preview
General Upgrade PHP Mailer to 5.2.16 so that it fixes a infinite loop under some conditions
General Fix issue where 2 emails are being sent consecutively for 2FA login
General Show proper error message when copying file to invalid paths
General Hide Folder Permissions for Guest accounts
General Fix upload only password protected public share fails to show the password screen.
General Fix issue with Folder Permissions when sharing an image from slideshow
General Remove play button for single files
General Improve error for password length requirements when creating account
General Fix download fails when download count limit is set for Network Folder share
General Sort shares view based on date
General Fix download folder as zip does not work with S3 Network folders
General Fix Previous versions doesn’t show 0 byte file versions
General Fix password protected share not loading when user name contains space
General Fix error when enabling sharing permissions for a private file share
General Fix upload file paths greater than 255 characters fails uploads without cleaning up
General Fix .prop files for Amazon S3 uploads being cleaned up inadvertently
General Support opening TIF files as images
General Fix Android photo upload fails in Hosted Cloud
General Fix issues with file type detections
General Fix issues with move/rename in Amazon S3 network folders
General Improve listing speeds for Amazon S3 network folders
General Support config to require new users to change password on first login
General Dirscraper: Parsing fails if path has % character
General Fix issue with renameOrMove of network folder with overwrite with names that have different cases will delete folder
General Add user emails to email notifications
General Fix issue with directory scraper failures in some different conditions
General Add a “Cancel Share” to sharing dialog so users can quickly remove share
General Remove Leave Share button for My Files
General Limited User Default Quota is now set to 0
General Fix setting File Listing sort order doesn’t work properly
General Fix scroll bar missing in favorites section
General Fix overwrite prompt doesn’t appear on copy or move in some conditions
General Show modified date for folders in file listings
General Fix Activity is lost when a file is deleted
General Disable download options for view only shared video files
General File Locking can be done to files or folders only with write permissions for NTFS folder shares
General Fix display name allows adding unprintable characters
General Fix using a path longer than 256 chars shows wrong file listings
General Public link shown in side tab in user view doesn’t work
General Automatic account creation fails when logging in with a AD Account
General Fix error when logging in after accessing invalid password protected share
General Fix error when trying to download a Public shared file
General Send notification email when a file gets downloaded for a public share
General Support password change upon logon after password has been reset
General Need server maintenance mode
General Support using “Enter” keyboard command to confirm many user portal actions
General Fix error when downloading re-shared file from Network Folder
General Fix error error when sending share email
General Improve email notifications to filter out actions performed by that user and limit changes to 25
General Fix Drag-n-drop upload into S3 network folder fails
General Provide more visual feedback when a share is created on what exact folder is being shared
General Fix share email not displaying name with &
Sync Show unicode character file names properly when when opened for quick edit
Sync Fix remote deletion of files via offline sync option doesn’t work for s3 network shares.
Sync Disable errors when network is unavailable
Sync Overlay icons not seen if sync folder location was set incorrectly with multiple \\ in path
Sync Fix issue with Delete Approval Percent configuration
Sync Fix issue in File Browser – Unable to upload zerobyte file
Sync Fix issue in File Browser – Upload files shows wrong time (Mac OSX)
Sync Fix issue creating many empty folders when resolving conflict using remote server copy
Sync Reduce frequency of error msg shown if a folder or file is created at root level
Sync No popup or error notifications on Network Folder file conflicts
Sync Fix filenames uploaded with HTML entities don’t work properly
Sync Fix files with special control characters can be added to filecloud via browser and sync and don’t work properly later
Sync Support launch on system startup
Sync Fix sync client not showing “Display message” Device Management command
Sync Fix 0 byte files don’t upload to Network Folders
Sync Fix case change local folder after backup causes folder creation error
Sync Advanced offline view has no way to enable Remote Delete
Sync Stop the sync process when download phase has exceptions
Sync Don’t ignore “New folder” when it has items inside it
Sync Files changed to 0 bytes in size are treated as deletes and confirmation is requested
Sync Report conflicts as errors in list so user can take action
Sync Fix after changing sync location, the shortcut needs to be changed as well
Sync Improve error message when a folder is renamed
Drive Disable high latency server mode in drive
Drive Update the Drive Icon
Drive Fix error message in drive when accessing locked files
Drive Device Management message not shown properly under some conditions
Drive Fix Dialog box rendering issue in Device Authentication login flow
Drive Fix issue creating duplicate excel entries with S3 managed storage
Drive Support config to disable automatic update checks
Drive Fix drive crash when copying a lot of small files
Drive Fix incorrect audit message for rename action
Outlook Support handling files with different Unicode normalization for Outlook and Office Add-On
Outlook Support Device Management for outlook addon
Outlook Support Pass protected share from outlook addon
Outlook Fix files that are less than the filesize limit are also uploaded
Admin Fix search indexing status network folder has a space in name
Admin Support installing SPLA licenses to all sites in one shot
Admin Fix unsubscribe link in Admin Summary emails
Admin Fix admin summary email quota exceeded user typo
Admin Remote wipe actions should be reported in Audit
Admin Fix audit message setting and removing Folder Permission inheritance
Admin Fix issue with filter in folder permissions view in admin portal
Admin Support enabling encryption for all sites in a multisite config
Admin Support ability to add notes to user accounts as well as searching through them
Admin Disallow selecting trim audit end dates less than start date
Admin Add pagination support for Workflows
Admin Fix sorting of shares based on account name
Admin Fix UI issue when displaying long email ids in user details dialog
Admin Provide easy SSL CSR Generation + install certificate tools via filecloud control panel
Admin Support importing more than 1500 AD users
Admin Set user permissions when group permissions are given for admin users
Admin Fix group name update fails under some conditions
Admin Allow importing AD users by admins with “Users” level admin permissions
Admin Support option to disable multiselection in web browser
Admin Fix User Locks view not sorted descending
Admin Installation of Apache Solr deployment is easier on Linux and part of the installation
Admin Support managing Folder Permissions from admin portal
Admin Fix refresh user view after AD group import
Admin Fix incorrect Admin portal permissions after changing master admin name
Admin Support system wide HTTP proxies when doing server upgrades
Admin Support custom endpoint support for S3 network folders
Admin Fix disallow sending summarys email for expired multi-tenant sites
Admin Support Amazon S3 KMS SSE for S3
Admin Support SSE for Amazon S3 network folders
Admin Fix issue where Device block without wipe doesn’t work
Admin Use Admin Email if set or email REPLY_TO for all admin notification emails
Admin Ensure Admin actions have entries in Audit
Admin Require shares to have mandatory password protection
Admin Fix installation error with ubuntu debian package
Admin Fix new encryption admin permission role separate from settings
Admin Change user modes in user dialog in one click
Admin Allow admins to set the email notifications policy when user creates share
Admin Allow exporting Audit records with filtered criteria
Admin Support policy to specify share type
Admin Add checks against specified Server URL when configuring
Admin Fix license data when not installed
Admin Fix account approval default email template so incorrect “PASSWORD” template is not sent for AD user
Admin Support disabling Do Not Mail list
Admin Support options to control email dialog appearance during file or folder share
Admin Ability to enter CSS text for customeization directly in the admin portal
Admin User import should support more fields from CSV
Admin Limit the max size of a notification email
Admin Fix previous option in workflow dialog box does not have previously entered data
Admin Show logged in account name in admin portal
Admin Allow editing email subject templates like 2FA
Admin Fix error with importing users with displaynames using &
Admin Allow users to login via email to admin portal
Admin Fix issues in Admin share management dialogs showing different data than user portal
Admin Cron errors are reported clearly in log when site is unreachable
Admin ExportFS tool is now multi-site aware
Admin Fix cloud update tool doesn’t download download zip correctly
Admin Support rmail notification when the encryption password needs to be entered.
Admin Fix last run time for cron tasks
Admin Support workflow to send notifications for storage full
API Fix clearallconfigsetting removes site

FileCloud Version: 13 – Sep 28, 2016
Major Desktop SSO for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive
Major Workflows for automating actions in FileCloud
Major Granular Permissions for Folder Shares in Managed Storage (My Files)
Major Show thumbnail previews for Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF documents
Major Password Protected Shares
Major Automatic creation of user accounts when inviting users to share
Major Amazon S3 connector to connect S3 buckets as remote network shares accessible via FileCloud
Major Anti-Ransomware Features: Heuristic file content scanning engine
Major File Browser app to support easy file access to all server files when using sync (Windows, OSX)
Major New Google Chrome “Save to FileCloud” extension
Major New Google Chrome “FileCloud for Gmail” extension
General Share URL doesn’t work during cleanup when the path has special characters
General Fix issue with old share links don’t work anymore
General Translation fix for upload queue
General Amazon S3 Network shares upload doesn’t work into non-root paths
General Prevent thumbnail generation for files that are not supported
General Amazon S3 Network shares remove time limit for uploads
Backupserver File list shows empty in the backed up list
General Favorites: Unable to delete a shared path from favorites list
General Directory Scraper parsing fails if path has % character
General Fix disallow movie file download on Safari on certain shares
General Fix error when sending share email in Firefox
Admin SSO login for Admin UI optionally allows skipping the FileCloud admin UI login screen
Admin Fix failure saving setup checklist in Admin UI
API Fix make version live for files with more than one version
API XML parsing problem due to bad meta record – Aug 24, 2016
General Fix: 0 byte files don’t download with encrypted storage
General Fix: Admin passwords with < in them don't work
General Network Shares content search doesn’t work correctly
General NTFS based network shares using Helper doesn’t display permissions correctly
Admin Unlock operations not working correctly
Admin Unsubscribe email dialog should use TOEMAILID
Admin Allow option to skip Admin Login Screen when using SSO
Admin Fix: User level new account policy doesn’t get saved properly
Sync Fix: Device Auth Code Login doesn’t open the devices screen correctly
Sync Fix: crash on exit under some circumstances – Aug 11, 2016
General Critical Fix: Moving folder containing file with multiple versions can remove current version. – Aug 09, 2016
General Fix disabling locking prevents file downloads and uploads – Aug 08, 2016
General Fix using directory scraper with UNC network share paths doesn’t work – Aug 06, 2016
General Fix: Error when re-sharing files or folders
General Update Windows Server components to Apache 2.4.17, PHP 5.6.23, OpenSSL 1.0.2
General Allow setting to select default sort order of file items in the web browser
General Fix: Use GB everywhere instead of inconsistent usage of Bytes, KB or GB
General Show proper error message when file upload fails with virus
General Support for force password change on login
General Support Drag-and-Drop File Upload on Microsoft EDGE
General Users are now prevented from changing display name directly
General Allow file download when viewing files in slide show
General Disallow renaming files to files in restricted file extension list
General Improve notification email formatting
General Disable sharing for network share will hide share options for users
General Allow Locking and Unlocking only if Write permissions is allowed
General Allow copy paste of folder to same folder with different name
General Fix IE 11 PDF printing
General Support showing a specific file as a default file for selection and preview when entering the folder
General Support CSV export of users
General Show proper message from AD server (password expiry etc) when login fails
General Backups folder doesn’t show sync allowed
General Fix Document preview mode not working in Microsoft IE edge
General After uploading via public anonymous uploader, the completed entries should be removed
General File Listings allow customizing number of items in the list
General Fix Share UI issue when language set to dutch
General Detect image orientation from image exif data
General Allow users to edit Share Name
General Allow ability to filter and show single file when sharing a file privately to another user
General Fix guest user quotas are also being counted towards allocated quota
General Allow searching shares based on URL
General Show single file share preview in full screen mode
General Display full filepath in search results
General Fix incorrect flagging of certain names as duplicate folders
General Fix issue with copying and downloading files > 4 GB
General Thumbnails are now supported for TIFF Files
General Disable error checking on restrict downloads for private share
Admin Decryptall in multi-site will decrypt the default site
Admin Add watchdog for openoffice server
Admin Improved Multi-tenancy dashboard, including sorting and filtering
Admin Multi-tenant dashboard shows days to expire columns
Admin Add option to disable email notifications for Limited User accounts
Admin FileCloud Component upgrade tool checks the space available before install
Admin Patching should stop on partial zip download
Admin Fix: “Manage Groups” filter box is titled incorrectly as filter shares
Admin Fix 2FA : invalid security code behavior in admin login is not the same as user login
Admin Allow changing number of user shares per page in Shares View
Admin Fix: Search doesnt work for remote solr server
Admin Disable using user email information when sending share via email
Admin Check permissions when adding network shares
Admin Add restriction for file document preview
Admin Add support for Admin portal login using SSO
Admin Support disabling email notification for a single network share
Admin Support for new FileCloud Document Converter (including LibreOffice)
Admin Fix Short urls are not removed, when the user is deleted from the system / or the share is deleted.
Admin Support email notifications when new devices connect to FileCloud
Admin Support additional search options for RMC devices like version number
Admin Show warning before user delete
Admin Multi site installations have site specific log directories for easier debugging
Admin Fix proper error when entering invalid 2FA code in admin login
Admin Allows blacklisting of email domains that users are disallowed from sharing files with
Admin Disallow lock API when locking is disabled by admin
Admin Fix importing from AD groups where where sam name and group name are different
Admin Add support for expiring temporary passwords
Admin Add ability to hide latest files added in admin UI
Admin Audit logs show the password of the user in clean text for some calls
Admin Multi-site should not allow hostname to have http or https prefixes
Admin Fix decrypt all in multi-site setups might decrypt using the wrong key
Admin New layout for misc tab in settings
Admin Support TLS/SSL connection strings for Amazon S3
Admin Fix audit messages for Copy/Move folders
Admin Fix SERVERLINK replication should not send email notifications
Admin Allow exporting current shares
Drive Improve Filecloud drive performance
Drive Fix: Filecloud drive doesn’t handle nested folder permissions properly (NTFS)
Drive Provide option to disable opening of File Explorer on startup
Drive Show uploading information and errors via status dialog
Sync Handle conditions when connected network share is unavailable at the top level
Sync Fix: Sync app is displayed in Audit Logs with extra %20
Sync Fix: Sync sets 700 on all files in Mac OSX user home directory
Sync Fix: Initial sync with pre-existing local files gets overwritten from remote server
Sync Ignore network folder recyclebin folders when syncing files
Sync Fix: Underlying file open for Quick Edit can be removed on Mac OSX even if currently being used
Sync Sync runs on top status bar Mac OSX
Sync Sync is now installed in the program files folder instead of APPDATA
Sync Configuring Network Folders is shown in the main context menu
Sync Optional CRC and Timestamp mode for syncing files to detect file changes without size changes
Sync Support disabling some file and folder locations from backup
Sync Add notification for skipped in use files
Sync Allow disabling all notifications from sync app
Sync Add custom property to adjust value that triggers % deleted approval prompt
Sync Fix command line sync app doesn’t work if the username is specified in UPPERCASE
Sync Ignore temporary files while syncing
Sync Allow realtime indexing to be done in Windows while server runs in linux
Sync Fix Valid .cache files should not be ignored
Sync Add custom property to change frequency of manual periodic scan for sync folder in network folders
Sync Fix uploading files with special characters creates ghost files in network folders
Sync Provide a way to disable explorer right click options like Move etc
Sync If upload fails in backup, check for path and re-create folder
Sync Fix removing a file will show wrong message
Sync Killing sync in middle of upload doesn’t exit process
Sync Allow users to change progress indicator for dark backgrounds
Backup Fix issue with duplicate folders when starting the same backup job manually that is already scheduled

FileCloud Version: 12 – Apr 25, 2016
Major Support for Full Text search in documents
Major Beta support for FileCloud ServerLink (separate licensing) which allows synchronizing a FileCloud server to another
Major Support for New FileCloud Microsoft Office Add-In
Major 2FA support for Google Authenticator
Major Performance improvements when listing network folders with NTFS Permissions (Requires updating Webserver components)
Major Two Factor Authentication support for Admin
Major Allow users to edit the share email send when inviting users to a share
CRITICAL NTFS Network Folders:If using Network Shares with NTFS permissions you will need to upgrade your web server installation:
General Short URLs for shares are now like http://host/url/myshorturl (old urls will also work fine) – Apr 25, 2016
General Fix: Error when re-sharing files or folders
General Fix: Users when created should default to “DEFAULT” for sharing mode
General Fix: Share mail uses sending user email address incorrectly in share email
General Fix: Files uploaded to network folders > 4 GB don’t upload correctly – Apr 05, 2016
General Fix: Files with ‘ don’t download from Amazon S3 backend if direct download is enabled
General Fix: Handle NTLM username in lowercase or uppercase
General Fix: Content search fails for search path with space
General Fix: Server returns Realtime Indexing timeout error when adding files – Mar 23, 2016
General Fix issue uploading .evtx files
General Clear activity history when file is deleted – Mar 21, 2016
General Shared file preview is not working correctly
General Unable to create folders/files with umlauts when running old PHP versions < 5.6
General Hide Usage stats and Quota if My Files is disabled
General Support custom expiration times for 2FA codes
General Fix creating a share from Shared Folders view for a Network Shares path fails
General Hide Quick Edit option for single file share view
General Disallow changing shared path location once share is created – Mar 14, 2016
General Fix handling invalid file and folder paths properly – Mar 12, 2016
General Under some cases, uploading large files to Network Shares may not set parent folder permissions correctly
General File names uploaded are automatically converted to UTF-8 normalized form when uploaded via browser
General Fix duplicate file or folders with different UTF-8 normalization is blocked
General Disallow Deletes when sharing folders privately (while still providing uploading new and modified files)
General Store deleted dates for files stored in recycle bin
General Ability to filter user share list
General Ability to filter lock list
General Fix improper audit log from webdav
General Disallow Drag-and-Drop upload works for recycle bin
General Disallow Quick edit for view only private shares
General Fix recent activity shows viewing activity for view only private shares
General Recycle bin should save the file in the full path where the file was deleted
General Disallow allowing Non-AD users to access content if username matches user in AD (matching NTFS permissions)
General Fix adding favorites doesn’t work for “Shared with Me”
General Allow overwrite support for file copy and move if files or folders already exists
General Allow guest users to add favorites
General User quota when set to unlimited says 0, instead of unlimited
General Change option name from Delete to “Remove from favorites”
General Fix comments are not deleted after a folder is removed
General Fix locked files list shows files in Deleted Items
General Improve image thumbnail quality
General Fix issue with re sharing a private share
General Play video directly from single file share view
General Setting session timeout of 0 only sets minimum timeout of 15 mins for web browser
General Improved folder size usage information now available for users
General Fix search results from partially uploaded files
General Fix some files cannot be uploaded if the name differs from existing file names with characters like . or –
General Add user level email notifications override for global settings
General Fix scroll bar does’nt show up in search
General Add support for Quick Edit for .IDD and .PSD, XLSB
General Disallow copy of text in view only mode for files
General Fix errors with permissions during download as zip
General Short URL for share changes when switching public to private and there are pre-existing private shares
General Show expired shares differently in the file listings
General Add ability to customize Login Error message so it can have link to reset password
General File downloads larger than 4.5GB fails
General Fix Comment is not getting deleted for read-only shares
General Hide Move and Delete options
General Allow selection of multiple items using Shift + Click
General Support natural ascending sort order for browser sorting
General Show more details on uploading errors via browser
General Hide OS level hidden files in Network Folders (desktop.ini, $RECYCLE.BIN, anything with *.lnk)
General IE caches PDF preview in web browser
General Thumbnails are not shown for large files (greater than 100MB)
General Allow case change in files and folders via sync or browser without errors
General Optionally assign ownership automatically to username who uploaded a file or created a folder for Network Folders
General Allow advanced option to do quick edit for all file types without extensions
General Add improvements with reducing port exhaustion issues on Windows Servers
General Add print button for previewable documents in single file view
General forgot password fails when using email address
General Fix condition when S3 storage doesn’t find a temp folder
General Upload doesn’t work for windows event log file in Google Chrome
General All Favorite lists are selected when one is selected
General Multi-tenancy issue with redirecting sites when URL has HTTP non-default port
General Share email is not sent to all users if one of them is in do not email list
General Fix issue where email alerts are sent continuously when password expires for example and login is locked
General Support sending file change notifications for NTFS permissions based network folders
General Highly secure short URL generation
General Highly Secure random password generation
General Password reset message shouldn’t reveal user existence
General Security 2FA code is resent on any entry failure
General Fix notification email text to be more generic
General Fix users added via ADFS should be lower case
Admin Allow access to Recycle bin for Admins
Admin Change title for “Disable My Files Sync” option to add Automatic Sync of Network Folders
Admin Fix issue to import AD group members to use case insensitive group name
Admin Support disabling ABE per network share
Admin Add support for custom datetime formats when scraping Directory Scraper
Admin Allow Multi-AD authentication to support accounts with duplicate usernames
Admin Fix disabling Preview in customizations disables Quick Edit option
Admin Allow changing Limited user storage quota
Admin Preview operation is now shown correctly in Audit log
Admin Fix Forgot password email generates blank password if min password length is set to zero
Admin AD Group List should allow selection of group during import
Admin Fix Group createdon time is shown incorrectly
Admin Adding a user prompts to add admin permissions when setting user as admin
Admin Cron job should clear partially uploaded files automatically after X days
Admin New watchdog service to detect failures and restart webserver and database
Admin Fix audit logs to show actual user who made changes instead of generic admin
Admin Support importing of AD group where SAM Group name is different from Principal name
Admin When changing Network Folder name show alert saying this will affect existing configured sync apps
Admin Fix AD configuration stays in database, even when switched to non-AD configuration
Admin Support ^USERNAME^ tag in password recovery email
Admin Fix incorrect quota usage reported when shares are included in the space calculation
Admin Display actual client IP in Audit logs
Admin Add device information to the audit logs
Admin Password reset script should clear all admin lockouts
Admin Fix Audit log shows file preview multiple times
Admin Add script to delete user from command line (useful when user has lot of data)
Admin Add audit log entry when FC is upgraded
Admin Disallow using HTML tags in group names
Admin SMTP password not returned via API for Admin settings UI
Admin Settings is empty when admin user is given access to settings only
Helper Fix issue where NTFS Helper caches permissions even when the path is invalid
Helper Update to latest MongoDB C library
Helper Increase expiry caching time for permissions check
Helper Installer should not replace any of the ini files on update
Sync Renaming folder immediately brings back old folder under some conditions
Sync Not showing overlay for “Shared With Me”
Sync Sync should avoid syncing for a while if it gets quota error
Sync Ignore Thumbs.db during sync
Sync Show FileCloud sync folder in the Explorer menu
Sync Hide launch window after quick edit
Sync Add option to allow files with “..” files
Sync Auto create a shortcut in Finder pointing to the FileCloud folder.
Sync Fix remote wipe doesnt work if network folder name is changed from default
Sync Allow timemachine files to not trigger unknown files warning on Mac OSX
Sync Allow locking and unlocking files support in right click menu via Sync app in Windows
Sync Add XML option to disable automatic version checks
Sync Don’t show notifications (baloons) for all skipped files
Sync Advanced Offline Mode doesnt show listings for folders configured as Local to Remote
Sync Add option to not re-upload files to server if already exists on remote server
Sync Fix advanced offline folders list doesn’t show backup jobs
Sync Retain original modified date when files are uploaded
Sync Enable Remote Delete if “Automatic Sync” is selected
Sync Using removeunshared option should not remove individual files
Sync Sync treats network folders with usernames as paths in My Files
Backup Server Fix backup starts at the wrong time due to Timezones
Backup Server Fix incremental backup issue
Backup Server Show backup type in the list of backup jobs
Backup Server Add script to delete older jobs
Backup Server Export files of all users
Drive Remove shortcut to FileCloud drive executable from desktop
Drive Installer now installs in Program Files instead of AppData
Drive Add support for TLS 1.2
Drive Fix User authentication lost after inactivity
Drive Improved Terminal server support
Drive Customized FileCloudDrive application does not auto start
Drive Retain original modified date when files are uploaded
Drive Support new filesystem driver version level
Drive Improve behavior when copying into Readonly folders
API Fix getfavoritelistforitem returns string instead of xml
API Fix getdiskusagedetails returns string, instead of xml
API Fix issue with deletepartialuploads
API Fix getadgroupmembers returns string instead of xml

FileCloud Version: 11 – Dec 24, 2015
Major Beta support for FileCloud Backup Server (Backup/Restore Files and Folders from Backup Server)
Major Server Performance Improvements, UI Loading, PHP Opcache support
Major FileCloud Drive Improvements:Asynchronous File Listing Support, Any File Size Download Support, Auto Locking of Files Support:
Major FileCloud Sync Improvements:Multi-threaded Uploads/Downloads, Faster scanning and indexing of files, Improved Error Reporting:
Major Fast Indexed File search for Network Folders if real-time scanning is enabled
Major Outlook Add-In can handle file upload of unlimited file sizes
Major Optimized Direct Downloads of files from Amazon S3 Storage when using Drive, Sync, iOS and Android apps
Major Windows Server Components Upgraded to Apache 2.4.16, PHP 5.6.12, OpenSSL 1.0.1p, Mongo Database 3.0.6
Major FileCloud Sync Advanced Offline Mode Beta:Connect arbitrary local folders to remote FileCloud folders for offline sync:
Major iOS/Android now have more efficient media backup support – Dec 24, 2015
General CRITICAL: Critical bug fix release for S3 backend system. – Nov 12, 2015
General Fix error when moving or renaming files
General Fix issue with wrong file type when listing network folders under some special conditions – Nov 09, 2015
General CRITICAL: Fix Upload fails in WebDAV with 0 byte files – Nov 05, 2015
Sync Fix issue with sync app uploading partially downloaded .part files with offline sync
Sync Continue with downloading other files with offline sync even if one file fails – Oct 29, 2015
Sync CRITICAL: Fix error with 11.0 sync app deleting files when a file or folder is locked and not available for enumeration – Oct 27, 2015
General CRITICAL: Fix error Deleting, Moving, Renaming File error
General Email Notification URLs didn’t work when path contained spaces – Oct 26, 2015
General Uploading 0 byte files causes unexpected errors
General Download as Zip downloads fails in Linux when files are greater than 10 GB in size
General Print and Download options are hidden in web preview for view only shares
General Show Update Available notification when Drive and Sync startup
General Locks not shown properly for SHARED folders
General Login Username Password text not coming up in proper language
General Fix changing sharing permission From Public to Private still allows public option drop drown to be manipulated
General Uploading to Network Shares should use temp files instead of uploading directly into the file
General Show proper error message, when a locked file/folder is downloaded
General Set replyto for share emails to user who created the share
General Easier to copy share links in browser
General Allow comments on files even if it is only read only
General Support limiting AD Group for SSO login
General Add ability to turn off restrictions on “..” in folder and file names
General Disable video player context menu for readonly files
General Removing Desktop and Mobile URLs via Admin customizations should remove entries from drop-down on user portal
General Fix incorrectly reported errors under file operation failures
General Support GZIP Compression for improved performance
General Multi-tenant sites connection strings always specified using config files
General Improve performance for large file downloads with encrypted storage
General Fix Lock Icon not shown for a Limited User Account
General Show number of files and folders in file view in browser
General Fix sharing issue to users with usernames that are similar to one another
General Don’t overwrite favicon.ico during upgrades
General Support auto trimming Audit Database
General Optional support for HTTP Only Cookies
General Optional support for Secure SSL only Cookies
General Fix re-sharing same folder in NTFS should not redo security scan
General Clicking on Share or Share Folder should show progress dialog
General Fix issue where multiple spaces in the middle of a file/folder name are truncated.
General Show error when a folder is uploaded via drag and drop in unsupported browsers
General Remove not applicable options in share dialog for a single file share
General Fix broken image in admin-> customizations for login background in fresh install
Admin Deleting the network share doesn’t remove existing shares from that location
Admin Adding Network Share without proper permissions shows empty error dialog
Admin Support DISPLAYNAME variable in email templates in addition to username
Admin Upgrading installations do more verifications after upgrade is complete
Admin Default setting for Disk Usage calculation is without including shares
Admin Prevent multiple simultaneous background jobs from running
Admin Add in-place upgrade warning for HA system
Admin Truncate System Logs when it becomes too big
Admin Sending test email fails for non-english language
Admin Allow selecting user type when adding new user
Admin Clear Deleted Files should not timeout for large Network folders
Admin Shares and Locks are removed for disabled users
Admin Alert Admin when user quota is exceeded
Admin Audit Record Invalid when drag and drop upload file changes
Admin Screen Network Share UI Refresh Issue
Admin Limited accounts cannot be admin accounts
Admin Allow setting expiration date for each site in multi-tenancy to block all logins after some time.
Admin Downloaded Zip files are not being cleaned up from scratch tmp folder
Admin Allow selecting which FileChange Notification will now be sent (Add, Update, Delete, Download, Preview, Lock/Unlock etc)
Admin Allow exporting all sites information in multi-site admin to excel
Admin Allow adding notes to each site in multi-site admin to add more useful information
Admin Fix trailing slash in backup path breaks camera backup
Admin Remove any trailing slash from Server URLs even when set accidentally
Admin Amazon S3 storage backend URL is not displayed in admin portal
Admin Support case-insensitive login into admin portal
Admin Admin role settings don’t get cleaned when user is deleted
Admin Disallow spaces at the end of usernames
Sync Ignore Files and Folders which have spaces at end of files or folders
Sync Allow setting a Backup Email for notification of backup
Sync Allow reporting number of backup files during backup in the admin portal
Sync Show warning when files are added to top level folder that are not being synced
Sync Improve sync conflict notification
Sync Allow ability to skip some names from scanning
Sync Support more secure SSL connections even if RC4 is disabled
Sync Show alerts when user password changed on server
Sync Displays list of Sync Conflicts/Skipped Files in Error Dialog
Sync Quick Edit doesn’t work for files with multiple spaces in the names
Sync Sync app hangs under some conditions when web server is unavailable
Sync Don’t show sync login screen when server is unavailable during startup
Drive Fix issue when mounting with different names creates muntiple mount points
Outlook Show proper error on upload failures
Install Apache default SSL configuration supports stronger ciphers
Install Fix multiple bind_ip mongodb.conf files in debian and rpm packages
Cloud Helper Fix hang when some files are not in the sub-folder list
WebDAV Fix file upload issues with 0 byte files
API Add support for retrieving all activity records for a path recursively

FileCloud Version: 10 – Aug 19, 2015
Major Support for Active Directory Federated Services(ADFS)
Major Support for SAML 2.0 SSO
Major Support Free LIMITED User Account type (Webonly Secure Access Accounts) who don’t count towards license
Major Sharing a single file will now show a landing page for download instead of downloading directly
Major Local storage encryption: Add support for a recovery key in case main encryption password is unavailable
Major 2 Factor authentication support for Sync
Major 2 Factor authentication support for Drive
Major 2 Factor authentication support for outlook Add-In
General Fix translation issue in French causing right hand side UI rendering
General Fix read-only share permission for group permits download from preview view
General Fix iOS Document Preview issue with Amazon S3 Storage backend
Sync Fix issue with realtime sync not deleting folders properly – Aug 12, 2015
General Improved Translations for User Web Portal and Admin Portal
General Download via Share not recorded in Audit Log
General Remove unexpected options in Deleted Items View
General Sending verification email using non-html template doesn’t preserve link
General Support Open Office Documents for Quick Edit ODS, ODT, ODP
General Allow creating user names with .
General Open Stack Storage allows file uploads even when storage is offline
Sync Backup always re-uploads files after reset with files already present
Sync Sync Overlay not working properly when names have & in them – Jul 26, 2015
General Disabled User accounts does not count towards licensing
General NTFS Helper Service can be different for each site in a multi-tenant setup
General Launch Video Player with HTML5 automatically without showing option dialog
General Fix sorting not working in Network Shares file listings
General Multi tenancy duplicate settings doesn’t work correctly when copying sites with S3 storage
General Shares not removed when user is changed from FULL to GUEST user
General Fix unexpected dropdown options for public shared folder
General Fix Search UI not rendering properly
General Fix Network share versioning not working with file names having special and non-english characters
General Upgrade Apache/PHP/OpenSSL to Latest Version in Windows Installer
General Fix CSV user import has errors with Filecloud using S3 storage backend
General Displayname not set correctly when importing users from AD via group import
General User portal doesn’t show Horizontal Scroll when browser window is too small
General Improved information when file is locked in activity stream
General Drop Down for general folder actions not fully hidden even when items are selected
General Fix issue with shared folders with write permissions in Network Shares don’t show previous versions
General Fix limit group is not considered when doing an AD Group import
General Fix when account name is left empty it says “No password entered” at login
General Allow changing backup folder at the user level
General Add File Locking Activity in Shared Folder Email Notifications
General Network Folder ._cloud folder is now hidden
General Fix incorrect button/text color in recycle bin
General Activity stream doesnt show new file added, but just shows that it is deleted
General Share name is messed up when changing share permissions and then updating share properties
General If Admin is logged in in admin portal, unlocking a file via user portal shows incorrect message
General Remove share using admin portal doesn’t close the share dialog automatically
General Remove extra space in 2FA email
General Deleting File doesn’t remove it from search results
General PHP stops execution on a warning error under Linux
General Date picker not working in user and admin portal
General Activity stream panel does not update correctly when navigating from Favorites
General Breadcrumbs shown correctly for long directory names
General Don’t show share option for favorites lists
General Physical files larger than TONIDOCLOUD_RECYCLEBIN_SKIP_SIZE not deleted correctly
General Add “Select All” feature for file listings to select all entries in a folder
General Support more file formats odg, odp, ods for document preview
General Disable sharing for individual Network Shares
General Support ability to disable upload of some file extensions
Admin Move Camera Upload setting into separate Backup Settings Tab
Admin Show Single Tenant Max Users/Max Storage if set via Multi-Site Admin
Admin Fix message when email is reset in user properties in admin portal
Admin User login does not show proper audit message
Admin Disable sending invitations to other users via sharing screen
Admin Fix Multi selection issue in user permissions dialog
Admin Fix Audit doesn’t show if the share is public/private
Admin Fix Audit record shown when a disabled user tries to login
Admin Fix Audit message for unlock is not clear
Admin Fix issue with AD Settings not showing UPN suffix entry
Admin Fix Error when importing AD users from group with no users
Admin Add new Email template for 2FA
Admin Fix creating default user picks up AD display name if same user name exists in AD
Admin DB server string not exposed for S3 and openstack
Admin Update Admin share management UI to match user portal
Admin Upgrade check should report error if check for updates is disabled
Admin Show Helper status via admin portal
Admin Fix reset button for storage setting causes UI rendering issue
Sync Ignore temp folder created during new Folder Creation with Sync app on Mac OSX
Sync Allow ability to change Server Remote Poll time
Sync Allow to select “My Files” when doing selective sync
Sync Network Folders should set same file timestamp to match remote server files
Sync Network Folders not creating local folder if it is empty
Sync View errors dialog doesn’t show file causing sync errors
Sync Updated sync status icon to standout better with different backgrounds
Sync Conflict files created when file is saved multiple times too quickly
Sync Trying to exit when sync is uploading large file causes app to hang
Sync Status Overlays are not working for network folders
Sync Disallow quick editing a read-only file
Sync Full xml settings options support for Linux Console Sync app
Drive The security code textbox for 2FA doesn’t clear once a wrong security code is entered
Drive Drive now rejects files copied to root folders
Outlook Addin Outlook Add-In now can auto upload attached to FileCloud
Android Fix Crash when other content other than files are sent to FileCloud App

FileCloud Version: 9 – May 20, 2015
General Saving Amazon S3 using ‘Save’ button can corrupt settings
General Custom Login Background Image Support
General Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption support
General Improved Amazon S3 configuration support including custom end points, region
General Custom Favicon support
General Custom Button Color and Hyperlink Support
General PDF Preview fails with Amazon S3 storage backend
General HTTP Range Header requests with S3 storage not working correctly
General Deleting a file with another file (different case) in recycle bin fails
General PHP Error with recyclebin clearing support
General Share Name has random characters when switching to private share under some conditions
General Memcached will bind to only for security
Sync Fix issue when deleting a folder, it also deletes some files with same name as folder at the same level
General Fix issue with Locking allowing uploads
General Fix issue with pagination not working for multi-tenant dashboard
General Fix Downloads don’t try to open blank tabs when downloading files
General Share Email not accepted by Email Server
Drive Better error notifications
General Support File Encryption for Managed Storage with Local Storage
General Two-Factor Authentication Support
General File and Folder Locking Support
General Recycle bin for Network Shares
General Real-time Syncing for Network Shares (Beta)
General Support Sync App for ReadyNAS (Beta)
General Option to disable “Download Folders”
General Show Folder Properties to get stats of folder
General Fix: No activity record for download folder
General Improve Multi-Site Admin UI to support showing total site quota used etc
General Sharing of a single File via NTFS shares is not working
General Enable sending forgot password emails using your email address instead of just username
Outlook Add In installer doesn’t work when installed as admin
General WebDAV skips virus scanning for upload files
General Activity Stream Panel Close vs Open Selection state is remembered
General Provide option to skip large files when downloading folders via Zip
General Upload only shares now will keep uploaded files in the list without removing them automatically
General Show drag and drop file upload queue all the time
General Improve Download Performance for Amazon S3
General Fix: issue with user search for file sharing
General Fix: No scrollbar in the search results view
General Remote wipe doesn’t wipe contents in This Device -Android
General Mobile clients should allow edit of downloaded files regardless of mobile policy
General Fix: Download count limits not applied for shares of external network folder
General Add search in Network Folder View
General Fix upload issue when user has space in name
General Show FileChange Notification options dialog for Network Folders as well
General Email notifications for file downloads, uploads to pulic shares
General Fix: No error shown when Network Sharing is diabled and user clicks on “Share button”
General Improvement error when deleting a file/ folder in a shared folder with Read only permission
General Incorrect implementation of password requirements when user changes passwords
General Show error message when one creates share for himself
General POODLE security fix: Patch http-ssl config file in Windows XAMPP:
General Fix: Guest accounts cannot do private share because search will not work
General Don’t change share link when changing share properties
General Fix: File table and grid navigation issue with paging
General Public share not allowing uploading folders
General Don’t Show Network Shares in WebDAV if there are no network shares setup
General Network Share names are not sorted in the Network Folder list
General If Private sharing Only mode is enabled, share names are incorrect
General Download Folder with NTFS permissions might download all subfolders even without user having access
General Sharing Folder with NTFS folders will check subfolders for permissions
General “Created On” date format not consistent with “My files” view
General Deleting a folder if it already exists in recycle bin fails silently
General Reject all file uploads with extension .php and php5
General Show User Display Name instead of user name in user portal
General Fix: User policy isn’t overridden correctly
Admin Provision new Sites as copy of existing sites
Admin Auto Sync AD groups with FC groups
Admin Admin Dashboard “Add Admin” not working for non-Admin user
Admin Fix: SPLA license with month old issue date when installed says license expired
Admin Fix: Clear Recycle Bin from Admin “My Files” doesnt work
Admin License shows as expired even though the license date has not reached
Admin Provide option to send email alert when login fails
Admin Provide option to do Automatic removal of expired shares
Admin Add more information in each RMC client to better identify instead of just OS etc
Admin Fix: When removing Network Folder, all user shares of those folders are cleared
Admin Fix: Remove temp zip files after download zip operations
Admin Prompt to change email server in admin alert dialog
Admin alert admin if Automatic Task or Cron has not been set
Admin AD settings not enabled when using language other than english
Admin Add user fails if the user name is Email ID and authentication is setup for Active Directory
Admin Admin summary Latest Files Added should show files from Network Shares as well
Admin SPLA licenses should renew automtically monthly
Admin Support multi-site setup with resetpw script for resetting admin password
Admin Add Ability to disable welcome emails to users
Admin Add ability to disable password changing by user accounts
Admin RMC devices should show latest devices first
Admin Fix: issue with ‘&’ in Product Name and Webbrowser Title
Admin Fix: Adding user account when logging in via Email with Uppercase samAccountNames fails
Admin Fix: When license is not installed, import users doesn’t provide proper error report
Admin Provide a way to disable “Remote Delete” feature in sync apps globally
Admin WebDAV File Download is not logged in Audit
Admin Add configurations to disable certain actions from being added to audit
Admin Audit Log Export – csv file shows an empty column “how”
Admin Fix: Add Group no longer requires email
Admin Support New AD LOGONNAMEPREFIX setting in UI when UPNs and samAccountNames are different
Admin Add to audit log for users imported from AD/LDAP
Admin No audito logs shown when opening a file from webdav
Admin Add memcache support
Admin When admin logs into user portal, show an appropriate error message
Admin Change Disable Approval Email to “Send Approval Emails for Users”
Admin Clear all alerts not working for non admin user, even with alert permission
Admin Network shares Filter doesn’t filter path containing “\”
Admin Pre-load data for new accounts is failing
Sync Support syncing to local folders that are mounted UNC paths
Sync Sync app allows selecting non-syncable Shared folder selection in Limit Sync Folders
Sync Provide Activity/Errors tab for Network Folders Offline Sync Activity
Sync Change Sync Folder doesn’t move existing network folders to new location.
Sync Remote Wipe not deleting all files when there are a lot of files synced or in network folders
Sync Don’t add ‘New folder’ during Windows scanning to avoid syncing temporary folders
Sync Sync app shows idle indication even when the manual tasks are running
Sync Network Folder Real-time Sync of folders might stall if there are intermediate folders that don’t work.
Drive Fix crash when changing max download file size
NTFS Helper Fix: Path Mapping has issues when replacing strings with same names
Multi-Site Specify max storage quota per site

FileCloud Version: 8 – Jan 13, 2015
General ( Download Folder with NTFS permissions can download subfolders incorrectly
General ( Sharing of NTFS folders is allowed only if user has write access to all sub folders
General ( Uppercase samAccountName AD username causes login issues
General ( S3 Storage Download As Zip not working
General ( Download File in Admin Portal from User’s account not working
General ( Add more extensions for Quick Edit support
General ( Multi-select didn’t work on a Mac in grid view
General ( Favorites Listing gets into a loop
General ( ExportFS script didn’t handle special characters during export
General ( Public shared folder should not show activity and details panel
General ( Multi-Tenancy admin login didn’t work
General Activity Stream Support to see all activity on shared folders
General Support for adding comments on files for easier collaboration
General Custom Embedded Upload Web Form support
General Quick Document Editing Support via the web browser
General Support for command line automation app
Mobile Ability to disable all Mobile App login
Mobile Advanced Mobile Policy Support for customization of mobile security policies
General Support AD login when UPN name and samAccount name are different
General Support filtering out certain names or paths in the network share listings
General Drag and Drop of File with special characters doesn’t work on Chrome
General Restrict slashes in the share name when new share is created from sharedfiles tab
General Fix issues with Shared Folder Listings
General Re-Sharing from a NTFS Network Share Folder doesn’t work
General No Vertical scroll bar in Shared Folder Listing
General Newly created favorite list is not showing up without a refresh
General Android Browser unable to login into FileCloud
General Add Global Share Policies with individual user level overrides
General Improved WebDAV support
General Add a remove share button to the Manage Share Dialog
General Allow Folder Creation when Shared Folder allows upload
General Refresh account data usage information in top right account drop down
General Sharing indication not shown for reshared folders
General Disable some network shares from being synced offline
General Fix Download Zip with large files > 120 MB don’t work
General Support sharing public upload only folders
General FileChange Notification doesn’t send out email to users correctly when shared to multiple Groups
General Support for multiselect in Thumbnail view
General Disabling My Files should disable camera uploads
General License files work properly even port number is in the URL
General Fix issue where rename can create a duplicate name
General Fix issue where folder and file copy can be copied into itself
Sync Rename File or Folder via Network Offline Sync should delete the original file
Sync Sync Now should sync all Network Shares
Sync Fix issue with syncing certain shared folders with special characters
Sync Disallow syncing files with backslash which can be added in Mac OSX
Sync Fix Sync installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account
Sync Support ability to disable sync for some users
Sync Mac OSX Files can be duplicated in Network Share Offline Access
Sync Fix Mac OSX creates folder with group and everyone read permissions
Sync Add support for official OSX notifications with latest Mac Sync App
Admin Show Previous Versions via Admin Portal for Managed Storage
Admin Devices view has pagination problem
Admin Add ability to handle large audit records export and delete properly
Admin Support ability to not show groups that user doesn’t belong to.
Admin Add warning when users attempt to change storage location folder
Admin Allow Admins to clear user recycle bin
Admin Support editing email subject lines
Admin Support previewing email messages in admin portal
Admin Refresh UI after CSV import and AD import
Admin Allow editing groups that User belongs to in user details dialog
Admin Admin UI session times out after 15 minutes
Drive Copy/Cut operations don’t show correct local time
Drive Fix Sync installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account
Outlook Fix outlook add in installer installs on Admin user app data when installing as a normal non-administrator account

FileCloud Version: 7 – Oct 15, 2014
PATCH After Network share file change notification was sent to unrelated users
General Windows server components updated to latest versions
General Support Folder Stats for Network Shares
General Add Search function in recycle bin
General Allow User Login via Email
General Rename a folder or path that is shared should preserve sharing link
General Version History is lost when renaming a file
General Add ability to change the share url for a share
General New User Portal 100% width UI
General Support Apple Safari Browser Upload starting with version 6.0
General Beta support for NTLM SSO (Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA))
General Fix Paging of getfilelist shows redundant entries in Web UI
General Improve FC Upload speeds over the LAN over 3X via the browser
General Use display name instead of user name in templates
General Handle Loading and Display of Large number of files in a single folder
General FileCloud versions the image whenever it is rotated.
General Upload fail with quota exceeded will show proper error message
General Save to PlayList Dialog shows No Playlists
General NTFS helper service can now run on a different machine than what FileCloud is installed on
General Top level File Share cannot be copied
General Preserve Date and Time Stamps for files when files are moved etc
General Document Preview copies files to the local tmp folder instead of using the actual network share folder
General Fix Adding music files to playlist from a “Network Share”
General Share File Email doesn’t show name of the file or folder shared
General Support Access Based Enumeration for Windows Network Folders:Hide folders in network shares that users don’t have access to:
General Additional Filtering/Sorting options in Recycle Bin
General Sending a share mail after changing permissions might send invalid URL
General Support Sharing customization, No Sharing, Private Sharing only or All sharing globally or per user
General Hide Quota if “My Files” are disabled
General Support for Versioning in Network shares
General Enable log rotation for mongodb in windows
General Support Spanish language
General Support a “View Only” Public Share
General Allow forgot password to work for non-AD user accounts
General Playlists in web UI shows wrong number of items
Admin Improved Network Share Wizard
Admin Add support for strong passwords
Admin AD Group Listing fails when there is an ‘&’ symbol in a group name
Admin Support opening a default initial path on user portal open
Admin Fix UI Messages customization templates can be saved in the wrong order
Admin Support clearing the recyle bin automatically after X days
Admin Fix Unable to change Network Folders name
Admin FileCloud Admin browsing user File Listings navigation issue
Admin Add a way to customize the forgot password link for AD users
Admin Advanced User Portal CSS Customization Support
Admin Email Reminders sent to Admin when license is about to expire
Admin Group update is not working
Sync Reset offline network access db data when switching servers
Sync Fix issue with infinite loop for ‘Volumes’ sym link on Mac OSX
Sync Show the customized “Network folder” name used by the system
Sync Fix Files named backup under main user folder don’t sync
Sync Delete Confirmation when deleting a large number of files
Drive Check for newer version before open to avoid old cached copy overwriting new one on server
Drive Fix Paths with non-english characters
Drive Fix folder copy to local fails
Outlook AddIn Add link to either top or bottom of email via settings
Android Camera Upload Support to FileCloud

FileCloud Version: 6 – Jun 22, 2014
General Support for enforcing permissions on NTFS shares
General Support for Multiple Admin Users
General Support for easy Multi-Tenancy
General Amazon S3 storage backend support
General Support Drag-and-Drop Folder Upload in Google Chrome
General Sync on Mac doesn’t sync files > 2 GB
General Improved support for IE11
General Licensing system now uses domain URLS for production systems
General Mac OSX Sync app is now signed so that GateKeeper setting with “Allow Appstore and apps from trusted developers” allows app to launch
General Access by disabled user account doesn’t show in any audit logs
General Folder Search is now case insensitive
General Disable recycle bin UI option if recycle bin is disabled in settings
General Allow users to leave shares that are shared with them
General Increase complexity length of Public Share URLs
General Add sorting and search functions for “Shared with Me”
General More information in admin summary email
General Automatically update the DB to new versions when new updates are found during update
General Remote Wipe doesn’t delete Offline Network Folders in sync app
General Use user account display name in email FROM field
General Add check for any server Time Skew from actual time
General Sorting support for Network shares and Shared Files
General Improve Audit messages under some conditions
General “Disable notifications” is missing for the top level folder of the shared item
General Setting quota to 0 bytes makes user field uneditable
General Check Storage Quota only on File Completion to improve performance when there are large number of files
General Disable browser caching for FFDC log generation
General Fix issue where uploading 0 byte file via IE hangs
General Properties of a shared folder containing data reports no files, no folders no bytes
General Install check doesn’t flag missing storage
Sync Conflict file present for one file name blocks all file propagation with same filenames but different extension
Sync Add ability to reduce logging verbosity
Sync Context menu seems to be hidden in FC Sync on Ubuntu 14.0.4.
General Remove a shared folder automatically when user is deleted
Install Fix installation issue on Ubuntu 14.04
General Disable sharing for disabled users
General Recreating public shares will now create random URLs
General Outlook Addin now supports HTTP proxy

FileCloud Version: 5 – Mar 08, 2014
iOS Support Automatic Media File Uploads to FileCloud
New Languages supported Dutch, German and Italian
Sync Support Network Folders Offline Sync
Sync Support Backup of folders from Windows, Mac OSX, Linux to FileCloud
Sync Support HTTP Proxy
Sync Share a file via link using Desktop Sync app
Sync Show status icon overlay for files on Windows
Sync Report Quota Exceeded for user
Sync Handle renaming folders properly when only change is case change
General User Sharing: Set limit to number of downloads for public file shares
General Provide sorting by date on the web portal
General Allow Previous Versions on Shared Files if write permission is set
General Disable email share notifications for disabled accounts
General Unable to rename folders that are shared with me
General It is now possible to clear all old versions for a user account
General Disallow creating folders with empty trailing spaces or with same case insensitive names in the file listings
General Upload button is missing when viewing network shares
General Add Download Folder support for the top shared folder
General Skip file and folders with Unicode characters in Network folders
General Use user’s email as From Address when sending share links
Admin Audit Report Improvements
Admin Better error messages for CSV and AD Import
Admin Allow logging level change from UI
Admin Support translations
Admin Importing user or creating new user should send a welcome email to the imported/created user.
Admin Fix Created-On Field in Audit CSV file export.
Admin Audit Records Filtering: Add date range and column for username
Admin Indicate Expired Shares in shares listing
Admin Trim log files automatically if they become too large
Admin Allow installing license using Admin Portal
CloudDrive If upload fails, persist the file and retry upload
Outlook AddIn Rendering Issue under some situations
Outlook AddIn Settings dialog doens’t open if config.xml has old non-working server

FileCloud Version: 4 – Jan 23, 2014
Drive Tonido Drive uploads files twice under certain circumstances
Drive Tonido Drive not honoring permissions set on share
Sync Ignore .lnk files in sync client
Sync Set modified timestamps on downloaded files correctly
Sync Passwords are encrypted locally
Sync Organized sync app context menu
Sync Sync download of 0 byte files might fail sometimes
UI Support individual language for each user in the web interface
UI Support for cleaning up previous versions and old versions of files
UI Show detailed file stats for user files in settings
UI Show Shared indication on files or folders in user portal
General Improve FileCloud Installation flow with setting localstorage path
General Manage all User Shares from Admin Portal
General Utility script to reset admin password
General Script for detecting and fixing orphaned files
General Support Favorites for Network Share and Shared with me.
General Allow admin to reset password and email to user in one single action
General Allow admins to set passwords explicitly instead of system generated password
General Better User list paging and sorting support in admin portal
General Add setting for disabling shared files being counted towards user quota
General Provide admin alerts when there are system issues in admin portal
General Manage Do-Not-Email List from admin portal
General FileCloud now sends daily summary email to admin (which can be disabled)
Bugfix Sharing folders inside smart mount network folder doesn’t work
Bugfix When versions is set to zero, trying to add same file, results in two versions
Bugfix Sharing same folder from External and My Files shows same URL
Bugfix Downloading previous version file doesn’t work properly
Bugfix Recycle bin doesn’t open in web interface sometimes
Bugfix Import AD user doesn’t send approval email
Bugfix Guest Account creation should not import sample files
Bugfix Email id uniqueness not enforced on AD/LDAP import
Bugfix CSV import might cause some uniqueness issues for database entries
Bugfix Tooltip preventing button click in user portal
Bugfix Network folder’s smart mount incorrect user/group count
Bugfix RMC Devices List Paging is not working
Bugfix Upload queue is hiding copy/paste clipboard
Bugfix Recycle bin items have full set of context menu
Bugfix Audit log delete function has no confirmation.
Bugfix import using mac line endings of csv file fails to work properly
Bugfix Email template broken for files with special characters
Bugfix File Share Notification has more details
Bugfix Audit log shows more detailed information – Nov 24, 2013
General Added Selective Folder Sync in sync client
General New Unity and GTK compatible FileCloud sync client for Linux
General Expanded Remote Device management to include Drive and Sync Clients in addition to mobile devices
General Now Administrators can manage user files through the Admin UI for better control
General Added Importing Users from an Active Directory group for easy user provisioning
General Added trimming of Audit logs to manage the audit logs size
General Expanded audit log details to include share files through emails
General Added support for HTML emails in templates
General Reset customizations and Setting from Admin Panel
General File Change Notifications expanded to provide additional details
General Added sending shares to multiple email addresses
General Improved the sync client stability to address edge cases in various network conditions
General Bug fixes to address AD and LDAP configurations
General Bug fixes in File preview to address special characters in file names
General Fix for zip files download in Mac OS.
4.1 – Oct 27, 2013
GeneralAD and LDAP Config via UI don’t work if adconfig.php and ldapconfig.php files are not present
GeneralAllow Sync clients to login even if down level RMC is disabled
GeneralIncreased memory limit for PHP to handle large image resizing
4 – Oct 14, 2013
GeneralDocument Preview Support when browsing files using a web browser (DOCX, DOC, PPTX, PPT, XLSX, XLS)
GeneralMobile Device Management support to manage connected devices like iphones, android phones or tablets
General Settings and customizations can now be done via the Admin Portal instead of editing config files
General Notification emails when files are modified or shared (useful for shared folders)
General Improve performance when loading audit logs
General Add sync database constraints to avoid duplicate records in some conditions
General Add content-length to fix malformed xml sync records under some network conditions
General Fix bug in Managed Storage Copy/Move function
General Several new features and enhancements to Admin Portal

FileCloud Version: 3

3.1 – Sep 04, 2013
General Virus Scanning doesnt handle WebDAV uploads
General Unable to search audit records based on email address
General Fix WebDAV issue in Windows Installer
General Recursive Search for Network Shares
General Allow customization of Facebook, Twitter and Support Links in Admin UI
General AdminUI Groups Members List pagination doesn’t work
General Update to latest XAMPP with new PHP and latest Apache in Windows Installer
General Fix issue with WebDAV Move
General Admin UI – edit button pulls wrong record
General Add Support for Accounts that expire after some time using date
General Fix some minor issues with Auditing and WebDAV
General Upgraded to 64bit database in Windows
3 – Aug 22, 2013
General FileCloud Admin UI complete redesign
General WebDAV support
General Antivirus integration support
General Login support for members in specific AD group only
General Share to a group of users
General Create “EVERYONE” group that includes all users
General Large file upload issues
General Better support to handle files greater than 2 GB in 32bit systems
General FileCloud Microsoft Outlook Add-in
General Additional bug fixes

FileCloud Version: 2

2.2 – Jun 25, 2013
General Support for IE8 browser
General Fix issue with showing recyclebin in shared files
General Fix issue with displaying file listings in external shares with large number of files
General Fix issue with RPM install package missing a dependency
General Fix issue where toggling Read/Write permissions was inefficient
2.1 – Jun 19, 2013
General Downloadable audit logs in CSV format
General Anonymous file upload in public shares
General Directory download support
General Multiple file download support
General Allow resharing of files/folders
General Support for PNG Images
General FFDC generation for linux
General UI Bug Fixes
General RPM install issues
General Automatic account approval to both guest/full status
General Upgrade support in admin UI
2 – Jun 03, 2013
General Branding changed from TonidoCloud to FileCloud
General Allow Mixed mode athentications
General Multi-site management in a single machine install
General Recycle Bin support
General Network Shares: Public and Private Sharing Support
General User Group Support for Network shares
General Display Freespace and Log directory size in Cloud Admin UI
General Additional bug fixes

FileCloud Version: 1

1.14 – Apr 19, 2013
Sync Fix files with special characters don’t get synced
General Disallow usernames with ‘@’ and mixed case
General Provide direct links to private shared files similar to public files
General AD authentication allow only username on the UI
Admin Allow Admins to reset user passwords
Admin Allow editing users directly from dashboard
Windows Fix Mod Rewrite Check on Windows Install of Cloud
UI Provide recursive file search
UI Turn off forgot password when using AD
UI Turn off storage quota for Guest Account
UI Path breadcrumbs not working
UI When sharing single file, don’t show sync option
General File upload issue with ‘[‘ in name
1.12 – Mar 04, 2013
GeneralTonido Cloud support for Windows
GeneralFix some minor issues
1.10 – Feb 21, 2013
Admin Full Audit Logging Support
Admin Support for mounting and managing Network Shares
UI Several bug fixes
Sync Fix directory loss issue when directory is renamed where only the case is changed (Windows & Mac)
1.8 – Jan 01, 2013
UI Redesigned User Interface
UI Drag and Drop Upload Support
UI Save and load Music Playlists
1.5 – Oct 27, 2012
AdminUI New User Interface
AdminUI Add New User directly
AdminUI Add users via CSV import
General Fix problems with notification emails
General Fix issues with favorites
General Misc API compatibility fixes
1.4 – Oct 12, 2012
General Fix check for updates to only check every 7 days
1.3 – Oct 11, 2012
General Fix issue with Active Directory AUTH not working properly
General Support for new APIs required for new iOS Apps releasing shortly
1.2 – Sep 19, 2012
General Support for Previous File Versions
General Fix issue with Tonido Drive not working with Cloud for folder creation
General Add translation support for Tonido Cloud portal
General Support for automatic recent favorite lists
1.1 – Aug 10, 2012
General Support for Active Directory Integration
General Support for LDAP Integration
General Improve Sync Client Performance
General New License Format. Need new License File
AdminUI Allow disable users
AdminUI Can view last login information
AdminUI License Summary added
AdminUI Version Summary added
1 – Jul 25, 2012
Initial Release


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