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Hyper Secure

FileCloud’s hyper-secure system has advanced ransomware protection with a heuristic engine that detects ransomware. Additionally, FileCloud offers 256-bit AES and FIPS 140-2 Encryption, Granular Permissions, 2FA, and more. An ideal enterprise ransomware protection solution.

Custom Branding

FileCloud’s customized branding options help avoid malicious attacks like email spoofing with branding options like personalized photos, logos, email templates, CSS, and more. Protect file server from ransomware in style.


In the case of suspicious activity, FileCloud’s anti ransomware system immediately analyzes possible threats to the system. In the case of suspicious activity, FileCloud can help prevent attacks and send alerts to the administrator to ensure that admins always know what’s happening in their FileCloud system.

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Ransomware Protection in FileCloud

Ransomware is a type of malicious hacking that uses malware to encrypt and remove files, compelling companies and organizations to pay a ransom to regain their files. Ransomware is an increasingly problematic issue for all companies, but thankfully, FileCloud has a solution.

FileCloud’s Heuristic Engine

FileCloud introduces an industry-first heuristic engine to detect cloud ransomware. Essentially, the engine detects files based on their content signature. If the files do not match its mime type, administrators have the option to create rules that can prevent malware from entering their system. For example, if ransomware was uploaded disguised as a Word document, FileCloud would detect the threat by checking the file content signature vs. its mime type. If FileCloud detects that the file wasn’t really a Word document, then FileCloud stops the upload and sends an alert to the administrator. This helps ensure that your system remains secure without relying on complicated restoration tactics through file versioning. Additionally, FileCloud offers enterprise ransomware prevention features to help enterprises develop effective strategies to counter ransomware.

Granular Permissions

FileCloud supports granular permissions for folders that enable custom permissions. Using granular permissions, organizations and companies can build a permission tree to protect sensitive data. Even if a folder is exposed to ransomware via Drive or Sync clients, the client apps cannot spread the infection to folders with sensitive data.


Backing up and versioning of files can be an effective mechanism to recover from a ransomware attack. In the event of a ransomware attack on a client computer (as long as the data had been versioned in FileCloud ransomware blocker server), the client computer data can be restored using older versions from the server. FileCloud offers unlimited versioning and endpoint backup to help companies develop effective anti-ransomware strategies.

Using Customization as a Deterrent

Email spoofing is one of the primary delivery methods used to send malware to end user computers. With Dropbox and other public SaaS products, hackers can easily spoof the email users may feel comfortable clicking on links because the email looks like it came from a person or organization they know and trust. FileCloud enterprise anti ransomware offers many customization options to counter spoofed emails and help prevent malware attacks.

Unique brand experience

Admins can customize FileCloud to provide unique branding experience and a professional look that helps maintain trust for employees, partners, and customers. Such a differentiated experience helps users to flag any suspicious content that doesn’t adhere to the experience.

Customizable email content

With FileCloud, all your communications will have your logo and incorporate unique content that you have created, which is harder for an external hacker to know and replicate.

URL with your Domain

FileCloud runs under your domain name, so users can easily detect malicious request by looking at the URL (unlike Dropbox where every URL has a Dropbox domain)

Client Portal

FileCloud offers the option for users to create a client portal. This portal is a secure place where users can share files securely with clients, ensuring even further security.

Audits and Reports

Audits and reports are available for administrators to download and review in every part of their FileCloud system. This gives administrators a bird’s eye view of their system, which can ensure the security of files and sensitive information.

Personalized Branding

Many public SaaS systems don’t allow personalized branding, which is an issue for all companies now, as clients rely on branding to ensure they’re on a secure website they know and trust. FileCloud allows admins to brand almost all parts of their system to ensure continued client trust.

Large File Support

Many companies and organizations use unsecure ways of sharing and storing files and folders because they’re handling large files. FileCloud allows users to store and share large files securely with an easy drag-and-drop interface and no size limits.

Advanced File Sharing Features

Instead of sharing files through email, which is easily hacked, FileCloud allows users to share files with public/private/password protected share links, granular permissions, and options to remove shares at any time.

Free Guest Accounts

Many companies charge for each and every guest account. At FileCloud, external guest accounts are free and unlimited. This allows users and clients to interact within the security of FileCloud, while you only pay for employee accounts.


Granular Permissions

FileCloud gives admins granular permission control over folders (down to subfolder levels). This allows admins to ensure the appropriate level of access for each user by assigning individual folder-level permissions.

Admins can set read/write/delete/share permissions for all users at all levels, with specific folders even having the option for different permissions.

These actions are enforced across all aspects of FileCloud, including users content search, sync, locking, and comments.

These types of granular permissions ensure even more intensive security of your company’s files and folders to ensure only those with set permissions can access sensitive information.

Hyper Secure Client Portal

More and more, companies are realizing that sharing files and folders via email, especially those containing sensitive information, leaves them open to security risks. However, those files still need to be shared. That’s where a client portal comes in.

FileCloud cryptolocker protection offers users the options to easily create a customized, branded client portal within FileCloud’s hyper-secure system. This offers users the option to share files securely within FileCloud, which can help prevent malware infiltrating your system from malicious or accidental user behavior.

Advanced Sharing Capabilities

Sharing files securely is a vital part of working in any industry today. That’s why FileCloud has advanced sharing capabilities including:

    • Public/private/password protected shares
    • Expiration dates on shares
    • Granular sub-folder level permissions
    • Document preview
    • View-only shares
    • Control the number of times documents can be opened/printed
    • Prevent screenshots of sensitive documents

Admins can also revoke share access at any time in case of unauthorized or malicious access.


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