Unlimited Client or Partner Accounts for File Sharing


Unlimited External Accounts (Free!)

FileCloud offers free ‘limited accounts’ (aka external accounts) for clients, external vendors, and partners. External accounts are superior to password-protected shares offered by competitors. External user accounts can view/upload/download content shared with them and have limited access via a web browser.

Avoid Multiple Passwords

Generally, when users share multiple files with the same partner, the partner ends up with many ‘link + password’ combinations. On the other hand, when users share files using FileCloud’s external accounts, partners can access all shared files by logging into their limited account. All permitted shares are grouped under one interface.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

External/limited accounts provide a complete audit trail that shows which files were accessed (what), with a timestamp (when), username (who), IP address (where), and manner of access – web browser, mobile app, etc. (how). You can also track if a document has been viewed by an external account.


External accounts are free and do not count toward your user license limit. With unlimited external accounts, each partner, client, or external user can have their own account for maximum security, without impacting your total number of user licenses. This feature offers significant ROI by enabling hyper-secure file sharing and collaboration while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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