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Avoid Multiple Passwords

Generally, when users share multiple files with the same partner, vendor, or client, the individual has many link and password combinations. When users share files externally with FileCloud, external collaborators can access all shared files by logging into their limited FileCloud account. All permitted shares are grouped under one simple user interface.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail

External, limited accounts have a complete audit trail that shows information such as username (who), files access (what), timestamp (when), IP address (where), and access mode (how). You can also track all aspects of file activity on the part of external users.

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Flexibility, Scalability, and ROI

Unlimited external accounts are free and do not count toward your user license limit. Each external user can have their own account for maximum security, without impacting your total number of FileCloud licenses. This feature offers significant ROI by enabling hyper-secure file sharing and collaboration while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Simple and Scalable External Collaboration

FileCloud offers unlimited free guest accounts to enable you to collaborate securely and seamlessly with partners, vendors, clients, external contractors, and other parties outside your organization. You can provide external users with hyper-secure access to selected files via a web browser, with no requirement for password creation or sign-in.

This feature is fully scalable, allowing you to expand your project collaborations for free, without any concerns about reaching limits on external accounts and shares. It provides a secure, flexible, and efficient method of collaboration, while allowing you to retain full control and visibility in relation to files.

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With an unlimited number of guest accounts, scalability isn’t an issue. Businesses can easily expand partner collaborations and projects, without the irritation of constraints and access roadblocks.

This lack of restriction on the number of external accounts our customers can use is designed to provide a versatile, secure, and efficient way to collaborate with outside parties. This can be achieved while also maintaining control over data access and security measures.

Hyper Secure Cloud File Storage

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Straightforward Content Collaboration with Partners, Clients, and Vendors

Granular Control of Privileges

With FileCloud, you can set the same granular permissions for external users as for licensed users. Control access by setting expiry dates for shares and limit file activities to safeguard business data. Avail of FileCloud’s Zero Trust File Sharing® for sharing extra-sensitive business data.

Seamless Collaboration

Clients, vendors, and partners who need access to files for a limited period do not need to create accounts or passwords. You can now collaborate with external parties without obstruction, providing access to files for a set period and revoking permissions once your projects are complete.

Superior UX

Clients and prospects can access information and collaborate without unnecessary hurdles or clicks. They can access documents efficiently and securely without an account or password, allowing for smooth interaction and collaboration.

Choice of Links or QR Codes

With FileCloud, you can provide guests with access via either share links or QR codes. The intuitive share menu allows you to choose your method easily. QR codes are useful for printed promotional materials to provide access to further information on products or services.

Collaborate in Real Time

FileCloud is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and other common collaboration software. This allows external users with edit access to collaborate in real time via their browser once they receive a share link or QR code.

Access from Any Device

With business users often on the move, it’s unwise to assume colleagues can always collaborate from a desktop. FileCloud has you covered. External users can access shares from any device, including smartphones and tablets, once share the link or QR code has been provided.


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