Shield Your Confidential Assets with Digital Rights Management

Retain Ownership of Your Documents Even After Sharing for Full Control & Traceability

Protect sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and creative assets with FileCloud’s comprehensive set of Digital Rights Management (DRM) features. Retain full control over the distribution, copying, and access rights to your valuable digital assets, without compromising on fluid collaboration and business efficiency.

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Augment Your DRM with Zero Trust File SharingSM

With FileCloud’s Zero Trust File SharingSM, you can set granular file permissions, remain in full command over your data at all times, and password-protect files in a Zip folder with 256-bit AES encryption.

Zero Trust File SharingSM passwords are not stored within the FileCloud system, so even in the event of a cyberattack, the contents of your Zero Trust folder cannot be breached. You can grant users read-write or read-only access to your zero trust files. Read-only access to your Zero Trust Zip folder allows users to preview and download files. Users granted read-write access can add and delete files to the Zero Trust folder.

This feature, unique to FileCloud, supports all standard file types and compression formats. It represents a new frontier in DRM that allows you to take total ownership of your data privacy and integrity. It also demonstrates FileCloud’s ongoing commitment to incorporating features that reflect Zero Trust principles.

Limit or Revoke Access to Your Digital Assets at Any Time

With FileCloud DRM features, you can enforce policy controls to prevent sharing, even after distributing the files, to protect copyright and safeguard proprietary information.

You can easily track activity on your files, restrict access permissions, and revoke users’ access to sensitive files at any time of your choosing. Metadata helps admins to monitor usage and easily spot suspicious patterns. FileCloud performs regular checks to ensure only authorized users are viewing sensitive files and notifies you in the event of unusual file activity.

FileCloud DRM capabilities can also prevent unauthorized reproduction of your assets, including copies, print versions, and screenshots. Maximum access counts can be set by senders of files as an extra layer of protection.

Hyper-Secure Document Sharing with FileCloud Digital Rights Management

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Guard Against Privacy Breaches, Piracy, and Copyright Infringements

With the DRM feature in FileCloud, you can protect your contracts; sensitive business information, such as sales and marketing reports; eBooks; and other business-critical assets.

FileCloud DRM capabilities can also prevent unauthorized reproduction of your assets, including copies, print versions, and screenshots. Maximum access counts can be set by senders of files as an extra layer of protection.

You can globally watermark your files to protect ownership, set expiration dates for file access, and restrict access according to geo-IP. These measures are all effective for preventing leaks.

Unlike many restrictive DRM platforms and tools, FileCloud allows you to achieve all of this without compromising on collaborative teamwork or file types.

Total Traceability for Your Valuable Business Assets

Protect your intellectual property with a secure, AES-256 encrypted document container. Authorized users receive an encryption key by email, enabling them to view the document.

You can decide whether you wish to grant read-only or read-write access at user level. In addition, you can set a limit on the number of times a user views a document and restrict or allow users to print or take screenshots of the file.

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Prevent Unauthorized Usage with Secure Document Viewer

Secure Document Viewer can prevent users from taking screenshots of sensitive information. It also enables you to ensure only small sections of a confidential file are displayed as the user scrolls through the file.

These functionalities dramatically reduce the chances of unauthorized sharing of restricted information, digital piracy, and data leaks. They also equip you with invaluable tools to comply with stringent privacy legislation, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and GLBA, thus avoiding the heavy penalties associated with breaches of these regulations.

Protect Information Assets in Multiple File Formats with Ease

FileCloud DRM supports all the main file formats: Word, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, and PNG files. The DRM Container can accommodate multiple file types in one container for maximum convenience, allowing you to secure your vital intellectual property and customer information without disrupting fluid team collaboration.

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