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Data Visibility & Governance

FileCloud’s Content Classification scans, identifies, and tags uploaded files with attributes or metadata. Admins can leverage built-in metadata patterns for PII, PHI, and other sensitive data as the trigger for security policies, including DLP, access permissions, and retention.


Accessible Classification UI

The user-friendly content classification menu in the Admin portal offers several methods to create rules. Admins can utilize the regex builder, the no-code visual builder, or integrate with OpenAI to classify content based on metadata. The testing playground ensures rules perform as expected before deploying in the FileCloud environment.


Powerful Content Classification Engine

FileCloud’s Smart Classification is powered by a metadata- and content-scanning engine. This engine can be automated and paired with artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline classification across unique enterprise needs.

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Manage & Secure Enterprise Data with Smart Content Classification

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, enterprises and government organizations need to be able to organize and secure vast amounts of information while meeting regulatory and data governance requirements.

FileCloud’s Smart Content Classification addresses these challenges by providing a sophisticated and automated approach to organizing, securing, and managing content.

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User-friendly Classification Dashboard

Content Classification in FileCloud invites both manual and automated input to meet a wide array of data management needs. Behind the scenes, the classification engine executes tasks to address complex file organization and policy application.

The user interface, however, is accessible and intuitive. Users can opt to create rules based on a Regular Expression (RegEx) builder or with a no-code visual builder. Additionally, users can simulate and test rules, ensuring they perform as needed, before deploying them in their FileCloud environment.

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Pair Smart Classification and Artificial Intelligence

This classification system can be paired with FileCloud’s Smart DLP to block or allow certain actions automatically based on metadata. Smart Content Classification empowers enterprises to achieve greater efficiency and security throughout the data management lifecycle.

Smart Content Classification can also be integrated with OpenAI, so admins can classify content using artificial intelligence and natural language queries. For example, classification rules can be created to capture unpredictable content such as “PII that include names of individuals, addresses, and phone numbers.”

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Smart Content Classification Highlights

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Automate content scanning upon file upload to streamline metadata tagging and policy application.

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Reduce manual efforts (and possible errors) in content classification to improve operational efficiency.

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Prevent data leaks by automating PII/PHI/PCI discovery to trigger DLP rules (block/permit file shares).

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Facilitate compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws to secure data and avoid regulatory fines.

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Support adoption of smart classification with a code-free visual rule builder, and confirm rules perform as intended with the testing playground.

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Leverage artificial intelligence to classify content based on natural language to capture complex or unpredictable queries.


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