Alternative to Accellion kiteworks for Business is FileCloud


Alternative to Accellion kiteworks – Why FileCloud is better for Business File Sharing?

Tonido FileCloud competes with Accellion kiteworks for business in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space. Both systems works across all the popular desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile OSes (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone) and offer all the basics expected out of EFSS: Unlimited File Versioning, Remote Wipe, Audit Logs, Desktop Sync Client, Desktop Map Drive and User Management.

The feature comparisons are as follows:

Features egnyte-large
On Premise
File Sharing
Access and Monitoring Controls
Secure Access
Active Directory/LDAP Support
API Support
Application Integration via API
Document Preview
Outlook Integration
Role Based Administration
Data Loss Prevention
NTFS Support
Network Share Support
Map Drive
Endpoint Backup
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support
Public File Sharing
Microsoft Lync Integration Under Development
Microsoft Sharepoint Integration Under Development
Microsoft OneDrive Integration Under Development
Google Drive Integration Under Development
Single Sign-On Under Development
Mobile Device Management Unified Management Console,
Device Commands & Messaging,
& Remote Wipe
Remote Wipe
Desktop Sync Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac
Mobile OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android
Customization, Branding Extensive Very Limited
Pricing for 100 users/ year $3000 $29000

Feature benefits of Tonido FileCloud over Accellion

Unified Device Management Console – FileCloud’s unified device management console provides simplified access to managing mobile devices enabled to access enterprise data, irrespective of whether the device is enterprise owned, employee owned, mobile platform or device type. Manage and control of thousands of iOS and Android, devices in FileCloud’s secure, browser-based dashboard. FileCloud’s administrator console is intuitive and requires no training or dedicated staff. FileCloud’s MDM works on any vendor’s network — even if the managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.

Device Commands and Messaging – Ability to send on-demand messages to any device connecting to FileCloud, provides administrators a powerful tool to interact with the enterprise workforce. Any information on security threats or access violations can be easily conveyed to the mobile users. And, above all messages are without any SMS cost.

Customization & Branding – Tonido FileCloud can be customized extensively to reflect their brand. Some of the customizations include Logos, Labels, Email Templates, UI Messages and Terms Of service. However, Accellion’s kiteworks customization is very limited to header images displayed on the login and registration pages.

NTFS Shares Support – Many organizations use the NTFS permissions to manage and control the access permissions for internal file shares.  It is very hard to duplicate the access permissions to other systems and keep it sync. FileCloud enables access to internal file shares via web and mobile while honoring the existing NTFS file permissions.  This functionality is a great time saver for system administrators and provides a single point of management.

Amazon S3/OpenStack Support – FileCloud got enterprises covered if they wish to use Amazon S3 for their storage back-end for unlimited scalability and redundancy.

Network Shares Support – FileCloud’s network share feature satisfies enterprise requirement of user/group specific access to folders. And, as files are already shared via network shares, no need for additional setup. Moreover, FileCloud provides Active Directory & LDAP support along with NTFS permission support restricting access to network folders to just authorized users.

Multi-Tenancy Support – The multi-tenancy feature allows Managed Service Providers(MSP) serve multiple customers using single instance of FileCloud. The key value proposition of FileCloud multi-tenant architecture is that while providing multi-tenancy the data separation among different tenants is also maintained . Moreover, every tenant has the flexibility for customized branding. MSPs who are interested in becoming FileCloud partners click here

Document Preview – No need for download to preview office documents. FileCloud instantly provides preview of office document formats such as Microsoft DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOC, XLS, PPT etc.

User Interface – Accellion kitworks’s UI leaves a lot to be desired. FileCloud’s UI is light years beyond kiteworks.


With Tonido FileCloud, enterprises get one simple solution with all the needed features ready to be installed. Moreover, for a 100 user package, Tonido FileCloud costs $3000/year, almost 1/10th of Accellion kiteworks.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison that shows why FileCloud stands out as the best EFSS solution.

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