How to map a Windows Drive to FileCloud WebDAV?

As you know, FileCloud supports WebDAV and it can be mounted as a drive in all the major operating systems. While mounting FileCloud as a drive works seamlessly in Mac and Linux, the results are inconsistent with Windows OSes.

Depending on the WebDAV Mini-Redirector (MRXDAV.SYS) versions installed in your windows machine, you may need to tweak a little. For detailed info, please check here.

Here are the instructions on How to mount FileCloud WebDAV on windows 7, 64 bit machine.

1. First make sure WebDAV is enabled on FileCloud Server. Please see the instructions here.

2. Save the following to a .reg file and open it to simplify patching the registry or simply edit the registry and set the following values.


This will enable the basic authentication in windows client machine.

3. Open the command prompt and type

net use Z: // /user:youruser yourpassword

This will map the Z: drive to FileCloud WebDAV.