Launching FileCloud 10 – Unlimited Free Client Accounts, SAML 2.0, ADFS SSO, 2FA for Desktop Clients and much more …

August 20, 2015

We are delighted to launch our milestone release FileCloud 10.This is a significant release with major new features and hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes. FileCloud differentiates from its competition in four major areas, 1. Control: Provide useful management control options for system administrators to manage and secure organization data. 2. Customization: Unparalleled branding and […]

We are delighted to launch our milestone release FileCloud 10.This is a significant release with major new features and hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes. FileCloud differentiates from its competition in four major areas,

1. Control:

2. Customization:

3. Integration:

4. Value:

In FileCloud 10, we have delivered on all the four counts. The major highlights of FileCloud v10 are explained below.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts for file sharing with external users

Limited User Account

Many FileCloud customers have asked for free accounts for external users who are accessing shared files and documents. In FileCloud 10, we are introducing a new type of account called Limited account for external file sharing. Limited Accounts can only view/upload/download content shared with them and are also limited to access via a web browser. Limited Accounts do not count towards the user license limit.

Limited Accounts are superior to password protected shares offered by our competitors. The benefits of Limited Accounts over password protected shares is that Limited Account provides complete audit trail and grouping of shared files under one interface. Password protected shares are specific to one file or folder share. When an user shares multiple shares with the same user then the information is all over the place. Using Limited Accounts groups all the permitted shares under one interface.

Comparisons of all FileCloud user types and the permitted actions (Full, Guest and Limited User) can be seen in the following table. You can find detailed explanation in our support documentation.


Support for SAML 2.0 and Active Directory Federation Service SSO Support


FileCloud 10 now supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) based web browser Single Sign On (SSO) service that provides full control over the authorization and authentication of hosted user accounts that can access FileCloud Web based interface. FileCloud acts as a Service Provider (SP) and connects with the identity provider (IdP) for authentication. FileCloud SAML SSO service is based on SAML v2.0 specifications. Further FileCloud also supports ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service) and third party identity providers like Okta for Single Sign-on. For detailed explanation about our SAML & ADFS SSO support please check here.

Two-Factor Authentication Support for Sync, Drive and Outlook Add-On


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) refers to the "Two step verification" process that is available in FileCloud v9.0 on wards and designed to provide an extra layer of protection. Once enabled, FileCloud will require a passcode in addition to your password whenever you login to FileCloud or link a new phone, or tablet. Now with FileCloud 10 we are adding 2FA support to all our desktop clients (Sync, Drive and Outlook add-on).

Landing Page for File and Folder Shares

FileCloud Download Login Page

With FileCloud 10, We are introducing a new landing page design for File shares to increase the brand awareness. Now employees, customers and external partners will be exposed to your brand when they access, view and download files from your shares.

Our goal is to deliver strong value to our customers through product innovation and fanatical customer support. We take that goal very seriously and FileCloud 10 is all about creating value for our customers. We like it a lot and hope you like it too.

Other Important Improvements

Major: Local storage encryption: Add support for a recovery key in case main encryption password is unavailable
General: Support Open Office Documents for Quick Edit ODS, ODT, ODP
General: Disabled User accounts does not count towards licensing
General: NTFS Helper Service can be different for each site in a multi-tenant setup
General: Upgrade Apache/PHP/OpenSSL to Latest Version in Windows Installer
General: Allow changing backup folder at the user level
General: Add File Locking Activity in Shared Folder Email Notifications
General: Disable sharing for individual Network Shares
General: Support ability to disable upload of some file extensions
Admin: Show Single Tenant Max Users/Max Storage if set via Multi-Site Admin
Admin: Add new Email template for 2FA
Admin: Fix reset button for storage setting causes UI rendering issue
Sync: Ignore temp folder created during new Folder Creation with Sync app on Mac OSX
Sync: Allow to select “My Files” when doing selective sync
Sync: Network Folders should set same file timestamp to match remote server files
Sync: Network Folders not creating local folder if it is empty
Sync: Updated sync status icon to standout better with different backgrounds
Sync: Conflict files created when file is saved multiple times too quickly
Sync: Status Overlays are now working for network folders
Sync: Disallow quick editing a read-only file
Sync: Full XML settings options support for Linux Console Sync app
Outlook Addin: Outlook Add-In now can auto upload attached to FileCloud
Android: Fix Crash when other content other than files are sent to FileCloud App

Complete FileCloud 10 release notes can be found here.

By Team FileCloud