Top 5 Tips for MSP Marketing Strategy To Generate Leads

Most MSP companies are founded and led by engineers who tend to place more emphasis on their technical skills. So in essence, all MSPs are engineering companies at heart. However, marketing a technology is completely different from offering a service. It’s highly unlikely that most people become engineers because they wish to pick up a career in sales along they way, but marketing is critical to any business’ growth, regardless of the industry its in. Marketing is primarily a numbers game. If you manage to get an x amount of leads through the door, only a portion of them convert to paying clients.

To achieve long term success, MSPs require a growth strategy that transcends the referral base. The not only need a clear picture of the market they wish to serve but also an established process of finding and converting new clients. Tailoring a sales and marketing strategy that calms customers’ fears and creates a relationship based on trust hinges on an MSP’s ability to recognize the specific IT skills they are good at providing. Once that has been identified, a creative strategy and commitment of resources is applied in order to raise awareness of the service.

Ensure your website is impactful

You can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. A company’s website is not only an extension of its core business, but it is also an opportunity to make a lasting first impression on visitors in search of the expertise and services you are capable of providing. In today’s digital world companies have to take into account the vast range of devices potential customers may use to access their site. In order to effectively speak to the target audience, a fair amount of tweaking may be required to get the site to perform well on all search engines. An impactful website should accurately reflect the brand, culture and the unique offerings an MSP provides.


Engaging content is an effective way of attracting targeted website visitors. MSPs should focus on creating content that solves their clients most acute problems. Clients care more about the issues they face than the technology. If implemented properly, with the right process and discipline, a blog can become a valuable strategy for attracting the right kind of visitors. It may take a while for the leads to start rolling in, but once established, you should see an exponential increase in potential clients asking for help. Updating an MSP blog on a regular basis (two to three times every week) with exemplary content, that addresses your client’s problems and questions is a sure way of strengthening your MSP marketing strategy.


After building an impactful website, SEO (search engine optimization) is the next strategy to put in place in order to boost MSP marketing efforts. If done the right way, SEO can be a game changer. Your service offerings may be the best in the industry but if potential clients can’t find you when browsing the Internet, they’ll never discover you. Investing in a proper SEO strategy is a crucial piece of any marketing strategy in this digital age. Key phrases and keywords are the hallmark of search engine optimization. The are the terms and word potential clients are typing into their search engine to find a solution to their problem. Choosing the right ones can make your business and the managed services you provide easily discoverable.

Social Networking

Social media platforms are an ideal way to get the word out about the quality of service you provide. If properly used, social media can be used as a channel to communicate with potential clients and engage in open discussions with them. Social media also enable clients to put a face to the business; sharing posts about your office culture and the people who form the business goes a long way in establishing a basis of trust, the goes a long way. Invite your entire client base to follow your Facebook and Twitter. Keep them posted about all the cool things you are doing as an MSP, and maybe they’ll share it with their followers. Remember to keep it fun, the idea is to keep them aware of your presence.

Social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are also great tools to not only meet, but also build strong strategic alliances and partnerships. Robust business networks are detrimental to the growth of your business. Outside the online world, you can ensure your MSP business has a voice in the community and industry by attending chamber meetings and conferences, joining an alliance or the Rotary. Jump at every opportunity to meet and engage other business owners.

Foster Leads

The best way to measure your marketing efforts is by growing a list of potential clients. A mailing list is an crucial asset to any business, and using an e-mail list as a source of MSP lead generation is a good way to provide special services, tips, discounts or newsletters to potential client’s. In order for the list to be effective and beneficial to the company, it has to have been built organically. Potential clients should opt in and ensure you provide a simple way to users to unsubscribe. In order to generate the right leads, focus should be placed on the buyers persona, specifically their goals, paint points and behaviors. Fostering a lead should not stop after signing a client. Treating your customer as simply one of many will not bode well for the business. Current clients are also a source of lead generation, through referrals. By creating strong relationships with your existing client base, they are more likely to talk about your business or give positive reviews and testimonials.


Author: Gabriel Lando