FileCloud Expands Its Single-Sign-On Support by Announcing Integration with OneLogin



FileCloud, a leading cloud-agnostic enterprise file-sharing and collaboration platform, recently announced an integration with OneLogin to provide enterprise customers with a seamless method to authenticate users. OneLogin is a fast-growing provider of Single-Sign-On and Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Using this integration, companies can now provide access to FileCloud accounts using their OneLogin’s Single Sign-on feature (SSO). The integration means that instead of using a separate user id/password for FileCloud, users can log in into FileCloud using a company-wide Single-Sign-On user id/password.

SAML has become one of the most popular enterprise SSO standards, enabling users to access all of their enterprise cloud applications after signing in just one time.  FileCloud enables SSO authentication via SAML with specific support for Okta, Centrify, OneLogin, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Leading enterprises and government organizations rely on FileCloud for storing and collaborating on their business-critical data. Organizations require a highly-accurate and easy-to-use method of identity verification in order to keep sensitive information safe while providing a simple user experience. FileCloud helps them accomplish this through various security features and integration with external apps and services such as OneLogin.

Some of the advantages of integrating FileCloud with OneLogin SSO

  • Quick on-boarding of users into FileCloud
  • Simple management – one place to manage authentication across applications including FileCloud
  • Easy-to-use method of identity verification for end-users. One user id/password across many application and services

For technical details on how to integrate OneLogin as an SSO provider with FileCloud, please visit the support documentation or email our technical support team