How To Protect And Track Your Documents With FileCloud DRM

The BYOD (bring your own device) trend in the IT industry has been a double-edged sword of sorts – on the one hand, businesses are saving money by eliminating the need to invest in employee-specific equipment and gadgets and boosting productivity; on the other, it is allowing employees to use devices for transporting and exchanging files beyond the purview of IT management.

The truth is, your employees may find USB sticks, external hard drives, webmail, and smart devices more convenient than traditional organizational tools when it comes to transferring files. Unfortunately, this creates a gap in control and visibility for IT departments, exposing companies to compliance and security risks. As a result, organizations are slowly shying away from consumer-grade secure document sharing to more secure options.

FileCloud DRM protects important, sensitive business documents against intellectual property theft, piracy, and leakage. This security travels with your files wherever they go, protecting them with AES-certified 256-bit encryption at all times. You’ll be able to instantly revoke any recipient’s access to data, at any time, from the FileCloud Portal and protect your documents, files, and e-books against unauthorized copying and distribution.

The FileCloud user portal now has a Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature that enables users to download office files, PDFs, and image files securely. The feature requires users to view securely downloaded files through a Secure Document Viewer using an access key.

FileCloud DRM lets you securely export multiple documents in an encrypted document container (AES 256 encryption) and share it via email or FileCloud. Recipients then need to enter an access key to access it. FileCloud verifies the user access key to provide access to shared documents.

FileCloud DRM Preview

FileCloud DRM stops unauthorized sharing, taking screenshots, copying, the printing of your intellectual property (contracts, sales/marketing reports, eBooks, training materials, and other sensitive documents). The sender can instantly restrict or revoke access any time after sending and also set maximum access counts.

Manage Secure Documents FileCloud Preview

FileCloud’s Secure Document Viewer protects confidential files against unsolicited viewing with a restricted viewing mode. Users will only be able to see the part of the document they are allowed to; all other sections will be restricted from view. Further document sections will be revealed as the user scrolls. Plus, to maximize your document security, the Screenshot Protection feature prevents recipients from taking screenshots of important documents.