FileCloud Aurora – All About the Mobile and Sync UI Update


In November 2020, FileCloud released update 20.2 – a complete rehaul of our Sync, Mobile and browser UI and functionalities. We at FileCloud have been working on this for a very, very long time, and so we’re incredibly proud to present to you: FileCloud Aurora.

Today, we’re going to be covering one of the most important additions to this update: the Mobile and Sync UI Update!

For a comprehensive overview of all of FileCloud Aurora’s new features, please visit our previous blog post Introducing FileCloud Aurora! Brand New UI and DRM Capabilities!.

Sync UI Update

Brand New Look. 

  • FileCloud Aurora is transforming your Sync client into a stunning new workspace! This update is clearing out the clutter and enhancing the best parts of FileCloud with a sleek and responsive reimagination of the Sync client, to provide you and your team with a powerful, comfortable and fluid file-sharing experience.

Data At Your Fingertips. 

  • We’re all about making your information work for you. That’s why FileCloud Aurora brings a mini-dashboard to your Sync client, so that you can keep open at all times on the desktop. It’s small enough to stay out of your way as you work, but detailed enough to provide all the information you need about your data and file syncs.

Installation Made Simple.

  • Setting up your software should be easy. So that’s exactly what we did. FileCloud Aurora introduces an intuitive and uncomplicated setup wizard to help you as you install the Sync client. The wizard not only helps with the setup process, but also the configuration aspect, letting you customize your experience with FileCloud completely.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to easily upgrade your solution to the newest version!

Mobile Update

Brand New Look

  • Providing anywhere, anytime access to your data has always been one of our priorities. Now, the FileCloud Aurora update is enhancing your mobile experience with a gorgeous and responsive redesign, ensuring that you and your team can still work on the go: this time in a more powerful, comfortable and fluid workspace. 

Staying Organized

  • We’re all about making your information work for you. That’s why FileCloud Aurora adds labels, animated prompts and intuitive predictions that make it easier to work with your files and data on the go. Plus, our new “Favorites” system lets you quickly revisit files that you know you’ll be using a ton. 

More Stuff, More Speed

  • Everything about FileCloud Aurora was designed for one thing: to help you go fast. Work quicker and better with our new single-click actions and detailed filters. Visual cues, responsive animations and color-coded workspaces reinforce each action you take and remove any sort of second-guessing from your workflow.

Schedule a demo on the FileCloud Mobile App here!

Thank You!

Finally, our team at FileCloud would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for supporting us throughout the years, and giving us your valuable feedback, which we have used to create the ultimate file-sharing experience. We’re incredibly proud of this update, and we hope that you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it!