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Whitelabel SaaS


“White label” means that you can brand the SaaS product as if it were your own.

It’s the process of buying a re-brandable product/service, and then re-selling it under your own brand name to the end customer. It’s a great way to offer more services to clients without adding additional work for your team! White-labeling gives providers access to a large distribution network through their reseller partners, and resellers can expand their product and service line easily. The key to Whitelabel is anonymity, as consumers who buy the end product are not aware that it was originally produced by a white-label provider.

The affiliate can tweak the item with their own image, logo, and character, enabling clients to connect the item with the affiliate. In the interim, the producer can concentrate on discovering savvy approaches to make the product, without worry about the promotion of products. white label solutions can enable you to use your business’ exceptional marking to offer an item or administration without putting resources into a framework or innovation creation around the solution. Thus you can concentrate on building your brand and offering your services while rearranging the changing way for your customers.

This has many advantages compared to developing a new product or service from scratch-  we have listed some for you.

1. Own Your Brand

If you are aiming to build your brand, white-label software offers a quick and impressive way to get your name in front of your leads. When the clients and leads see your name on software, your business becomes credible and reliable. Credibility helps you expand very fast. At the end of the day, the customer is doing business with your company and you are who they trust – if they suddenly end up using software with a completely different name from your own, that is not good for the customer experience.

2. Faster Service to your customers

Rather than spending time and money on developing new tools/features, using white label software allows you to provide all these features/services to your clients quicker and better. This helps to ensure that your users aren’t going to start considering your competitors.

3. Cost-saving Solution

The less money you spend on development, the more opportunity you’ll have to increase your own revenue. White-labeled SaaS products and services allow you to provide your users with cost-effective solutions, and in turn, can increase your earnings.

4.  Access to Great Talent.

Building high-quality enterprise solutions require talent. It’s difficult to hire and manage a team of talented designers, developers & managers. By simply licensing a white-label solution you can get access to a great team that may be willing to collaborate on new requirements & features.

Factors to Consider When  White Labeling

Factors To Consider When White Labeling
Factors To Consider When White Labeling

1. Is it the right fit for the company?

Your existing customers are a captive audience and the set of leads to go after to make a sale. Will the white-label SaaS be a service that fits their needs, wants, and priorities to the point that it will make sense for them to get it? If the white label SaaS software is out of alignment with your company, your vision, and the problem you are trying to solve, you will have difficulty selling it — and closing deals is the whole point of becoming a white label software reseller. Also, look at this article on SaaS Product business model to further improve your SaaS business model.

2. Reputation and Track Record

Are they honest?  Transparent and upfront? Do they have a good reputation?  So do your homework on the business. See what their reviews say. How long have they been around? Are they considered an expert in the industry? Keep in mind- It is your reputation at stake at the end of the day. So make sure you partner with the right people.

3. Service and Support

Is there a clear and organized method for onboarding and training your business so you can start selling soon? Is there a detailed and thorough training process for the process and using the software/service? Do they have adequate resources to help you learn and grow? How fast they have been responding to you so far? Are they quick getting back to you if you have queries and need help?

4. Contracts and Terms

Do they have a detailed contract process and are they clear about the terms and conditions? If they are transparent and open, you will be able to tell now if you haven’t been able to tell before. They should be clear on their minimum lock-in period. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before signing on the dotted line.


If there is someone else who can create a product better than you can, it is worth the cost and time savings. By using white label solutions, you will have more time to devote to business development. It is clearly a high ROI expansion for your business and revenue. As long as you are careful when it comes to monitoring the quality output of the final product, white labeling can be a great way to grow your business