Upgrade Your FileCloud Cluster and MongoDB with Offline Upgrade Tool

Upgrade MongoDB

This blog post explains how to upgrade the FileCloud High Availability cluster using the FileCloud Offline Upgrade tool for Linux. At the moment, the FileCloud Offline Upgrade tool only supports CentOS7 and RHEL7 machines.

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Reviewing the Architecture

In this scenario, let us consider the architecture. The FileCloud architecture below consists of:

  • 2 x web servers
  • 3 x MongoDB servers
  • 1 x Solr server

Update FileCloud Cluster - 9 Server Cluster Example

The example used throughout this how-to blog post is based on FileCloud 20.1, where MongoDB runs on 3.6. Starting from 21.1, we will have to upgrade the MongoDB clusters manually, prior to Web node upgrades.


Upgrading FileCloud’s MongoDB Servers

We described how to upgrade MongoDB servers for Windows and Linux in a previous blog post. Here, we describe steps to upgrade MongoDB with the FileCloud offline upgrade too.

Step 1: Download the Upgrade Tool and Create a Path

First, download mongodb_upgrader_40_rpm.tgz and mongodb_upgrader_42_rpm.tgz into the MongoDB servers. You will need to implement these upgrades step by step.

mongodb_upgrader_40_rpm.tgz is MongoDB 4.0
mongodb_upgrader_42_rpm.tgz is MongoDB 4.2

Step 2: Create a Directory and Path

Create a directory as below in any path; $path can be any path location

mkdir -p $path/mongo40
mkdir -p $path/mongo42

tar -xzvf mongodb_upgrader_40_rpm.tgz -C $path/mongo40
tar -xzvf mongodb_upgrader_42_rpm.tgz -C $path/mongo42

Step 3: Set Feature Compatibility to 3.6

mongo --host {IP address of Primary}  --eval "db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '3.6' } )"

Step 4: Upgrade Secondary Nodes to 4.0

service mongod stop
cd $path/mongo40
rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Step 5: Stepdown current primary as secondary


Step 6: Upgrade the last server to 4.0

Step 7: Set Feature Compatibility to 4.0 in the current Primary Server

mongo --host {IP address of Primary} "db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '4.0' } )"

Step 8: Upgrade Secondary Nodes

Upgrade secondary nodes from 4.0 to 4.2, one by one, using the below commands or by running as a script

cd $path/mongo42
service mongod stop
rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Step 9: Stepdown current primary as secondary


Step 10: Upgrade Server to 4.2

Run command in Step 6 to upgrade the last server to 4.2

Step 11: Set Feature Compatibility to 4.2

In the current Primary Server, apply the following to update the feature compatibility to 4.2:

mongo --host {IP address of Primary} "db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: '4.2' } )"


Upgrading FileCloud’s web and Solr servers

Download the offline_rpm_upgrader.tgz to both the web and Solr servers.

tar -xzvf offline_rpm_upgrader.tgz

Run the upgrader_offline_rpm.sh in the web nodes (you can skip the MongoDB upgrade option in upgrader_offline_rpm.sh as we will upgrade MongoDB servers manually prior to web nodes)

For Solr nodes, select the option Solr server and skip the web server and Solr.



Please note that this blog post is written based on the sample architecture mentioned at the start of the post. If you have different architecture, please feel free to reach out for any clarifications at support@filecloud.com.


Article written by Nandakumar Chitra Suresh