File Sharing and Permissions

Granular folder, Sub folder Permissions to Manage Access for Each User

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Manage File Shares With Granular Permissions

View-only File Shares

Send files with view-only permissions so that the shared files cannot be edited and would require additional administrative permissions such as password protection, edit and download to modify the document (office 365, onlyoffice), restrictions in transferring files.

Granular Folder Permissions

FileCloud storage service offers granular permission control over folders. Manage access permissions at any folder and subfolder level and ensure appropriate level of access for every user.

Admin Controls

Control what people can do with the files you share. FileCloud’s file sharing and permission control gives admins and authorised users the ability to keep a tab on the data shared with the clients and prevent unauthorised data access. Protect any small or large file size with our unlimited storage.

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Based on share permissions, users can manage shares created by other users. Administrators can manage all site-wide sharing permissions & user-specific storage space using drag and drop functionality. Users can only manage shares created by other users. Within a company, we have multiple teams and team folders. Team managers have the ability to see and manage shares within these team folders. Users can manage shares created by others if they have appropriate permissions. FileCloud clearly displays the list of users and groups who you have shared with. And also, how they have re-shared the files.

Allows Flexible Permissions

Admins can set read/ write/ delete/ share permissions for any user at any level. Even if a particular user has permissions to manage a top level folder, a specific subfolder can have different permissions. Administrators can allow specific users to set granular folder level permissions, giving more control for specific team folder accounts. Securely share & access your files.

Network Folders With NTFS Permissions

Many organisations have Windows based Network Folders that are shared with employees. The permissions on these Network Folders are managed using NTFS setup for various users and groups (usually from Active Directory). FileCloud can use the same NTFS permissions on the Network Folders for user authorisation and access to these resources.

Secure Remote Access

Securely access your enterprise data, share and collaborate on any device without a VPN. With FileCloud, you can access files securely via web browsers, network drives and mobile apps.

Mapped Drives Access

FileCloud Drive creates a cloud based network folder on your device, so you can access all your remote files as easily as though they were on your local drive!

File Locking

File locking prevents multiple team members from opening/ accessing files at the same time. This lock can also prevent other users from downloading, or viewing file contents by other users, regardless of the file size.

Unlimited File Versioning

With unlimited file versioning, users can rollback to any previous versions of any file, in case unwanted changes were made. FileCloud preserves unlimited versions of each file in real time during file upload.

Ransomware Protection

Protect your data by automatically performing anti-virus scan when uploading files. Unlike Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, FileCloud’s heuristic file content engine also automatically detects and blocks ransomware.

Complete Audit Trail

FileCloud provides encryption in transit and at rest, as well as a HIPAA-compliant Audit Trail. Administrators can use audit logs to quickly view any new accounts, search history, uploaded or downloaded files , and much more.

Smart Data Leak Prevention

FileCloud’s Smart DLP has unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage; this maximizes security and saves businesses from huge compliance files. 

Strong Compliance

FileCloud’s security measures are compliant with even the strictest industry and government standards – FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR and NIST 800-171.

Support for CIFS and NFS

While working on an out-of-office network, the network shares in EMC Isilon are exposed as CIFS or NFS shares and offer low latency access, meaning FileCloud provides incredibly fast access to your data.

Use Existing IT infrastructure

If your business is using infrastructure such as EMC Isilon, you know it’s impossible to access files outside of the office network. FileCloud integrates with existing Active Directory, NTFS file permissions, and network shares to make sure your team can work anywhere, anytime.

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