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Here are some of the reasons why data residency is an important technology for an organization.

It is Tailored to Regional Expectations

There’s no denying the fact that the information which is acceptable in Germany could possibly not be accepted in California. Data residency services at FileCloud allow the processing to be tailored to regional expectations.

Ensures that Regional Differences Do Not Matter

Although, regional differences in the privacy laws are likely to increase on a global scale. However, the data residency services at FileCloud offer a platform to organizations that are the key principles that help ensure that the information can be processed, collected, and stored in a way that meets expectations across various geographical borders.

Meets Privacy Expectations of Organizations

In spite of so many privacy differences globally, there’s one thing that’s common for all is that privacy is crucial. Choosing the data residency at FileCloud helps your organization in meeting regional data protection and privacy requirements.

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Data residency ensures that your organization’s data is stored in a specific geographical location. Similar to data sovereignty, data residency is also about regulatory requirements and data laws models. With FileCloud you can keep your data in the country. It is not just available for storage but also for external service use and data residency regulations.

Data Residency Solutions at FileCloud

The data residency solutions as offered by FileCloud allow the organizations or their employees to designate the region of their choice, for data storage and processing, with increased flexibility. It can easily be deployed in infrastructure, with private hosting or a hybrid cloud setup. You can select the location and infrastructure according to the data residency policy’s best practices at your convenience, in FileCloud, that complies with several regional privacy requirements, such as the European Union.

Secure Servers

FileCloud provides one of the best data residency cloud services. Here the data is stored in remote secure servers, which are maintained by a team of dedicated security experts for the stored data.

Automatic Backups

The residency database services at FileCloud allow the data to automatically backup regularly in order to ensure that the latest data files are available to the users.

Recover Deleted Files

According to the data residency policy, its best practices at FileCloud allow the deleted files and folders to be recovered easily by the organizations while ensuring that no data gets lost.

Secure File Sharing

FileCloud’s data residency cloud services make it easy for the files to be shared and stored on any device, irrespective of the country/place. It facilitates the user to share files either publicly or privately, based on the requirements.

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Why is Data Residency Important?

Data residency helps in the storage of information within a particular region, where that information is processed in accordance with the laws and data residency regulations of such regions. FileCloud is one such platform that can help your organization in satisfying regional expectations.


In this age of information, privacy becomes a crucial concern today. It is the reason why the cumulative use of residency databases have been increased in various countries, as illustrated in the image below:

The data residency services at FileCloud are here to address all your concerns when it comes to data privacy.

Data Residency Laws

Data residency compliance is necessary in the geographies, based on the following facts:

  • Tax benefits: Governments offer a healthy tax environment for businesses which ensures that a significant part of their operations stay within the country
  • Company’s data residency policy: The businesses may choose to include data residency policies to ensure transparency in data storage for their customers.
  • Financial considerations: Businesses may host data in certain countries because of the budget-friendly operating costs as well as for the possibility of a regulatory environment that is beneficial.

Data Laws by Countries

Countries Data Governed Laws
Australia Health Records Information Privacy act 2014
China Personal, Business, and Financial Data Golden Shield Program
European Union Profile, Employment, Financial Health and Payment The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
India Payment Data The Personal Data Protection Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Meaning of  Data Residency Explained?

Data residency simply means that your data can be stored in a specific geographical location with utmost privacy regulations. With FileCloud, you can keep your organization’s data in the origin country, not just for external service use but also for storage.

What is Data Residency In Cloud?

Data residency describes the place where your data is stored. So, to help comply to the requirements of data residency, Google cloud allows you to control your data storage location.

Why is Data Residency as a Service Important?

It is crucial to understand that companies are entitled to various benefits in their taxes, based on the location of their data storage. However, it is most important as it takes care of the privacy laws by country where the data resides.


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