FileCloud Integrates with Microsoft 365

Connect Microsoft applications with FileCloud’s hyper-secure file sharing and data governance tools.

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Edit & AutoSave

FileCloud’s Web Edit feature uses Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to open a file in the browser. Changes are auto-saved as you edit.


Real-time Collaboration

FileCloud locks and unlocks files automatically when opened and closed, respectively, for easier collaboration across multiple teams.


Unlimited File Versioning

FileCloud maintains unlimited file versions so users can revert or open older versions of the file right in the browser.

Microsoft 365 Integration with FileCloud

Users with a Microsoft 365 subscription can fully integrate FileCloud with Office Online. Open, edit, and save any files stored in FileCloud right from the browser, so files remain within the hyper-secure platform while enabling real-time collaboration.

FileCloud can also be added as a location in Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note), so any new files can be uploaded to FileCloud from the application “save as” menu.

FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot

FileCloud for Office

FileCloud for Office is a real-time collaboration layer that displays contextual information for Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) saved in FileCloud.

Users can access files through FileCloud desktop clients; with FileCloud for Office, users can also manage documents in FileCloud easily without opening their browser or pulling files out of the hyper-secure environment.

FileCloud for Office supports:

  • Automatic file-lock management
  • Collaboration through comments
  • Access to share options and history
  • Version visibility

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Microsoft Office & Outlook Add-ins for FileCloud

For an even closer integration, users can embed FileCloud into preferred Microsoft applications with FileCloud’s Office add-ins. Open, edit, and save files directly to FileCloud from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on a PC.

FileCloud’s integration with Microsoft Outlook can improve productivity and reduce context switching when it comes to file sharing via email. The FileCloud Outlook add-in creates a direct path to FileCloud within Outlook and enables the following actions:

  • Upload attachments to FileCloud.
  • Share files or folders stored in FileCloud as a link in Outlook emails.
  • Automatically upload attachments and create a share link.

FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot

Microsoft 365 Mobile App FileCloud Integration

Users can integrate FileCloud with Microsoft mobile apps for streamlined remote access and real-time collaboration on-the-go. This integration enables users to open, edit, and save files to FileCloud using their mobile device (iOS and Android).

FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot
FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot
FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot
FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot
FileCloud Zero Trust Screenshot

Real-time Editing

Edit Microsoft files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with multiple users while remaining within FileCloud’s hyper-secure environment.


Remote Access

Open, edit, and save files to and from FileCloud from a remote or mobile device.


Granular Share Permissions

Secure shared files with granular permissions that limit who can view, edit, upload, and download.


File Locking & Unlocking

Lock files to prevent overwriting file changes when collaborating and unlock when finished.


Unlimited File Versioning

Access, compare, and even restore past versions of a file with unlimited file versioning.


Activity Notifications

Set up email notifications to receive an update whenever a file is accessed, edited, or downloaded.


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