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Alternative to Microsoft OneDrive – Why FileCloud is better for Business File Sharing?


FileCloud competes with Microsoft OneDrive for business in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space(EFSS). Before we get into the details, I believe an ideal EFSS system should work across all the popular desktop OSes (Windows, Mac and Linux) and offer native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In addition, the system should offer all the basics expected out of EFSS: Unlimited File Versioning, Remote Wipe, Audit Logs, Desktop Sync Client, Desktop Map Drive and User Management.

The feature comparisons are as follows:

Features OneDrive
On Premise
File Sharing
Access and Monitoring Controls
Secure Access
Document Preview
Document Edit
Outlook Integration
Role Based Administration
Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Backup
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support
Public File Sharing
Customization, Branding
SAML Integration Under Development
NTFS Support
Active Directory/LDAP Support
API Support
Application Integration via API
Large File Support
Network Share Support
Mobile Device Management
Desktop Sync Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Pricing for 100 users/ year $5000 $6000

From outside looking-in, the offerings all look similar. However, the approach to the solution is completely different in satisfying enterprises primary need of easy access to their files without compromising privacy, security and control. The fundamental areas of difference are as follows:

Feature benefits of FileCloud over Microsoft OneDrive

On Premise: FileCloud is a pure private EFSS solution that will run inside enterprise’s own infrastructure. And, enterprises can have complete control over their data.

Embedded File Upload Website Form – FileCloud’s Embedded File Upload Website Form enables users to embed a small FileCloud interface onto any website, blog, social networking service, intranet, or any public URL that supports HTML embed code. Using the Embedded File Upload Website Form, you can easily allow file uploads to a specific folder within your account. This feature is similar to File Drop Box that allows your customers or associates to send any type of file without requiring them to log in or to create an account.

Unified Device Management Console – FileCloud’s unified device management console provides simplified access to managing mobile devices enabled to access enterprise data, irrespective of whether the device is enterprise owned, employee owned, mobile platform or device type. Manage and control of thousands of iOS and Android, devices in FileCloud’s secure, browser-based dashboard. FileCloud’s administrator console is intuitive and requires no training or dedicated staff. FileCloud’s MDM works on any vendor’s network — even if the managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.

Device Commands and Messaging – Ability to send on-demand messages to any device connecting to FileCloud, provides administrators a powerful tool to interact with the enterprise workforce. Any information on security threats or access violations can be easily conveyed to the mobile users. And, above all messages are without any SMS cost.

NTFS Shares Support – Many organizations use the NTFS permissions to manage and control the access permissions for internal file shares. It is very hard to duplicate the access permissions to other systems and keep it sync. FileCloud enables access to internal file shares via web and mobile while honoring the existing NTFS file permissions. This functionality is a great time saver for system administrators and provides a single point of management.

Network Shares Support – FileCloud’s network share feature satisfies enterprise requirement of user/group specific access to folders. And, as files are already shared via network shares, no need for additional setup or products to buy. Moreover, FileCloud provides Active Directory & LDAP support along with NTFS permission support restricting access to network folders to just authorized users.

Multi-Tenancy Support – The multi-tenancy feature allows Managed Service Providers(MSP) serve multiple customers using single instance of FileCloud. The key value proposition of FileCloud multi-tenant architecture is that while providing multi-tenancy the data separation among different tenants is also maintained . Moreover, every tenant has the flexibility for customized branding. MSPs who are interested in becoming FileCloud partners click here


Microsoft OneDrive:

Enterprises need to buy add-on or upgrade to satisfy basic requirements of an EFSS solution. For a 100 user package, the cost adds up to around $6000.


Enterprises get one simple solution with all features bundled. For the same 100 user package, with more features the cost is $2999/year, better value than Microsoft OneDrive.


Microsoft OneDrive is another public cloud based EFSS solution. If enterprises need complete control and host all enterprise data on-premise, they should go with FileCloud. With FileCloud, enterprises not only get a true on-premise private cloud EFSS solution, but also get a rich feature set product at a great value.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison that shows why FileCloud stands out as the best EFSS solution.

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Top 5 Trends for Small and Medium Business in 2015

small business trend 2015

The great thing about bringing your small and medium business online is that you’re able to cut down on the expenses by a significant margin, while you become more productive and earn more. If we look at some older statistics of small businesses at a glance, the United States is the home of some 30+ million small businesses, and you can rest assured that many of these businesses are competing for the top spot in their industry.

Through some basic research and analysis, we can deduct the trends and hot topics that will be dominating the year 2015 for small and medium business owners. It’s all about growth, expanding to new horizons, and getting those extra customers through every means possible.

Growth Optimization

Growth optimization is going to stay, in fact, we will continue to see new trends emerge that teach us new ways of growing our business. Email marketing, user on-boarding, and customer acquisition – all these areas of growth are hackable, and every week we see at least one new technique that can be viable to a business.

The best way to stay in touch with the latest growth techniques is by following people who most often write about these topics, luckily there is a resource available that covers some of the influencers in this market.

Customer Service and Relationship

Customers are the driving force behind every business, and if the last few years were solely focused on polishing your product for the most optimal performance, then this year we will see how important it is to treat every customer right. The supply is increasing, so is the demand for good customer service.

Large businesses have realized and acting on a key learning that it’s good to have compelling products and services, but it’s even more important to build real relationship with the customers who want your products and services. Large companies have invested in technologies to understand that not every customer is the same, and they expect to treat them uniquely. SMBs need to learn what it means to cultivate unique relationships, and how they can use technology to do it well.

Many influential bloggers and big business sites will be covering this topic in great detail, look out for it.

Content Marketing

It’s really strange to see how long it has taken for small and medium businesses to realize the importance of a content marketing strategy, and even now – many startups, small businesses and individuals are denying that they need a content strategy in place.

If you’re new to content marketing, read up on this Buffer blog post to learn more about the common techniques used today. The biggest problem is that business owners are afraid of investing on good content, but that is exactly what it takes to have a successful content marketing strategy.

Big Data as an Essential Growth Mechanism

In 2014, we saw a massive increase in content that discusses big data, and it’s uses in the real-world. In 2015, we can expect big data to become even more mainstream, and more appealing to small businesses who want to really learn about their business on a deeper level.

Increase in easy to use tools, cloud services, and big data as a service are some of the trends to look out for in this new year. There is a lot of data out there, and it can be used to the benefit of growing and expanding your business.

Mobile Technology and Services

The mobile industry is booming and steaming, and we can expect some big things happen in this field during the year of 2015. Smartphones are becoming a lot more cheap, a lot more accessible, and definitely a lot more features to enable tasks such as shopping, paying, reading and watching media material. It’s all about being able to make those purchases and other tasks ‘on the go’. For your business, that could mean the adaption of a mobile design, or an integration of a mobile application that can really be the driving force behind your sales in 2015.

Author: Alex Ivanovs

Image courtesy: 1shots,

Secure, Cost-Effective Dropbox Alternative- Customer Case Study



Rosewood Companies Share and Sync Data over Multiple Enterprises with FileCloud

Diversity and security are the business cornerstones of the Rosewood Companies. The different operational units in the group provide strength and stability to maximize assets and wealth. Each unit is professionally managed for optimal returns, while the spread of activities shields the group overall from sector-specific ups and downs. Together, they correspond to the values of the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, for which the Rosewood Companies form a robust financial operating base. Proper information flows and access are crucial to maintain satisfactory levels of individual and overall performance

Making Information Available for Urban, Energy, Ranch and Wetland Managers

Activities in the Rosewood Companies cover institutional real estate, oil and gas exploration and production, startup and entrepreneurial investment, holistic cattle ranches and environmental conservation. Group information, policies, decisions and other files need to flow out to the individual business units, while management reports must also come back in the other direction. As an ecosystem in themselves, the Rosewood Companies depend on a suitable solution for holding, communicating and accessing the data vital to everyday operational success.

File Sharing Security for a Select Group

Security is a priority for Rosewood IT management when it comes to storing and transferring files. Recent breaches of data suffered by other organizations made it wary of certain public cloud service providers. The preference was for a robust in-house file sharing and synchronization product that would give the Rosewood Companies optimal protection. At the same time, the projected total base of 50 users for such an application meant that affordability was important. These different requirements also had to be met in a context in which managers would access confidential data outside company networks using mobile devices.

Evaluation and Budgeting Leads Rosewood Companies to FileCloud

During a trial period, the IT department was able to test the range of file sharing and synchronization functions offered by FileCloud as a private cloud solution. Security was found to be both flexible and robust, while the file backup, recovery and versioning functionality protected company files against both system malfunction and user errors. The IT department tried both Dropbox and OwnCloud and found the pricing to be expensive and above their budget. The favorable price point of FileCloud for a smaller number of users was also a hit. With FileCloud, the Rosewood Companies could start with a modest number of users and stay well within budget, yet benefit from the possibility to extend the user base practically without limit.

FileCloud Support is Also a Positive Decision Factor

FileCloud support was on hand to help the IT department achieve rapid and reliable set-up including pass-through user authentication. In the customer’s own words, “the support team was great”. FileCloud recognizes the importance of having both a great product and top-notch technical assistance, so that users can benefit from robust, high-performance file sharing and syncing as fast as possible. The IT department at Rosewood Companies is convinced of the merits of this combination and since the initial installation has already extended its license several times.

Ease of Use for All Profiles of Users

Rosewood business executives running key urban development projects in Dallas, managing a Gulf Coast refinery and helping natural wetlands to thrive need a file sharing solution without huge learning curves. The mobile client and web interfaces for FileCloud have been designed accordingly. They stay out of the way to let users get the data they need safely, intuitively and rapidly. The administrator interface ensures that application of appropriate security policies is simple and effective, with automatic alerts sent to IT staff in case of suspicious behavior.

Ready for the Future

Any new business units or activities in the Rosewood Companies group can immediately be integrated into the FileCloud installation. Growth of the licensed user base is smooth and highly affordable. FileCloud installations can accommodate millions of users if required, all with the same high security, reliability, performance and ease of use. Integration with existing access authorization systems make it easy to manage different levels of user privileges and extend file sharing to third parties while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality.

See for yourself how FileCloud can be your best choice for safe, fast, cost-efficient file sharing and synchronization. Try FileCloud for free for two weeks on your own server. And yes, you can start your trial today!



Secure Media File Sharing for Media Production Companies

Secure Media File Sharing for Media Production Companies – Customer Case Study


Stronger Storytelling across Continents for Caviar Group Thanks to FileCloud

With offices in Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Prague, the Caviar Group provides top quality content to the entertainment industry. Comedic or dramatic but always captivating, Caviar is constantly sharing data between locations on different continents. The group has around 100 full-time employees and works with hundreds of other top-notch freelancers. The ‘big concept’ in Caviar is storytelling: the creation of compelling characters with immersive and provocative material that makes audiences laugh, cry and call out for more. In an increasingly digital world, that means being able to rapidly and easily move data files backwards and forwards as stories unfold and content is finalized.

Big Data Files and Proper User Access

Graphics and audio-visual media files are typically bigger than text files by an order of magnitude – or more. That means high volume file access that cannot be handled by ordinary email. TV and Internet commercials, tele-fiction and documentaries, and complete movies need a robust application that is purpose-built for the job of large-size file sharing, synchronizing, backup and versioning, all with appropriate levels of user access and security. Only this kind of approach can let a visionary company like Caviar stay at the cutting edge of cross-cultural content creation.

Direct Integration of FileCloud with Caviar’s Active Directory

The Caviar Group already had user access authorization in place with Active Directory NTFS permissions. Ideally, the file sharing and synchronization solution they were looking for would integrate directly into the existing structure without the need to implement an additional or proprietary system. FileCloud immediately scored points because of its compatibility with the Caviar security infrastructure. In fact, FileCloud integrates with all existing authorization systems. If Caviar chose a different security solution in the future, the compatibility of FileCloud would still be assured.

Intuitive, Customizable and Controllable

Additional ‘hot buttons’ for Caviar were the ease of use and the possibilities to adjust the user interface. Working with freelancers means an unknown range of technical awareness or capabilities. Caviar wanted to be sure its new file sharing solution could handle the lowest common technical denominator among end-users, while still giving IT staff a powerful, comprehensive set of administrative tools. The company made a thorough analysis of on-premise file sharing applications from different vendors. The conclusion was inescapable. In the words of Filip Herman, Group ICT Manager for Caviar Group, FileCloud was “by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.”

Upwardly Mobile Users

As Caviar develops after its foundation in 2006, adding branches such as Caviar Digital to integrate its movie-making with the world of digital communication, mobile access to files becomes increasingly important. Whether on Android or iOS devices, employees and collaborators expect to be able to work together with high efficiency and no fuss. Being able to simply send a file-link to a correspondent instead of having to transfer the high-volume file itself is a huge productivity gain for all departments in Caviar, including content creation, sales, marketing and administration. The ability to easily brand FileCloud is also a way for Caviar to establish its identity and the right level of confidence with new freelancers too.

Versioning and Time Travel with FileCloud Too

The last version made of a comedic viral or television drama is not necessarily the one that is finally chosen. Artistic creation means testing new avenues and directions while accepting that some may work while others do not. FileCloud helps the process with extensive file versioning to let users keep preceding versions of files that they can also easily consult and restore. All the information stays organized and protected. Caviar IT staff can adjust access permissions down to file level too to ensure that creative gems stay safe.

Looking Ahead

Filip Herman is indeed happy about the FileCloud implementation – “FileCloud has provided us a way to securely share our data between all of our offices.” He also knows that as technologies and markets progress, FileCloud will continue to innovate and lead as the solution of choice for CME (communications, media and entertainment) and for any industry that needs high quality, highly affordable file sharing and synchronization.

Find out today what FileCloud can do for your enterprise. Contact us now and start a free 14-day trial of FileCloud on your own server.


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