Vaultize has been branded as a cloud-based backup solution

FileCloud – the Vaultize Alternative & More

Cloud computing is the latest trend in IT. When most people think of computer resources within the cloud, the likes of Google drive and Amazon web service comes to mind with applications and infrastructure being shared by many. Cloud computing has proven to be a good alternative for organizations, because it generates flexibility and reduces costs. However, as we continue discussing public clouds, enterprise IT continues to gravitate towards Private clouds in a big way.  This is mainly because most organizations are not comfortable with the idea of sharing resources with an unknown number of clients.

Finding a private cloud is not as simple as it seems. Currently, no relevant standards exist and what passes as the best private cloud seems to be in the eye of the beholder. No private cloud apps are the same; some are simple while others are complex. Knowing all your available options is the best way to find the best one.


Vaultize has been branded as a cloud-based backup solution specifically designed for enterprises. Most cloud backup service providers are designed for consumers; and their business editions are simply extensions of consumer offerings. This is why Vaultize stands out.

Their private cloud solution is a software based solution that is deployed at the organizations premise and offers a unified platform for sync, file sharing, endpoint encryption, endpoint backup, and any-time/anywhere access to data on corporate file servers; everything with complete enterprise visibility and control. Their Google apps backup feature allows you to securely backup any data stored in the Google cloud, making it a good hybrid cloud offering.

Some of the most notable features offered by Vaultize include;

1)      Secure Endpoint Backup

2)      Data Privacy Option (DPO)

3)      Endpoint Encryption

However, what if your private cloud needs surpasses basic features like data backup. One of the major reasons organizations decide not to use private clouds is because of the limited features they offer. What if there was a private cloud solution that offered all the features of a public cloud coupled with all the perks of a private cloud?

FileCloud: The Alternative & More

FileCloud provides all the same features of a public cloud but without the drawbacks accompanied by it. In a sense, it offers the perfect solution for enterprises who wish to have their personal Dropbox, or Google drive solution. FileCloud basically allows you to run your own private cloud solution for both your employees and customers or partners.

In order to ensure complete privacy and security coupled with the accessibility, convenience and real-time sync of web-based storage, FileCloud gives MSPs, ISPs, schools and businesses full control of their data and infrastructure; making it the only self-hosted enterprise-grade file sharing, sync and backup solution. MSPs who are interested in becoming FileCloud partners click here

FileCloud provides all the basic cloud features such remote access to files, mobile apps to access files on the go, backup and FileCloud-Sync to sync data across multiple computers (similar to Dropbox). In addition to the basic features, some of the unique features offered by FileCloud include:

1)      Mobile device management (MDM) is a feature that allows administrators to get real-time visibility of all the mobile devices connected to the cloud. It also allows them to send push notifications to device owners and view data access activities. In case of any security breach, the admin can remotely wipe or block a mobile device in case it is stolen in order to prevent unauthorized access to the cloud.

2)      Smart Notification automatically alerts FileCloud users in shared folders whenever a folder or file is edited or changed in order to ensure real-time collaboration.

3)      White Label is an administrative tool that enables the customization of email templates, branding, logos and language.

4)      Built-in document preview allows FileCloud users to view common file formats such as .txt, PowerPoint, Excel, word and PDF files, without leaving the browser.

5)      Cross platform, meaning that it supports all the popular desktop OSes and mobile platforms Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and windows.

6)      Drive is a feature that allows users to access the files stored on the FileCloud server the same way they would access local files stored on their PC.

Other notable features include, active directory support and webDAV support.

Aside from the added features, FileCloud has also revolutionized some of the popular features offered by most cloud computing providers. For example, it has been designed to meet the security and mobile accessibility needs with robust apps for Windows mobile, Android and iOS. On top of that, FileCloud offers more powerful administration tools that streamline the most common administrative tasks. In a nutshell, FileCloud offers a complete cloud computing solution in a flexible, single, simple and affordable solution.