Top 10 Reasons Why FileCloud is the Best Private Cloud for Universities

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Accessing data no longer requires a PC; students want all of their content on mobile devices. Not only students, but also professors and staff need a fast and reliable way to access, share and collaborate from anywhere. Universities are seeking a solution that provides easy access to files from anywhere, and from any device.

Large universities have terabytes of student, staff and research data that have complex privacy restrictions, which prevent these institutions from storing all their data in a public cloud. Moreover, most of the large universities have a large complex computing environment that has evolved over many years. The environment typically has various combinations of large servers, and a large user base that uses a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and various combinations of Unix and Linux. They need a solution that can handle all this complexity.

With thousands of users accessing terabytes of data, universities need to ensure right user access with the ability to track and monitor which users have accessed resources and what they did. Currently, most universities don’t have clear visibility on user activity or even meet basic audit compliance requirements such as data on who gained access to what on shared drives.

FileCloud is the perfect solution for a large institution like a university. FileCloud was built from the ground up to give control of a customer’s data to the customer – the location of where the data is stored and how it is accessed. Whether files are on local storage behind the firewall or in the cloud, users in any location can access their files from any device, and always feel like they’re working from one location.

Testimony from one of our customers from a large public university,

“FileCloud offers more than access and audit features, it provides a set of key additional features such as multi-tenancy that we didn’t look to solve originally, but now we can’t live without. Having these additional features makes it a complete private cloud solution. We are more than happy about choosing FileCloud as our solution.”


Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why FileCloud is the Best Solution for Universities

  1. Works anywhere: FileCloud works across Windows, Mac, Linux and all the popular mobile OSs (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
  2. Fits student and teacher requirements: In an organization like a university that has thousands of students and staff, the requirement to access the home directory from anywhere, using any device has become even more critical; FileCloud provides a solution that makes the home directory accessible from anywhere. Additionally, FileCloud’s top rated mobile apps provide a rich experience from any mobile device.
  3. Reduces cost of ownership:  Doesn’t require additional hardware. Universities can leverage existing IT infrastructure and maximize ROI on IT investment. Simple UI and admin tools don’t require a dedicated IT staff, and will likely reduce workload on the IT staff.
  4. Simplifies rights management: Integrates with existing AD/LDAP infrastructure and NTFS.  Provides one integrated management and audit solution.
  5. Standardizes policies: Enables one policy with customizable terms and service across the solution.
  6. Protects critical data: Universities hold a huge volume of critical data such as research results, student personal data and this data has complex ownership rights and privacy laws protecting it. For example, after a student leaves the university, who has the right of ownership of the data? Can data be in external 3rd party servers? FileCloud helps institutions to manage these complex issues.
  7. Provides audit: FileCloud comes with detailed monitoring, search and reporting capabilities. With FileCloud, IT admins can monitor various activities such as uploading, accessing, and sharing files. The audit features help institutions adhere to the privacy laws protecting school districts.
  8. Promotes the university brand: Universities spend millions to build and protect their brand, as their brand is critical to various success factors such as attracting talent to winning research grants. Unlike a public cloud, FileCloud provides all the customization options to place the institution’s brand in sight, thus helping universities to strengthen their brand.
  9. Offers multi-tenancy: Supports multiple tenant/sites i.e. the engineering school and the law school could have separate sites that are housed in a single installation of FileCloud. This reduces complexity and provides flexibility for universities
  10. Offers flexible pricing: Offers volume discounts and tailor-made pricing to meet any budget, especially for non-profit and educational institutions.  Universities have large user populations, and they need an affordable, per user licensing price to reduce overall cost.

“We understand every institution is unique. For non-profit intuitions and educational institutions, we will not lose a customer on the basis of price. We will make the pricing work. It our commitment.” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO Codelathe.

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