Enterprise File Sharing and Sync Solutions with Comparison

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Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) Solutions – Comprehensive Side-by-side Comparison

As enterprise file sharing and sync (efss) market evolves, organizations are seeking for enterprise grade alternatives to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ consumer solutions. Picking a right enterprise file sharing cloud solution involves a good understanding set of available solutions in the market place. The following post compares major enterprise file sharing and sync solutions across key categories.

Solutions Compared

  • On-premise (Private) Cloud: FileCloud, ownCloud, Acccellion
  • Public Cloud: Citrix Sharefile, Dropbox for Business, Egnyte, Syncplicity, Copy

Comparison Categories Considered

  • Cloud features: basic set of features including web access, mobile apps, sync
  • Customization: options to customize the solution including custom branding
  • Access Control, Integration with existing systems: Set of tools that enable easy integration with existing file systems and access controls
  • Extensibility: Add-on and other tools to integrate with other solutions
  • Audit, Administrator Tools: Tools required to manage users, monitor system, and ensure security
  • Pricing

Please click on the chart below to see the full comparison.

Cloud Solutions Comparison


FileCloud comes on the top in most of the categories including price. The reason why thousands of customers pick FileCloud as their cloud solution.

image courtesy: luigi diamanti/freedigitalphotos.net