Customer Success Story – FileCloud as VPN Alternative


Nobody can tell the story of FileCloud better than our customers. FileCloud is used  in variety of ways by our customers to solve business use cases . Here is one such story where our customer Productions J uses FileCloud as a VPN alternative in their organization.

Despite their popularity , VPNs are not ideal for file sharing and collaboration especially if you have a mobile workforce with smartphones and tablets.  To make VPN work , careful installation or configuration is important and also one need special apps on mobile phones.

Here is our customer interview with Phillipe, Director of Information, Productions J.

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with FileCloud?

The company’s employees travel extensively to work on various projects, they need to access large files, typically music and video, from remote locations.  Accessing files via a web interface is the preferred method since the company’s VPN struggles to work at times. I also wanted to keep NTFS permission and utilize existing network shares.

How has FileCloud specifically addressed those problems?

No need to configure VPN anymore, users access the files via web browser on their Mac on mobile device.

What alternative products did you consider and the key reasons to select FileCloud?

We have considered Dropbox and Accellion.  In the end,  we have chosen FileCloud because of it has fulfilled all our requirements especially the support for existing NTFS permissions and network shares. Further the price point is very competitive and we can self host FileCloud in our IT infrastructure for better security.

“ With FileCloud, we no longer need to configure the VPN, and our users can now access their files via a web browser on their Mac or mobile device. ,”

Philippe, Director of Information


Productions J is among the most prominent producers of entertainment in Quebec, and Canada. Since 2000, Productions J, and its 80 employees, have developed expertise in many areas of the entertainment industry including: television, live events, DVDs, artist management, and music production.