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Real Estate Developers Secure Data Sharing – Customer Case Study

Real estate developer secures & streamlines file sharing with FileCloud  

Managing the day to day activities of a commercial real estate developer can be a challenge.  

One of the country’s largest commercial and industrial real estate developers, Belz, manages large projects across the South and entire country. They develop and manage warehouses, retail locations, offices, outlet malls, residential, land and hotels with more than 20 million square feet of developed property.  

Belz, with 20 years worth of contracts, property photos and associated files, has mountains of sensitive data that needs to be both stored and shared securely.  

Streamlined secure data sharing FileCloud is the answer 

As their business continues to grow, Belz stores and shares a massive amount of data that also continues to grow. Managing these documents dating back over 20 years is becoming more and more challenging.  

The company had been using a cloudbased secure data sharing alternative while trying to maintain a local file server. This led to continuous duplication of work ensuring that files were updated in both locations while leaving sensitive information potentially exposed in the cloud.  

Belz was facing significant issues stemming from its file handing and sharing solution. Issues such as: 

  • Security risks – with security for sensitive data being a major concern, finding a self-hosted on premises solution was mandatory. 
  • Duplication and Tracking – with files being stored both in the cloud and on a local server, it was difficult and time consuming to maintain data integrity.  
  • Complicated maintenance  challenges stemmed from a counter-intuitive user interface combined with laborious updates causing ongoing adoption and maintenance headaches 

Modernizing secure file sharing  

As things became more challenging with their existing solution, Belz was encountering more and more issues, both administrative and user relatedBetween the challenging user interface, duplication of data and difficult updates, it was time to find a more streamlined, modern solution.  

Based on their current solution, Belz realized that what they needed was an easy to use platform to ensure quick adoption, a self-hosted on premises solution to ensure data integrity and security, and a company with top shelf customer service.  

What they needed was FileCloud. 

Managing user needs 

Both users and administrators at Belz had their own requirements while searching for a new secure data sharing solution. The IT team needed to find a solution that would address them all. Their solution needed to: 

  • Be user friendly  
  • Provide self-hosted on premises option for security  
  • Allow large files to be shared and store 
  • Offer a mobile solution to allow for file sharing and sync from the field 

To read the full case study click here.

Canadian City Consolidates & Streamlines File Sharing – Customer Case Study

File Sharing for Cities

Canadian City Consolidates & Streamlines File Sharing with FileCloud  

Managing the day to day operations of a sizable city can be an ongoing challenge. The City tries its best to manage both smooth and secure operational efficiency, however, with the number of employees and users, it can be a daunting task. With many stakeholders within each department, and at external partners, an easy to use, efficient and traceable file sharing system is important. And now, with the amount of digital information moving between people, it is more important than ever.  

Where is that document? Streamlined File Sharing 

As the digitization of files and documents continues to increase, the sharing and management of these documents and photos is becoming more and more challenging. The City’s file sharing system had become a collection of individual solutions cobbled together in an effort to meet the increasing needs of moving and sharing information. The challenge the City faced was that different users were using different methods leaving large gaps in consistency, security and traceability. With some employees using FTP, some sending files via email, some sharing internally with USB drives and some using personal file sharing accounts, documents and information were everywhere.  

The City was facing significant risks associated with its file handing and sharing processes that needed to be addressed. Issues such as: 

  • Security risk – viruses and malware can propagate quickly using FTP and email while personal file sharing accounts left the City open to hacking risk. 
  • Missing files – because there were so many methods to share files being used throughout the City, with no central file location, it was very easy for files to go missing. A USB drive gets lost, an email gets deleted, or a personal file sharing account gets closed and important files are lost 
  • Version control and accountability – with files being shared so many different ways, it was virtually impossible to know which was the current version, who had made changes and who they had been shared with 

Time to Modernize, Streamline and Secure File Sharing Processes 

As the City continued to grow, it was encountering more and more issues associated with its file sharing and maintenance processes. It was time to find a secure file sharing solution that helped them to maintain a central repository for important city documents, increase accountability and tracking while addressing the ever increasing sizes of files being shared.  

The City needed to improve its overall file security and compliance and it needed to do it quickly.   

Managing User Needs 

Nearly every department had its own requirements when searching for a new system. The City’s IT team needed to find a solution that would address them all. Their solution needed to: 

  • Be easy to use for all users 
  • Provide security levels appropriate for government compliance 
  • Allow for the sharing of large file sizes 
  • Be able to track file sharing and version history 
  • Offer a mobile solution to allow for file sharing and sync from the field 

To read the full case study click here.


Big Cities Moving from FTP to FileCloud – Customer Case Study

IT Challenges in San Diego

Running the City of San Diego’s while meeting the needs and expectations of its 1 million citizens is a daily struggle.. Of course, the city tries to simplify its activities and processes as much as possible, but at this scale, complexity is a reality. Procurement, social services, city regulations and more need to communicate and share information, often with external partners, to function efficiently. Digital data helps accelerate change and improvement, but introduces new difficulties, like security and orderly exchange management of files with external partners.

Missing Until now: Security and Visibility of File Operations

File transfer plays a key role in the daily life of the City of San Diego. For lack of a better solution, the city had been using an open File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for file transfer and collaboration internally, and for sharing files with external stakeholders. However, this situation had to be improved rapidly for two reasons. First, the FTP folder on the server was open to the public and therefore insecure. Second, the city’s IT department had no way of monitoring the transfer and use of files that needed to be shared. This created risks and issues such as: • Security Risks – Viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware can travel easily on files that are shared via FTP and start infecting systems as the files are downloaded on other workstations. • Lack of Accountability – Not being able to track the various changes made to files as well as what was being shared with whom was creating an accountability vacuum with the various departments and external entities

The Decision to Retire FTP 

FTP has the advantage of being an industry standard, allowing enterprises across the world to exchange file-based information. However, times have changed since FTP was created. File sizes and frequencies of transfer are now far higher than what was originally envisaged. Regulatory constraints and cybercriminal firepower have both increased too. Whether in compliance, IT management, scalability, security or visibility, FTP struggles to meet the requirements of today’s business world. Even basic controls such as tracing senders and recipients in case of a security incident do not exist in FTP.

The City’s IT Department Has Its Own Demands 

The IT team for the city of San Diego needed a file transfer solution that would: • Keep track of the comings and goings of the various files for accountability. • Have the ability to set different levels of privileges for internal and external users. • Monitoring tools such as reports on usage and notifications on system anomalies. • Be Cost Effective to Fit Within the City’s Budget.

Searching for Better File Transfer 

The City of San Diego wanted a solution that could serve to streamline backups, enable secure file sharing and let users safeguard their files. The best solution needed to be easy to use and learn, so that non-technical users could switch quickly from the old system to the new. For audit requirements and employee accountability, the IT department wanted something to keep track of the trail of the various files. Finally, with many departments and San Diego facing budget cuts, the solution needed to be both cost-effective and affordable.

FileCloud Brings The City of San Diego What it Needs

FileCloud was the solution of choice. The City of San Diego was impressed by the capability of the software to sync across all devices and allow users to backup files and folders easily. Naturally, it didn’t hurt that FileCloud was also recommended by a neighboring city. After deployment, City of San Diego employees are now enthusiastic and intensive users of FileCloud. With a very light learning curve, the FileCloud platform is now being used across the 44 departments in the city. The IT department was also able to save considerable time by batch adding or removing users as needed

Well Positioned for the Future 

City of San Diego users are increasingly connected via their mobile computing devices. At the same time, the cloud is becoming a standard resource for many municipalities. FileCloud already supports this new connectivity and cloud use. It has OpenOffice integration for users to view common file formats directly in the web browser of their mobile computing devices. It offers flexibility in the types of data storage that can be used, including cloud object-based storage such as Amazon S3, Azure, and OpenStack. The FileCloud administration portal will also continue to make life easy for the city’s IT department as it deploys and manages potentially thousands of users with millions of files.


Centralized, Secure File Sharing- Customer Case Study

Texas Utility Company Streamlines File Sharing with FileCloud

New Braunfels Utilities is a community-owned public power company in Texas. As a non-profit with many thousand customers, NBU has similar business requirements to other commercial companies: store internal data securely and efficiently. NBU, however, has requirements unique to their operations: managing data that comes from daily site visits throughout the community. As a community-owned utility, NBU is about more than simply providing excellent electricity, water, and sewer services – their customers are neighbors and friends. Customer service and data security are an integral part of their ongoing success. Keeping customer information and operational procedures secure was an ongoing challenge for NBU. Inefficient and insecure data sharing leads to security breaches. For NBU, security breaches are not an option. This is where FileCloud Server can help any organization.

For the Public Good: Data Security and Streamlined File Sharing

With thousands of customers, NBU collects, stores and shares large amounts of data. Employees require easy document sharing internally and with external vendors, with the requirement that the data is secure. This is particularly important for data like pictures from site visits. File sharing that is both secure and efficient is integral at NBU. Before finding FileCloud, NBU was sharing data and moving files in several ways – using a mix of personal DropBox and Google Drive accounts as well as with email. Sharing data and files in such a manner makes it difficult for administrators to secure data as it is shared across many different channels and with software outside of its control. Using less secure personal accounts and email leaves a company open to data breaches and system infections. It also causes internal administrative headaches and lowered productivity due to inefficient and inconsistent processes. NBU needed something different. They chose FileCloud Server.

Streamlined Sharing & Security Powered by FileCloud

NBU requirements combine business, administrative, security, and confidentiality issues. In order to meet all of these requirements, NBU needs: 

  • Highly secured and encrypted sharing of sensitive data
  • User-friendly process for storing all employee data – both in the office and in the field
  • Ability to share with both internal and external partners
  • Sync and sharing processes easy enough for all employees to follow

FileCloud Tops The List

NBU started its search to replace its inconsistent and insecure file sharing solution by looking at various options. After reviewing several potential solutions, it was clear to NBU that the most important factors to them were security, ease of use, and customer support. With team members having experienced security breaches with other solutions, it was of utmost importance to the NBU security team to find a solution that keep their data secure. With FileCloud, was able to password protect data sharing and keep their files secure. The functionality of the admin portal was a huge step up for NBU. The admin team found the platform very easy to use and could easily identify what people were doing within FileCloud. During their free trial, and beyond, NBU found the service from FileCloud to be top notch. “We deal with a lot of other companies that are not like that and we have been extremely happy with responsiveness.” For NBU, the best solution to meet their requirements for a an easy to use, highly secured file sharing solution with industry-leading customer support was FileCloud. After the choice was made, implementing FileCloud was fast and easy with full support from FileCloud.

GorillaCloud Builds Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) with FileCloud

As an up and coming data center services company, GorillaCloud Services is always on the lookout for better ways of serving its customers. Located just outside of London, UK, the company provides multiple solutions in the data center arena, using AWS Ireland hosting services to bring smarter, more cost-effective FileCloud solutions to its clients. GorillaCloud users hail from across the globe, from countries as far apart as the Nordics, Singapore, and the US. Getting happily involved with FileCloud all started with a specific customer request for a better virtual data room solution.

Wanted: A Better Mousetrap, but at a Lower Cost

A virtual data room or VDR is a secure virtual space for holding documents and files. VDRs can only be accessed by authorized persons, and are often used during business transactions between two companies. The virtual space means both parties can avoid the need to travel and can consult and manage documents in confidence at any time. A VDR usually runs on a server with a network connection with strictly controlled access. While the concept pleases many enterprises and organizations, costs can be high. GorillaCloud’s client asked the company to come up with an equally robust solution that would not strain the client’s budget.

GorillaCloud Goes Hunting for an Alternative VDR

Scott, the project leader responsible for finding a better VDR solution, looked at the market, and at alternatives like Dropbox and Google Drive. While these possibilities were cheaper than what the client had been using, they lacked auditability and granular access control. In a VDR, it is often critical to be able to restrict a viewer’s ability to forward, copy, or print the confidential information, for example. Scott could see that these services would therefore not meet the requirements of the client. In addition, they were oriented towards the public cloud, whereas a private cloud installation would be significantly better for reasons of security and manageability.

FileCloud is the Solution of Choice

When he saw what FileCloud offered, Scott knew he had the right component, in terms of security, management, and affordability. As FileCloud also provides Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), deployment on the AWS platform was quick and easy. The client could see proof of concept rapidly, allowing the project to move ahead and meet the client’s needs, while closing off contracts with other suppliers. About FileCloud engineers, Scott says “Support was brilliant throughout the whole building, testing phase. The support team provided a lot of value there as well, getting the information I needed in the time scales required”.

A Broadening Market, a Growing Potential for VDRs

Currently, GorillaCloud has a FileCloud license for 85 users, and already actively serves 78. The production environment for the operating system running the core VDR application is Amazon EC2. Data and files are then stored on a separate partition on Amazon EBS. The FileCloud encryption feature is also used. Additionally, GorillaCloud has a demo system that uses Amazon S3 for file storage. While VDRs have traditionally been used by lawyers and bankers, the market is widening. GorillaCloud’s solution serves needs in the oil and gas sector, albeit via financial organizations, for the procurement of assets.

Further Possibilities for Using FileCloud

Attractive pricing and industrial-strength capabilities are likely to keep FileCloud a firm favorite with GorillaCloud Services. Any customers of GorillaCloud who have experienced services like Dropbox will find the same user friendliness and ease of use with FileCloud, but with additional security, management, and backup facilities. Files can be synchronized across PCs and mobile computing devices including Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows devices. Migration of such customers to the superior grade of service offered by FileCloud is therefore easy from all angles: technical, business, and user experience. And as the icing on the cake, GorillaCloud can also easily brand FileCloud with its own logo and identity to build up its own reputation as a provider of affordable, quality solutions.

Find Out More about FileCloud Today

Service providers, banks, power utilities, national government departments, hospitality companies and many other kinds of organization are also users of FileCloud. Our extensive, robust, yet easy to use functionality, our ease of integration, and our legendary support are among the factors that have made us the preferred solution for these clients, as well as our advantageous pricing.

To find out more about how fast you could be using FileCloud to help your business, call us at FileCloud today. Take advantage of a free 14-day trial to try our file share, sync and mobile access advantages for yourself and see why other businesses have already made the decision to use FileCloud.

Alternative to FTP – Taming 200 TBs of data with FileCloud and EMC Isilon cluster – Customer Case Study



Neoscape Shares New Creative Worlds Better Thanks to FileCloud

‘Unlimited’ is how the Neoscape creative agency brands itself. A leader in design, graphic and content creation for the built environment, Neoscape has a portfolio of successful projects to make any competitor go green with envy. Output for the agency includes 3D graphic creation, photography, film and interactive applications. The ultimate goal? To help Neoscape clients and their audiences to experience worlds before their real-life creation. Founded in 1995, the agency continues to explore new techniques and technologies to enhance its productivity and customer satisfaction.

A Whole Universe of Data to Manage and Share

Each world created by Neoscape also generates a world of data. Design and film files can be very large, yet must be made easily accessible to clients for visualization and feedback. The company used an FTP server previously to handle the volumes involved. New cloud-based technologies caught the eye of Rauf Ismayilov, Neoscape’s IT Manager. He could see the attraction of extensible, scalable storage, and looked for the same advantages in a private cloud configuration. Ismayilov had already been a long term user of Tonido software. The quality of that experience prompted him to put FileCloud on the list, and then on the shortlist, of potential solutions for Neoscape.

Taming 200 Terabytes

As a permanent consideration, Ismayilov had to make sure that any new solution would be compatible with existing data assets. Neoscape uses an EMC Isilon cluster to manage 200 terabytes of data. The cluster gives the company a robust network-attached storage (NAS) platform with hardware, software, and accelerator nodes. Any file sharing and synchronization solution had to be compatible with it. FileCloud was immediately attractive because it could integrate in a snap, using existing file shares and giving users both access facility and security. Other options were much less palatable, involving replication of all of Neoscape’s data and significant extra investment in software and hardware. FileCloud on the other hand was ready to use ‘out-of-the-box’, without any additional IT resources required.

Neoscape Users Give FileCloud Two Thumbs-Up

Upon Ismayilov’s recommendation, Neoscape took the decision to use FileCloud. Installation went ahead with the software integrating directly with existing user access management. FileCloud replaced the FTP server and gave users the ability to directly access their files from any location. Both the Neoscape marketing team and project coordination department were ecstatic about the new solution. Communicating and sharing files with clients has become a breeze, especially for Neoscape employees traveling to client sites or conventions.

A New Era of File Share Speed, Security and Protection

FileCloud has many features to help Neoscape to streamline everyday operations and work even more closely with its clients. Large files can be sent as unique URL links and the sender can be automatically notified when the file in question has been downloaded. To ensure that all versions viewed by colleagues and clients remain as fresh as possible, a Neoscape user can also fix the lifetime of the link leading to the file. New file versions are made available in seconds with new links. Yet FileCloud also provides automatic versioning, backup and restore functionality to keep current and past files protected and organized.

Branding Possibilities are Also Part of the Package

Besides offering leading edge technology and superb performance and reliability, FileCloud also gives customers the possibility to use their own brand on a service they offer that is based on FileCloud. Creative agencies like Neoscape are well aware of the importance of branding. The Neoscape brand identity already pervades its work. With FileCloud, that brand identity can be stamped on the file sharing and synchronization offered to Neoscape clients too. Not only does this help position an agency as technically as well as graphically excellent, but it also reassures its clients that they are truly dealing with the agency they already know and trust.

Let FileCloud Help You Increase Your Productivity and Profitability Too

Ismayilov and Neoscape are delighted with their decision to use FileCloud. As the agency evolves to handle new challenges and wow new clients with its stunning creativity, FileCloud will be there to support it. The FileCloud software is and will always be leading edge, compatible with new technologies and offering the best in private cloud file sharing and synchronization. Highly affordable Pricing and a world-class customer service and support team enhance the FileCloud solution even further. In addition to key customer references in creation, media and advertising, FileCloud also has enthusiastic business users in many other domains. The finance, hospitality, technology, and utilities industries, as well as the public sector, are just some examples.

Click here to learn more about FileCloud – a secure FTP replacement. You can try FileCloud and all its advantages for yourself today. Take advantage of a free trial of FileCloud software on your own server and see why other users are so happy they already made the FileCloud choice.

Secure, Private Dropbox Alternative – Customer Case Study


American Furniture Warehouse Handles Files Securely State to State with FileCloud

A major home design and furniture store shipping throughout the US, American Furniture Warehouse offers a huge range of furniture in its showrooms and online store. As the company says, whether customers are decorating one room or a hundred rooms, in traditional or contemporary styles, it has the solutions. Besides satisfying the consumer market, AFW also offers extended services to commercial customers. Hotels, assisted living and retirement communities are all handled by the company’s Commercial Contracts Division. Furniture shipping is available across the 48 continental states of America.

Contracts, Dockets and Workplace Discovery Analyses

AFW’s busy furniture sales activities also generate many documents. The latest product manuals and promotional information must always be available to sales staff. That means sending or connecting to 12 different locations in Colorado, and also to a further two Super-Center stores in Arizona. Order, sales and accounting reports need to be accessible to management on a secure and reliable basis. The company’s room planner software also generates layouts and plans for commercial customers. These records must be carefully stored, yet easy to access both during the workplace discovery analysis phase and throughout the rest of projects to supply large volumes of furniture.

FileCloud Sync and Share for Collaboration

Besides internal scheduling, organization and collaboration, AFW needs to share files with selected third parties. These are commercial customers who are fitting out their properties with office or lifestyle furniture. They need AFW’s information to complete their own planning and execution. FileCloud was a natural choice for AFW because it brought immediately usable file sharing and synchronization functionality. Furniture manufacturer information, budgets, deliveries and installation time line information could become supplied to all parties concerned, securely, conveniently and on a project-by-project basis. FileCloud’s mobile interface also made it a great choice for salespeople and project managers working on customer sites, as well as delivery and installation staff.

Good Reasons for AFW to Use the FileCloud Private Cloud Solution

A private cloud solution and FileCloud in particular made sense for American Furniture Warehouse for several reasons. With FileCloud, AFW could deploy security at the right level for each part of the business. The granularity of FileCloud’s security functionality makes it possible for AFW to precisely control access down to individual document level. This is a key feature for confidential internal reports and customer projects. Large furniture layout plans can be conveniently shared by sending a link instead of the document itself. Smart backup software integrated into FileCloud makes sure that data automatically stays safe. That makes it a big help for busy AFW staff and one less thing to worry about while making the business run smoothly.

The Best Choice out of All the Options

Naturally, AFW compared different possibilities for file sharing and synchronization. Public cloud solutions (Dropbox) and other on-premises software were also scrutinized. The previous solution, a well-known public cloud offering, lacked the control that the company wanted. Other on-site software provided some, but not all of the file sharing functionality that the company required. When it came to being able to securely keep data assets within the company and offer its users all the capabilities they needed, FileCloud was the winner. Here are the top 10 Reasons why FileCloud is a great private Dropbox alternative.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Work With

FileCloud reduces costs associated with public cloud solutions by up to 80 percent. Bringing the budget down to just one-fifth of previous expenditure is highly attractive to any customer. FileCloud also worked out of the box with AFW’s IT infrastructure. The company could keep its data on its existing file servers and continue to work with its user access management and permissions, just as before. FileCloud did not disrupt AFW operations, but enhanced them from the start.

FileCloud Accompanies AFW Operations and Growth

From its inception in 1975, American Furniture Warehouse has grown to a company with over 2,000 employees. FileCloud will keep pace with further growth in the company too. Eminently scalable, FileCloud works as well for a dozen users as for a million. It also continues to help system administrators manage easily with a host of automated and labor-saving functionality. As AFW takes on additional supply projects and opens new stores and Super-Centers, FileCloud will be there to support and facilitate these developments.

Whether your company is in the retail, finance, industrial or other sectors, you too could be getting the benefit of FileCloud today. Contact us now and start a 14-day trial free of charge of FileCloud on your own server

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How Non-Profits Can Benefit by Adopting a Self hosted Cloud Solution?


We can debate if local weather forecast accurately predicts cloudy days ahead or not, but we can’t debate the global technological forecast that favors ‘cloudy’ future, or in less cryptic terms, a cloud-powered future. While this relatively new technology has already made its mark on the government and enterprise sector, even non-profits have started warming up to the potential of the cloud in addressing their scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency needs. According to the a recent survey conducted by TechSoup Global on cloud adoption among NPOs, over 90% of respondents claimed to be using some kind of cloud-based software solution, and 53% report plans to move a “significant portion” of their IT to the cloud within three years.

NGO_cloud Source: TechSoup Global

Addressing the IT Priorities of Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations (NPOs), the mission takes precedence over all other facets of the organization. Therefore, they have to save every dollar and find efficiency to support their mission. Spending on high tech is not a luxury they can afford since it eats away the precious budget allocated to achieve their goals. However, the core purpose of all cloud services and tools is to cut down on resources and improve efficiency, which means that it is a natural ally for non-profit organizations. Communication and documentation access are the two primary challenges faced by most field-based non-profits.


Source: Mashable

In an effort to bridge the information gap between their U.S. headquarters and operational base in Sierra Leone, global health non-profit Wellbody Alliance, leveraged cloud solutions to help keep its staff and community well-connected and well-supplied. Instead of wiling away precious time working with e-mail attachments, documents were instantly uploaded to their cloud account and helped streamline their communication infrastructure. Even though the above example would qualify as a win for cloud services in the eyes of many NPOs, the truth is there a lot more variables involved in finding the right solution that live up to the modern requirements for a robust, secure, and intuitive framework for information storage and dissemination. Hence, opting for a self hosted cloud solution may be the game-changer NPOs have been waiting for. An efficient self hosted cloud solution provides greater control over data, security and compliance, along with a massive cut down on annual capital resources spent on the maintenance and upgrade of that technology.

Justifying the Call for Private Cloud Solutions in the NPO Sector

In recent years, the world of NPOs has been left in the cold facing a public trust crisis in the aftermath of several shady organizations being unmasked for their unethical practices, for example – the whole Kony 2012 fiasco. Coupled with a depressing economy, it has led to a significant drop in donations for non-profit organizations. One of the best ways to prove your worth as an NPO in the eyes of donors is to embrace transparency where it matters – your organizational expenditure. By disclosing your budget that focuses on minimizing administrative costs without taking a huge bite out of the money donated for the people in need, you can win over their confidence and donations easily. Thanks to Self hosted cloud solutions, you can store and track donation history, update contact info, share sensitive government permission documents, manage legal papers, and even support online donation options.

The cloud also allows for reduced staff, as cloud service providers can help small teams with technical support and implementation. Take the International Rescue Committee, for example. It is an organization that deals with alleviating some of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. To address their fast-paced operational requirements, they needed a highly responsive emergency portal that could be easily and accessed from mobile devices, online or offline. The remarkable transformation of the IT capabilities of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP) is another fine example that showcased the potential of private cloud solutions in the NPO sector. NSABP’s senior technology manager revealed that the deployment of private cloud in their infrastructure has helped the organization virtualize 60% of their one-server/one-application servers and spin-up several others, thereby freeing up computing resources and reducing infrastructure costs.

Hunting for a Self Hosted Cloud Solution –Picking the Winner for Your NPO

Keeping in mind your non-profit’s workflow, budget, and staff, there are three key factors , in addition to price, that you should keep an eye out for when picking the ideal self hosted cloud solution:

  • Ease of use
  • Integration tools for easy deployment
  • Client support

Additionally, privacy and security are also serious areas of concern for nonprofits accessing and sharing sensitive information. The private cloud solutions you choose must provide powerful metrics for tracking the storage of your documents and tools to authenticate user access. In case you are pondering over the abundant Self-hosted cloud vendors in the market and wondering what makes them the best, here are some additional features and services you should look out for to help you come to a conclusion:

  • Constant local backups and their streaming to a designated remote disaster recovery center.
  • Unhindered monitoring and management of system operations and user activities.
  • Right apps and admin tools to allow secured access from mobile devices (BYOD).
  • Proactive monitoring of application performance.
  • Strong audit capabilities

Here is a case study on how FileCloud helped Salvation Army , an international movement dedicated to serving the poor, destitute, distressed, and hungry by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs. With over 110,000 employees, it has a presence in more than 100 countries, the largest of which is the United States where it has a presence in 5,000 communities.

Author: Prashant Bajpai

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Secure, Cost-Effective Dropbox Alternative- Customer Case Study



Rosewood Companies Share and Sync Data over Multiple Enterprises with FileCloud

Diversity and security are the business cornerstones of the Rosewood Companies. The different operational units in the group provide strength and stability to maximize assets and wealth. Each unit is professionally managed for optimal returns, while the spread of activities shields the group overall from sector-specific ups and downs. Together, they correspond to the values of the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, for which the Rosewood Companies form a robust financial operating base. Proper information flows and access are crucial to maintain satisfactory levels of individual and overall performance

Making Information Available for Urban, Energy, Ranch and Wetland Managers

Activities in the Rosewood Companies cover institutional real estate, oil and gas exploration and production, startup and entrepreneurial investment, holistic cattle ranches and environmental conservation. Group information, policies, decisions and other files need to flow out to the individual business units, while management reports must also come back in the other direction. As an ecosystem in themselves, the Rosewood Companies depend on a suitable solution for holding, communicating and accessing the data vital to everyday operational success.

File Sharing Security for a Select Group

Security is a priority for Rosewood IT management when it comes to storing and transferring files. Recent breaches of data suffered by other organizations made it wary of certain public cloud service providers. The preference was for a robust in-house file sharing and synchronization product that would give the Rosewood Companies optimal protection. At the same time, the projected total base of 50 users for such an application meant that affordability was important. These different requirements also had to be met in a context in which managers would access confidential data outside company networks using mobile devices.

Evaluation and Budgeting Leads Rosewood Companies to FileCloud

During a trial period, the IT department was able to test the range of file sharing and synchronization functions offered by FileCloud as a private cloud solution. Security was found to be both flexible and robust, while the file backup, recovery and versioning functionality protected company files against both system malfunction and user errors. The IT department tried both Dropbox and OwnCloud and found the pricing to be expensive and above their budget. The favorable price point of FileCloud for a smaller number of users was also a hit. With FileCloud, the Rosewood Companies could start with a modest number of users and stay well within budget, yet benefit from the possibility to extend the user base practically without limit.

FileCloud Support is Also a Positive Decision Factor

FileCloud support was on hand to help the IT department achieve rapid and reliable set-up including pass-through user authentication. In the customer’s own words, “the support team was great”. FileCloud recognizes the importance of having both a great product and top-notch technical assistance, so that users can benefit from robust, high-performance file sharing and syncing as fast as possible. The IT department at Rosewood Companies is convinced of the merits of this combination and since the initial installation has already extended its license several times.

Ease of Use for All Profiles of Users

Rosewood business executives running key urban development projects in Dallas, managing a Gulf Coast refinery and helping natural wetlands to thrive need a file sharing solution without huge learning curves. The mobile client and web interfaces for FileCloud have been designed accordingly. They stay out of the way to let users get the data they need safely, intuitively and rapidly. The administrator interface ensures that application of appropriate security policies is simple and effective, with automatic alerts sent to IT staff in case of suspicious behavior.

Ready for the Future

Any new business units or activities in the Rosewood Companies group can immediately be integrated into the FileCloud installation. Growth of the licensed user base is smooth and highly affordable. FileCloud installations can accommodate millions of users if required, all with the same high security, reliability, performance and ease of use. Integration with existing access authorization systems make it easy to manage different levels of user privileges and extend file sharing to third parties while maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality.

See for yourself how FileCloud can be your best choice for safe, fast, cost-efficient file sharing and synchronization. Try FileCloud for free for two weeks on your own server. And yes, you can start your trial today!



File Sharing Solution for Real Estate Development Companies

File Sharing Solution for Real Estate Development Companies – Customer Case Study

North Shore

Continental Real Estate Companies Build Even Better with FileCloud as a Base

As a nationwide developer of construction projects, Continental Real Estate looks after real estate developments from start to finish. The company manages acquisitions, construction, leasing and sales in a results-focused life cycle approach. Lifestyle, grocery-anchored shopping centers, power, student housing, offices, hotels and theatres are just some of the different real estate environments in which it operates. Continental is proof that paying attention to location, location and location – ‘the three most important things in real estate’ – is the way to property project success. However, efficient, reliable file sharing and syncing also plays a key role in its achievements

From Opportunity to Results with Development Teams and Partners

As a multidisciplinary development company, Continental works with partners who share their standards of quality and aspirations for results. Windows of opportunities need to be managed and exploited correctly. A developer may work with many partners at different steps of each project, including architects, urban planners, surveyors, engineers, contractors, inspectors, leasing agents and others. Bringing together the right people and resources is the start. Progress then depends on being able to get information to those who need it, when they need it.

The Need to Access Building Documentation and Data

Each development team needs to have timely access to up to date files to make sure that the multi-million dollar developments come in on time and on budget. The list of documents is long and varied: site surveys and maps, plans, layouts, building code information, bid invitations and proposals, status reports, change orders, certificates of completion and invoices are just some examples. Many files such as design documents are too voluminous to attach to emails. In addition, for reasons of uniformity and confidentiality, many documents should only be made available under secure conditions that prevent information being casually transferred from one email inbox to another.

Finding the Right File Sharing/Synchronization Solution

To meet these needs, Continental wanted a file sharing and synchronization solution for both its internal needs and its information exchanges with third parties. The goal was a cloud-like solution that also gave the company the right levels and flexibility of security and control. David Donahoe, IT Support Manager for Continental, began looking for a suitable software product at an affordable price. FileCloud was one candidate, but so were other software products. File sharing features and functionalities were compared one by one to filter out the applications that failed to satisfy and home in on the few that remained.

FileCloud is the Perfect Fit for Continental

Out of the different applications and cloud-based services on offer, FileCloud was the winner. The software began by positively differentiating itself during the evaluation period through its intuitive use and adaptable administration settings. Trials then proved FileCloud brought together all the functionality and usability that were important to Continental in a way that competitors could not match. As Donahoe now says, “FileCloud fits our needs perfectly.”

Security and Mobility for On-Site Project Workers

Thanks to the mobile client and web interfaces of FileCloud, Continental can keep project teams well-documented whether they are in the office or out on site. At the same time, the company has the assurance of robust security features designed into the application. It can monitor downloads of data, set user permissions and be automatically alerted in case of any suspicious behavior. If smartphones or tablets are lost or stolen, or simply if a partner ceases to be a member of the development team, the FileCloud remote wipe capability lets Continental remotely remove its company data from devices concerned.

Using FileCloud for Your Own Enterprise

Whether you want a private cloud solution for internal file sharing only or you need to manage document access for third parties too, FileCloud has the functionality for you in each case. With cost-efficiency and features that outstrip other vendors, you also get the flexibility to grow your user base from just tens up to millions. Integration with your existing access control systems, automatic file versioning, and full file backup and recovery facilities are all part of the solution. Audit, activity logs and connected device inventories are also immediately accessible for data compliance needs.

You can benefit from FileCloud and its industry-leading quality and performance today! Contact us now and try FileCloud on your own server for 14 days without paying a cent!