File Sharing and Sync for IT Service firms – FileCloud Customer Case Study


How can you tell a good  IT service provider? It’s a firm that brings benefit to its customers, while remaining transparent. It empowers customers do their work more efficiently and more effectively, without getting in the way. From network design, computer repair and disaster recovery solutions, to web hosting and file management, Northwest Arkansas Network Services (NWANS) provides a range of services to do just that. In particular, the FileCloud solution chosen by NWANS lets the company meet its own internal file synchronization and sharing needs, as well as offering a cost-effective, flexible solution to its market.

Know Your Customer for File Sharing and Synchronization

NWANS offers IT service and solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs).  Because of its highly experienced founders, The firm is well-positioned to understand the priorities of small businesses striving to succeed. IT has to be affordable, reliable and give good return on investment. IT solutions must adapt to business requirements (not the other way round) and scale as customers grow. With information now one of the most precious assets of any organization, a file synchronization and sharing solution must also make it easy for authorized users to access files and data, while providing good security.

Flexibility and Performance without Anarchy

However, the solutions that exist to do this don’t always meet all the desires of SMBs. They may be pricey. They may not have sufficiently good security or administrative functionality. It is essential for businesses to properly control its use of file sharing and synchronization services. If employees use a random mix of different solutions, the risk of information loss or leaks is multiplied.  Businesses need an up-to-date, good performance solution to move on from the old method of distributing information via email. At the same time, they need to maintain standards of information protection and security.

Making the FileCloud Choice

Northwest Arkansas Network Services was choosing a solution for its own needs, as well as one to provide to its customers. Luke Witt of NWANS was responsible for ‘due diligence’ in identifying and examining candidates from different vendors. At times, it seemed like the firm was aiming at a moving target. One application vanished from the world of privately hosted solutions, and was only supplied by the vendor from the public cloud. Others necessitated high start-up costs, including new hardware platforms. But NWANS wanted a solution that guaranteed security, offered syncing over different platforms and made financial sense both for this managed service provider and its clients.

How FileCloud Meets NWANS Needs

Besides meeting the security, syncing and affordability criteria above, NWANS also found that FileCloud had several other advantages. The application was easy to install and use, and also ran on the Windows 64 Bit platform – a significant plus-point for NWANS. It offered on-premise Dropbox-like functionality, but at about one-fifth of the cost. NWANS could also customize the user interface and different images and messages for users to brand the FileCloud solution appropriately. Yet behind that branded service bearing the name of NWANS, the company was also assured of great support from FileCloud itself.

Further Value-Add Features

FileCloud has many additional features that can be leveraged for NWANS to give great end-customer service, as well as running its own business even more efficiently. Built-in monitoring functions allow the MSP to prevent, detect and resolve possible instances of data leakage. Customers can use existing user directories and permission settings to define how their employees may use the FileCloud service from NWANS. They can also benefit from automatic file versioning, backup and recovery facilities for employees whether they are in the office or on the road. MSPs who are interested in becoming FileCloud partners click here

Find Out More about FileCloud Today

FileCloud is available for you too to offer customers your own high-quality, affordable file sharing and synchronization service. Deployments can range from a few users to millions, meaning that FileCloud will grow with your needs and the needs of your market. Branding and integration possibilities let FileCloud become a transparent part of your IT infrastructure, providing file sharing and synchronization across your enterprise and throughout customer organizations. Contact FileCloud today to discuss your requirements and to try FileCloud for free on your own server for 14 days.