Tech tip : How to restrict the type of sharing?

FileCloud allows users to share any file or folder with custom permissions.

A file or folder can be shared to

  • Another FileCloud user in the system. The shared file will show up in the shared user’s “Shared with Me” folder.
  • Another non-filecloud user (Access provided as a “Guest”)
  • General public (No authentication is required and the file can be accessed)

In addition, FileCloud allows administrators to restrict file shares created by users

FileCloud provides an array of options for administrators to restrict the type of sharing allowed within the FileCloud system

To achieve this,

Navigate to Settings->Misc

To allow all shares (Public and Private):

Set the global share mode to “Allow All Shares”. This allows the users to share the files privately and publicly.


To disallow all shares :

Set the global share mode to “Shares Not Allowed”. This restricts the users to share file/folder.


To allow private shares and restrict pubic shares :
Set the Global Share mode to “Private Shares only”. This allows the share file/folder privately but restrict the user from doing a share publicly.