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March 30, 2017

FileCloud competes with Nextcloud in the Enterprise File Sync and Share market. The comparison below between the two products is along the areas of the following: Pricing Hosting Options & Features Mobile Features Cloud Features Customization Security, Access Control & Existing File Systems Integration Extensibility Audit & Admin Tools Deployment & Administration The feature comparisons […]

FC vs NC

FileCloud competes with Nextcloud in the Enterprise File Sync and Share market. The comparison below between the two products is along the areas of the following:

The feature comparisons are as follows:
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Now let us look in detail, the area of differences between FileCloud & Nextcloud.

Feature Integration: Nextcloud depends on their app integration to provide a complete set of features. Due to the nature of integration, the access to simple features are not intuitive. On the other hand, FileCloud's feature integration was seamless and mimicked a typical SaaS application. Moreover, the built-in tightly integrated features will help enterprises manage users and servers very easily.

Installation & Setup: Nextcloud's setup was pretty straight forward. However, the application was bare out of the box. And, Nextcloud's half-baked platform/app model didn't help. FileCloud's installation & setup was as easy as Nextcloud and will satisfy any enterprise that is in the market for an EFSS solution. The feature packed FileCloud solution was easy to get it up and running full-fledged.

Multi-Tenant: For Managed Service Providers and larger organizations, having a multi-tenant capable solution is a must. FileCloud provides multi-tenancy and Nextcloud does not.

Feature benefits of FileCloud over Nextcloud

Feature Benefits of FileCloud Over Nextcloud
Feature Benefits of FileCloud Over Nextcloud

Mobile Device Management: FileCloud offers MDM as part of the private cloud file sharing solution. The tighter integration of MDM to FileCloud makes it easy for enterprises to have a one complete solution. Some of the key FileCloud's MDM features are as follows:

Unified Device Management Console - FileCloud's unified device management console provides simplified access to managing mobile devices enabled to access enterprise data, irrespective of whether the device is enterprise owned, employee owned, mobile platform or device type. Manage and control of thousands of iOS and Android, devices in FileCloud's secure, browser-based dashboard. FileCloud's administrator console is intuitive and requires no training or dedicated staff. FileCloud's MDM works on any vendor’s network — even if the managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.

Remote Block/Wipe - Administrator can selectively block a specific client device from logging into the FileCloud server. In addition to blocking a client device from logging in, administrator can also wipe FileCloud folders in the remote device.

Device Commands and Messaging - Ability to send on-demand messages to any device connecting to FileCloud, provides administrators a powerful tool to interact with the enterprise workforce. Any information on security threats or access violations can be easily conveyed to the mobile users.

Endpoint Backup: FileCloud provides ability to backup user data from any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux to FileCloud. Users can schedule a backup and FileCloud automatically backs up the selected folders on the scheduled time.

Administrator Dashboard: FileCloud's administrator dashboard provides a single page view of server health, user statistics, license information, disk usage, Geo-IP reporting and new user/file additions.

Customization & Branding: Nextcloud doesn't provide white-label option and customization & branding is limited to themes. However, FileCloud provides the option to white-label FileCloud & Managed Service Providers can provide their own branded EFSS & Backup solution. Moreover, the customization is extensive and FileCloud Administrators can customize components such as TOS, Email Templates & custom CSS

File & Folder Locking: For seamless collaboration, the ability for users to lock files and folders are a must. FileCloud provides the ability to lock files & folders, in some cases automatically locks the file on edit. NextCloud doesn't provide locking support.

For those looking to make the switch, FileCloud is clearly an ideal Nextcloud alternative

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