Tonido FileCloud 7.0 | Responsive User Interface and More

October 16, 2014

Launching Tonido FileCloud 7.0 – Network Share File Versioning, High Availability, NTFS/ABE Support, SSO, Responsive User Interface and More We are happy to announce the release of FileCloud 7.0. As a pioneer in the On-Premise EFSS market, we are proud to say that we have reached important milestones with the this release. Once again we have heard and […]

Launching Tonido FileCloud 7.0 – Network Share File Versioning, High Availability, NTFS/ABE Support, SSO, Responsive User Interface and More

We are happy to announce the release of FileCloud 7.0. As a pioneer in the On-Premise EFSS market, we are proud to say that we have reached important milestones with the this release. Once again we have heard and addressed most of our customer requests. FileCloud 7.0 comes with a number of upgrades in the areas of Network Shares, Authentication,  User Interface, Mobile Apps and High Availability.

We take this opportunity to thank our customers for their valuable feedback and playing a vital role in the evolution of FileCloud as one of the best On-Premise EFSS product in the market.

Please see more details on FileCloud 7.0 below.

FileCloud 7.0 brings a number of improvements to network shares that includes Versioning Support, Access Based Enumeration for NTFS and Windows UTF-8 support.

Versioning for Network Shares

FileCloud 7.0 comes with the much requested support for versioning for network shares. FileCloud already supports versioning for files under managed  (My Files) storage. FileCloud 7.0 extends the same powerful versioning support to files stored in Network Shares.  Starting with FileCloud 7.0, network share files can be safely updated without losing the older versions. From the FileCloud user interface, select a file and click the more button to view the previous versions. Even when a file is renamed or moved the older versions will be preserved.



From the admin interface, the admins can enable or disable this feature, limit the number of versions to store and limit the size of the file to version.



Access-based Enumeration for NTFS

Access-based Enumeration displays only the files and folders that a user has permissions to access. If a user does not have Read permissions for a folder, FileCloud hides the folder from the user's view. This feature is only applicable for Windows based FileCloud installation running on NTFS. With this powerful feature, FileCloud admins can easily rely on NTFS permissions to provide granular level access to files and folders.

NTFS helper on separate computers

The advantages of enforcing permissions on NTFS shares cannot be overstated.  FileCloud already supports this great time saving functionality. To take advantage of this feature, the NTFS helper service for FileCloud must be installed and running on the same servers as the server FileCloud is running on. However, if you are running FileCloud on Linux, it is impossible to run NTFS Helper on Linux as well. Starting with FileCloud 7.0, it is possible to support NTFS permissions from FileCloud server running on Linux, a helper service has to run on a different Windows server. You can read more here.

Windows UTF-8 Support for Network Shares

As a big boost to our international customers, FileCloud supports UTF-8 characters in Network Share file and folder names.

FileCloud User Interface

FileCloud 7.0 brings an intuitive and responsive user interface for both FileCloud Users and FileCloud Administrators. FileCloud 7.0 presents a responsive user interface that allows users to go full screen, enter a distraction-free environment and better focus on a task. The new interface also provides better usability when browsing on a mobile device. FileCloud users will now experience an intutive user interface that balances simplicity and availability. For example, basic tasks such as upload, download, share and preview file are easily accessible and prominently featured. However, other essential tasks such as copy, move, rename etc are made available through menu items.

In the screenshot below, actions related to file are conveniently displayed on the left of the screen as indicated by number 1 and actions related to folder are listed on the right of the screen as indicated by number 2. The full screen layout is indicated by number 3.


FileCloud Admin Interface

FileCloud administrators will experience an improved dashboard, a streamlined wizard for creating network shares and contextual help throughout admin interface. The dashboard displays a setup checklist that helps admins to review and configure features and complete the FileCloud setup. Dashboard also feature a quick action area that lists prominent actions.


Creating a network share in FileCloud can never be easier. The new network share wizard will provide a step-by-step guidance to set-up network path, mount type, permissions and assign users or groups to the network share.


FileCloud 7.0 brings a number of improvements in Authentication that includes NTLM SSO Login Support, Multiple Active Directory Server Authentication, and Login using Email.

NTLM SSO Login Support

FileCloud 7.0 supports Single-Sign On using the Microsoft Windows Network, NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication security protocols. Windows network users no longer have to login separately into FileCloud. When NTLM SSO is setup and enabled in FileCloud, users will automatically be logged into FileCloud when FileCloud user interface is opened. This feature is provided as a Beta support in FileCloud 7.0. Click here for more information.

Multiple Active Directory Server Authentication

Do you have user accounts distributed across multiple AD servers? Do you want a single FileCloud installation for all these users? Starting with FileCloud 7.0, it is possible for a single installation of FileCloud to authenticate against many different AD servers. FileCloud admins can easily enable this feature in the FileCloud config files. Click here for more information.

Login using Email

Starting with FileCloud 7.0, AD or LDAP users can login into FileCloud using their email and password in addition to username and password.

Android Mobile App

We are happy to bring unlimited, automatic photo and video backup to your Android App. This feature will allow users to automatically backup their photos and videos from Android Phones/Tablets to their FileCloud user account. From the android app, you can set the FileCloud server, storage path on the server and WiFi settings and you can view the status of the backup on the android device.


High Availability (HA) Configuration

As the number of files and/or users grow to large numbers, it becomes necessary to provide some kind of high availability to the FileCloud system. Even though previous versions of FileCloud supports HA, starting with FileCloud 7.0 it is much easier to configure a 3 node HA setup for your FileCloud installation.   Assuming FileCloud is installed on Node 1, two additional nodes Node 2 and Node 3 must be added as secondaries to the HA cluster; such a setup ensures even if Node 1 fails, its functionality is taken over by Node 2 or Node 3. In FileCloud 7.0 the 3 node setup can be done easily with the help of configuration settings. For more information on High Availability click here.


FileCloud 7.0 also comes with number of minor features and upgrades to Sync, FileCloud drive, Shares and more.

By Team FileCloud