Cool Gifts Under $20 For System Admins

The favorite time of the year is finally here- the holidays are approaching fast… and that means a lot of rest coupled with gifts. Sure, gifts have always been exciting, especially when you are the receiver. However, it could be little stressful to find unique gifts for others that will make them happy. Let us take time to review some of the cool gifts you could give your IT department’s main man- the system admin.

Now, a great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Holidays are about giving joy to both the receiver and the giver. And that means coming up with a thoughtful gift which is reasonably priced and will leave an impression on your system admins.

So, what exactly is “reasonably priced”?
“Reasonably priced”, of course, depends on your spending power. Something that costs $100 may be reasonably priced to someone but rather expensive to another. So, to avoid any ambiguity with the whole issue, we’ll focus on gifts that cost $20 or less. Yes, that’s right, you’ve read right- $20 or less! Here are some cool gifts under $20 for system admins. We had asked system community (SpiceWorks) to give us some ideas, these ideas came from the thread.

Leaf Solar Flashlight and Keychain

leaf solar flashlight
System admins often spend a lot of time with delicate computer hardware, sometimes trying to repair or assemble them very intricately- a job that mostly requires a lot of light. Of course most of them already have extensive lighting systems around their workspaces, but nothing would be handier than a small flashlight that can be used to inspect micro-components…introducing the Leaf Solar Flashlight.
At just a cost of $7.99, you could get your system admin this gadget that can be recharged for 4-5 hours on sunlight for about 1.5 hours usage time.
Since it also doubles up as a keyholder, your system admin will definitely carry out around along with his keys, consequently making the flashlight handier.


We’ve all had problems with flappy USB cables. You are charging your phone on your computer and the next thing you know is your phone is dropping from your table after a simple shove on your laptop. Due to such problems, flappy USB cables probably cause a significant number of the phone screen breakages. If only we had a steady, firm USB cables, the risks of dropping and possibly cracking your phone’s screen would have been significantly diminished.
Fortunately, it’s possible to get one, and not just for yourself- but also for your system admin. At a cost of just $19.95, you’ll help your system admin say goodbye to all the troubles of tangling and warping cables, thanks to the trunk– which is available for iphones, ipods, Android and Windows phones. The firm cable is not only strong enough to support charging phones at an angle, it’s also flexible enough to be adjusted to fit into any pocket.

Dual Heated Coffee Mug

Sure, a lot of white collar workers, including system admins have probably tried out travel mugs that are supposedly keep liquids hot. Unfortunately, they are all poor at their job since they only keep the liquids warm for a couple of minutes. That means you have to reheat your coffee and tea when you need to take it after a couple of hours.
So, how about a mug that does the two jobs? It keeps your coffee warm when you need it to and heats it exactly when you feel like it’s getting a little cold…Introducing the new dual heated coffee mug.
Your system admin will definitely love a $12.99 mug he could use to carry some coffee while moving around, and subsequently heat it through a computer USB port or vehicle cigarette lighter.

Mini-Tabletop Vacuum

Mini Tabletop Vacuum
Here’s something that will help your system admin forget the troubles of consistently wiping off his desk with his bare hands just to get rid of some dust, pencil sharpener residue or small pieces of paper. The $12.99 Wrapables Animal Mini-Tabletop vacuum is a gadget that operates exactly like a standard vacuum cleaner, but on a smaller scale, right on your table top.
Since it comes in different types, you have the privilege of picking something that your system admin will ultimately fancy. If he’s a dog lover, well, good for you since dog shapes are available to “sniff” off the table top dust. Similarly, if he’s from the Mid-West, you could instead surprise him with a cow-shaped one as shown in the image.

Flexible LED Strip Light

flexible led strip light
Finally, here’s is something with actual Christmas lights. Unlike the standard flickering lights made up of multiple linked bulbs, the SuperNight flexible LED light is a low power consumption light reel that can be fitted on pretty much anything, including your system admin’s desk. He’ll definitely enjoy improving his space’s ambience with a set of LED lights, whose colors can be adjusted via a remote controller.
The $15.88 reel comes with 300 LED diodes and back adhesive for pasting on surfaces. Additionally, it contains all the primary colors and can be cut on every 3 LED diodes to style accordingly.

Of course there are many more, probably millions of great gifts that you could surprise your system admin or friends with this holidays.

Author: Davis Porter