Simple Rules for Customer Driven Software Development

Customer driven software development

Understanding customer problems is the most difficult aspect of creating new products and services. Traditional ways of gaining this understanding include talking to a focus customer group or doing market research. But the downside to these one-time research methods is that they fail to account for evolving customer needs within changing business contexts. Being aware of these changing contexts is one of the most crucial factors of product design. This principle is more relevant in software development than the development of physical products.

At Codelathe, we follow a unique software development methodology that exposes the developers to customer problems throughout the software development process. This helps the developers empathize with the customers and create the right solutions. It also helps us to select the right set of features and keeps the product relevant in an evolving market.

We religiously follow this rule, and we don’t hire anybody who doesn’t believe in this process. We have this printed and posted in heavily trafficked places in our office. This method has worked very well for us, so we thought these simple rules would benefit other software companies as well.

Here are the rules we follow to create phenomenal products in Enterprise Information Management.


  1. Every developer needs to do customer support at least 2 days a month. This applies to the leadership team as well.

  2. Every customer request needs to be recorded, discussed, assigned priority and tracked ASAP. We do this weekly.

  3. Product roadmap meetings require a customer success representatives to be present. They have the final say.

  4. Features/functionality that create the most impact for the most customers get higher priority.

  5. Every new feature has to pass the following litmus test – “Will this feature help create customer success?”

You can also download this 5 rules of customer driven software development as a pdf document .
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