Introducing Enterprise Search in FileCloud Version 15

Our vision is to build an intelligent enterprise collaboration platform that organizes your data across repositories and makes them universally accessible. When our vision is fully realized, the interface could be as simple as just a search box to which you can type or say your intent and FileCloud will bring relevant enterprise data, as quickly as possible to you. FileCloud will be smart enough to know the context, understand what you are looking for and provide right set of data.

Enterprise Search in FileCloud Version 15 – A Step Towards Our Vision

With FileCloud version 15, we are taking another step towards our vision by introducing enterprise search. FileCloud Version 15 makes searchbox more prominent by placing it at the top of the user home page. Having a search box simplifies navigation, you can find relevant files without browsing through many deep directories. We hope, as users find relevant content faster using a Searchbox, users will shift their behavior to search vs. navigating through folders. Here are some key highlights of FileCloud’s enterprise search.

  • Preserves Access control – Only displays results that match with user’s permissions, as determined by access control lists
  • Searches File Name and Content – Searches the search keywords in file names as well as in the actual content of the file and surfaces comprehensive search results
  • Shows Content Preview Snippets – Since FileCloud searches file content, filenames may not look relevant hence FileCloud gives a snippet with content that has the search key words
  • Caches Results for Better Performance – FileCloud saves previous search results to give faster response. Saves time for most users, since many of our queries are repeat queries that we search frequently. (users have a choice to refresh the search or just use the cache)
  • Search Results Cached in FileCloud Preview

  • Centralizes Data – Provides a unified search to find content across data ‘my files’, shared and network files while honoring security policies
  • Supports Wildcard Search– If you don’t know the exact spelling, you can search by a few letters plus a wildcard character *
  • Offers Filters to Narrow Results – You can easily narrow down a large set of results by adding additional filters such as date and scope

Please refer FileCloud version 15 release notes for detailed list of all features in version 15.