Top 5 Office 365 Resources For Every MSP

Scrolling through different websites, trying to find all the newest and best information for reselling Office 365 – this process is important but tedious. The question is – can you afford to waste so many hours? You might argue the Internet contains plenty of sales videos and training tips aimed at managed service providers (MSPs) selling Microsoft Office 365. Surely watching these will tell you what you need to know. Actually, there are so many resources available it is often hard to determine which sites improve your business and which ones you need to avoid.


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Whether this is your first brush with the cloud or you are an experienced reseller, the list we have compiled for you below will surely help with the selection process:

1. Office Blogs by Microsoft

When in doubt, there’s no better way to resolve your query or gain the information you want than straight from the source. Microsoft being the developer of O365, you’ll be the first to know in-depth details about any recent developments from Microsoft’s Office Blogs.
What Is It?
Authored by Microsoft insiders, this is the official site where users find helpful tips and tricks, how-tos, videos, webinars, and news. When you access the site, you can select the program you wish to learn more about. Microsoft publishes new details on topics relevant to the cloud business daily. Due to the frequency of the release schedule, users will find a reason to keep coming back regularly.
The best part is, Office 365 resellers will find it easier to locate the information they are after. Just check the Office 365 News Roundup section, which showcases all the newest developments in the world of O365. You will also get to know more about the newly introduced Bookings service, which makes it easier for your customers to schedule appointments with you via your organization’s Facebook page.
Why It’s Important?
This resource is a great way to keep abreast of new developments as far as MS Office applications are concerned. It is constantly being updated, and all the major programs are covered to keep resellers in the loop with no hassle. These blogs are well worth a read if you are one of the millions of people who use MS Office programs and wish to know more.

2. Microsoft Trust Center

Think reselling Office 365 is easy? Just wait until you have to field a barrage of questions from potential clients regarding data security. However, the Office 365 Trust Center makes things more convenient for you.
What Is It?
The Office 365 Trust Center is a one stop shop, where the company reveals information on how much effort the developers put into keeping data safe. The Trust Center is a great place to discover new details about the security offered to tenant data from individual organizations. You also learn more on how Internet-based threats are defeated and how Microsoft resists attempts by third parties and governmental agencies to extract information about your valuable data from a compliance perspective.
You can use the Microsoft Trust Center to draw information about Microsoft’s compliance requirements, privacy controls, and data centers. Building strong arguments for any customer hesitant to move to the cloud has never been easier than with the help of this resource.
Why It’s Important?
This is the foremost resource for answering and all tough questions directed at you from clients regarding data security for O365.

3. Office 365 Sales Guide

Try to think from the client’s perspective for a moment – what would prompt them to buy an Office 365 plan from you, when they can buy it from other vendors or even Microsoft just as easily? This is just one of the difficult questions you can find answers to in the Office 365 Sales Guide.
What Is It?
This nifty guide includes a comprehensive list of benefits, licensing details, and objection handling for Office 365.
Why Is It Important?
This guide is helpful for teaching you all the right questions to ask for identifying possible clients for Office 365. You can understand the best position to showcase the proper product benefits. This will allow you to overcome the client’s main points of doubt. You can use counter arguments effectively for handling the major objections clients have about purchasing Microsoft Office 365.

4. Free Office 365 Demo

Instead of telling your target customers why they should buy Microsoft Office 365, wouldn’t it be better to show them? And that is exactly what you can do with a free O365 demo. A display of this program’s full power and capabilities should be enough to sway the client’s mind in your favor.
What Is It?
The free Office 365 Demo tool allows you to build your own populated O365 demo tenants.
Why Is It Important?
The keyword here is populated. Normal demos with empty tenants have no conversations, documents, or other users to share with clients, so it is quite a dull experience. No wonder Office 365 is a tough sell for many MSPs. However, when you have a populated demo in hand, you can easily use it to convince customers. All you’ll need for creating such a demo is a Microsoft Partner Network ID.

5. Office 365 Partner Profit Ebook

The Office 365 Partner Profit ebook is the ultimate guide for any managed service provider that wishes to learn what it takes to resell Office 365 under the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.
What Is It?
This guide will teach you everything you need to know about selling O365, from packaging your offers carefully to the right marketing, identifying sales options to targeting the right customers.
Why Is It Important?
Being part of the CSP program will enable you to increase the value of your product portfolio by creating new product bundles, including your own managed services.
Use the five resources mentioned above to dispel questions or doubts you might have had regarding the sale of Microsoft Office 365 and become a pro reseller quickly.

Author: Rahul Sharma