How to Make the Most Out of Windows 10 in 2018

Top 5 Features of Windows 10
Top 5 Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 has more than made up for the fiasco that Windows 8 proved to be. Microsoft has gone for overkill with Windows 10 and is continuing to roll out patches, add-ons, and upgrades that make the OS more secure, user-friendly, and powerful. If you’ve already been using Windows 10 for some time, you’d understand how it’s been designed to make all settings and configurations accessible even to the beginner user. Why not make use of some of the coolest Windows 10 features, tricks, and best practices to be more productive than ever in 2018? Here’s a guide that will help you do so.

Windows 10 and the Cloud

Microsoft has been able to marry the Windows 10 OS with the cloud. Users can link their Microsoft accounts and Office 365 accounts with Windows 10, and use the same cloud service credentials to log in. Files and settings, then, are automatically synced as per the users’ cloud environments. The result – consistent user experience across Microsoft platforms. Also, it’s possible to have more than one cloud linked accounts to use a single Windows 10 device, using the Settings app. Of course, local and domain accounts are supported.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Mobile Device Management policies can be used to manage users logging in with their Microsoft work accounts. Because of the prominent cloud linkage, businesses can explore quite a few log in mechanisms.

Awesome Apps from Windows Store

Too many users of Windows 10 are yet to truly adopt the amazing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. The benefits offered by these apps are somewhat lesser known. Now’s the time to switch to these apps, because:

  • They touch friendly and work amazingly well on touch-enabled devices.
  • They load perfectly on different screen sizes and work across resolutions.
  • They are automatically updated, which means you always get the latest version of the software to work with.
  • They come from trusted sources, so you’re in-app data always remains fully secured.
  • These apps consume very less power.

These apps are so good that third-party services such as Slack and Trello have made their desktop apps available via the Windows App store. Windows Store for Business is a tremendous functionality for businesses that want to set up customized app stores for business users.

Safer, Quicker, more Reliable Browsing Through Edge

Microsoft’s Edge browser is potent enough to take care of all your web browsing needs. The key to making the most of Windows 10 is to use native applications as much as possible. Microsoft Edge is one of these native applications. The browser has stripped all unnecessary code, delivering a super quick, super secure, and super intuitive web browsing experience to users. Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana also uses the Edge browser as its default web browser. Then, you can install browser add-ons from Windows Store. Edge web notes let you annotate web pages in the browser and save them to OneNote.

Built-In Basic Defenses Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks proved to be the biggest troublemakers for businesses throughout 2017. Windows 10 was caught in the middle of the Wanna Cry ransomware attack in 2017. However, the reality is that this OS is inherently secured against malware attacks. For starters, the Controlled Folder Access functionality of Windows Defender Security Center makes sure that unfriendly applications are not able to make any unauthorized changes to folders. Also, default Desktop, Documents, Movies, and Pictures folders are protected by default. You can protect any folder similarly. Also, it’s possible to whitelist applications to enable access to folders. Plus, Microsoft releases security patches frequently, which keep your OS secure against the latest cyber threats. This makes Windows 10 a highly rewarding and secure OS experience for business as well as personal users.

Deep Integration Between Your Phone and PC

Microsoft has done a terrific job in terms of integrating mobile phone and Windows 10 OS. Here are some ways in which this integration helps people become more productive.

  • The Phone section in the Settings app lets users push files from phone to PC.
  • Edge browser and Launcher apps also accomplish the same functionality.
  • See and reply to text messages from your PC.
  • Use your phone device to sign in to Windows 10 instead of typing the password.

Another super cool feature – Windows 10 lets you lock your computer without pressing Windows + L keys. You can connect your PC to your phone Bluetooth and tweak the settings under the following path.

In Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound > select Devices and Printers, and activate Dynamic Lock in Settings > Account > Sign-in options.

Selective Backup Of Files on Desktop

Windows 10 makes it super easy for you to work with your files stored on OneDrive cloud storage. That’s with the OneDrive Files on Demand tool. This tool gives you a desktop folder where you’ll see all your cloud-stored files. The files you see inside are mere placeholders. You can specify as to which one of them you really want to access on a desktop.

More Useful Features

Apart from what we’ve discussed, there are other useful features that make the Windows 10 experience breezy and enjoyable for everyone.

  • The File Explorer, for instance, offers a Microsoft Office-inspired ribbon on the top, where the most frequently accessed folder options (which were earlier buried in menus) can be found.
  • You can pin important folders and network locations in the Quick Access box on the top left of the File Explorer.
  • Most often used fodders are made available from the Quick Access box based on your usage.
  • The Action Center is a great way to access important notifications and Skype messages, apart from reminders from Cortana.


Concluding Remarks

Microsoft has not left any stone unturned in making sure that Windows 10 proves to be a highly enjoyable, productivity-enhancing, and intuitive user experience for all kinds of users – whether personal or professional.



Author: Rahul Sharma